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12019意識如何緣取不存在的對象?--以經量部上座的理論與說一切有部眾賢的批評為中心耿晴; CHING KENG 正觀
22019「道體活不活動」源自於佛教的爭論?——從佛學角度檢討牟宗三關於宋明理學分系的判準耿晴; CHING KENG 中國哲學義理的詮釋類型與論爭
32019What is Svabhva-vikalpa and with Which Consciousness(es) is it Associated?CHING KENG JOURNAL OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY22
42019ParamārthaChing Keng; Michael Radich; CHING KENG Brill's encyclopedia of Buddhism
52019Three Senses of Atomic AccumulationAn Interpretation of Vasubandhu's Viṃśikā Stanzas 12-13 in Light of the Abhidharmakoabhsya and Dharmapla's Dasheng Guangbailun ShilunCHING KENG JOURNAL OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY11
62019佛教意識哲學專輯‧導言林恕安; 胡志強; 耿晴; CHING KENG 正觀雜誌
72018How Do We Understand the Meaning of a Sentence Under the YogAcAra Model of the Mind? On Disputes Among East Asian YogAcAra Thinkers of the Seventh CenturyCHING KENG JOURNAL OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY11
82018Is Our World Conceptually Structured? Answers from the Saṃdhinirmocana-sūtra and the MahāyānasaṃgrahaCHING KENG Conceptuality and Nonconceptuality in Buddhist Philosophy Workshop
92017How Does One Understand the Meaning of a Sentence? On the Yogācāra’s Theory of Understanding debated among Kuiji, Wŏnch’ŭk, Daozheng and HuizhaoCHING KENG 2017 Quadrangle Graduate Student Conference on Asian Philosophy
102016What Is Svabhāva-vikalpa and with Which Consciousness(es) Is It Associated?CHING KENG Workshop: Conceptuality and Non-Conceptuality in Buddhist Thought
112016「道體活不活動」干孟子底事?--從佛學角度檢討牟宗三先生關於宋明理學分系的判準CHING KENG 「儒釋道三家哲學詮釋類型與哲學義理型態之論爭」學術研討會
122016On Dignāga’s MānasapratyakṣaCHING KENG Buddhist Philosophy of Consciousness: Tradition and Dialogue
132015《大乘莊嚴經論》的兩種唯識三性說模型耿晴; CHING KENG 臺大佛學研究
142015五俱意識存在的理由﹣以《成唯識論》與窺基為核心CHING KENG 第七屆印度學學術研討會
152014《辯中邊論》頌文中的兩種唯識三性說模型耿晴; CHING KENG 臺大佛學研究
162014A Re-examination of the Relationship between the Awakening of Faith and Dilun School Thought, Focusing on the Works of HuiyuanChing Keng; CHING KENG A Distant Mirror: Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism
172014Two Truths without any Ontological Commitment? Engaging Jizang (549-623) in a Conversation with Mark SideritsCHING KENG Language in the Traditions of Madhyamaka Thought
182013朴ボラム氏のコメントに対する回答 (第1回学術大会テーマ 東アジアにおける仏性・如来蔵思想の受容と変容)CHING KENG 東アジア仏教学術論集 = Proceedings of the International Conference on East Asian Buddism : 韓・中・日国際仏教学術大会論文集
192013浄影寺慧遠における「仏種姓」と「仏性」 (第1回学術大会テーマ 東アジアにおける仏性・如来蔵思想の受容と変容)CHING KENG 東アジア仏教学術論集 = Proceedings of the International Conference on East Asian Buddism : 韓・中・日国際仏教学術大会論文集
202013法身為真如所顯-論《能斷金剛般若波羅密多經釋》對於法身的界定耿晴; CHING KENG 臺大佛學研究
212013On the Theory of the Accumulation of Atoms in Dharmapāla’s Dasheng Guangbailun ShilunCHING KENG From Abhidhamma to Abhidharma. Early Buddhist Scholasticism in India, Central Asia, and China
222013淨影寺慧遠論「佛種姓」與「佛性」耿晴; CHING KENG 佛性如來藏思想在東亞的接受與嬗變
232013《解深密經》三性說的再檢討CHING KENG 第六屆印度學學術研討會
242013論如來藏思想在解脫學上的根本困難—以《寶性論》為中心的探討耿晴; CHING KENG 漢語佛學評論
252012「名」是否應當屬於「心不相應行法」? 經量部與有部毘婆沙師對於「名」的爭論初探CHING KENG 佛教語言思想工作坊
262012Two Salient Features of Dharmapāla’s Commentary on Dignāga’s ĀlambanaparīkṣāCHING KENG 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion
272012Two Stages of ‘Reality’—On the debate between Garfield and Gold about the TrisvabhāvanirdeśaCHING KENG 2012 Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference
282012淨影寺慧遠論「佛種姓」與「佛性」("Huiyuan of the Jingying Temple on Buddha-gotra and Buddha-tva")CHING KENG 第一屆韓中日國際佛教學術大會
292012A Possible Buddhist Response to Putnam's Critique of 'Brain in a Vat'CHING KENG First Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia (CCPEA)
302011在解脫學脈絡下的佛身論-以《攝大乘論》為中心之探討 = The theory of Buddha-bodies in the context of soteriology-focusing on the Mahayanasamgraha耿晴; CHING KENG 哲學與文化 0
312011「佛性」與「佛姓」概念的混淆:以《佛性論》與《大乘起信論》為中心耿晴; CHING KENG 漢語哲學新視域
322011On the Notion of ‘the Transformation of the Basis’ in the Yogācāra Tradition—A Re-evaluation of Schmithausen’s Critique of TakasakiCHING KENG 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion
332009意識如何緣取五識的內容?以說一切有部與經量部的論爭為中心耿晴; CHING KENG Conference of Buddhist Epistemology
342009真諦三藏「解性」概念再探耿晴; CHING KENG 印度學學術研討會(第4屆)
352009Yogâcāra Buddhism transmitted or transformed? Paramârtha (499–569) and his Chinese interpretersChing Keng; CHING KENG Harvard University. Ph.D. dissertation
361999論吉藏對《成實論》的批判耿晴; CHING KENG 法光=Dharma Light Monthly
371995主觀或絕對? : 黑格爾對康德的批判耿晴; CHING KENG 國立臺灣大學哲學研究所碩士論文