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12023Group size and the resolution of insider–outsider conflict in animal societiesSheng-Feng Shen ; Reeve, H. Kern; Emlen, Stephen T.; Liu, Ming; Rubenstein, DustinAnimal Behaviour
22023Higher temperature variability in deforested mountain regions impacts the competitive advantage of nocturnal speciesChan, Shih Fan; Rubenstein, Dustin R.; Chen, I. Ching; Fan, Yu Meng; Tsai, Hsiang Yu; Zheng, Yuan Wen; Sheng-Feng Shen (沈聖峰) Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences00
32023Environmental quality mediates the ecological dominance of cooperatively breeding birdsLin, Yu Heng; Chen, Ying Yu; Rubenstein, Dustin R.; Liu, Ming; Liu, Mark; Sheng-Feng Shen Ecology Letters00
42022Animal powerSheng-Feng Shen Nature ecology & evolution00
52022Discontinuity of Diurnal Temperature Range Along Elevated RegionsJang, YS; Sheng-Feng Shen ; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; Huang, CY; Lo, MHGEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS44
62022Cooperation and Lateral Forces: Moving Beyond Bottom-Up and Top-Down Drivers of Animal Population DynamicsChen, Ying-Yu; Rubenstein, Dustin R; Sheng-Feng Shen Frontiers in psychology00
72021On the evolution of social ties as an instrumental tool for resource competition in resource patch networksLiu C.W.-J; Shen S.-F; Liu W.-C.; Sheng-Feng Shen Humanities and Social Sciences Communications11
82021Antagonistic effects of long- And short-term environmental variation on species coexistenceLiu M; Rubenstein D.R; Cheong S.A; Sheng-Feng Shen ; Sheng-Feng Shen Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences34
92020A chemically triggered transition from conflict to cooperation in burying beetlesChen, B.-F .; Liu, M .; Rubenstein, D.R .; SYUAN-JYUN SUN ; Liu, J.-N .; Lin, Y.-H .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Ecology Letters1313
102020Ecological transitions in grouping benefits explain the paradox of environmental quality and socialityLiu, M .; Chan, S.-F .; Rubenstein, D.R .; SYUAN-JYUN SUN ; Chen, B.-F .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN American Naturalist1312
112020Author Correction: Locally-adapted reproductive photoperiodism determines population vulnerability to climate change in burying beetles (Nature Communications, (2020), 11, 1, (1398), 10.1038/s41467-020-15208-w)Tsai, H.-Y.; Rubenstein, D.R.; Fan, Y.-M.; Yuan, T.-N.; Chen, B.-F.; Tang, Y.; Chen, I.-C.; Sheng-Feng Shen ; Sheng-Feng Shen Nature Communications00
122020Antagonistic effects of intraspecific cooperation and interspecific competition on thermal performanceTsai, H.-Y.; Rubenstein, D.R.; Chen, B.-F.; Liu, M.; Chan, S.-F.; Chen, D.-P.; SYUAN-JYUN SUN ; Yuan, T.-N.; Sheng-Feng Shen ; Sheng-Feng Shen eLife44
132020Locally-adapted reproductive photoperiodism determines population vulnerability to climate change in burying beetlesTsai, H.-Y .; Rubenstein, D.R .; Fan, Y.-M .; Yuan, T.-N .; Chen, B.-F .; Tang, Y .; Chen, I.-C .; SHENG-FENG SHEN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Nature Communications99
142020Social rank modulates how environmental quality influences cooperation and conflict within animal societies: Dominance and CooperationLiu M; Chen B.-F; Rubenstein D.R; Shen S.-F.; Sheng-Feng Shen Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences64
152020Complex signals alter recognition accuracy and conspecific acceptance thresholds: Complex signals alter recognitionTibbetts E.A; Liu M; Laub E.C; Shen S.-F.; Sheng-Feng Shen Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences77
162020Life histories determine divergent population trends for fishes under climate warmingWang, H.-Y.; Shen, S.-F.; Chen, Y.-S.; Kiang, Y.-K.; HUI-YU WANG ; Sheng-Feng Shen ; Sheng-Feng Shen Nature Communications2928
172019Nest predation predicts infanticide in a cooperatively breeding birdCheng, Y.-R .; Rubenstein, D.R .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Biology Letters11
182019Resolving the paradox of environmental quality and sociality: The ecological causes and consequences of cooperative breeding in two lineages of birdsLin, Y.-H .; Chan, S.-F .; Rubenstein, D.R .; Liu, M .; SHENG-FENG SHEN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN American Naturalist2726
192019Contrasting forms of competition set elevational range limits of speciesChan, S.-F .; Shih, W.-K .; Chang, A.-Y .; Shen, S.-F .; SHENG-FENG SHEN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Ecology Letters1312
202019Environmental uncertainty and social behaviorShen, S.-F .; Rubenstein, D.R.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior10
212019A continuum of biological adaptations to environmental fluctuationLiu, M .; Rubenstein, D.R .; Liu, W.-C .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences109
222019Artificial intelligence reveals environmental constraints on colour diversity in insectsWu, S .; Chang, C.-M .; Mai, G.-S .; Rubenstein, D.R .; Yang, C.-M .; Huang, Y.-T .; Lin, H.-H .; Shih, L.-C .; Chen, S.-W .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Nature Communications1412
232019Reproductive skewShen, S.-F .; Reeve, H.K.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior00
242018Multitasking and the evolution of optimal clutch size in fluctuating environmentsLiu, M .; Rubenstein, D.R .; Cheong, S.-A .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Ecology and Evolution55
252018Response to Qian et?al. (2017): Daily and seasonal climate variations are both critical in the evolution of species' elevational range sizeChan, W.-P.; Chen, I.-C.; Colwell, R.K.; Liu, W.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; CHO-YING HUANG ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Journal of Biogeography11
262018Global song divergence in barn swallows (Hirundo rustica): Exploring the roles of genetic, geographical and climatic distance in sympatry and allopatryWilkins, M.R .; Scordato, E.S.C .; Semenov, G.A .; Karaardi?, H .; Shizuka, D .; Rubtsov, A .; Pap, P.L .; Shen, S.-F .; Safran, R.J.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Biological Journal of the Linnean Society1011
272017A sequential collective action game and its applications to cooperative parental care in a songbirdLin C.-C.; Dugatkin L.A.; Yuan H.-W. ; PEI-FEN LEE ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Animal Behaviour12
282017The ecology of cooperative breeding behaviourShen, S.-F .; Emlen, S.T .; Koenig, W.D .; Rubenstein, D.R.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Ecology Letters9787
292016Seasonal and daily climate variation have opposite effects on species elevational range sizeChan, W.-P.; Chen, I.-C.; Colwell, R.K.; Liu, W.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; CHO-YING HUANG ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Science8684
302016Genome-wide differentiation in closely related populations: the roles of selection and geographic isolationSafran, R.J .; Scordato, E.S .; Wilkins, M.R .; Hubbard, J.K .; Jenkins, B.R .; Albrecht, T .; Flaxman, S.M .; Karaard??, H .; Vortman, Y .; Lotem, A .; Nosil, P .; Pap, P .; Shen, S .; Chan, S.-F .; Parchman, T.L .; Kane, N.C.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Molecular ecology3332
312016Taiwan yuhinas: Unrelated joint-nesters cooperate in unfavorable environmentsShen S.F.; Yuan H.-W.; HSIAO-WEI YUAN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Cooperative Breeding in Vertebrates: Studies of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior100
322015The genetic relatedness in groups of joint-nesting Taiwan yuhinas: Low genetic relatedness with preferences for male kinLiu, M .; Zhong, Q.-D .; Cheng, Y.-R .; Li, S.-H .; Fang, S .; Pu, C.-E .; Yuan, H.-W .; HSIAO-WEI YUAN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN PLoS ONE32
332014Climate-mediated cooperation promotes niche expansion in burying beetlesSYUAN-JYUN SUN ; Rubenstein, D.R .; Chen, B.-F .; Chan, S.-F .; Liu, J.-N .; Liu, M .; Hwang, W .; Yang, P.-S .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN eLife3430
342014Group size and social conflict in complex societiesShen, S.-F .; Ak?ay, E .; Rubenstein, D.R.; SHENG-FENG SHEN American Naturalist2524
352013Unity and disunity in the search for a unified reproductive skew theoryReeve, H.K .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Animal Behaviour1412
362012Unfavourable environment limits social conflict in Yuhina brunneicepsShen, S.-F .; Vehrencamp, S.L .; Johnstone, R.A .; Chen, H.-C .; Chan, S.-F .; Liao, W.-Y .; Lin, K.-Y .; HSIAO-WEI YUAN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Nature Communications2924
372012Regional Scale High Resolution δ18O Prediction in Precipitation Using MODIS EVIChan, W.-P .; Yuan, H.-W . ; Huang, C.-Y . ; Wang, C.-H .; Lin, S.-D . ; Lo, Y.-C .; Huang, B.-W .; Hatch, K.A .; Shiu, H.-J .; You, C.-F .; Chang, Y.-M .; SHENG-FENG SHEN PLoS ONE33
382011Parental care, cost of reproduction and reproductive skew: A general costly young modelShen, S.-F .; Kern Reeve, H .; Vehrencamp, S.L.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Journal of Theoretical Biology98
392010The brave leader game and the timing of altruism among nonkinShen, S.-F .; Reeve, H.K .; Herrnkind, W.; SHENG-FENG SHEN American Naturalist98
402010Reproductive skew theory unified: The general bordered tug-of-war modelShen, S.-F .; Kern Reeve, H.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Journal of Theoretical Biology3937
412010Group provisioning limits sharing conflict among nestlings in joint-nesting Taiwan yuhinasShen, S.-F .; Chen, H.-C .; Vehrencamp, S.L .; HSIAO-WEI YUAN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Biology Letters3937
422009Reproductive conflict and the costs of social status in cooperatively breeding vertebratesRubenstein, D.R .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN American Naturalist4544
432009Reproductive SkewShen, S.-F .; Reeve, H.K.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior00
442009Reproductive skew in avian societiesKoenig, W.D .; Shen, S.-F .; Krakauer, A.H .; Haydock, J.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Reproductive Skew in Vertebrates: Proximate and Ultimate Causes210
452006A missing model in reproductive skew theory: The bordered tug-of-warReeve, H.K .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America6964
462006Endogenous timing in competitive interactions among relativesCant, M.A .; Shen, S.-F.; SHENG-FENG SHEN Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences1311
482004Joint nesting in Taiwan Yuhinas: A rare passerine caseYuan, H.-W .; Liu, M .; HSIAO-WEI YUAN ; SHENG-FENG SHEN Condor2220