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12024Does Marginal Productivity of Product Mix Matter? Data Envelopment Analysis for Marginal Profit Consistency in Taiwan’s Life Insurance IndustryWu, Yen Tung; CHIA-YEN LEE Operations Research Forum
22023Lithography reticle scheduling in semiconductor manufacturingCHIA-YEN LEE ; Wu, Cheng Man; Hsu, Chia Yi; Xie, Hui Hua; Fang, Yu HsuehEngineering Optimization
32023Graph Spatio-Temporal networks for manufacturing sales forecast and prevention policies in pandemic eraCHIA-YEN LEE ; Yang, Shu HueiComputers and Industrial Engineering00
42023Reinforcement Learning With Data Envelopment Analysis and Conditional Value-At-Risk for the Capacity Expansion ProblemCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chen, Yen WenIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management11
52023Market Power and Efficiency Analysis in Bi-level Energy Transmission MarketCHIA-YEN LEE ; Tseng, Chin-YiJOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS00
62022Domain Adaptation Technique for Motion-based Prognostic and Health Management on Robot ArmLu, Hsuan Wen; Song, Ting Yuan; Cheng, Yu Ling; LING-CHIEH KUNG ; CHIA-YEN LEE Conference Proceedings - 27th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design0
72022A robust capacity expansion integrating the perspectives of marginal productivity and capacity regretCHIA-YEN LEE ; Charles V.European Journal of Operational Research
82022Wafer Bin Map Recognition with Autoencoder-based Data Augmentation in Semiconductor Assembly ProcessShen P; CHIA-YEN LEE IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
92022Data envelopment analysis and stochastic equilibrium analysis for market in a bi-level marketTseng, CY; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Wang, QW; Wu, CSTRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART E-LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION REVIEW42
102022Kernel-Based Dynamic Ensemble Technique for Remaining Useful Life PredictionLu, HW; CHIA-YEN LEE IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters32
112022Constrained particle swarm optimization for health maintenance in three-mass resonant servo control system with LuGre friction modelHung, YH; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Tsai, CH; Lu, YMAnnals of Operations Research44
122022Biodiesel Economic Evaluation and Biomass Planting Allocation Optimization in Global Supply ChainCHIA-YEN LEE ; Sun W.-C; Li Y.-H.IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
132022Data science and reinforcement learning for price forecasting and raw material procurement in petrochemical industryCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chou B.-J; Huang C.-F.Advanced Engineering Informatics
142022Guest Editorial Process-Level Machine Learning Applications in Semiconductor ManufacturingSusto G.A; Diebold A; Kyek A; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Patel N.S.IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing00
152021Convex nonparametric least squares and stochastic semi-nonparametric frontier to estimate the shadow prices of PM2.5 and NOx for Taiwan’s transportation modesChen H.-K; Lin Y.-H; CHIA-YEN LEE International Journal of Sustainable Transportation
162021In-Line Predictive Monitoring FrameworkCHIA-YEN LEE ; Wu C.-S; Hung Y.-H.IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
172021Business ecosystem and technology roadmap for Taiwan’s TFT-LCD industryCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chang H.-C; Wang K.-W.Technology Analysis and Strategic Management
182021Hybrid Data Science and Reinforcement Learning in Data Envelopment AnalysisCHIA-YEN LEE ; Hung Y.-H; Chen Y.-W.International Series in Operations Research and Management Science
192021Allocation of Emissions Permit for China's Iron and Steel Industry in an Imperfectly Competitive Market: A Nash Equilibrium DEA MethodCHIA-YEN LEE ; Wang K; Sun W.IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
202021SNP Data Science for Classification of Bipolar Disorder i and Bipolar Disorder IILee, Chia-Yen ; Zeng J.-H.; Lee S.-Y.; Lu R.-B.; Kuo, Po-Hsiu IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics74
212020Pitfalls and protocols of data science in manufacturing practiceCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chien, C.-F.Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
222020LASSO variable selection in data envelopment analysis with small datasetsCHIA-YEN LEE ; Cai J.-Y.Omega (United Kingdom)3832
232019Hierarchical Equipment Health Index FrameworkCHIA-YEN LEE ; Dong, Z.-H.IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
242019Proactive marginal productivity analysis for production shutdown decision by DEACHIA-YEN LEE Journal of the Operational Research Society
252019Data science for vibration heteroscedasticity and predictive maintenance of rotary bearingsCHIA-YEN LEE ; Huang, T.-S.; Liu, M.-K.; Lan, C.-Y.Energies
262019Data science framework for variable selection, metrology prediction, and process control in TFT-LCD manufacturingCHIA-YEN LEE ; Tsai, T.-L.Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
272019Decentralized allocation of emission permits by Nash data envelopment analysis in the coal-fired power marketCHIA-YEN LEE Journal of Environmental Management
282019On selecting directions for directional distance functions in a non-parametric framework: a reviewWang, K.; Xian, Y.; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Wei, Y.-M.; Huang, Z.Annals of Operations Research
292019Nash marginal abatement cost estimation of air pollutant emissions using the stochastic semi-nonparametric frontierCHIA-YEN LEE ; Wang, K.European Journal of Operational Research
302019Data science for extubation prediction and value of information in surgical intensive care unitTsai T.-L; Huang M.-H; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Lai W.-W.Journal of Clinical Medicine1110
312018Manufacturer's printing forecast, reprinting decision, and contract design in the educational publishing industryCHIA-YEN LEE ; Liang, C.-L.Computers and Industrial Engineering
322018Operational performance management of the power industry: a distinguishing analysis between effectiveness and efficiencyWang, K.; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Zhang, J.; Wei, Y.-M.Annals of Operations Research
332018Mutually-exclusive-and-collectively-exhaustive feature selection schemeCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chen, B.-S.Applied Soft Computing Journal
342018Mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium in data envelopment analysisCHIA-YEN LEE European Journal of Operational Research
352018使用兩階段網絡資料包絡法評估颱風災害防救績效:以台灣縣市為例郭彥廉; 李家岩 ; 黃俊瑋臺灣災害管理研討會
362017Data Mining for Yield Improvement of Photo Spacer Process in Color Filter ManufacturingTsai, T.-L.; CHIA-YEN LEE Procedia Manufacturing
372017Directional marginal productivity: A foundation of meta-data envelopment analysisCHIA-YEN LEE Journal of the Operational Research Society
382017Data Mining for Delamination Diagnosis in the Semiconductor Assembly ProcessHung, S.-Y.; Lin, Y.-L.; CHIA-YEN LEE Procedia Manufacturing
392016Nash-profit efficiency: A measure of changes in market structuresCHIA-YEN LEE European Journal of Operational Research
402016Aggregate demand forecast with small data and robust capacity decision in TFT-LCD manufacturingCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chiang, M.-C.Computers and Industrial Engineering
412016Most productive scale size versus demand fulfillment: A solution to the capacity dilemmaCHIA-YEN LEE European Journal of Operational Research
422016Predictive efficiency analysis: A study of us hospitalsJohnson, A.L.; CHIA-YEN LEE Advances in DEA Theory and Applications: With Examples in Forecasting Models
432016Evaluating airlines with slack-based measures and meta-frontiersChou, H.-W.; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Chen, H.-K.; Tsai, M.-Y.Journal of Advanced Transportation
442015Directional shadow price estimation of CO2, SO2 and NOx in the United States coal power industry 1990–2010CHIA-YEN LEE ; Zhou, P.Energy Economics
452015Effective production: measuring of the sales effect using data envelopment analysisCHIA-YEN LEE ; Johnson, A.L.Annals of Operations Research
462015Aggregate production planning with small data in TFT-LCD manufacturingCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chiang, M.-C.IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering
472015Distinguishing Operational Performance in Power Production: A New Measure of Effectiveness by DEACHIA-YEN LEE IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
482014Measuring Efficiency in Imperfectly Competitive Markets: An Example of Rational InefficiencyCHIA-YEN LEE ; Johnson, A.L.Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications
492014Stochastic programming for vendor portfolio selection and order allocation under delivery uncertaintyCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chien, C.-F.OR Spectrum
502014Meta-data envelopment analysis: Finding a direction towards marginal profit maximizationCHIA-YEN LEE European Journal of Operational Research
512014A simulation analysis for evaluating TFT-LCD fab capacity expansion with a distant transportation problemCHIA-YEN LEE ; Chen, C.-H.; Chien, C.-F.International Journal of Production Research
522014Proactive data envelopment analysis: Effective production and capacity expansion in stochastic environmentsCHIA-YEN LEE ; Johnson, A.L.European Journal of Operational Research
532013Simulation model and multi-criteria decision making for layout design of cellular manufacturing in a solar cell manufacturerLiu, W.-Y.; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Yang, T.; Lu, J.-C.2013 e-Manufacturing and Design Collaboration Symposium, eMDC 2013
542013Operational efficiencyCHIA-YEN LEE ; Johnson, A.L.Handbook of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Second Edition
552013A more efficient algorithm for Convex Nonparametric Least SquaresCHIA-YEN LEE ; Johnson, A.L.; Moreno-Centeno, E.; Kuosmanen, T.European Journal of Operational Research
562013Two-phase simulation-optimization for vendor selection and order allocation in a solar cell manufacturerLin, S.-H.; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Yang, T.; Lu, J.-C.2013 e-Manufacturing and Design Collaboration Symposium, eMDC 2013
572012Two-dimensional efficiency decomposition to measure the demand effect in productivity analysisCHIA-YEN LEE ; Johnson, A.L.European Journal of Operational Research
582011A decomposition of productivity change in the semiconductor manufacturing industryCHIA-YEN LEE ; Johnson, A.L.International Journal of Production Research
592009An efficient computational procedure for determining the container-loading patternChien, C.-F.; CHIA-YEN LEE ; Huang, Y.-C.; Wu, W.-T.Computers and Industrial Engineering