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12018An AUC-based Active Learning Algorithm via LogitBoost for Binary ClassificationZhang Z.-B.; CHARLOTTE WANG conference paper00
22018Reexamining dis/similarity-based tests for rare-variant association with case-control samplesCHARLOTTE WANG ; Tzeng J.-Y.; Wu P.-Z.; Preisig M.; Hsiao C.K.journal article00
32017Bayesian nonparametric clustering and association studies for candidate SNP observationsCHARLOTTE WANG ; Ruggeri F.; Hsiao C.K.; Argiento R.journal article11
42016Using Constructivism as a Basic Idea to Design Multi-situated Game-Based Learning Platform and ITS ApplicationLin S.-C.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Lo C.-Y.; Chang Y.-W.; Lai H.-Y.; Hsu P.-L.conference paper00
52015Using hamming distance as information for SNP-sets clustering and testing in disease association studiesCHARLOTTE WANG ; Kao W.-H.; Hsiao C.K.; Wei Z.journal article126
62015Modeling the association between clusters of SNPs and disease responsesArgiento R.; Guglielmi A.; Hsiao C.K.; Ruggeri F.; CHARLOTTE WANG book chapter40
72014Motivating the motivators: Lessons learned from the design and evaluation of a social persuasion systemChiu M.-C.; Chen C.C.-H.; Chang S.-P.; Chu H.-H.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Hsiao F.-H.; Huang P.journal article52
82014An electronic voting mechanism for fighting bribery and coercionWu Z.-Y.; Wu J.-C.; Lin S.-C.; CHARLOTTE WANG journal article95
92014Challenges of Statistical and Machine Learning on Supervised Learning with Class-Imbalanced DataLin S.-C.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Chang Y.-C.I.journal article
102013A secure RFID authentication scheme for medicine applicationsWu Z.-Y.; Chen T.-L.; Lin S.-C.; CHARLOTTE WANG conference paper50
112013Detect rare events via MICE algorithm with optimal thresholdLin S.-C.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Wu Z.-Y.; Chung Y.-F.conference paper40
122011Prevalence of geriatric conditions: A hospital-wide survey of 455 geriatric inpatients in a tertiary medical centerChen C.C.H.; Yen C.-J.; Dai Y.-T.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Huang G.-H.journal article1212
132011Brushing teeth with purified water to reduce ventilator-associated pneumoniaYao L.-Y.; Chang C.-K.; Maa S.-H.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Chen C.C.-H.journal article2625
142011Sequential estimate of partial area under ROC curve with ?-protection and optimal ratio of cases to controlsChen S.-C.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Chang Y.-C.I.journal article00
152011Trend analysis of the long-term care needs of elderly different ethnic groups in TaiwanChen C.-F.; Lu P.-C.; CHARLOTTE WANG journal article0
162010Status and Changes of Living Arrangements among the Elderly in Taiwan: An End-of-life PerspectiveChen-Fen Chen; CHARLOTTE WANG journal article00
172010Shared risk factors for distinct geriatric syndromes in older Taiwanese inpatientsChen C.C.-H.; Dai Y.-T.; Yen C.-J.; Huang G.-H.; CHARLOTTE WANG journal article1416
182009Trajectory and determinants of nutritional health in older patients during and six-month post-hospitalisationChen C.C.-H.; Tang S.T.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Huang G.-H.journal article2123
192008Functional trajectory 6 months posthospitalization: A cohort study of older hospitalized patients in TaiwanChen C.C.-H.; CHARLOTTE WANG ; Huang G.-H.journal article3129
202007Maximum number of live births per donor in artificial inseminationCHARLOTTE WANG ; Tsai M.-Y.; Lee M.-H.; Huang S.-Y.; Kao C.-H.; Ho H.-N.; Hsiao C.K.journal article1615