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12023Mapping Real-World Data to Self-Reported Information to Explore Determinants of Location Selection for Community Pharmacies in TaiwanChen, Jie; YEN-MING HUANG ; Chan, Hsun-Yu; Chen, Mon-Chiao; YUNN-FANG HO Journal of multidisciplinary healthcare00
22023Correction to: Impacts of medication non‑adherence to major modifiable stroke‑related diseases on stroke prevention and mortality: a meta‑analysisMafruhah, Okti Ratna; YEN-MING HUANG ; Lin, Hsiang-WenJournal of neurology00
32023Impacts of medication non-adherence to major modifiable stroke-related diseases on stroke prevention and mortality: a meta-analysisMafruhah, Okti Ratna; YEN-MING HUANG ; Lin, Hsiang-WenJournal of neurology01
42023Effects of a blended multimedia teaching approach on self-efficacy and skills in over-the-counter medication counselling versus a lecture-based approach: protocol for a prospective cohort study of undergraduate students from a pharmacy school in TaiwanYEN-MING HUANG ; Chan, Hsun-Yu; Wang, Yao-Hsing; YUNN-FANG HO BMJ open10
52023Medication AdherenceFANG-JU LIN ; YEN-MING HUANG ; YUNN-FANG HO DiPiro's Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach. 12th ed.
62022Strengthening scientific credibility against misinformation and disinformation: Where do we stand now?Wei Jeng ; YEN-MING HUANG ; Chan, Hsun-Yu; CHI-CHUAN WANG Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society11
72022High School Course-Completion Trajectories and College Pathways for All: A Transcript Analysis Study on Elective Computer Science CoursesChan, HY; Ma, TL; Saw, GK; YEN-MING HUANG EDUCATION SCIENCES11
82022Listening to white noise improved verbal working memory in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A pilot study.Chen, I-C.* ,†, Chan, H-Y. †, Lin, K-C., Huang, Y-T., Tsai, P-L., & Huang, Y-M.*; Chan H.-Y.; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Huang Y.-T.; Tsai P.-L.; YEN-MING HUANG 55
92022Evaluation of use, comprehensibility and clarity of over-the-counter medicine labels: Consumers’ perspectives and needs in TaiwanYEN-MING HUANG ; Chen L.-J.; Hsieh L.; Chan H.-Y.; Chen-Liu K.C.S.; YUNN-FANG HO Health and Social Care in the Community76
102022Exploration of changes in pharmacy students’ perceptions of and attitudes towards professionalism: outcome of a community pharmacy experiential learning programme in TaiwanYEN-MING HUANG ; Chan H.-Y.; PING-ING LEE ; Tang Y.-W.; Chiou T.-W.; Liu K.C.S.C.; YUNN-FANG HO BMC Medical Education42
112022Engaging consumers in wise use of over-the-counter medications in Taiwan: Development and evaluation of a structured medication counseling approachYEN-MING HUANG ; Wang Y.-H.; Chan H.-Y.; Chen L.-J.; Hsieh L.-L.; PING-ING LEE ; YUNN-FANG HO Patient Education and Counseling43
122022Feasibility of a Randomized Controlled Mixed Methods Trial to Address Health Literacy, Beliefs, Medication Adherence, and Self-Efficacy (ADHERE) in a Clinical Pharmacist-Led ClinicShiyanbola, Olayinka O; Maurer, Martha A; Virrueta, Natasha; Walbrandt Pigarelli, Denise L; YEN-MING HUANG ; Unni, Elizabeth J; Smith, Paul DPatient preference and adherence21
132021Ideal instruments used to measure health literacy related to medication use: A systematic reviewMafruhah, Okti Ratna; YEN-MING HUANG ; Shiyanbola, Olayinka O; Shen, Guan-Lin; Lin, Hsiang-WenResearch in social & administrative pharmacy : RSAP23
142021Effects of a pharmacist-managed anticoagulation outpatient clinic in Taiwan: evaluation of patient knowledge, satisfaction, and clinical outcomesLin S.-Y.; Chen Y.-W.; Kang H.-C.; Wu Y.-J.; Chen-P.-Z.; Wu C.-W.; Lin C.-S.; FE-LIN LIN WU ; LI-JIUAN SHEN ; YEN-MING HUANG ; CHIH-FEN HUANG Postgraduate Medicine21
152021Investigation of Barriers and Facilitators to Medication Adherence in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Across Different Health Literacy Levels: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods StudyYEN-MING HUANG ; Shiyanbola O.O.Frontiers in Pharmacology76
162020"Why Am I Not Taking Medications?" Barriers and Facilitators of Diabetes Medication Adherence Across Different Health Literacy LevelsYEN-MING HUANG ; Pecanac, Kristen E; Shiyanbola, Olayinka OQualitative health research2018
172020Reducing the rates of diabetes across the United StatesOlayinka O. Shiyanbola; YEN-MING HUANG ; Lauren Burton; Megan Ducker Coleman; Adam DaviesJournal of the American Pharmacists Association0
182020Conceptualization, Development and Psychometric Evaluations of a New Medication-Related Health Literacy Instrument: The Chinese Medication Literacy MeasurementLin, Hsiang-Wen; Chang, Elizabeth H; Ko, Yu; Wang, Chun-Yu; Wang, Yu-Shan; Mafruhah, Okti Ratna; Wu, Shang-Hua; Chen, Yu-Chieh; YEN-MING HUANG International journal of environmental research and public health43
192020Patient factors associated with diabetes medication adherence at different health literacy levels: a cross-sectional study at a family medicine clinicYEN-MING HUANG ; Shiyanbola, Olayinka O; Chan, Hsun-Yu; Smith, Paul DPostgraduate medicine1112
202020Exploration of the Public’s Perspectives on Medication Safety in Taiwan: A Cross-sectional StudyHsiu-Li Yang; YEN-MING HUANG ; FE-LIN LIN WU ; Li-Jung Huang; Li-Hua Wang; Chin-Ling Su; LI-JIUAN SHEN Journal of Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy
212019Design and rationale of a mixed methods randomized control trial: ADdressing Health literacy, bEliefs, adheRence and self-Efficacy (ADHERE) program to improve diabetes outcomesShiyanbola, Olayinka O; Walbrandt Pigarelli, Denise L; Unni, Elizabeth J; Smith, Paul D; Maurer, Martha A; YEN-MING HUANG Contemporary clinical trials communications98
222018Using the extended self-regulatory model to characterise diabetes medication adherence: a cross-sectional studyShiyanbola, Olayinka O; Unni, Elizabeth; YEN-MING HUANG ; Lanier, CameronBMJ open89
232018A path model linking health literacy, medication self-efficacy, medication adherence, and glycemic controlYEN-MING HUANG ; Shiyanbola, Olayinka O; Chan, Hsun-YuPatient education and counseling3633
242018The association of health literacy with illness perceptions, medication beliefs, and medication adherence among individuals with type 2 diabetesShiyanbola, Olayinka O; Unni, Elizabeth; YEN-MING HUANG ; Lanier, CameronResearch in social & administrative pharmacy : RSAP4443
252018Trends in reporting drug-associated liver injuries in Taiwan: a focus on amiodaroneYe, Jun-Hong; YUNN-FANG HO ; On, Angela W-F; Chen, Wen-Wen; YEN-MING HUANG ; Huang, Wei-I; Tang, Yun-WenInternational journal of clinical pharmacy76
262018Quick screen of patients' numeracy and document literacy skills: the factor structure of the Newest Vital SignYEN-MING HUANG ; Shiyanbola, Olayinka O; Smith, Paul D; Chan, Hsun-YuPatient preference and adherence1717
272018Association of health literacy and medication self-efficacy with medication adherence and diabetes controlYEN-MING HUANG ; Shiyanbola, Olayinka O; Smith, Paul DPatient preference and adherence5045
282018Professionalism and Establishment of Exemplars in Pharmacy PracticeYUNN-FANG HO ; Ling-Ling Hsieh; Ping-Ing Lee; Ta-Wei Chiou; Yun-Wen Tang; Karin C.S. Chen Liu; YEN-MING HUANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association0
292017Development and validation of a Chinese medication literacy measureYeh, Ying-Chih; Lin, Hsiang-Wen; Chang, Elizabeth H; YEN-MING HUANG ; Chen, Yu-Chieh; Wang, Chun-Yu; Liu, Jen-Wei; Ko, YuHealth expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy1816
302017Pharmacists and patients feedback on empirically designed prescription warning labels: a qualitative studyShiyanbola, Olayinka O; Smith, Paul D; YEN-MING HUANG ; Mansukhani, Sonal GhuraInternational journal of clinical pharmacy66
312016Learning by Doing at Community Pharmacies: Objectives and OutcomesYun-Wen Tang; YEN-MING HUANG ; Yu-Hsin Lo; Karin Chiung-Sheue Chen Liu; Ling-Jie Chen; YUNN-FANG HO Journal of Medical Education 00
322016Refining Prescription Warning Labels Using Patient Feedback: A Qualitative StudyShiyanbola, Olayinka O; Smith, Paul D; Mansukhani, Sonal Ghura; YEN-MING HUANG PloS one55
332015Medication knowledge to be improved in participants in community universities in Taiwan: Outcome of a nationwide community university programYEN-MING HUANG ; Yang, Yea-Huei Kao; Lin, Swu-Jane; Chen, Karin Chiung-Sheue; Kuo, Chuan-Chi; FE-LIN LIN WU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi109
342007Effects of a national medication education program in Taiwan to change the public's perceptions of the roles and functions of pharmacistsWen, Ming Fang; Lin, Swu-Jane; Yang, Yea-Huei Kao; YEN-MING HUANG ; Wang, Hui-Po; Chen, Chiung-Sheue; Wu, Fe-Lin LinPatient education and counseling86
352006Effects of a national health education program on the medication knowledge of the public in TaiwanYEN-MING HUANG ; Wang, Hui-Po; Yang, Yea-Huei Kao; Lin, Swu-Jane; Lin, Hsiang-Wen; Chen, Chiung-Sheue; Wu, Fe-Lin LinThe Annals of pharmacotherapy1714