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12021Increased Climbing Fiber Lateral Crossings on Purkinje Cell Dendrites in the Cerebellar Hemisphere in Essential TremorWu Y.-C.; Louis E.D.; Gionco J.; MING-KAI PAN ; Faust P.L.; Kuo S.-H.Movement Disorders0
22020Impulsivity in Cerebellar Ataxias: Testing the Cerebellar Reward Hypothesis in HumansAmokrane N.; Viswanathan A.; Freedman S.; Yang C.-Y.; Desai N.A.; MING-KAI PAN ; Kuo S.-H.; Lin C.-Y.Movement Disorders03
32020Cerebellar oscillations driven by synaptic pruning deficits of cerebellar climbing fibers contribute to tremor pathophysiologyMING-KAI PAN ; Li Y.-S.; Wong S.-B.; Ni C.-L.; Wang Y.-M.; Liu W.-C.; Lu L.-Y.; Lee J.-C.; Cortes E.P.; Vonsattel J.-P.G.; Sun Q.; Louis E.D.; Faust P.L.; Kuo S.-H.Science Translational Medicine219
42020Hyperpolarization of the subthalamic nucleus alleviates hyperkinetic movement disordersTai C.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; Tseng S.-H.; Wang T.-R.; Kuo C.-C.Scientific Reports02
52020Author Correction: Hyperpolarization of the subthalamic nucleus alleviates hyperkinetic movement disorders (Scientific Reports, (2020), 10, 1, (8278), 10.1038/s41598-020-65211-w)Tai C.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; Tseng S.-H.; Wang T.-R.; Kuo C.-C.Scientific Reports00
62020A custom multiphoton microscopy platform for live imaging of mouse cornea and conjunctivaWu Y.-F.; Ye R.-T.; MING-KAI PAN ; Lin S.-J.; Tan H.-Y.Journal of Visualized Experiments1
72019Current Opinions and Consensus for Studying Tremor in Animal ModelsKuo S.-H.; Louis E.D.; Faust P.L.; Handforth A.; Chang S.-Y.; Avlar B.; Lang E.J.; MING-KAI PAN ; Miterko L.N.; Brown A.M.; Sillitoe R.V.; Anderson C.J.; Pulst S.M.; Gallagher M.J.; Lyman K.A.; Chetkovich D.M.; Clark L.N.; Tio M.; Tan E.-K.; Elble R.J.Cerebellum49
82018External light activates hair follicle stem cells through eyes via an ipRGC-SCN-sympathetic neural pathwayFan S.M.-Y.; Chang Y.-T.; Chen C.-L.; Wang W.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; Chen W.-P.; Huang W.-Y.; Xu Z.; Huang H.-E.; Chen T.; Plikus M.V.; Chen S.-K.; Lin S.-J.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America1331
92018Tracking the central and peripheral origin of tremorMING-KAI PAN ; Kuo S.-H.Clinical Neurophysiology00
102018Animal models of tremor: Relevance to human tremor disordersMING-KAI PAN ; Ni C.-L.; Wu Y.-C.; Li Y.-S.; Kuo S.-H.Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements57
112017Cerebellar Pathology in Early Onset and Late Onset Essential TremorKuo S.-H.; Wang J.; Tate W.J.; MING-KAI PAN ; Kelly G.C.; Gutierrez J.; Cortes E.P.; Vonsattel J.-P.G.; Louis E.D.; Faust P.L.Cerebellum1918
122017Cerebellar Pathology in Familial vs. Sporadic Essential TremorLouis E.D.; Kuo S.-H.; Wang J.; Tate W.J.; MING-KAI PAN ; Kelly G.C.; Gutierrez J.; Cortes E.P.; Vonsattel J.-P.G.; Faust P.L.Cerebellum910
132017Climbing fiber-Purkinje cell synaptic pathology in tremor and cerebellar degenerative diseasesKuo S.-H.; Lin C.-Y.; Wang J.; Sims P.A.; MING-KAI PAN ; Liou J.-Y.; Lee D.; Tate W.J.; Kelly G.C.; Louis E.D.; Faust P.L.Acta Neuropathologica3735
142016Deep brain stimulation and climbing fiber synaptic pathology in essential tremorKuo S.-H.; Lin C.-Y.; Wang J.; Liou J.-Y.; MING-KAI PAN ; Louis R.J.; Wu W.-P.; Gutierrez J.; Louis E.D.; Faust P.L.Annals of Neurology1113
152016Neuronal firing patterns outweigh circuitry oscillations in parkinsonian motor controlMING-KAI PAN ; Kuo S.-H.; Tai C.-H.; Liou J.-Y.; Pei J.-C.; Chang C.-Y.; Wang Y.-M.; Liu W.-C.; Wang T.-R.; Lai W.-S.; Kuo C.-C.Journal of Clinical Investigation1313
162014The T-type calcium channel as a new therapeutic target for Parkinson's diseaseYang Y.-C.; Tai C.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; Kuo C.-C.Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology2025
172014Deranged NMDAergic cortico-subthalamic transmission underlies parkinsonian motor deficitsMING-KAI PAN ; Tai C.-H.; Liu W.-C.; Pei J.-C.; Lai W.-S.; Kuo C.-C.Journal of Clinical Investigation1618
182013A Physiology-Based Seizure Detection System for Multichannel EEGShen C.-P.; Liu S.-T.; Zhou W.-Z.; Lin F.-S.; Lam A.Y.-Y.; Sung H.-Y.; Chen W.; Lin J.-W.; Chiu M.-J.; MING-KAI PAN ; Kao J.-H.; Wu J.-M.; Lai F.PLoS ONE2119
192013Epilepsy analytic system with cloud computingShen C.-P.; Zhou W.; Lin F.-S.; Sung H.-Y.; Lam Y.-Y.; Chen W.; Lin J.-W.; MING-KAI PAN ; Chiu M.-J.; Lai F.Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS70
202013Microstructural integrity of cerebral fiber tracts in hereditary spastic paraparesis with SPG11 mutationMING-KAI PAN ; Huang S.-C.; Lo Y.-C.; Yang C.-C.; Cheng T.-W.; Yang C.-C.; Hua M.-S.; Lee M.-J.; Tseng W.-Y.I.American Journal of Neuroradiology57
212012Subthalamic discharges as a causal determinant of parkinsonian motor deficitsTai C.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; Lin J.J.; Huang C.-S.; Yang Y.-C.; Kuo C.-C.Annals of Neurology1616
222011Modulation of subthalamic T-type Ca2+ channels remedies locomotor deficits in a rat model of Parkinson diseaseTai C.-H.; Yang Y.-C.; MING-KAI PAN ; Huang C.-S.; Kuo C.-C.Journal of Clinical Investigation3844
232010Deep brain stimulation therapy for Parkinson's disease using frameless stereotaxy: Comparison with frame-based surgeryTai C.-H.; Wu R.-M.; Lin C.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; Chen Y.-F.; Liu H.-M.; Lu H.-H.; Tsai C.-W.; Tseng S.-H.European Journal of Neurology1917
242010Parkinson's disease and cortico-basal ganglia circuitsMING-KAI PAN ; Tai C.-H.; Kuo C.-C.Acta Neurologica Taiwanica10
252008Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis associated with gadolinium useChao C.-C.; Yang C.-C.; Hsiao C.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; Lin C.-H.; Hsieh S.-T.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1313
262008Mutations of the SPG11 gene in patients with autosomal recessive spastic paraparesis and thin corpus callosumLee M.-J.; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.; MING-KAI PAN ; Wang J.; Stephenson D.A.; Yang C.-C.Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry1817