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12022Environmental benefit assessment of steel slag utilization and carbonation: A systematic reviewLi L; Ling T.-C; Pan S.-Y.; SHU-YUAN PAN Science of the Total Environment2817
22021Anaerobic co-digestion of agricultural wastes toward circular bioeconomyPan S.-Y; Tsai C.-Y; Liu C.-W; Wang S.-W; Kim H; Fan C.; SHU-YUAN PAN iScience1914
32021Performance Evaluation of Cascade Separation for a Humic Substance and Nutrient Recovery from Piggery Wastewater toward a Circular BioeconomyChen C.-Y; Li W.-T; Pan S.-Y.; SHU-YUAN PAN ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering33
42021Contribution of sewage to occurrence of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors in natural waterHong Y; Lee I; Tae B; Lee W; Pan S.-Y; Snyder S.W; Kim H.; SHU-YUAN PAN Scientific Reports32
52021New Paradigm of Green Circularity for Water Security, Safety and SustainabilityLin Y.-I; Pan S.-Y.; SHU-YUAN PAN Taiwan Water Conservancy10
62021Systematic approach to source-sink apportionment of copper in paddy fields: Experimental observation, dynamic modeling and prevention strategyTseng Y.-H; Pan S.-Y; Syu W.-J; Huang H.-P; Wei C.-Y; He K.-H.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Hazardous Materials00
72021Mercury vapor adsorption and sustainable recovery using novel electrothermal swing system with gold-electrodeposited activated carbon fiber clothLiao H.-Y; Pan S.-Y; You S.-W; Hou C.-H; Wang C; Deng J.-G; Hsi H.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Hazardous Materials32
82021Comparative life cycle assessment to maximize CO2 sequestration of steel slag productsLi L; Jiang Y; Pan S.-Y; Ling T.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Construction and Building Materials137
92021CO 2 Treatment of Hydrated Cement Powder: Characterization and Application ConsiderationMehdizadeh H; Ling T.-C; Cheng X; Pan S.-Y; Hung Mo K.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering1918
102021Total-organic-carbon-based quantitative estimation of microplastics in sewageHong Y; Oh J; Lee I; Fan C; Pan S.-Y; Jang M; Park Y.-K; Kim H.; SHU-YUAN PAN Chemical Engineering Journal55
112021The role of biochar in regulating the carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen cycles exemplified by soil systemsPan S.-Y; Dong C.-D; Su J.-F; Wang P.-Y; Chen C.-W; Chang J.-S; Kim H; Huang C.-P; Hung C.-M.; SHU-YUAN PAN Sustainability (Switzerland)2014
122021Advances in circular bioeconomy technologies: From agricultural wastewater to value-added resourcesMehta N; Shah K.J; Lin Y.-I; Sun Y; Pan S.-Y.; SHU-YUAN PAN Environments - MDPI54
132021Non-conventional water reuse in agriculture: A circular water economyChen C.-Y; Wang S.-W; Kim H; Pan S.-Y; Fan C; Lin Y.J.; SHU-YUAN PAN Water Research2422
142020Removal of fine particles from IC chip carbonization process in a rotating packed bed: Modeling and assessmentChen T.-L.; Huang T.-H.; Hsu C.-H.; Chen Y.-H.; Pan S.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Chemosphere66
152020Sustainable Recovery of Gaseous Mercury by Adsorption and Electrothermal Desorption Using Activated Carbon Fiber ClothChen, B.-C.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Pan, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.; Hsi, H.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Environmental Science and Technology1515
162020Towards carbon-neutral construction materials: Carbonation of cement-based materials and the future perspectiveLippiatt, N.; Ling, T.-C.; Pan, S.-Y.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Building Engineering5245
172020CO<inf>2</inf> mineralization and utilization by alkaline solid wastes for potential carbon reductionPan, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; Fan, L.-S.; Kim, H.; Gao, X.; Ling, T.-C.; Chiang, P.-C.; Pei, S.-L.; Gu, G.; SHU-YUAN PAN Nature Sustainability8876
182020Enhanced removal of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate using a resin-based nanocomposite hydrated iron oxide through a Fenton-like process: Capacity evaluation and pathwaysLiu, B.; Liu, Z.; Yu, P.; Pan, S.; Xu, Y.; Sun, Y.; Pan, S.-Y.; Yu, Y.; Zheng, H.; SHU-YUAN PAN Water Research2420
192020CO<inf>2</inf> Mineralization and Utilization Using Various Calcium-Containing Wastewater and Refining Slag via a High-Gravity Carbonation ProcessChen, T.-L.; Jiang, W.; Shen, A.-L.; Chen, Y.-H.; Pan, S.-Y.; Chiang, P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research139
202020Addressing environmental sustainability of plasma vitrification technology for stabilization of municipal solid waste incineration fly ashPei, S.-L.; Chen, T.-L.; Pan, S.-Y.; Yang, Y.-L.; Sun, Z.-H.; Li, Y.-J.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Hazardous Materials3123
212020An engineering-environmental-economic-energy assessment for integrated air pollutants reduction, CO<inf>2</inf> capture and utilization exemplified by the high-gravity processChen, T.-L.; Pei, S.-L.; Pan, S.-Y.; Yu, C.-Y.; Chang, C.-L.; Chiang, P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Environmental Management99
222020Brackish water desalination using reverse osmosis and capacitive deionization at the water-energy nexusPan, S.-Y.; Haddad, A.Z.; Kumar, A.; Wang, S.-W.; SHU-YUAN PAN Water Research7366
232020A multiple model approach for evaluating the performance of time-lapse capsules in trapping heavy metals from water bodiesPan, S.-Y.; Syu, W.-J.; Chang, T.-K.; Lee, C.-H.; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; SHU-YUAN PAN RSC Advances1813
242020Implementation of green chemistry principles in circular economy system towards sustainable development goals: Challenges and perspectivesChen, T.-L.; Kim, H.; Pan, S.-Y.; Tseng, P.-C.; Lin, Y.-P.; Chiang, P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Science of the Total Environment11396
252020Composition-oriented estimation of biogas production from major culinary wastes in an anaerobic bioreactor and its associated CO2 reduction potentialPan, S.-Y.; Li, C.-W.; Huang, Y.-Z.; Fan, C.; Tai, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHIHHAO FAN Bioresource Technology64
262020Establishment of an automatic real-time monitoring system for irrigation water quality managementSyu, W.-J.; Chang, T.-K.; Pan, S.-Y.; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; SHU-YUAN PAN International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health63
272020Performance evaluation and optimization of flocculation process for removing heavy metalSun, Y.; Zhou, S.; Pan, S.-Y.; Zhu, S.; Yu, Y.; Zheng, H.; SHU-YUAN PAN Chemical Engineering Journal6251
282020Recent advances in carbon dioxide utilizationZhang, Z.; Pan, S.-Y.; Li, H.; Cai, J.; Olabi, A.G.; Anthony, E.J.; Manovic, V.; SHU-YUAN PAN Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews201172
292019Establishment of enhanced geothermal energy utilization plans: Barriers and strategiesSHU-YUAN PAN ; Gao, M.; Shah, K.J.; Zheng, J.; Pei, S.-L.; Chiang, P.-C.Renewable Energy 7964
302019Performance evaluation of integrated adsorption-nanofiltration system for emerging compounds removal: Exemplified by caffeine, diclofenac and octylphenolHuang, Z.; Gong, B.; Huang, C.-P.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Wu, P.; Dang, Z.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Environmental Management 3421
312019Mechanistic insight into mineral carbonation and utilization in cement-based materials at solid-liquid interfacesLai, Barry; JER-REN YANG; SHU-YUAN PAN; SHU-YUAN PAN; Lai, Barry; Yang Ren; SHU-YUAN PAN RSC Advances109
322019Development and deployment of integrated air pollution control, CO2 capture and product utilization via a high-gravity process: comprehensive performance evaluationChen T.-L.; Fang Y.-K.; Pei S.-L.; Pan S.-Y.; Chen Y.-H.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Environmental Pollution2118
332019Integration of green energy and advanced energy-efficient technologies for municipal wastewater treatment plantsGuo Z.; Sun Y.; Pan S.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health3328
342019Novel chitosan-based flocculants for chromium and nickle removal in wastewater via integrated chelation and flocculationSun Y.; Chen A.; Pan S.-Y.; Sun W.; Zhu C.; Shah K.J.; Zheng H.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Environmental Management4640
352019Performance evaluation of modified bioretention systems with alkaline solid wastes for enhanced nutrient removal from stormwater runoffYou Z.; Zhang L.; Pan S.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; Pei S.; Zhang S.; SHU-YUAN PAN Water Research3836
362019Enhanced corn-stover fermentation for biogas production by NaOH pretreatment with CaO additive and ultrasoundYou Z.; Pan S.-Y.; Sun N.; Kim H.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Cleaner Production4034
372019Advances and challenges of implementing carbon offset mechanism for a low carbon economy: The Taiwanese experienceChen T.-L.; Hsu H.-M.; Pan S.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Cleaner Production1210
382019Toward Greener and More Sustainable Manufacture of Bauxite-Derived Adsorbents for Water DefluoridationPan S.-Y; Haddad A.Z; Gadgil A.J.; SHU-YUAN PAN ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering76
392019Systematic approach to evaluating environmental and ecological technologies for wastewater treatmentXiaoling Su; Penchi Chiang; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Guangjiao Chen; Yinren Tao; Gaojie Wu; Feifei Wang; Wenzhi CaoChemosphere 2522
402019Development and deployment of green technologies for sustainable environmentPan, S.-Y.; Fan, C.; Lin, Y.-P.; YU-PIN LIN ; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHIHHAO FAN Environments - MDPI77
412019透過厭氧消化技術將有機廢棄物轉製生質沼氣:回顧與展望潘述元(Shu-Yuan Pan); 范致豪(Chihhao Fan); SHU-YUAN PAN 燃燒季刊
422018Advances in state-of-art valorization technologies for captured CO2 toward sustainable carbon cycleSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Pan, W.; Kim, H.Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 6353
432018Energy-efficient resin wafer electrodeionization for impaired water reclamationSHU-YUAN PAN ; Snyder, S.W.; Ma, H.-W.; Lin, Y.J.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 2520
442018Characteristics of steel slags and their use in cement and concrete—A reviewJiang Y.; Ling T.-C.; Shi C.; Pan S.-Y.; SHU-YUAN PAN Resources, Conservation and Recycling324268
452018Efficacy of carbonated petroleum coke fly ash as supplementary cementitious materials in cement mortarsPei S.-L.; Pan S.-Y.; Gao X.; Fang Y.-K.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Cleaner Production2118
462018CO 2 mineralization and utilization by a high-gravity carbonation process: Past, present, and futurePan S.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; Chen T.-L.; Pei S.-L.; SHU-YUAN PAN ACS Symposium Series00
472018Performance evaluation of integrated air pollution control with alkaline waste valorization via high-gravity technologyPei S.-L.; Pan S.-Y.; Li Y.-M.; Gao X.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers109
482018Carbonation and utilization of basic oxygen furnace slag coupled with concentrated water from electrodeionizationLi Y.; Pei S.; Pan S.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; Lu C.; Ouyang T.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of CO2 Utilization1214
492018Mechanism of organic pollutants sorption from aqueous solution by cationic tunable organoclaysShah K.J.; Pan S.-Y.; Shukla A.D.; Shah D.O.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Colloid and Interface Science2017
502018Advances and challenges of green materials for electronics and energy storage applications: from design to end-of-life recoveryMengyao Gao; Chien-Chung Shih; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry A 680
512018A cross-disciplinary overview of naturally derived materials for electrochemical energy storageSHU-YUAN PAN Materials Today Energy 034
522018Advances and challenges in sustainable tourism toward a green economySHU-YUAN PAN ; Mengyao Gao; Hyunook Kim; Kinjal J. Shah; Si-Lu Pei; PEN-CHI CHIANG Science of The Total Environment 182142
532018Electrokinetic desalination of brackish water and associated challenges in the water and energy nexusSHU-YUAN PAN ; Snyder, SW; Lin, YJ; Chiang, PCEnvironmental Science: Water Research & Technology3432
542018Cooling water use in thermoelectric power generation and its associated challenges for addressing water-energy nexusSHU-YUAN PAN ; Seth W. Snyder; Aaron I. Packman; Yupo J. Lin; PEN-CHI CHIANG Water-Energy Nexus 00
552018Integrated carbon mineralization and air pollutant emission reduction via a high-gravity process using alkaline wastesChen T.-L; Fan Y.-K; Pei S.-L; Pan S.-Y; Chen Y.-H; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN 6th International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Material Engineering, ACEME 20180
562018Optimization of resin wafer electrodeionization for brackish water desalinationXin-Yu Zheng; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Po-Chih Tseng; Huai-Li Zheng; PEN-CHI CHIANG Separation and Purification Technology 2321
572018An overview: Reaction mechanisms and modelling of CO2 utilization via mineralizationSHU-YUAN PAN ; Ling, T.-C.; Park, A.-H.A.; Chiang, P.-C.Aerosol and Air Quality Research 3031
582018使用鹼性固體廢棄物進行二氧化碳礦化與再利用潘述元(Shu-Yuan Pan); 蔣本基(Pen-Chi Chiang); 裴思魯(Si-Lu Pei); 陳則綸(Tse-Lun Chen); 陳奕宏(Yi-Hung Chen); SHU-YUAN PAN 臺灣?業
592017Deployment of Accelerated Carbonation Using Alkaline Solid Wastes for Carbon Mineralization and Utilization Toward a Circular EconomySHU-YUAN PAN ; Shah, K.J.; Chen, Y.-H.; Wang, M.-H.; Chiang, P.-C.ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 3229
602017Environmental Benefit Assessment for the Carbonation Process of Petroleum Coke Fly Ash in a Rotating Packed BedSi-Lu Pei; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Ye-Mei Li; PEN-CHI CHIANG Environmental Science and Technology 3936
612017Impact of HCl and O2 on removal of elemental mercury by heat-treated activated carbon: Integrated X-ray analysisSHU-YUAN PAN Fuel Processing Technology 2119
622017Development of a Resin Wafer Electrodeionization Process for Impaired Water Desalination with High Energy Efficiency and ProductivitySHU-YUAN PAN ; Snyder, S.W.; Ma, H.-W.; Lin, Y.J.; Chiang, P.-C.ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 3231
632017CO2 Mineralization and Utilization using Steel Slag for Establishing a Waste-to-Resource Supply ChainSHU-YUAN PAN ; Tai-Chun Chung; Chang-Ching Ho; Chin-Jen Hou; Yi-Hung Chen; PEN-CHI CHIANG Scientific Reports 5853
642017Carbon Dioxide Mineralization and UtilizationSHU-YUAN PAN Carbon Dioxide Mineralization and Utilization 380
652017Development of high-gravity technology for removing particulate and gaseous pollutant emissions: Principles and applicationsSHU-YUAN PAN ; Wang, P.; Chen, Q.; Jiang, W.; Chu, Y.-H.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 4034
662016High-gravity carbonation of basic oxygen furnace slag for CO2 fixation and utilization in blended cementChen K.-W.; Pan S.-Y.; Chen C.-T.; Chen Y.-H.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Cleaner Production4338
672016An integral approach for water treatment and the use of water-energy interdependency networkLin, Y.; Zhou, Z.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Snyder, S.Advanced Materials - TechConnect Briefs 2016 0
682016Multiple model approach to evaluation of accelerated carbonation for steelmaking slag in a slurry reactorSHU-YUAN PAN ; Liu, H.-L.; Chang, E.-E.; Kim, H.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chiang, P.-C.Chemosphere 2121
692016Integrated CO<inf>2</inf> Fixation, Waste Stabilization, and Product Utilization via High-Gravity Carbonation Process Exemplified by Circular Fluidized Bed Fly AshSHU-YUAN PAN ; Hung, C.-H.; Chan, Y.-W.; Kim, H.; Li, P.; Chiang, P.-C.ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 3434
702016Validating carbonation parameters of alkaline solid wastes via integrated thermal analyses: Principles and applicationsSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chang, E.-E.; Kim, H.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Hazardous Materials 22
712016Integrated and innovative steel slag utilization for iron reclamation, green material production and CO<inf>2</inf> fixation via accelerated carbonationSHU-YUAN PAN ; Adhikari, R.; Chen, Y.-H.; Li, P.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 132115
722016Challenges and perspectives on carbon fixation and utilization technologies: An overviewLi, P.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Pei, S.; Lin, Y.J.; Chiang, P.-C.Aerosol and Air Quality Research 4445
732016Assessing the environmental impacts and water consumption of pretreatment and conditioning processes of corn stover hydrolysate liquor in biorefineriesSHU-YUAN PAN ; Lin, Y.J.; Snyder, S.W.; Ma, H.-W.; Chiang, P.-C.Energy 1514
742016Engineering, environmental and economic performance evaluation of high-gravity carbonation process for carbon capture and utilizationSHU-YUAN PAN ; Lorente Lafuente, A.M.; Chiang, P.-C.Applied Energy 4441
752016Socioeconomic costs of replacing nuclear power with fossil and renewable energy in TaiwanShih, Y.-H.; Shi, N.-X.; Tseng, C.-H.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.Energy 2017
762016Environmental impacts and benefits of organic Rankine cycle power generation technology and wood pellet fuel exemplified by electric arc furnace steel industryLin, Y.-P.; Wang, W.-H.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Ho, C.-C.; Hou, C.-J.; Chiang, P.-C.Applied Energy 3128
772015Strategies on implementation of waste-to-energy (WTE) supply chain for circular economy system: a reviewPan S.-Y.; Du M.A.; Huang I.-T.; Liu I.-H.; Chang E.-E.; Chiang P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN Journal of Cleaner Production340293
782015Development of Low-Carbon-Driven Bio-product Technology Using Lignocellulosic Substrates from Agriculture: Challenges and PerspectivesSHU-YUAN PAN ; Lin Y.J; Snyder S.W; HWONG-WEN MA ; Chiang P.-C.Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports
792015High-gravity carbonation of basic oxygen furnace slag for CO2 fixation and utilization in blended cementKUAN-HUNG CHEN; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHUN-TAO CHEN; YI-HUNG CHEN; PEN-CHI CHIANGJournal of Cleaner Production 4339
802015Accelerated carbonation using municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash and cold-rolling wastewater: Performance evaluation and reaction kineticsChang, E.-E.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Yang, L.; Chen, Y.-H.; Kim, H.; Chiang, P.-C.Waste Management 3231
812015Systematic approach to determination of optimum gas-phase mass transfer rate for high-gravity carbonation process of steelmaking slags in a rotating packed bedSHU-YUAN PAN ; Eleazar, E.G.; Chang, E.-E.; Lin, Y.-P.; Kim, H.; Chiang, P.-C.Applied Energy 1818
822015Performance evaluation of high-gravity carbonation process using electric arc furnace slag for CO<inf>2</inf> fixation and cement replacement materialsChen, C.-L.; Chiang, P.-C.; Ho, C.-C.; Hou, C.-J.; Chen, Y.-H.; SHU-YUAN PAN 5th International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Material Engineering 2015 0
832015An innovative approach to integrated carbon mineralization and waste utilization: A reviewSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, A.; Chang, E.-E.; Lin, Y.-P.; Kim, H.; Chiang, P.-C.Aerosol and Air Quality Research 7879
842015High-gravity carbonation process using rotating packed bed for carbon capture and waste utilization in steelmaking industrySHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, C.-L.; Chung, T.-C.; Ho, C.-C.; Hou, C.-J.5th International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Material Engineering 2015 0
852015High-Gravity Carbonation Process for Enhancing CO2 Fixation and Utilization Exemplified by the Steelmaking IndustrySHU-YUAN PAN ; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-D.; Shen, A.-L.; Lin, M.; Chiang, P.-C.Environmental Science and Technology 5559
862015Building green supply chains in eco-industrial parks towards a green economy: Barriers and strategiesLi, J.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Kim, H.; Linn, J.H.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Environmental Management 9179
872014Kinetics of carbonation reaction of basic oxygen furnace slags in a rotating packed bed using the surface coverage model: Maximization of carbonation conversionSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Tan, C.-S.; Chang, E.-E.Applied Energy 5855
882014Comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of accelerated carbonation processes Using Steelmaking Slag for CO2 FixationXiao, L.-S.; Wang, R.; Chiang, P.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Guo, Q.-H.; Chang, E.E.Aerosol and Air Quality Research 2021
892014Strategies on implementation of waste-to-energy (WTE) supply chain for circular economy system: A reviewSHU-YUAN PAN ; Du, M.A.; Huang, I.-T.; Liu, I.-H.; Chang, E.-E.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 340297
902014Process intensification of steel slag carbonation via a rotating packed Bed: Reaction kinetics and mass transferSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chang, E.-E.; Chen, C.-D.; Shen, A.-L.Energy Procedia 100
912013Performance evaluation of aqueous carbonation for steelmaking slag: Process chemistrySHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-D.; Lin, H.-Y.; Chang, E.-E.Energy Procedia 60
922013Performance evaluation of accelerated carbonation of basic oxygen furnace slag via a rotating packed bed: Modeling, analysis and maximizationSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chang, E.-E.; Tan, C.-S.2013 AIChE Annual Meeting: Global Challenges for Engineering a Sustainable Future 0
932013Carbonation of basic oxygen furnace slag with metalworking wastewater in a slurry reactorChang, E.-E.; Chiu, A.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Chen, Y.-H.; Tan, C.-S.; Chiang, P.-C.International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 8077
942013Systematic approach to determination of maximum achievable capture capacity via leaching and carbonation processes for alkaline steelmaking wastes in a rotating packed bedSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-D.; Lin, H.-Y.; Chang, E.-E.Environmental Science and Technology 4853
952013Ex Situ CO2 capture by carbonation of steelmaking slag coupled with metalworking wastewater in a rotating packed bedSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Tan, C.-S.; Chang, E.-E.Environmental Science and Technology 104103
962013Kinetic modeling on CO2 capture using basic oxygen furnace slag coupled with cold-rolling wastewater in a rotating packed bedChang, E.-E.; Chen, T.-L.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Chen, Y.-H.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Hazardous Materials 4849
972012Accelerated carbonation of steelmaking slags in a high-gravity rotating packed bedChang, E.-E.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Chen, Y.-H.; Tan, C.-S.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Hazardous Materials 139138
982012CO2 capture by accelerated carbonation of alkaline wastes: A review on its principles and applicationsSHU-YUAN PAN ; Chang, E.E.; Chiang, P.-C.Aerosol and Air Quality Research 270241
992012CO2 capture by using blended hydraulic slag cement via a slurry reactorChang, E.E.; Wang, Y.-C.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Chen, Y.-H.; Chiang, P.-C.Aerosol and Air Quality Research 2528
1002011CO2 sequestration by carbonation of steelmaking slags in an autoclave reactorChang, E.-E.; Pan, Shu-Yuan ; Chen, Yi-Hung; Chu, Hsiao-Wen; Wang, Chu-Fang; Chiang, Pen-ChiJournal of Hazardous Materials 11098
1012011Performance evaluation for carbonation of steel-making slags in a slurry reactorChang, E.-E.; Chen, Chung-Hua; Chen, Yi-Hung; Pan, Shu-Yuan ; Chiang, Pen-ChiJournal of Hazardous Materials 122115