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12024Implementing virtual reality technology to teach medical college systemic anatomy: A pilot studyMENG-LIN LIAO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; MING-FONG CHANG Anatomical sciences education
22023HSP27 Modulates Neuropathic Pain by Inhibiting P2X3 DegradationYeh, Ti-Yen; MING-FONG CHANG ; Kan, Yu-Yu; Chiang, Hao; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH Molecular neurobiology00
32023Impact of modified teaching strategies used in a gross anatomy course on the academic performance of dental students during the COVID-19 pandemicMENG-LIN LIAO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; I-RUE LAI ; MING-FONG CHANG European journal of dental education : official journal of the Association for Dental Education in Europe00
42022Nonpermissive Skin Environment Impairs Nerve Regeneration in Diabetes via Sec31aKan, Hung-Wei; JUNG-HSIEN HSIEH ; Wang, Shih-Wei; Yeh, Ti-Yen; MING-FONG CHANG ; Tang, Tsz-Yi; CHI-CHAO CHAO ; Feng, Fang-Ping; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH Annals of neurology00
52022Benefits of a bilingual web-based anatomy atlas for nursing students in learning anatomyMENG-LIN LIAO ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; SHU-HAO HSU ; MING-FONG CHANG BMC medical education11
62022The impact of asynchronous online anatomy teaching and smaller learning groups in the anatomy laboratory on medical students' performance during the Covid-19 pandemicMING-FONG CHANG ; MENG-LIN LIAO ; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; CHI-CHUAN YEH Anatomical sciences education1314
72020Performance Analysis of an Anatomy Course between the Students of Second-degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing and School of NursingMeng-Lin Liao; MING-FONG CHANG ; Sung-Tsang Hsieh; Kuo-Shyan Lu; Yuh-Lien Chen; Chung-Liang Chien; Shu-Hao Hsu; June-Horng LueJournal of Medical Education00
82019Benefit of Writing Laboratory Previews for Anatomy Learning in Medical StudentsMING-FONG CHANG ; Meng-Lin Liao; Sung-Tsang Hsieh; Shu-Huei Wang; Li-Jen Lee; Hsiu-Ni Kung; Kuo-Shyan Lu; Yuh-Lien Chen; June-Horng LueJournal of Medical Education00
92016Effective gene expression in the rat dorsal root ganglia with a non-viral vector delivered via spinal nerve injectionMING-FONG CHANG ; JUNG-HSIEN HSIEH ; Hao-Sen Chiang; Kan, Hung-Wei; Huang, Cho-Min; Chellis, Luke; Lin, Bo-Shiou; SHI-CHUEN MIAW ; CHUN-LIANG PAN ; CHI-CHAO CHAO ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH Scientific reports1513
102010Clinical presentations and skin denervation in amyloid neuropathy due to transthyretin Ala97SerYang N.C.-C.; Lee M.-J. ; CHI-CHAO CHAO ; Chuang Y.-T.; Lin W.-M.; MING-FONG CHANG ; PAUL-CHEN HSIEH ; Kan H.-W.; Lin Y.-H.; Yang C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH Neurology6958
112009Protein profilings in mouse liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy using iTRAQ technologyHsieh, Hui Chu; Chen, Yi Ting; Li, Jen Ming; Chou, Ting Yu; MING-FONG CHANG ; Huang, See Chang; Tseng, Tzu Ling; Liu, Chung Cheng; Chen, Sung FangJournal of Proteome Research4243
122009Effects of 4-methylcatechol on skin reinnervation: Promotion of cutaneous nerve regeneration after crush injuryHsieh Y.-L.; Lin W.-M.; JUNE-HORNG LUE ; MING-FONG CHANG ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology1717
132005Magnolol induces the distributional changes of p160 and adipose differentiation-related protein in adrenal cellsCHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; Chen Y.-C.; MING-FONG CHANG ; Greenberg A.S.; Wang S.-M.Histochemistry and Cell Biology33
142005Signaling pathways of magnolol-induced adrenal steroidogensisChen Y.-C.; MING-FONG CHANG ; Chen Y.; Wang S.-M.FEBS Letters1311