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12023A new species of Memnoniella (Hypocreales, Stachybotryaceae), Memnoniella pseudodichroa, from the ancient subtropical giant fern Angiopteris lygodiifolia (Marattiaceae) in TaiwanYeh, Yu Wei; Hsieh, Ching Ming; Yeh, Yu Hung; Huang, Yao Moan; KIRSCHNER ROLAND Plant Systematics and Evolution00
22023The diversity of cultivable endophytic fungi of the sand coast plant Ipomoea pes-caprae in TaiwanYeh, Yu Hung; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Biodiversity Data Journal10
32023Phylogeny and taxonomy of Rhytisma-like species worldwideWang, Qiu Tong; Guo, Mei Jun; Lv, Tu; Zhou, Hao; Wang, Shuang; Wang, Shi Juan; Lin, Ying Ren; Gronefeld, Sarah; ROLAND KIRSCHNER ; Piepenbring, Meike; Hofmann, Tina A.; Cannon, Paul F.; Hou, Cheng LinFungal Diversity
42023Using BLAST in molecular species identification of fungi 2: Gliomastix roseogrisea (Ascomycota, Hypocreales) as example for in-depth identification checkYeh, YH; Lin, LD; ROLAND KIRSCHNER NOVA HEDWIGIA10
52023Using BLAST in molecular species identification of fungi 1: Practical guidelinesROLAND KIRSCHNER ; Lin, LD; Yeh, YHNOVA HEDWIGIA10
62021Pleurodesmospora acaricola sp. Nov. and a new record of pleurodesmospora coccorum (cordycipitaceae, ascomycota) in TaiwanYeh Y.-W; Huang Y.-M; Hsieh C.-M; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Taiwania11
72021Nucleotide composition bias of rDNA sequences as a source of phylogenetic artifacts in Basidiomycota—a case of a new lineage of a uredinicolous Ramularia-like anamorph with affinities to UstilaginomycotinaKolařík M; Wei I.-C; Hsieh S.-Y; Piepenbring M; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress11
82021Competing sexual-asexual generic names in Agaricomycotina (Basidiomycota) with recommendations for useStalpers J.A; Redhead S.A; May T.W; Rossman A.Y; Crouch J.A; Cubeta M.A; Dai Y.-C; ROLAND KIRSCHNER ; Langer G.J; Larsson K.-H; Mack J; Norvell L.L; Oberwinkler F; Papp V; Roberts P; Rajchenberg M; Seifert K.A; Thorn R.G.IMA Fungus128
92021First records of powdery mildew fungi (Erysiphales) on medicinal plants in TaiwanYeh Y.-W; Chou P.-Y; Hou H.-Y; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Botanical Studies21
102020A new species of the elm powdery mildew species complex (Erysiphaceae) on Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia) in East Asia segregated from Erysiphe ulmiKIRSCHNER, R.; LOTZ-WINTER, H.; PIEPENBRING, M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Phytotaxa33
112020Antagonism against soil nematodes and plant pathogens and test of oxide solubilization in a subtropical wood-decay mushroomPham, M.T.; Huang, C.-M.; Kirschner, R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Tropical Ecology00
122020A new species of Pseudobeltrania from leaf spots of chinese cassia in TaiwanChuang, Y.-Y.; Hou, H.-Y.; Kirschner, R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia00
132020New records of two fungal pathogens associated with premature leaf fall of two varieties of Ficus pumila in Taiwan王介鼎(Chieh-Ting Wang); 謝靜敏(Ching-Ming Hsieh); 林蘭東(Lang-Dong Lin); 葉昱緯(Yu-Wei Yeh); 羅南德(Roland Kirschner); ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Science
142020Biodegradation of the endocrine disrupter 4-t-octylphenol by the non-ligninolytic fungus Fusarium falciforme RRK20: Process optimization, estrogenicity assessment, metabolite identification and proposed pathwaysRajendran, R.K.; Lee, Y.-W.; Chou, P.-H.; Huang, S.-L.; Kirschner, R.; Lin, C.-C.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Chemosphere107
152020Cladocillium musae, a new genus and species of cercosporoid fungi (Mycosphaerellaceae) on wild banana in TaiwanChen, C.-H.; Hsieh, S.-Y.; Yeh, Y.-H.; Kirschner, R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress32
162020Host plants of the powdery mildew fungus Podosphaera xanthii in TaiwanYeh, Y.-W.; Wu, T.-Y.; Wen, H.-L.; Jair, H.-W.; Lee, M.-Z.; Kirschner, R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Tropical Plant Pathology55
172020First report of the oil palm disease fungus Marasmius palmivorus from Taiwan causing stem rot disease on native Formosa palm Arenga engleri as new hostPham, M.T.; Huang, C.-M.; Kirschner, R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Letters in Applied Microbiology54
182020First inventory of fungi in symptomless and symptomatic Chinese mesona indicates phytopathological threatHsieh, C.-W.; Chuang, Y.-Y.; Lee, M.-Z.; Kirschner, R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Plant Disease107
192019First record of erysiphe elevata on plumeria rubra in TaiwanYeh Y.-W.; Kirschner R.; Lu H.-F.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Plant Disease55
202019Sex does not sell: the argument for using the terms ��anamorph�� and ��teleomorph�� for fungiKirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress128
212019First report of powdery mildew caused by podosphaera xanthii on bladderwort (Carnivorous plants) outside EuropeWu T.-Y.; Kirschner R.; Lu H.-F.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Plant Disease22
222019A new species of Alpestrisphaeria (Dothideomycetes) with monodictys-like anamorph and revision of three Monodictys speciesYeh Y.-H.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress11
232019A new Mycena species with blue basidiomata and porioid hymenophore from TaiwanWei C.L.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycoscience44
242019Medicinal mushroom Taiwanofungus camphoratus: A potential cure for cancerLee I.-S; Kirschner R; Chen S.-T.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Functional Foods in Health and Disease21
252019The plant growth-promoting potential of the mesophilic wood-rot mushroom Pleurotus pulmonariusPham M.T.; Huang C.-M.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Journal of Applied Microbiology86
262019Diversity of endophytic fungi of the coastal plant vitex rotundifolia in TaiwanYeh Y.-H.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Microbes and Environments119
272019New phyllosphere hyphomycetes from the montane fagaceous-bamboo forests of PanamaKirschner R.; Villarreal R.V.S.; Hofmann T.A.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Tropical Plant Pathology11
282019Editorial to the topical collection dedicated to Prof. Dr. Franz OberwinklerPiepenbring M.; Begerow D.; Kirschner R.; Yang Z.-L.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress22
292018Competing sexual and asexual generic names in Pucciniomycotina and Ustilaginomycotina (Basidiomycota) and recommendations for useAime M.C.; Castlebury L.A.; Abbasi M.; Begerow D.; Berndt R.; Kirschner R.; Marvanov? L.; Ono Y.; Padamsee M.; Scholler M.; Thines M.; Rossman A.Y.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER IMA Fungus2725
302018First record of Cladosporium pulvericola from hospital environment in Taiwan葉昱緯(Yu-Wei Yeh); 翟恆煒(Herng-Woei Jair); 楊翠青(Tsuey-Ching Yang); 黃韶顏(Shau-Yen Huang); 呂旭峰(Hsu-Feng Lu); 羅南德(Roland Kirschner); ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Science
312018Editorial: Taxonomy and biogeography of bryophytes a special issue in honour of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang FreyEngel J.; Jim?nez Fern?ndez J.A.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia00
322018Three new records of plant parasitic phyllosphere fungi from Panama: Annellophora phoenicis, Cercospora corniculatae, and Sclerotium coffeicolaKirschner R.; C?ceres O.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Check List10
332018Fungi from leaves of lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)Chen K.-L.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress2320
342018Considerations and consequences of allowing DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxaZamora J.C.; Svensson M.; Kirschner R.; Olariaga I.; Ryman S.; Parra L.A.; Geml J.; Rosling A.; Adam??k S.; Ahti T.; Aime M.C.; Ainsworth A.M.; Albert L.; Albert? E.; Garc?a A.A.; Ageev D.; Agerer R.; Aguirre-Hudson B.; Ammirati J.; Andersson H.; Angelini C.; Anton?n V.; Aoki T.; Aptroot A.; Argaud D.; Sosa B.I.A.; Aronsen A.; Arup U.; Asgari B.; Assyov B.; Atienza V.; Bandini D.; Baptista-Ferreira J.L.; Baral H.-O.; Baroni T.; Barreto R.W.; Beker H.; Bell A.; Bellanger J.-M.; Bell? F.; Bemmann M.; Bendiksby M.; Bendiksen E.; Bendiksen K.; Benedek L.; B?re?ov?-Guttov? A.; Berger F.; Berndt R.; Bernicchia A.; Biketova A.Y.; Bizio E.; Bjork C.; Boekhout T.; Boertmann D.; B?hning T.; Boittin F.; Boluda C.G.; Boomsluiter M.W.; Borovi?ka J.; Brandrud T.E.; Braun U.; Brodo I.; Bulyonkova T.; Burdsall H.H.; Jr.; Buyck B.; Burgaz A.R.; Calatayud V.; Callac P.; Campo E.; Candusso M.; Capoen B.; Carb? J.; Carbone M.; Casta?eda-Ruiz R.F.; Castellano M.A.; Chen J.; Clerc P.; Consiglio G.; Corriol G.; Courtecuisse R.; Crespo A.; Cripps C.; Crous P.W.; da Silva G.A.; da Silva M.; Dam M.; Dam N.; D?mmrich F.; Das K.; Davies L.; De Crop E.; De Kesel A.; De Lange R.; Bonzi B.M.; dela Cruz T.E.E.; Delgat L.; Demoulin V.; Desjardin D.E.; Diederich P.; Dima B.; Dios M.M.; Divakar P.K.; Douanla-Meli C.; Douglas B.; Drechsler-Santos E.R.; Dyer P.S.; Eberhardt U.; Ertz D.; Esteve-Ravent?s F.; Etayo Salazar J.A.; Evenson V.; Eyssartier G.; Farkas E.; Favre A.; Fedosova A.G.; Filippa M.; Finy P.; Flakus A.; Fos S.; Fournier J.; Fraiture A.; Franchi P.; Molano A.E.F.; Friebes G.; Frisch A.; Fryday A.; Furci G.; M?rquez R.G.; Garbelotto M.; Garc?a-Mart?n J.M.; Ot?lora M.A.G.; S?nchez D.G.; Gardiennet A.; Garnica S.; Benavent I.G.; Gates G.; Gerlach A.C.L.; Ghobad-Nejhad M.; Gibertoni T.B.; Grebenc T.; Greilhuber I.; Grishkan B.; Groenewald J.Z.; Grube M.; Gruhn G.; Gueidan C.; Gulden G.; Gusm?o L.F.P.; Hafellner J.; Hairaud M.; Halama M.; Hallenberg N.; Halling R.E.; Hansen K.; Harder C.B.; Heilmann-Clausen J.; Helleman S.; Henriot A.; Hernandez-Restrepo M.; Herve R.; Hobart C.; Hoffmeister M.; H?iland K.; Holec J.; Holien H.; Hughes K.; Hubka V.; Huhtinen S.; Ivancevic B.; Jagers M.; Jaklitsch W.; Jansen A.; Jayawardena R.S.; Jeppesen T.S.; Jeppson M.; Johnston P.; J?rgensen P.M.; K?rnefelt I.; Kalinina L.B.; Kantvilas G.; Karadelev M.; Kasuya T.; Kautmanov? I.; Kerrigan R.W.; Kirchmair M.; Kiyashko A.; Knapp D.G.; Knudsen H.; Knudsen K.; Knutsson T.; Kolar?k M.; K?ljalg U.; Ko?uthov? A.; Koszka A.; Kotiranta H.; Kotkova V.; Koukol O.; Kout J.; Kov?cs G.M.; Kr?? M.; Kruys A.; Kucera V.; Kudzma L.; Kuhar F.; Kukwa M.; Arun Kumar T.K.; Kunca V.; Ku?an I.; Kuyper T.W.; Lado C.; L?ss?e T.; Lain? P.; Langer E.; Larsson E.; Larsson K.-H.; Laursen G.; Lechat C.; Lee S.; Lendemer J.C.; Levin L.; Lindemann U.; Lindstr?m H.; Liu X.; Hernandez R.C.L.; Llop E.; Locsm?ndi C.; Lodge D.J.; Loizides M.; Lok?s L.; Luangsa-Ard J.; L?deritz M.; Lumbsch T.; Lutz M.; Mahoney D.; Malysheva E.; Malysheva V.; Manimohan P.; Marin-Felix Y.; Marques G.; Mart?nez-Gil R.; Marson G.; Mata G.; Matheny P.B.; Mathiassen G.H.; Matocec N.; Mayrhofer H.; Mehrabi M.; Melo I.; Me?ic A.; Methven A.S.; Miettinen O.; Romero A.M.M.; Miller A.N.; Mitchell J.K.; Moberg R.; Moreau P.-A.; Moreno G.; Morozova O.; Morte A.; Muggia L.; Gonz?lez G.M.; Myllys L.; Nagy I.; Nagy L.G.; Neves M.A.; Niemel? T.; Nimis P.L.; Niveiro N.; Noordeloos M.E.; Nordin A.; Noumeur S.R.; Novozhilov Y.; Nuytinck J.; Ohenoja E.; Fiuza P.O.; Orange A.; Ordynets A.; Ortiz-Santana B.; Pacheco L.; P?l-F?m F.; Palacio M.; Palice Z.; Papp V.; P?rtel K.; Pawlowska J.; Paz A.; Peintner U.; Pennycook S.; Pereira O.L.; Dani?ls P.P.; Capella M.?.P.-D.-G.; del Amo C.M.P.; Gorj?n S.P.; P?rez-Ortega S.; P?rez-Vargas I.; Perry B.A.; Petersen J.H.; Petersen R.H.; Pfister D.H.; Phukhamsakda C.; Piatek M.; Piepenbring M.; Pino-Bodas R.; Esquivel J.P.P.; Pirot P.; Popov E.S.; Popoff O.; ?lvaro M.P.; Printzen C.; Psurtseva N.; Purahong W.; Quijada L.; Rambold G.; Ram?rez N.A.; Raja H.; Rasp? O.; Raymundo T.; R?blov? M.; Rebriev Y.A.; Reyes Garc?a J.D.; Ripoll M.R.; Richard F.; Richardson M.J.; Rico V.J.; Robledo G.L.; Barbosa F.R.; Rodriguez-Caycedo C.; Rodriguez-Flakus P.; Ronikier A.; Casas L.R.; Rusevska K.; Saar G.; Saar I.; Salcedo I.; Mart?nez S.M.S.; Montoya C.A.S.; S?nchez-Ram?rez S.; Sandoval-Sierra J.V.; Santamaria S.; Monteiro J.S.; Schroers H.J.; Schulz B.; Schmidt-Stohn G.; Schumacher T.; Senn-Irlet B.; ?evc?kov? H.; Shchepin O.; Shirouzu T.; Shiryaev A.; Siepe K.; Sir E.B.; Sohrabi M.; Soop K.; Spirin V.; Spribille T.; Stadler M.; Stalpers J.; Stenroos S.; Suija A.; Sunhede S.; Svantesson S.; Svensson S.; Svetasheva T.Y.; Swierkosz K.; Tamm H.; Taskin H.; Taudi?re A.; Tedebrand J.-O.; Lahoz R.T.; Temina M.; Thell A.; Thines M.; Thor G.; Th?s H.; Tibell L.; Tibell S.; Timdal E.; Tkalcec Z.; T?nsberg T.; Trichies G.; Triebel D.; Tsurykau A.; Tulloss R.E.; Tuovinen V.; Sosa M.U.; Urcelay C.; Valade F.; Valenzuela Garza R.; Boom P.; Vooren N.V.; Vasco-Palacios A.M.; Vauras J.; Santos J.M.V.; Vellinga E.; Verbeken A.; Vetlesen P.; Vizzini A.; Voglmayr H.; Volobuev S.; von Brackel W.; Voronina E.; Walther G.; Watling R.; Weber E.; Wedin M.; Weholt ?.; Westberg M.; Yurchenko E.; Zehn?lek P.; Zhang H.; Zhurbenko M.P.; Ekman S.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER IMA Fungus3835
352017A case of bilateral otomycosis associated with Aspergillus flavus and A.?terreus in TaiwanKirschner R.; Sun P.-L.; Huang S.-L.; Chen C.-L.; Yang C.-P.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Journal de Mycologie Medicale32
362017Biodegradation of the endocrine disrupter 4-tert-octylphenol by the yeast strain Candida rugopelliculosa RRKY5 via phenolic ring hydroxylation and alkyl chain oxidation pathwaysRajendran R.K.; Huang S.-L.; Lin C.-C.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Bioresource Technology2421
372017A new species of Shrungabeeja (Tetraplosphaeriaceae) and new records of saprobic dematiaceous hyphomyce- tes on Poaceae from the high mountains of PanamaKirschner R.; Villarreal R.V.S.; Hofmann T.A.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Sydowia54
382017Two endoparasitic powdery mildews (Erysiphales, Phyllactinieae) from Panama: Phyllactinia obclavata and Leveillula contractirostrisKirschner R.; Hofmann T.A.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Tropical Plant Pathology00
392017First record of association of gall midges (Cecidomyiidae, Diptera) with a slime mold (Fuligo candida, Myxomycetes) in the tropicsKirschner R.; Villarreal S. R.V.; Bernal Vega J.A.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Tropical Ecology0
402017Two fungicolous anamorphic species of Hypomyces s. lat. from Taiwan魏亦晴(I-Chin Wei); 羅南德(Roland Kirschner); ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Science
412017First report of corynespora leaf spot on Vitex rotundifolia caused by Corynespora cassiicola in TaiwanYeh Y.-H.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Plant Disease78
422017Editorial: Myxomycete diversity research in the molecular ageSchnittler M.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia10
432017Enrichment, isolation, and biodegradation potential of long-branched chain alkylphenol degrading non-ligninolytic fungi from wastewaterRajendran R.K.; Lin C.-C.; Huang S.-L.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Marine Pollution Bulletin1410
442017A new species of Globulisebacina from Taiwan and new record of Chaetospermum camelliae with Efibulobasidium teleomorph (Sebacinales) from PanamaKirschner R.; Oberwinkler F.; Hofmann T.A.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia34
452016Alternaria bryophylli comb. nov. associated with leaf scab of Kalanchoe pinnata (Crassulaceae)Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Tropical Plant Pathology32
462016Unraveling two East Asian species of Clinoconidium (Cryptobasidiaceae)Jiang M.-G.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycoscience1011
472016Aerobic degradation of estrogenic alkylphenols by yeasts isolated from a sewage treatment plantRajendran R.K.; Huang S.-L.; Lin C.-C.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER RSC Advances1311
482016A new endophytic species of Neostagonospora (Pleosporales) from the coastal grass spinifex littoreus in TaiwanYang J.-W.; Yeh Y.-H.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Botany1616
492016Revision of the morphology and biogeography of Thysanorea papuanaKirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycosphere43
502016(322-326) Proposals to amend Article 30 and recommendation 30AKirschner R.; Thines M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Taxon11
512016Subramanian hyphomycetes: a tributeKirschner R.; Crous P.W.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress00
522016A new record of Dinemasporium spinificis, comb, nov., (= Stauronema spinificis) from TaiwanYeh Y.H.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Sydowia10
532016Onychomycosis Associated with Exophiala oligosperma in TaiwanWen Y.-M.; Rajendran R.K.; Lin Y.-F.; Kirschner R.; Hu S.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycopathologia1615
542015Characterization of fungal and bacterial components in gut/fecal microbiomeKirschner R.; Hsu T.; Tuan N.N.; Che C.-L.; Huang S.-L.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Current Drug Metabolism1010
552015First report of powdery mildew caused by Podosphaera xanthii on wild bitter gourd in TaiwanLiu W.-A.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Plant Disease54
562015New editor��s editorialKirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia00
572015Phylogenetic placement of a new species of Corynesporopsis from dead acacia wood indicates occurrence of tretic conidiogenesis within XylarialesKirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Phytotaxa66
582015New species and records of mycosphaerellaceous fungi from living fern leaves in East AsiaKirschner R.; Wang H.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress56
592014A new species and new records of cercosporoid fungi from ornamental plants in TaiwanKirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress129
602014Hypohelion from ChinaWang S.; Kirschner R.; Wang Y.-W.; Hou C.-L.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress99
612014New species and new records of Meliolaceae from PanamaRodr?guez Justavino D.; Kirschner R.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Diversity2221
622014Two new species of Passalora and Periconiella (cercosporoid hyphomycetes) from PanamaKirschner R.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Cryptogamie, Mycologie22
632014Sarocladium spinificis, a new endophytic species from the coastal grass Spinifex littoreus in TaiwanYeh Y.-H.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Botanical Studies3737
642014Mycosphaerellaceous fungi and new species of Venustosynnema and Zasmidium on ferns and fern allies in TaiwanKirschner R.; Liu L.-C.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Phytotaxa1315
652013Taxonomic re-evaluation of the Ceratobasidium-Rhizoctonia complex and Rhizoctonia butinii, a new species attacking spruceOberwinkler F.; Riess K.; Bauer R.; Kirschner R.; Garnica S.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress3310
662013A new species of Pseudocercospora and new record of Bartheletia paradoxa on leaves of Ginkgo bilobaKirschner R.; Okuda T.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress1214
672013Favolaschia species (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) from Ecuador and PanamaGillen K.; L?ss?e T.; Kirschner R.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia87
682013A new phoretic mite species with remarks to the phenomenon " Sporothecae" (Acari, Scutacaridae; Hymenoptera, Aculeata)Ebermann E.; Hall M.; Hausl-Hofst?tter U.; Jagersbacher-Baumann J.M.; Kirschner R.; Pfingstl T.; Plassnig E.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Zoologischer Anzeiger1819
692013Ovularia puerariae sawada is the hyphomycetous anamorph of a new marasmius species on living leaves of kudzu (Pueraria Montana, Fabaceae)Kirschner R.; Lee I.-S.; Chen C.-J.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycologia1011
702013Two cheirosporous hyphomycetes reassessed based on morphological and molecular examinationKirschner R.; Pang K.-L.; Jones E.B.G.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress2324
712012A new pycnidial fungus with clamped hyphae from Central AmericaKirschner R.; Lee I.-S.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress43
722012Revision of the genus Graphiola (Exobasidiales, Basidiomycota)Piepenbring M.; Nold F.; Trampe T.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia89
732012Ginkgo, apricot, and almond: Change of Chinese words and meanings from the kernel's perspectiveKirschner R.; Hsieh S.C.-Y.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Ethnobotany Research and Applications30
742012Clarifications needed concerning the new Article 59 dealing with pleomorphic fungiGams W.; Baral H.-O.; Jaklitsch W.M.; Kirschner R.; Stadler M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER IMA Fungus1513
752012Minimizing the chaos following the loss of Article 59: Suggestions for a discussionGams W.; Humber R.A.; Jaklitsch W.; Kirschner R.; Stadler M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycotaxon240
762011Cuniculitrema Sampaio & R: Kirschner (2001)Sampaio J.P.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER The Yeasts00
772011Pioneer forays for fungi in the Dari?n Province in Eastern Panama: Quintuplicating the knowledge on fungi in this area by five days of fieldworkPiepenbring M.; Caballero E.; Fournier J.; Guzm?n G.; Hou C.-L.; Kirschner R.; Serrano E.; Trampe T.; C?ceres O.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Biodiversity and Conservation63
782011Colacogloea Oberwinkler & Bandoni (1990)Sampaio J.P.; Kirschner R.; Oberwinkler F.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER The Yeasts30
792010First record of Erysiphe magnifica on lotus, a host outside the MagnolialesKirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress1314
802010Two new species of Ramichloridium-like hyphomycetes from senescent leaves of Night-scented Lily (Alocasia odora) in TaiwanKirschner R.; Chen C.-J.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Diversity78
812010Phylogenetic relationships and new records of Asterinaceae (dothideomycetes) from PanamaHofmann T.A.; Kirschner R.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Diversity3228
822010A new darkly pigmented and keratinolytic species of Acremonium (Hyphomycetes) with relationship to the Plectosphaerellaceae from human skin and nail lesions in PanamaWeisenborn J.L.F.; Kirschner R.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia910
832010Talaromyces indigoticus Takada & Udagawa, the first record for Panama and the American continentWeisenborn J.L.F.; Kirschner R.; C?ceres O.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycopathologia76
842010Ovipoculum album, a new anamorph with gelatinous cupulate bulbilliferous conidiomata from China and with affinities to the Auriculariales (Basidiomycota)Kirschner R.; Yang Z.L.; Zhao Q.; Feng B.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Diversity1310
852010A new species of Laboulbenia and new records from PanamaRosa V.; Villarreal S.; Lany A.; Vald?s R.; Juan A.; Bernal V.; Piepenbring M.; Kirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress44
862010Periconiella species (anamorphic Mycosphaerellaceae) from TaiwanKirschner R.; Chen C.-J.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Fungal Diversity1011
872009Cercosporella and RamulariaKirschner R.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycologia2524
882009Co-occurrence of Pseudocercospora species and rhytismatalean ascomycetes on maple and camellia in TaiwanKirschner R.; Hou C.-L.; Chen C.-J.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress78
892009Supplementary notes on Basidiopycnis hyalina (Basidiomycota, Atractiellales) and its anamorphKirschner R.; Oberwinkler F.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycotaxon1414
902008A new species of Trimorphomyces (Basidiomycota, Tremellales) from TaiwanKirschner R.; Chen C.-J.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Nova Hedwigia55
912008First isolation of the anamorphic basidiomycetous yeast Trichosporon faecale in Germany, from the skin of a patient with tinea pedisHahner D.; Kirschner R.; Piepenbring M.; Sch?fer H.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycopathologia1110
922008Two new hyphomycetes parasitic on leaves of Maianthemum species in PanamaKirschner R.; Piepenbring M.; ROLAND KIRSCHNER Mycological Progress88
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