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12021Enantioselective hydrophosphonylation ofN-Boc imines using chiral guanidine-thiourea catalystsChassillan L; Yamashita Y; Yoo W.-J; Toffano M; Guillot R; Kobayashi S; Vo-Thanh G.; Woo-Jin Yoo Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry34
22020Reworking Organic Synthesis for the Modern Age: Synthetic Strategies Based on Continuous-Flow Addition and Condensation Reactions with Heterogeneous CatalystsYoo, Woo-Jin; Ishitani, Haruro; Saito, Yuki; Laroche, Benjamin; Woo-Jin Yoo The Journal of organic chemistry4743
32020One-Pot Synthesis of α,β-Unsaturated γ-Lactones and Lactams via a Sequential trans-Hydroalumination and Catalytic Carboxylation of Propargyl Alcohols and Amines with Carbon DioxideYoo W.-J; Chen W; Nguyen T.V.Q; Woo-Jin Yoo ; Woo-Jin Yoo Organic Letters44
42019Efficient Synthesis of -Trifluoromethyl Carboxylic Acids and Esters through Fluorocarboxylation of gem-DifluoroalkenesYoo, Woo-Jin ; Kondo, Junpei; Rodriguez-Santamaria, Jose A.; Nguyen, Thanh V. Q.; Kobayashi, ShuAngewandte Chemie International Edition840
52019A Nickel-Diamine/Mesoporous Silica Composite as a Heterogeneous Chiral Catalyst for Asymmetric 1,4-Addition ReactionsIshitani, Haruro; Kanai, Kan; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Yoshida, Tomoko; Kobayashi, ShuAngewandte Chemie International Edition425
62019Zirconium-beta Zeolite-Catalyzed Continuous-Flow Friedel-Crafts Acylation ReactionRao, Xiaofeng; Ishitani, Haruro; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Kobayashi, ShuAsian Journal of Organic Chemistry215
72019Copper-catalyzed Carboxylation of Unactivated Aryl- and Alkenylsilanes with Carbon DioxideYoo, Woo-Jin ; Kondo, Junpei; Kobayashi, ShuChemistry Letters04
82018Copper-Catalyzed Carboxylation of Aryl- and AlkenyltrialkoxysilanesNguyen, Thanh V. Q.; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Kobayashi, ShuAsian Journal of Organic Chemistry611
92018Knoevenagel Condensation of Aldehydes and Ketones with Alkyl Nitriles Catalyzed by Strongly Basic Anion Exchange Resins under Continuous-Flow ConditionsIshitani, Haruro; Saito, Yuki; Nakamura, Yosuke; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Kobayashi, ShuAsian Journal of Organic Chemistry1023
102018Catalytic enantioselective aldol reactionsYamashita, Yasuhiro; Yasukawa, Tomohiro; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Kitanosono, Taku; Kobayashi, ShuChemical Society Reviews60174
112017Integration of aerobic oxidation and intramolecular asymmetric aza-Friedel–Crafts reactions with a chiral bifunctional heterogeneous catalystHong-Gang Cheng; Javier Miguélez; Hiroyuki Miyamura; Woo-Jin Yoo ; Shū KobayashiChemical Science1718
122017Incorporation of carbon dioxide into phthalides via ligand-free copper-catalyzed direct carboxylation of benzoxasilolesNguyen, Thanh V. Q.; Rodriguez-Santamaria, Jose A.; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Kobayashi, ShuGreen Chemistry2130
132016Chelating Bis(1,2,3-triazol-5-ylidene) Rhodium Complexes: Versatile Catalysts for Hydrosilylation ReactionsNguyen, Thanh V. Q.; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Kobayashi, ShuAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis3042
142015Visible-Light-Mediated Chan-Lam Coupling Reactions of Aryl Boronic Acids and Aniline DerivativesWoo-Jin Yoo ; Tatsuhiro Tsukamoto; Shū KobayashiAngewandte Chemie International Edition79119
152015Effective Formylation of Amines with Carbon Dioxide and Diphenylsilane Catalyzed by Chelating bis(tzNHC) Rhodium ComplexesNguyen, Thanh V. Q.; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Kobayashi, ShuAngewandte Chemie International Edition95136
162015Visible Light-Mediated Ullmann-Type C–N Coupling Reactions of Carbazole Derivatives and Aryl IodidesWoo-Jin Yoo ; Tatsuhiro Tsukamoto; Shu¯ KobayashiOrganic Letters5884
172015Catalytic Nucleophilic Addition of Alkynes to Imines: The A(3) (Aldehyde-Alkyne-Amine) CouplingUhlig, Nick; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Zhao, Liang; Li, Chao-JunModern Alkyne Chemistry: Catalytic and Atom-Economic Transformations00
192014Zinc(II) Hexachloroantimonate-Catalyzed Oxidative Allylation of Glycine DerivativesWoo-Jin Yoo ; Arata Tanoue; Shū KobayashiAsian Journal of Organic Chemistry1722
202014Sulfuryl Chloride as an Efficient Initiator for the Metal-Free Aerobic Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling Reaction of Tertiary AminesArata Tanoue; Woo-Jin Yoo ; Shu¯ KobayashiOrganic Letters6475
212014Synthesis of Isocoumarins through Three-Component Couplings of Arynes, Terminal Alkynes, and Carbon Dioxide Catalyzed by an NHC-Copper ComplexYoo, Woo-Jin ; Nguyen, Thanh V. Q.; Kobayashi, ShuAngewandte Chemie International Edition7194
222014Efficient visible light-mediated cross-dehydrogenative coupling reactions of tertiary amines catalyzed by a polymer-immobilized iridium-based photocatalystWoo-Jin Yoo ; Shū KobayashiGreen Chem.74114
232013Antimony/ <i>N</i> -Hydroxyphthalimide as a Catalyst System for Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling Reactions under Aerobic ConditionsArata Tanoue; Woo-Jin Yoo ; Shū KobayashiAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis053
242013A heterogeneous layered bifunctional catalyst for the integration of aerobic oxidation and asymmetric C–C bond formationHiroyuki Miyamura; Gerald C. Y. Choo; Tomohiro Yasukawa; Woo-Jin Yoo ; Shu KobayashiChemical Communications3441
252013Hydrophosphinylation of unactivated alkenes with secondary phosphine oxides under visible-light photocatalysisWoo-Jin Yoo ; Shū KobayashiGreen Chemistry6489
262012Oxidative transformation of N-substituted 2-aminophenols to 2-substituted benzoxazoles catalyzed by polymer-incarcerated and carbon-stabilized platinum nanoclustersWoo-Jin Yoo ; Hao Yuan; Hiroyuki Miyamura; Shū KobayashiCanadian Journal of Chemistry1010
272012Base-Mediated Carboxylation of Unprotected Indole Derivatives with Carbon DioxideWoo-Jin Yoo ; Montse Guiteras Capdevila; Xiangwei Du; Shu¯ KobayashiOrganic Letters6789
282012Discovery of a Metalloenzyme-like Cooperative Catalytic System of Metal Nanoclusters and Catechol Derivatives for the Aerobic Oxidation of AminesHao Yuan; Woo-Jin Yoo ; Hiroyuki Miyamura; Shu¯ KobayashiJournal of the American Chemical Society143177
292012A Cooperative Catalytic System of Platinum/Iridium Alloyed Nanoclusters and a Dimeric Catechol Derivative: An Efficient Synthesis of Quinazolines Through a Sequential Aerobic Oxidative ProcessHao Yuan; Woo-Jin Yoo ; Hiroyuki Miyamura; Shū KobayashiAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis7279
302012Aerobic Oxidation of a Tertiary Aliphatic Amine Under Visible-Light Photocatalysis: Facile Synthesis of Methylene-Bridged Bis-1,3-dicarbonyl CompoundsWoo-Jin Yoo ; Arata Tanoue; Shū KobayashiChemistry - An Asian Journal3039
312011Facile Preparation of 2-Substituted Benzoxazoles and Benzothiazoles via Aerobic Oxidation of Phenolic and Thiophenolic Imines Catalyzed by Polymer-Incarcerated Platinum NanoclustersWoo-Jin Yoo ; Hao Yuan; Hiroyuki Miyamura; Shū KobayashiAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis5052
322011Polymer-Incarcerated Gold−Palladium Nanoclusters with Boron on Carbon: A Mild and Efficient Catalyst for the Sequential Aerobic Oxidation−Michael Addition of 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds to Allylic AlcoholsWoo-Jin Yoo ; Hiroyuki Miyamura; Shu¯ KobayashiJournal of the American Chemical Society6971
342011The A(3)-Coupling (Aldehyde-Alkyne-Amine) Reaction: A Versatile Method for the Preparation of PropargylaminesYoo, Woo-Jin ; Zhao, Liang; Li, Chao-JunAldrichimica Acta0216
352010Propargyl Amine Synthesis Catalysed by Gold and Copper Thin Films by Using Microwave-Assisted Continuous-Flow Organic Synthesis (MACOS)Shore, Gjergji; Yoo, Woo-Jin ; Li, Chao-Jun; Organ, Michael G.Chemistry - A European Journal90102
362010Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling Reactions of sp(3)-Hybridized C-H BondsYoo, Woo-Jin ; Li, Chao-JunC-h Activation257255
372009Oxidative Alkylation of Cyclic Benzyl Ethers with Malonates and Ketones Using Oxygen as the Terminal OxidantYoo, Woo-Jin ; Correia, Camille A.; Zhang, Yuhua; Li, Chao-JunSynlett5659
382009Low-Valent Indium as a Catalyst for the Allylation of Ketones and N-AcylhydrazonesYoo, Woo-Jin ; Li, Chao-JunChemSusChem79
392008Copper-catalyzed four-component coupling between aldehydes, amines, alkynes, and carbon dioxideYoo, Woo-Jin ; Li, Chao-JunAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis110126
402007Copper-catalyzed oxidative esterification of alcohols with aldehydes activated by Lewis acidsYoo, Woo-Jin ; Li, Chao-JunTetrahedron Letters94103
412006Highly efficient oxidative amidation of aldehydes with amine hydrochloride saltsYoo, Woo-Jin ; Li, Chao-JunJournal of the American Chemical Society358392
422006Highly stereoselective oxidative esterification of aldehydes with beta-dicarbonyl compoundsYoo, Woo-Jin ; Li, Chao-JunThe Journal of Organic Chemistry7783
432005Palladium-Catalyzed Suzuki Couplings of 2,3-Dibromonorbornadiene: Synthesis of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Aryl-Substituted NorbornadienesWoo-Jin Yoo ; Gavin C. Tsui; William TamEuropean Journal of Organic Chemistry1618
442005Rhodium-Catalyzed Intramolecular [4 + 2] Cycloadditions of Alkynyl HalidesWoo-Jin Yoo ; Anna Allen; Karine Villeneuve; William TamOrganic Letters3844