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12019A joint study of whole exome sequencing and structural MRI analysis in major depressive disorderZhang, Yamin; Li, Mingli; Wang, Qiang; Jacob Shujui Hsu ; Deng, Wei; Ma, Xiaohong; Ni, Peiyan; Zhao, Liansheng; Tian, Yang; Sham, Pak Chung; Li, TaoPsychological medicine9
22019Plectin Mutations in Progressive Familial Intrahepatic CholestasisWu, SH; Jacob Shujui Hsu ; Chen, HL; Chien, MM; Wu, JF; Ni, YH; Liou, BY; Ho, MC; Jeng, YM; Chang, MH; Chen, PL; Chen, HLHEPATOLOGY53
32019Cancer gene mutations in congenital pulmonary airway malformation patientsJacob Shujui Hsu ; Zhang, Ruizhong; Yeung, Fanny; Tang, Clara S.M.; Wong, John K.L.; So, Man-Ting; XIAO-GANG HE; Sham, Pak; Tam, Paul K.; Li, Miaoxin; Wong, Kenneth K.Y.; Garcia-Barcelo, Maria-MercèERJ Open Research05
42018Uncovering the genetic lesions underlying the most severe form of Hirschsprung disease by whole-genome sequencingTang, CSM; ZHEN-XUN WU; Lam, WY; Ngan, ESW; Jacob Shujui Hsu ; Michelle, Y; Man-Ting, S; Cherny, SS; NING-NING PANG; Sham, PC; Tam, PKH; Garcia-Barcelo, MMEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS1014
52018De novo mutations in Caudal Type Homeo Box transcription Factor 2 (CDX2) in patients with persistent cloacaJacob Shujui Hsu ; So, MT; Tang, CSM; KATHERINE ANN KIM; Porsch, RM; Wong, C; Yu, M; Yeung, F; XIAO-GANG HE; Zhang, RZ; Cherny, SS; Chung, PHY; Wong, KKY; Sham, PC; NING-NING PANG; Li, MX; Tam, PKH; VIVIAN LIAO; Garcia-Barcelo, MMHUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS45
62017The role of gene variants in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders as revealed by next generation sequencing studies: a reviewPang, SYY; Teo, KC; Jacob Shujui Hsu ; Chang, RSK; Li, MX; Sham, PC; Ho, SLTRANSLATIONAL NEURODEGENERATION1417
72017Burden of rare variants in ALS genes influences survival in familial and sporadic ALSPang, SYY; Jacob Shujui Hsu ; Teo, KC; Li, Y; Kung, MHW; Cheah, KSE; Chan, D; Cheung, KMC; Li, MX; Sham, PC; Ho, SLNEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING2426
82017Robust and rapid algorithms facilitate large-scale whole genome sequencing downstream analysis in an integrative frameworkLi, MX; Li, J; Li, MLJ; Pan, ZC; Jacob Shujui Hsu ; Liu, DJJ; ZHEN-XUN WU; Wang, JW; Song, YQ; Sham, PCNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH1927
92016Inheritance-mode specific pathogenicity prioritization (ISPP) for human protein coding genesJacob Shujui Hsu ; Kwan, JS; Pan, ZC; Garcia-Barcelo, MM; Sham, PC; Li, MXBIOINFORMATICS68
102008Two distinct arsenite-resistant variants of Leishmania amazonensis take different routes to achieve resistance as revealed by comparative transcriptomicsLin, YC; Hsu, JY; Jacob Shujui Hsu ; Chi, Y; Chiang, SC; Lee, STMOLECULAR AND BIOCHEMICAL PARASITOLOGY63