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12019Endolithic Microbes in Coral Skeletons: Algae or Bacteria?S.-H. Yang ; S.-L. TangBook Section00
22019Metagenomic, phylogenetic, and functional characterization of predominant endolithic green sulfur bacteria in the coral Isopora paliferaS. H. Yang ; K. Tandon; C. Y. Lu; N. Wada; C. J. Shih; S. S. Y. Hsiao; W. N. Jane; T. C. Lee; C. M. Yang; C. T. Liu; V. Denis; Y. T. Wu; L. T. Wang; L. N. Huang; D. C. Lee; Y. W. Wu; H. Yamashiro; S. L. TangJournal Article98
32018Bacterial Community in Water and Air of Two Sub-Alpine Lakes in TaiwanK. Tandon; S. H. Yang ; M. T. Wan; C. C. Yang; B. Baatar; C. Y. Chiu; J. W. Tsai; W. C. Liu; S. L. TangJournal Article33
42017Geographical variations in bacterial communities associated with soft coral Scleronephthya gracillimumS. Woo; S. H. Yang ; H. J. Chen; Y. F. Tseng; S. J. Hwang; S. De Palmas; V. Denis; Y. Imahara; F. Iwase; S. Yum; S. L. TangJournal Article21
52017Long-Term Survey Is Necessary to Reveal Various Shifts of Microbial Composition in CoralsS. H. Yang ; C. H. Tseng; C. R. Huang; C. P. Chen; K. Tandon; S. T. M. Lee; P. W. Chiang; J. H. Shiu; C. A. Chen; S. L. TangJournal Article64
62016Prevalence of potential nitrogen-fixing, green sulfur bacteria in the skeleton of reef-building coral Isopora paliferaS. H. Yang ; S. T. M. Lee; C. R. Huang; C. H. Tseng; P. W. Chiang; C. P. Chen; H. J. Chen; S. L. TangJournal Article1717
72016Bacterial Community Associated with Organs of Shallow Hydrothermal Vent Crab Xenograpsus testudinatus near Kuishan Island, TaiwanS. H. Yang ; P. W. Chiang; T. C. Hsu; S. J. Kao; S. L. TangJournal Article33
82013Yamadazyma siamensis sp nov., Yamadazyma phyllophila sp nov and Yamadazyma paraphyllophila sp nov., three novel yeast species isolated from phylloplane in Thailand and TaiwanR. Kaewwichian; W. Yongmanitchai; H. Kawasaki; P. H. Wang; S. H. Yang ; S. LimtongJournal Article1413
92008Farysizyma gen. nov., an anamorphic genus in the Ustilaginales to accommodate three novel epiphytic basidiomycetous yeast species from America, Europe and AsiaJ. Inacio; M. F. Landell; P. Valente; P. H. Wang; Y. T. Wang; S. H. Yang ; J. S. Manson; M. A. Lachance; C. A. Rosa; A. FonsecaJournal Article2018
102006New record of Sporobolomyces carnicolor from TaiwanS. Yang ; P. WangJournal Article
112003Three Species of Yeasts New to TaiwanS.-H. Yang ; P.-H. WangJournal Article00