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12020Leidenfrost suppression and contact time reduction of a drop impacting on silicon nanowire array-coated surfacesSahoo, Venkataraman; Lo, Ching Wen; MING-CHANG LU International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer15
22020Heat Transfer of Semicrystalline Nylon NanofibersChien, H.-C.; Peng, W.-T.; Chiu, T.-H.; Wu, P.-H.; Liu, Y.-J.; Tu, C.-W.; Wang, C.-L.; Lu, M.-C.; MING-CHANG LU ACS Nano6
32019Enhancing Condensation Heat Transfer on Three-Dimensional Hybrid SurfacesLo, Ching-Wen; Chu, Yu-Cheng; Yen, Ming-Han; MING-CHANG LU Joule223
42019Experiments for suitability of plastic heat exchangers for dehumidification applicationsMING-CHANG LU ; Amer M.; Chen M.-R.; Sajjad U.; Ali H.M.; Abbas N.; Lu M.-C.; Wang C.-C.Applied Thermal Engineering49
52019Ultrafast Diameter-Dependent Water Evaporation from NanoporesMING-CHANG LU ; Li Y.; Chen H.; Xiao S.; Alibakhshi M.A.; Lo C.-W.; Lu M.-C.; Duan C.ACS Nano1132
62019Development of low-melting point molten salts and detection of solid-to-liquid transitions by alternative techniques to DSCRodr?guez-Laguna, M.D.R.; G?mez-Romero, P.; Sotomayor Torres, C.M.; Lu, M.-C.; Ch?vez-?ngel, E.; MING-CHANG LU Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells11
72018An experimental study of plastic heat exchangers applicable for dehumidificationMING-CHANG LU ; Amer M.; Chen M.-R.; Lu M.-C.; Wang C.-C.International Heat Transfer Conference0
82018Thermal hysteresis in phase-change materials: Encapsulated metal alloy core-shell microparticlesMING-CHANG LU ; Hsu T.-H.; Chung C.-H.; Chung F.-J.; Chang C.-C.; Lu M.-C.; Chueh Y.-L.Nano Energy719
92018Elongated Bouncing and Reduced Contact Time of a Drop in the Janus StateMING-CHANG LU ; Sahoo V.; Chou C.-Y.; Lo C.-W.; Lu M.-C.Langmuir17
102018Role of easy-to-activate nucleation sites in pool boilingMING-CHANG LU ; Liu Y.; Lu M.-C.; Xu D.International Heat Transfer Conference0
112018The suppression effect of easy-to-activate nucleation sites on the critical heat flux in pool boilingMING-CHANG LU ; Liu Y.; Lu M.-C.; Xu D.International Journal of Thermal Sciences49
122018Enhanced immersion cooling using two-tier micro- and nano-structuresMING-CHANG LU ; Hsu Y.-T.; Li J.-X.; Lu M.-C.Applied Thermal Engineering28
132017Control of Ice FormationMING-CHANG LU ; Lo C.-W.; Sahoo V.; Lu M.-C.ACS Nano1829
142017Superhydrophobic Si nanowires for enhanced condensation heat transferMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Lo C.-W.; Huang C.-W.; Wang C.-C.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer3039
152016Silicon Nanowires for Solar Thermal Energy Harvesting: an Experimental Evaluation on the Trade-off Effects of the Spectral Optical PropertiesMING-CHANG LU ; Sekone A.K.; Chen Y.-B.; Lu M.-C.; Chen W.-K.; Liu C.-A.; Lee M.-T.Nanoscale Research Letters208
162016Tunable endothermic plateau for enhancing thermal energy storage obtained using binary metal alloy particlesMING-CHANG LU ; Lai C.-C.; Lin S.-M.; Chu Y.-D.; Chang C.-C.; Chueh Y.-L.; Lu M.-C.Nano Energy1426
172016Single bubble dynamics on superheated superhydrophobic surfacesMING-CHANG LU ; Li Y.; Zhang K.; Lu M.-C.; Duan C.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer1118
182015A modified hydrodynamic model for pool boiling CHF considering the effects of heater size and nucleation site densityMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Huang C.-H.; Huang C.-T.; Chen Y.-C.International Journal of Thermal Sciences2726
192014A solar-thermal energy harvesting scheme: Enhanced heat capacity of molten HITEC salt mixed with Sn/SiOx core-shell nanoparticlesMING-CHANG LU ; Lai C.-C.; Chang W.-C.; Hu W.-L.; Wang Z.M.; Lu M.-C.; Chueh Y.-L.Nanoscale2029
202014Spatial control of heterogeneous nucleation on the Superhydrophobic Nanowire ArrayMING-CHANG LU ; Lo C.-W.; Wang C.-C.; Lu M.-C.Advanced Functional Materials5874
212014Scale effect on dropwise condensation on superhydrophobic surfacesMING-CHANG LU ; Lo C.-W.; Wang C.-C.; Lu M.-C.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces4044
222013Investigation of the two-phase convective boiling of HFO-1234yf in a 3.9 mm diameter tubeMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Tong J.-R.; Wang C.-C.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer3637
232013Specific heat capacity of molten salt-based alumina nanofluidMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Huang C.-H.Nanoscale Research Letters6274
242012Evaporation-induced cavitation in nanofluidic channelsMING-CHANG LU ; Duan C.; Karnik R.; Lu M.-C.; Majumdar A.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America6782
252012Enhanced heat transfer in biporous wicks in the thin liquid film evaporation and boiling regimesMING-CHANG LU ; ?oso D.; Srinivasan V.; Lu M.-C.; Chang J.-Y.; Majumdar A.Journal of Heat Transfer9097
262012Thermodynamic investigations using molecular dynamics simulations with potential of mean force calculations for cardiotoxin protein adsorption on mixed self-assembled monolayersMING-CHANG LU ; Hung S.-W.; Hsiao P.-Y.; Lu M.-C.; Chieng C.-C.Journal of Physical Chemistry B1313
272011Critical heat flux of pool boiling on Si nanowire array-coated surfacesMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Chen R.; Srinivasan V.; Carey V.P.; Majumdar A.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer136126
282010Thermal conductance of biporous evaporator wicks in thin film evaporation and boiling regimesMING-CHANG LU ; Srinivasan V.; Lu M.-C.; Coso D.; Majumdar A.2010 14th International Heat Transfer Conference00
292010Evaporation induced cavitation in nanochannelsMING-CHANG LU ; Duan C.; Lu M.-C.; Karnik R.; Majumdar A.2010 14th International Heat Transfer Conference00
302009Nanowires for enhanced boiling heat transferMING-CHANG LU ; Chen R.; Lu M.-C.; Srinivasan V.; Wang Z.; Cho H.H.; Majumdar A.Nano Letters4720
312008Enhanced thermal conductivity of nanofluids diagnosis by molecular dynamics simulationsMING-CHANG LU ; Teng K.-L.; Hsiao P.-Y.; Hung S.-W.; Chieng C.-C.; Liu M.-S.; Lu M.-C.Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology50
322008Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids Diagnosis by Molecular Dynamics SimulationsTeng, Kuo-Liang; Hsiao, Pai-Yi; Hung, Shih-Wei; Chieng, Ching-Chang; Liu, Ming-Shen; Lu, Ming-Chang; MING-CHANG LU Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology50
332006A mechanical-electrokinetic battery using a nano-porous membraneMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Satyanarayana S.; Karnik R.; Majumdar A.; Wang C.-C.Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering4646
342006Effect of the inlet location on the performance of parallel-channel cold-plateMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Wang C.-C.IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies4040
352004Design of passive mixers utilizing microfluidic self-circulation in the mixing chamberMING-CHANG LU ; Chung Y.-C.; Hsu Y.-L.; Jen C.-P.; Lu M.-C.; Lin Y.-C.Lab on a Chip6065
362004A numerical and experimental study of the thermal management of LEDsMING-CHANG LU ; Chiang S.B.; Lu M.C.; Wu W.L.; Yen M.C.; Wang C.C.American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Heat Transfer Division00
372004Numerical study of flow mal-distribution on the flow and heat transfer for multi-channel cold-platesMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Yang B.-C.; Wang C.-C.Annual IEEE Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium5
382003Multi- And single- Atoms liquid flow systems for nano-sized channelsMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.-C.; Tseng F.; Hsieh H.; Chieng C.-C.2003 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show0
392002Fluid filling into micro-fabricated reservoirsMING-CHANG LU ; Tseng F.-G.; Yang I.-D.; Lin K.-H.; Ma K.-T.; Lu M.-C.; Tseng Y.-T.; Chieng C.-C.Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical4036
402002Molecular dynamic simulation of nano-sized channel flowMING-CHANG LU ; Lu M.C.; Hsieh H.M.; Tseng F.G.; Chieng C.C.ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition00
412002Fluid filling into micro-fabricated reservoirsTseng, F.-G.; Yang, I.-D.; Lin, K.-H.; Ma, K.-T.; Lu, M.-C.; Tseng, Y.-T.; Chieng, C.-C.; MING-CHANG LU Sensors and Actuators A: Physical4036