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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022CircMiMi: a stand-alone software for constructing circular RNA-microRNA-mRNA interactions across speciesChiang, Tai-Wei; TE-LUN MAI ; Chuang, Trees-JuenBMC bioinformatics0
22020Genome-wide, integrative analysis of circular RNA dysregulation and the corresponding circular RNA-microRNA-mRNA regulatory axes in autismYen-Ju Chen; Chia-Ying Chen; Te-Lun Mai ; Chih-Fan Chuang; Yu-Chen Chen; Sachin Kumar Gupta; Laising Yen; Yi-Da Wang; Trees-Juen ChuangGenome Research2122
32019A-to-I RNA editing contributes to the persistence of predicted damaging mutations in populationsTe-Lun Mai ; Trees-Juen ChuangGenome Research31
42018Integrative transcriptome sequencing reveals extensive alternative trans-splicing and cis-backsplicing in human cellsTrees-Juen Chuang; Yen-Ju Chen; Chia-Ying Chen; TE-LUN MAI ; Yi-Da Wang; Chung-Shu Yeh; Min-Yu Yang; Yu-Ting Hsiao; Tien-Hsien Chang; Tzu-Chien Kuo; Hsin-Hua Cho; Chia-Ning Shen; Hung-Chih Kuo; Mei-Yeh Lu; Yi-Hua Chen; Shan-Chi Hsieh; Tai-Wei ChiangNucleic Acids Research4041
52017An Evolutionary Landscape of A-to-I RNA Editome across Metazoan SpeciesLi-Yuan Hung; Yen-Ju Chen; Te-Lun Mai ; Chia-Ying Chen; Min-Yu Yang; Tai-Wei Chiang; Yi-Da Wang; Trees-Juen ChuangGenome Biology and Evolution108
62017Synchronization and Inter-Layer Interactions of Noise-Driven Neural NetworksAnis Yuniati; TE-LUN MAI ; Chi-Ming ChenFrontiers in Computational Neuroscience11
72017Visualizing the GPCR Network: Classification and EvolutionGeng-Ming Hu; TE-LUN MAI ; Chi-Ming ChenScientific Reports4438
82016Noise-Driven Synchronization of Coupled Neural NetworksAnis Yuniati; TE-LUN MAI ; Chi-Ming ChenBiophysical Journal 0
92016Clustering and Visualizing of Membrane Proteins Sequence Similarity NetworkGeng-Ming Hu; TE-LUN MAI ; Chi-Ming ChenBiophysical Journal 0
102016Visualizing and Clustering Protein Similarity Networks: Sequences, Structures, and FunctionsTE-LUN MAI ; Geng-Ming Hu; Chi-Ming ChenJournal of Proteome Research1010
112015Clustering and visualizing similarity networks of membrane proteinsGeng-Ming Hu; TE-LUN MAI ; Chi-Ming ChenProteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics77
122014Computational prediction of kink properties of helices in membrane proteinsTe-Lun Mai ; Chi-Ming ChenJournal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design6