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12024Rituximab as an effective add-on maintenance therapy for disease activities in childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosusLin, Ting-Wei; YU-TSAN LIN ; YA-CHIAO HU ; HSIN-HUI YU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Lupus science & medicine
22023Risk factors for subsequent lupus nephritis in patients with juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematosus: a retrospective cohort studyHsu, Tzu Chuan; YAO-HSU YANG ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; JYH-HONG LEE ; HSIN-HUI YU ; YU-TSAN LIN ; YA-CHIAO HU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Pediatric Rheumatology21
32023Differentially expressed microRNAs in peripheral blood cell are associated with downregulated expression of IgE in nonallergic childhood asthmaJYH-HONG LEE ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; YU-TSAN LIN ; YAO-HSU YANG ; HSIN-HUI YU ; YA-CHIAO HU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Scientific Reports00
42023Characterization of the biomarkers related to the clinical course and outcomes of juvenile dermatomyositisLin, Ting-Wei; YA-CHIAO HU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Journal of microbiology, immunology, and infection = Wei mian yu gan ran za zhi43
52022Clinical and Immunological Defects and Outcomes in Patients with Chromosome 22q11.2 Deletion SyndromeHSIN-HUI YU ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; MENG-YAO LU ; YA-CHIAO HU ; JYH-HONG LEE ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; YU-TSAN LIN ; YAO-HSU YANG ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Journal of clinical immunology72
62022Predictive characteristics to discriminate the longitudinal outcomes of childhood asthma: a retrospective program-based studyJYH-HONG LEE ; YU-TSAN LIN ; Chu, Ai-Lin; Hsiao, Shu-Ya; Chang, Kuei-Ying; YAO-HSU YANG ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; HSIN-HUI YU ; YA-CHIAO HU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Pediatric research00
72021CTLA-4 gene mutation and multiple sclerosis: A case report and literature reviewLin, Ting-Wei; YA-CHIAO HU ; YAO-HSU YANG ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; NI-CHUNG LEE ; HSIN-HUI YU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; LI-CHIEH WANG Journal of microbiology, immunology, and infection = Wei mian yu gan ran za zhi33
82021Utilizing ultrasound findings of a single indicator joint to assess non-systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritisHuang, Yung-Hsien; YA-CHIAO HU ; Liao, Chun-Hua; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; CHENG-HSUN LU ; KO-JEN LI ; YAO-HSU YANG Pediatric rheumatology online journal10
92021Pediatric-onset refractory relapsing polychondritis with respiratory tract involvementChen Y.-J.; YA-CHIAO HU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Pediatrics and Neonatology00
102021A significant improvement of thromboses treated by a new oral anticoagulant in an 11-year-old girl with systemic lupus erythematosus associated antiphospholipid syndrome: A case reportChiang Y.-J.; YA-CHIAO HU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG Lupus00
112021Identification of monoclonal antibodies against human renal glomerular endothelial cells in lupus nephritis that induce endothelial interferon-alpha productionYA-CHIAO HU ; I-JUNG TSAI ; Hsu, Hui-Yao; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; YAO-HSU YANG Arthritis Research and Therapy33
122020Clinical Manifestations and Management of Pediatric Behçet's DiseaseYA-CHIAO HU ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; YAO-HSU YANG Clinical Reviews in Allergy and Immunology1313
132020Differential parameters between activity flare and acute infection in pediatric patients with systemic lupus erythematosusLuo K.-L.; YAO-HSU YANG ; YU-TSAN LIN ; YA-CHIAO HU ; HSIN-HUI YU ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; JYH-HONG LEE Scientific Reports77
142019Clinical manifestations and anti-TNF alpha therapy of juvenile Behçet's disease in TaiwanYA-CHIAO HU ; YAO-HSU YANG ; YU-TSAN LIN ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; HSIN-HUI YU ; JYH-HONG LEE ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG BMC Pediatrics99
152019Outcomes of Kawasaki disease children with spontaneous defervescence within 10 daysYA-CHIAO HU ; Liu H.-M.; MING-TAI LIN ; CHUN-AN CHEN ; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; CHUN-WEI LU ; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; JOU-KOU WANG ; MEI-HWAN WU Frontiers in Pediatrics74