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12021Hypoxia-Induced MALAT1 Promotes the Proliferation and Migration of Breast Cancer Cells by Sponging MiR-3064-5pShih C.-H; Chuang L.-L; Tsai M.-H; Chen L.-H; Chuang E.Y; Lu T.-P; Lai L.-C.; LI-HAN CHEN Frontiers in Oncology
22021Lacticaseibacillus paracasei ps23 effectively modulates gut microbiota composition and improves gastrointestinal function in aged samp8 miceChen L.-H; Wang M.-F; Chang C.-C; Huang S.-Y; Pan C.-H; Yeh Y.-T; Huang C.-H; Chan C.-H; Huang H.-Y.; LI-HAN CHEN Nutrients
32021Regulatory Mechanisms and Functional Roles of Hypoxia-Induced Long Non-Coding RNA MTORT1 in Breast Cancer CellsCheng Y.-C; Su L.-Y; Chen L.-H; Lu T.-P; Chuang E.Y; Tsai M.-H; Chuang L.-L; Lai L.-C.; LI-HAN CHEN Frontiers in Oncology
42019Semaphorin 6A Attenuates the Migration Capability of Lung Cancer Cells via the NRF2/HMOX1 AxisChen, L.-H.; Liao, C.-Y.; Lai, L.-C.; Tsai, M.-H.; Chuang, E.Y.; LI-HAN CHEN Scientific Reports
52019Lactobacillus paracasei PS23 decelerated age-related muscle loss by ensuring mitochondrial function in SAMP8 miceChen, L.-H.; Huang, S.-Y.; Huang, K.-C.; Hsu, C.-C.; Yang, K.-C.; Li, L.-A.; Chan, C.-H.; Huang, H.-Y.; LI-HAN CHEN Aging
62019MiR-338-5p inhibits cell proliferation, colony formation, migration and cisplatin resistance in esophageal squamous cancer cells by targeting FERMT2Lin, W.-C.; Chen, L.-H.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; Yang, P.-W.; Lai, L.-C.; Chuang, E.Y.; Lee, J.-M.; Tsai, M.-H.; LI-HAN CHEN Carcinogenesis
72019Importance of semaphorins in cancer immunityChen, L.-H.; Cuang, E.Y.; LI-HAN CHEN Translational Lung Cancer Research
82018Lactobacillus paracasei PS23 delays progression of age-related cognitive decline in senescence accelerated mouse prone 8 (SAMP8) miceShih-Yi Huang; Li-Han Chen ; Ming-Fu Wang; Chih-Chieh Hsu; Ching-Hung Chan; Jia-Xian Li; Hui-Yu Huang Nutrients 
92018Antiobesity effect of Lactobacillus reuteri 263 associated with energy metabolism remodeling of white adipose tissue in high-energy-diet-fed ratsLi-Han Chen ; Yi-Hsing Chen; Kuan-Chen Cheng; Ting-Yi Chien; Ching-Hung Chan; Shu-Ping Tsao; Hui-Yu HuangJournal of Nutritional Biochemistry
102018The extracellular SEMA domain attenuates intracellular apoptotic signaling of semaphorin 6A in lung cancer cellsLI-HAN CHEN  Oncogenesis 
112018Taiwanese green propolis ethanol extract delays the progression of type 2 diabetes mellitus in rats treated with streptozotocin/high-fat dietLi-Han Chen ; Chia-Chung Hou; Mei-Ling Chang; Ching-Hung Chan; Hung-Wei Tang; Hui-Yu Huang Nutrients 
122017Green tea extract induces genes related to browning of white adipose tissue and limits weight-gain in high energy diet-fed ratLi-Han Chen ; Yi-Wen Chien; Chung-Tiang Liang; Ching-Hung Chan; Meng-Han Fan; Hui-Yu HuangFood & Nutrition Research
132016Mitomycin C treatment induces resistance and enhanced migration via phosphorylated Akt in aggressive lung cancer cellsCheng-Ying Shen; Li-Han Chen ; Yu-Fen Lin; Liang-Chuan Lai; Mong-Hsun Tsai; Eric Y. Chuang Oncotarget 
142015Comparisons of physiological responses of tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) and grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella) under acute cold stressLi-Han Chen ; Ting-Chun Weng; Jou-Chun Chou; Paulus S. WangAdaptive Medicine 
152015Effects of Lu-Do-Huang extract (LDHE) on apoptosis induction in human Hep3B cellsHui-Yu Huang; Li-Han Chen ; Chen-Wei Liu; Ting-Yi Chien; Yu-Ping Yu; Yu-Yu Kao; Jo-Hsuan Yang; Ying-Chieh TsaiChinese Journal of Physiology
162015Promotion of long-term administration of exogenous lactoferrin on immune responses in ovalbumin-sensitized BALB/c miceLi-Han Chen ; Yi-Ting Lin; Chung-Tiang Liang; Chih-Chieh Hsu; Hung-Wei Tang; Hui-Yu HuangAdaptive Medicine 
172015IPNV antigen uptake and distribution in Atlantic salmon following oral administrationLi-Han Chen ; Øystein Evensen; Stephen Mutoloki Viruses 
182014Augmentation of the antibody response of Atlantic salmon by oral administration of alginate-encapsulated IPNV antigensLi-Han Chen ; Goran Klaric; Simon Wadsworth; Suwan Jayasinghe; Tsun-Yung Kuo; Øystein Evensen; Stephen Mutoloki PLoS ONE 
192014Delayed protein shut down and cytopathic changes lead to high yields of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus cultured in Asian Grouper cellsLi-Han Chen ; Øystein Evensen; Stephen Mutoloki J. Virol. Methods 
202010Distinct signaling pathways after higher or lower doses of radiation in three closely related human lymphoblast cell linesLI-HAN CHEN International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics
212008DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1 as a mediator of mutant p53-determined p16 ink4A down-regulationLI-HAN CHEN Journal of Biomedical Science