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12023Application of Tomosynthesis for vertebral compression fractures diagnosis and bone healing assessment in fracture liaison servicesHSUAN-YU CHEN ; F.-H. Lin; T.-H. Yang; R.-S. YangWCO-IOF-ESCEO - World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases
22023Application of deep learning algorithm to detect and visualize vertebral fractures on plain frontal radiographsC. Soong; F.-H. Lin; R.-S. Yang; T.-H. Yang; HSUAN-YU CHEN WCO-IOF-ESCEO - World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases
32023Design and Optimization of a Wearable Under-Actuated Mechanism for Spinal Posture MeasurementMing-Chang Hsu; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Ting-Jen YehASME 2023 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE2023)
42023Diagnostic accuracy of algorithms to define incident and second hip fractures: A Taiwan validation studyFu, Shau-Huai; Yu, Ping-Ying; Li, Chung-Yi; Hung, Chih-Chien; Lee, Chia-Che; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Tai, Ta-Wei; Hwang, Jawl-Shan; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chiang, Hongsen; Lin, Sung-Yen; Wu, Chih-Hsing; Liao, Ling-Chiao; Chuang, Chin-Ju; Wu, Chiu-Yi; Chang, Cheng-Ying; MING-TSUNG LEE; Chen, Chung-Hwan; Wang, Chen-YuJournal of the Formosan Medical Association
52022Optimization of Tokuhashi Scoring System to Improve Survival Prediction in Patients with Spinal MetastasesHung-Kuan Yen; CHIH-WEI CHEN ; WEI-HSIN LIN ; Zhong-Yu Wang; CHUAN-CHING HUANG ; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; SHU-HUA YANG ; MING-HSIAO HU Journal of Clinical Medicine00
62022Development of a Wearable Device for Measurement of Spinal Posture and AlignmentHSUAN-YU CHEN International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems ARIS 2022
72022The Transformation of Women Physicians in Modern MedicineCHRISTINA SOONG; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; RONG-SEN YANGFormosan Journal of Medicine0
82022X光影像分析儀器HSUAN-YU CHEN 
92022Application of tomosynthesis for vertebral compression fracture diagnosis and bone healing assessment in fracture liaison servicesHSUAN-YU CHEN ; Wu, Tuoh; Tseng, Sheng-Pin; Lin, Chia-Yu; CHIH-WEI CHEN ; Wong, Tze-Hong; Wei, Yuh-Fen; YA-FANG CHEN Frontiers in Medicine11
102022The combination of resveratrol and Bletilla striata polysaccharide decreases inflammatory markers of early osteoarthritis knee and the preliminary results on LPS ‐induced OA ratsLin, Tzu‐Chieh; Lin, Jhih‐Ni; Yang, I‐Hsuan; CHRISTINA SOONG ; Liang, Ya‐Jyun; Jakfar, Subhaini; Yen, Chun‐Che; Liu, Hwa‐Chang; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Lin, Feng-Huei Bioengineering & Translational Medicine22
112022Quaternized Amphiphilic Block Copolymers as Antimicrobial AgentsCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Chang, Chih-Hung; YA-WEN YANG ; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Yang, Shu-Jyuan; Yao, Wei-Cheng; CHI-YANG CHAO Polymers11
122022Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In The Fracture Liaison ServiceR.-S. Yang; F.-P. Tseng; S.-P. Tseng; T.-H. Yang; W.-J. Huang; D.-C. Chan; HSUAN-YU CHEN World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases
132021Treatment of Pathologic Peritrochanteric Fractures Using Sliding Hip Screws Augmented with Cerclage Reconstruction PlatesYING-KUEI KUO; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; YUAN-FUU LEE; TING-CHUN HUANG ; TSUNG-HAN YANG; YU-AN CHEN; RONG-SEN YANG Journal of Clinical Medicine00
142021Antifibrotic Effect of Bletilla striata Polysaccharide-Resveratrol-Impregnated Dual-Layer Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Based Sponge for The Prevention of Epidural Fibrosis after LaminectomyHSUAN-YU CHEN ; Lin, Tzu-Chieh; Chiang, Chih-Yung; Wey, Shiuan-Li; Lin, Feng-Huei ; Yang, Kai-Chiang; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; MING-HSIAO HU Polymers94
152021Intracardiac Cement Embolism: Images and Endovascular TreatmentHENG-YU PAN ; Wu, Tao-Yu; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; JIUN-YI WU ; MIN-TSUN LIAO Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging10
162021Shared Decision Making in Low Back Pain of FragilityHSUAN-YU CHEN ; Christina Soong; Rong-Sen YangFormosan Journal of Medicine0
172021A Multi-Institutional Randomized Controlled Trial to Investigate Whether Zoledronate Prevents Bone Loss After Discontinuation of Denosumab: The Study Protocol of Denosumab Sequential Therapy (DST) TrialCHIA-CHE LEE ; Wang, Chen-Yu; Hung, Chih-Chien; CHUAN-CHING HUANG ; Li, Chung-Yi; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; YUN-LIANG CHANG ; WO-JAN TSENG ; TING-MING WANG ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Wong, Tze-Hong; Fu, Shau-HuaiFrontiers in Medicine21
182021Anti-inflammatory effect of BSP-Resveratrol membrane for the prevention of epidural fibrosis after laminectomyHSUAN-YU CHEN 2021 Global Spine Congress
192021Application of deep learning algorithm to detect and visualize vertebral fractures on plain frontal radiographsHSUAN-YU CHEN ; Hsu, Benny Wei-Yun; Yin, Yu-Kai; Lin, Feng-Huei; Yang, Tsung-Han; RONG-SEN YANG ; CHIH-KUO LEE ; FENG-HUEI LIN PloS one1916
202020Safer way for vertebroplasty under fluid mechanics theory.HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Yen-Po Lin; Han Ying Wang; Feng Huei Lin; Po-Quang Chen; Ding-cheng Chan; Tze Hong Wong; Ming-Hsiao HuThe 35th Annual Meeting of North American Spine Society (NASS)0
212020Results of using robotic-assisted navigational system in pedicle screw placement.HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Xiu-Yun Xiao; Chih-Wei Chen; Hao-Kai Chou; Chen-Yu Sung; Feng-Huei Lin; Po-Quang Chen; Tze-Hong WongThe 49th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Spine Surgery and Related Research
222020A spine robotic-assisted navigation system for pedicle screw placementHSUAN-YU CHEN ; Xiao, X.-Y.; Chen, C.-W.; Chou, H.-K.; Sung, C.-Y.; Lin, F.H.; Chen, P.-Q.; FENG-HUEI LIN Journal of Visualized Experiments33
232020Mucoadhesive Bletilla striata polysaccharide-based artificial tears to relieve symptoms and inflammation in rabbit with dry eyes syndromeThacker, M.; Tseng, C.-L.; Chang, C.-Y.; Jakfar, S.; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; FENG-HUEI LIN Polymers1715
242020Impact of cervical sagittal parameters and spinal cord morphology in cervical spondylotic myelopathy status post spinous process-splitting laminoplastyHSUAN-YU CHEN ; Yang, M.-H.; Lin, Y.-P.; Lin, F.-H.; Chen, P.-Q.; MING-HSIAO HU ; FENG-HUEI LIN European Spine Journal1413
252019Results of using robotic-assisted navigational system in pedicle screw placementHSUAN-YU CHEN ; Xiao, X.-Y.; Chen, C.-W.; Chou, H.-K.; Sung, C.-Y.; Lin, F.-H.; Chen, P.-Q.; FENG-HUEI LIN PLoS ONE1110
262018The treatment of chronic radial head dislocation in Monteggia fracture without annular ligament reconstructionHSUAN-YU CHEN ; KUAN-WEN WU ; Dong, Zheng-Ren; Huang, Shier-Chieg; Kuo, Ken N.; TING-MING WANG International Orthopaedics2121
272017Relationship between the influence of cord morphology and spine alignment in cervical spondylotic myelopathy status post kurokawa laminoplasty.HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Hu MH; Chen PQ; Yang SHThe American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting
282015Hip Subluxation and Acetabular Dysplasia in Hereditary Multiple Exostosis.HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Kuan-Wen Wu; Ken N. Kuo; Ting-Ming WangThe Combined Congress of HKIOF & APSS & APPOS
292013Reduction of the domino effect in osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures through short-segment fixation with intravertebral expandable pillars compared to percutaneous kyphoplasty: A case control studyHsieh, Jui-Yang; Wu, Chung-Ding; TING-MING WANG ; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; CHUI-CHIA FARN ; Chen, Po-QuangBMC Musculoskeletal Disorders108
302012The effect of diminished osteogenic signals on reduced osteoporosis recovery in aged mice and the potential therapeutic use of adipose-derived stem cellsLiu, Hen-Yu; Chiou, Jeng-Fong; Wu, Alexander T H; Tsai, Ching-Yu; Leu, Jyh-Der; Ting, Lai-Lei; Wang, Ming-Fu; HSUAN-YU CHEN ; Lin, Che-Tong; Williams, David F; Deng, Win-PingBiomaterials5141