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12018Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Upper Airway Structures in Children with Obstructive Sleep ApneaLin C.-Y.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Kang K.-T.; Hsiao T.-Y.; Lee P.-L.; Hsu W.-C.JAMA Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery44
22018Application of three-dimensional collagen scaffolds to recapitulate and monitor the dynamics of epithelial-mesenchymal transition during tumor satellite formation of head and neck cancerChun-Nan Chen ; Chen Y.-T.; Yang T.-L.Biomaterials65
32017The application of ultrasound in detecting lymph nodal recurrence in the treated neck of head and neck cancer patientsLin C.-M.; Wang C.-P.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Lin C.-Y.; Li T.-Y.; Chou C.-H.; Hsu Y.-C.; Kuo P.-Y.; Yang T.-L.; Lou P.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; Chen T.-C.Scientific Reports56
42017The data of establishing a three-dimensional culture system for in vitro recapitulation and mechanism exploration of tumor satellite formation during cancer cell transitionChun-Nan Chen ; Chen Y.-T.; Yang T.-L.Data in Brief22
52016Application of ultrasound-guided core biopsy as a novel diagnostic tool for base of tongue cancer: Our experiences with ten patientsChun-Nan Chen ; Lin C.-Y.; Ko J.-Y.; Lou P.-J.; Wang C.-P.; Chen T.-C.; Hsiao T.-Y.; Yang T.-L.Clinical Otolaryngology42
62016Application of ultrasound-guided core biopsy to minimize the non-diagnostic results and the requirement of diagnostic surgery in extrapulmonary tuberculosis of the head and neckHo U.-C.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Lin C.-Y.; Hsu Y.-C.; Chi F.-H.; Chou C.-H.; Chen T.-C.; Wang C.-P.; Lou P.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; Hsiao T.-Y.; Yang T.-L.European Radiology43
72016Application of ultrasound-guided core biopsy to minimal-invasively diagnose supraclavicular fossa tumors and minimize the requirement of invasive diagnostic surgeryChun-Nan Chen ; Lin C.-Y.; Chi F.-H.; Chou C.-H.; Hsu Y.-C.; Kuo Y.-L.; Lin C.-F.; Chen T.-C.; Wang C.-P.; Lou P.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; Hsiao T.-Y.; Yang T.-L.Medicine (United States)12
82014Diagnosis of Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease: A comparison between open biopsy and minimally invasive ultrasound-guided core biopsyYu S.-C.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Huang H.-I.; Chen T.-C.; Wang C.-P.; Lou P.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; Hsiao T.-Y.; Yang T.-L.PLoS ONE1310
92014Optimizing clinical utility of the ultrasound-guided core biopsy for head and neck tumorYang T.-L.; Chun-Nan Chen Journal of Medical Ultrasound20
102014Application of ultrasound-guided core biopsy in head and neckChun-Nan Chen ; Yang T.-L.Journal of Medical Ultrasound40
112014Ultrasound-guided core biopsy for hypopharyngeal cancer with difficult endoscopic approaches: Our experience in eleven patientsChun-Nan Chen ; Hsiao T.-Y.; Ko J.-Y.; Lou P.-J.; Wang C.-P.; Chen T.-C.; Yang T.-L.Clinical Otolaryngology87
122013The clinical predictive factors for subsequent distant metastasis in patients with locoregionally advanced oral squamous cell carcinomaChen T.-C.; Hsu C.-W.; Lou P.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; Yang T.-L.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Chang Y.-L.; Wang C.-P.Oral Oncology1715
132013Controlling branching structure formation of the salivary gland by the degree of chitosan deacetylationHsiao Y.-C.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Chen Y.-T.; Yang T.-L.Acta Biomaterialia1613
142012Transcutaneous ultrasound for evaluation of vocal fold movement in patients with thyroid diseaseWang C.-P.; Chen T.-C.; Yang T.-L.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Lin C.-F.; Lou P.-J.; Hu Y.-L.; Shieh M.-J.; Hsieh F.-J.; Hsiao T.-Y.; Ko J.-Y.European Journal of Radiology4847
152012Ultrasound-guided Core Needle Biopsy of Advanced Hypopharyngeal CancerChun-Nan Chen ; Yang T.-L.Journal of Medical Ultrasound30
162012Basal cell carcinoma with a large central facial defectLin Y.-H.; Chun-Nan Chen QJM00
172010Outcomes of malignant external otitis: Survival vs mortalityChun-Nan Chen ; Chen Y.-S.; Yeh T.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; Tseng F.-Y.Acta Oto-Laryngologica4439
182009Radiology quiz case 2Li C.-L.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Young Y.-H.Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery00
192009Development of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in early lifeYoung Y.-H.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Hsieh W.-S.; Wang S.-J.European Journal of Paediatric Neurology1916
202008Development of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in preterm neonatesWang S.-J.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Hsieh W.-S.; Young Y.-H.Audiology and Neurotology1714
212008Correlating the cochleovestibular deficits with tumor size of acoustic neuromaDay A.-S.; Wang C.-T.; Chun-Nan Chen ; Young Y.-H.Acta Oto-Laryngologica3639
222006Differentiating the cause of acute sensorineural hearing loss between M?ni?re's disease and sudden deafnessChun-Nan Chen ; Young Y.-H.Acta Oto-Laryngologica2317
232006Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in newbornsChun-Nan Chen ; Wang S.-J.; Wang C.-T.; Hsieh W.-S.; Young Y.-H.Audiology and Neurotology3428