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12020Leidenfrost suppression and contact time reduction of a drop impacting on silicon nanowire array-coated surfacesSahoo, Venkataraman; Lo, Ching Wen; MING-CHANG LU International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer1111
22020Heat Transfer of Semicrystalline Nylon NanofibersChien, H.-C.; Peng, W.-T.; Chiu, T.-H.; Wu, P.-H.; Liu, Y.-J.; Tu, C.-W.; Wang, C.-L.; Lu, M.-C.; MING-CHANG LU ACS Nano108
32019Enhancing Condensation Heat Transfer on Three-Dimensional Hybrid SurfacesLo, Ching-Wen; Chu, Yu-Cheng; Yen, Ming-Han; MING-CHANG LU Joule5748
42019Ultrafast Diameter-Dependent Water Evaporation from NanoporesMING-CHANG LU ; Li Y.; Chen H.; Xiao S.; Alibakhshi M.A.; Lo C.-W.; Lu M.-C.; Duan C.ACS Nano5655
52019Experiments for suitability of plastic heat exchangers for dehumidification applicationsMING-CHANG LU ; Amer M.; Chen M.-R.; Sajjad U.; Ali H.M.; Abbas N.; Lu M.-C.; Wang C.-C.Applied Thermal Engineering1413
62019Development of low-melting point molten salts and detection of solid-to-liquid transitions by alternative techniques to DSCRodr?guez-Laguna, M.D.R.; G?mez-Romero, P.; Sotomayor Torres, C.M.; Lu, M.-C.; Ch?vez-?ngel, E.; MING-CHANG LU Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells84
72018An experimental study of plastic heat exchangers applicable for dehumidificationMING-CHANG LU ; Amer M.; Chen M.-R.; Lu M.-C.; Wang C.-C.International Heat Transfer Conference1
82018Elongated Bouncing and Reduced Contact Time of a Drop in the Janus StateMING-CHANG LU ; Sahoo V.; Chou C.-Y.; Lo C.-W.; Lu M.-C.Langmuir88
92018Enhanced immersion cooling using two-tier micro- and nano-structuresMING-CHANG LU ; Hsu Y.-T.; Li J.-X.; Lu M.-C.Applied Thermal Engineering1513
102018Role of easy-to-activate nucleation sites in pool boilingMING-CHANG LU ; Liu Y.; Lu M.-C.; Xu D.International Heat Transfer Conference1
112018Thermal hysteresis in phase-change materials: Encapsulated metal alloy core-shell microparticlesMING-CHANG LU ; Hsu T.-H.; Chung C.-H.; Chung F.-J.; Chang C.-C.; Lu M.-C.; Chueh Y.-L.Nano Energy3030
122018The suppression effect of easy-to-activate nucleation sites on the critical heat flux in pool boilingMING-CHANG LU ; Liu Y.; Lu M.-C.; Xu D.International Journal of Thermal Sciences1414
132017Superhydrophobic Si nanowires for enhanced condensation heat transferMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Lo C.-W.; Huang C.-W.; Wang C.-C.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer5852
142017Control of Ice FormationMING-CHANG LU ; Lo C.-W.; Sahoo V.; Lu M.-C.ACS Nano4240
152016Single bubble dynamics on superheated superhydrophobic surfacesMING-CHANG LU ; Li Y.; Zhang K.; Lu M.-C.; Duan C.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer2521
162016Tunable endothermic plateau for enhancing thermal energy storage obtained using binary metal alloy particlesMING-CHANG LU ; Lai C.-C.; Lin S.-M.; Chu Y.-D.; Chang C.-C.; Chueh Y.-L.; Lu M.-C.Nano Energy3535
172016Silicon Nanowires for Solar Thermal Energy Harvesting: an Experimental Evaluation on the Trade-off Effects of the Spectral Optical PropertiesMING-CHANG LU ; Sekone A.K.; Chen Y.-B.; Lu M.-C.; Chen W.-K.; Liu C.-A.; Lee M.-T.Nanoscale Research Letters4212
182015A modified hydrodynamic model for pool boiling CHF considering the effects of heater size and nucleation site densityMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Huang C.-H.; Huang C.-T.; Chen Y.-C.International Journal of Thermal Sciences4437
192014Scale effect on dropwise condensation on superhydrophobic surfacesMING-CHANG LU ; Lo C.-W.; Wang C.-C.; Lu M.-C.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces5550
202014Spatial control of heterogeneous nucleation on the Superhydrophobic Nanowire ArrayMING-CHANG LU ; Lo C.-W.; Wang C.-C.; Lu M.-C.Advanced Functional Materials8987
212014A solar-thermal energy harvesting scheme: Enhanced heat capacity of molten HITEC salt mixed with Sn/SiOx core-shell nanoparticlesMING-CHANG LU ; Lai C.-C.; Chang W.-C.; Hu W.-L.; Wang Z.M.; Lu M.-C.; Chueh Y.-L.Nanoscale4343
222013Specific heat capacity of molten salt-based alumina nanofluidMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Huang C.-H.Nanoscale Research Letters10090
232013Investigation of the two-phase convective boiling of HFO-1234yf in a 3.9 mm diameter tubeMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Tong J.-R.; Wang C.-C.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer5647
242012Evaporation-induced cavitation in nanofluidic channelsMING-CHANG LU ; Duan C.; Karnik R.; Lu M.-C.; Majumdar A.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America10598
252012Thermodynamic investigations using molecular dynamics simulations with potential of mean force calculations for cardiotoxin protein adsorption on mixed self-assembled monolayersMING-CHANG LU ; Hung S.-W.; Hsiao P.-Y.; Lu M.-C.; Chieng C.-C.Journal of Physical Chemistry B1414
262012Enhanced heat transfer in biporous wicks in the thin liquid film evaporation and boiling regimesMING-CHANG LU ; ?oso D.; Srinivasan V.; Lu M.-C.; Chang J.-Y.; Majumdar A.Journal of Heat Transfer122105
272011Critical heat flux of pool boiling on Si nanowire array-coated surfacesMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Chen R.; Srinivasan V.; Carey V.P.; Majumdar A.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer166137
282010Evaporation induced cavitation in nanochannelsMING-CHANG LU ; Duan C.; Lu M.-C.; Karnik R.; Majumdar A.2010 14th International Heat Transfer Conference00
292010Thermal conductance of biporous evaporator wicks in thin film evaporation and boiling regimesMING-CHANG LU ; Srinivasan V.; Lu M.-C.; Coso D.; Majumdar A.2010 14th International Heat Transfer Conference00
302009Nanowires for enhanced boiling heat transferMING-CHANG LU ; Chen R.; Lu M.-C.; Srinivasan V.; Wang Z.; Cho H.H.; Majumdar A.Nano Letters6010
312008Enhanced thermal conductivity of nanofluids diagnosis by molecular dynamics simulationsMING-CHANG LU ; Teng K.-L.; Hsiao P.-Y.; Hung S.-W.; Chieng C.-C.; Liu M.-S.; MING-CHANG LU Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology280
322006A mechanical-electrokinetic battery using a nano-porous membraneMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Satyanarayana S.; Karnik R.; Majumdar A.; Wang C.-C.Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering5147
332006Effect of the inlet location on the performance of parallel-channel cold-plateMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Wang C.-C.IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies5545
342004Numerical study of flow mal-distribution on the flow and heat transfer for multi-channel cold-platesMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Yang B.-C.; Wang C.-C.Annual IEEE Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium7
352004A numerical and experimental study of the thermal management of LEDsMING-CHANG LU ; Chiang S.B.; Lu M.C.; Wu W.L.; Yen M.C.; Wang C.C.American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Heat Transfer Division00
362004Design of passive mixers utilizing microfluidic self-circulation in the mixing chamberMING-CHANG LU ; Chung Y.-C.; Hsu Y.-L.; Jen C.-P.; Lu M.-C.; Lin Y.-C.Lab on a Chip7567
372003Multi- And single- Atoms liquid flow systems for nano-sized channelsMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Tseng F.; Hsieh H.; Chieng C.-C.2003 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show0
382002Molecular dynamic simulation of nano-sized channel flowMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.C.; Hsieh H.M.; Tseng F.G.; Chieng C.C.ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition00
392002Fluid filling into micro-fabricated reservoirsMING-CHANG LU ; Tseng F.-G.; Yang I.-D.; Lin K.-H.; Ma K.-T.; Lu M.-C.; Tseng Y.-T.; MING-CHANG LU Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical4236