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12018The implications of perceived leader favouritism in the context of leader-member exchange relationshipsHsiung, H.-H.; Bolino, M.C.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article0
22017The Joint Moderating Effects of Activated Negative Moods and Group Voice Climate on the Relationship between Power Distance Orientation and Employee Voice BehaviorHsiung, H.-H.; Tsai, W.-C.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article4
32016Regulatory focus and safety outcomes: An examination of the mediating influence of safety behaviorAryee, S.; Hsiung, H.-H.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article13
42015Reexamining the relationship between control mechanisms and international joint venture performance: The mediating roles of perceived value gap and information asymmetryHuang, M.-C.; Hsiung, H.-H.; Lu, T.-C.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article4
52015The comfort zone of the value circumplex for entrepreneurship: a structural analysisYang, K.-P.; Hsiung, H.-H.; Chiu, Y.-J.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article5
62015"Well, i'm tired of tryin'!" organizational citizenship behavior and citizenship fatigueBolino, M.C.; Hsiung, H.-H.; Harvey, J.; LePine, J.A.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article89
72013Employee opinion expression behaviors: their antecedents and influences on supervisory performance evaluationHsiung, H.-H.; Tsai, N.-T.; Chen, J.-A.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article0
82012Employee behavioral options in problematic working conditions: Response pattern analysisHsiung, H.-H.; Yang, K.-P.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article5
92012Authentic Leadership and Employee Voice Behavior: A Multi-Level Psychological ProcessHsiung, H.-H.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article97
102012The Level of Concern about Feng Shui in House Purchasing: The Impacts of Self-efficacy, Superstition, and the Big Five Personality TraitsPeng, Y.-S.; Hsiung, H.-H.; Chen, K.-H.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article8
112012Nourishing or suppressing? The contradictory influences of perception of organizational politics on organizational citizenship behaviourHsiung, H.-H.; Lin, C.-W.; Lin, C.-S.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article23
122009Job definition discrepancy between supervisors and subordinates: The antecedent role of LMX and outcomesHsiung, H.-H.; Tsai, W.-C.; HSIN-HUA HSIUNG journal article33