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12021Zinc supplementation augments the suppressive effects of repurposed NF-�eB inhibitors on ACE2 expression in human lung cell linesLee M.-C.; CHEN YIN-KAI ; Tsai-Wu J.-J.; Hsu Y.-J.; Lin B.-R.Life Sciences0
22020Niclosamide inhibits the cell proliferation and enhances the responsiveness of esophageal cancer cells to chemotherapeutic agentsLee M.-C.; CHEN YIN-KAI ; Hsu Y.-J.; Lin B.-R.Oncology Reports6
32016Clinical outcomes of primary intraocular lymphoma patients treated with front-line systemic high-dose methotrexate and intravitreal methotrexate injectionMa W.-L.; Hou H.-A.; Hsu Y.-J.; CHEN YIN-KAI ; Tang J.-L.; Tsay W.; Yeh P.-T.; Yang C.-M.; Lin C.-P.; Tien H.-F.Annals of Hematology24
42015Clinical and prognostic implications of roundabout 4 (Robo4) in adult patients with acute myeloid leukemiaCHEN YIN-KAI ; Hou H.-A.; Tang J.-L.; Jhuang J.-Y.; Lai Y.-J.; Lee M.-C.; Kuo Y.-Y.; Chou W.-C.; Liu C.-Y.; Lin C.-W.; Chuang S.-S.; Chen C.-Y.; Tseng M.-H.; Huang C.-F.; Chiang Y.-C.; Lee F.-Y.; Liu M.-C.; Liu C.-W.; Yao M.; Huang S.-Y.; Ko B.-S.; Hsu S.-C.; Wu S.-J.; Tsay W.; Chen Y.-C.; Tien H.-F.PLoS ONE3
52014The N-terminal CEBPA mutant in acute myeloid leukemia impairs CXCR4 expressionKuo Y.-Y.; Hou H.-A.; CHEN YIN-KAI ; Li L.-Y.; Chen P.-H.; Tseng M.-H.; Huang C.-F.; Lee F.-Y.; Liu M.-C.; Liu C.-W.; Chou W.-C.; Liu C.-Y.; Tang J.-L.; Yao M.; Tien H.-F.Haematologica8
62009Poor outcome in post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder with pulmonary involvement after allogeneic hematopoietic SCT: 13 years' experience in a single instituteHou H.-A.; Yao M.; Tang J.-L.; CHEN YIN-KAI ; Ko B.-S.; Huang S.-Y.; Tien H.-F.; Chang H.-H.; Lu M.-Y.; Lin T.-T.; Lin K.-H.; Hsiao C.-H.; Lin C.-W.; Chen Y.-C.Bone Marrow Transplantation34
72009The promotion of human mesenchymal stem cell proliferation by superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticlesHuang D.-M.; Hsiao J.-K.; Chen Y.-C.; Chien L.-Y.; Yao M.; CHEN YIN-KAI ; Ko B.-S.; Hsu S.-C.; Tai L.-A.; Cheng H.-Y.; Wang S.-W.; Yang C.-S.; Chen Y.-C.Biomaterials231