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12023Integrated pipeline for ultrasensitive protein detection in cancer nanomedicineCHI-AN CHENG ; Li-Chiao Chiang; Yu-Syuan ChuRSC Advances0
22023Impact of Donor and Recipient SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination or Infection on Immunity after Hematopoietic Cell TransplantationSherman, Amy C; CHI-AN CHENG ; Swank, Zoe; Zhou, Guohai; Li, Xiaofang; Issa, Nicolas C; Walt, David R; Baden, Lindsey R; Soiffer, Robert JTransplantation and cellular therapy43
32023Metal halide perovskite nanocrystals with enhanced photoluminescence and stability toward anti-counterfeiting high-performance flexible fibersZhou R.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Wang X.; Nie K.; Wu J.; Wu M.; Duan X.; Hu Z.; Huq I.U.; Wang H.; Wang L.; Mei L.; Liu H.; Ma X.Nano Research32
42023Cesium manganese halide perovskite-analogue nanocrystals with highly efficient energy conversion for flexible multifunctional fibersDuan, Xiuqiang; Nie, Kun; Wang, Xuyi; CHI-AN CHENG ; Zhou, Ranran; Hu, Ziyao; Yan, Junbao; Mei, Lefu; Ma, Xiaoxue; Yao, Songjun; Wang, Luoxin; Wang, HuaInorganic Chemistry Frontiers00
52023Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post-COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine MyocarditisYonker, Lael M; Swank, Zoe; Bartsch, Yannic C; Burns, Madeleine D; Kane, Abigail; Boribong, Brittany P; Davis, Jameson P; Loiselle, Maggie; Novak, Tanya; Senussi, Yasmeen; CHI-AN CHENG ; Burgess, Eleanor; Edlow, Andrea G; Chou, Janet; Dionne, Audrey; Balaguru, Duraisamy; Lahoud-Rahme, Manuella; Arditi, Moshe; Julg, Boris; Randolph, Adrienne G; Alter, Galit; Fasano, Alessio; Walt, David RCirculation4335
62022Structure, luminescence properties and energy transfer of terbium and samarium co-doped barium based apatite phosphor with tunable emission colourNie, Kun; Zhou, Ranran; CHI-AN CHENG ; Duan, Xiuqiang; Hu, Ziyao; Mei, Lefu; Liu, Haikun; Zhang, Yuanyuan; Wang, Luoxin; Wang, Hua; Ma, XiaoxueHeliyon00
72022Tb3+ and Sm3+ co-doped Ca2La3(SiO4)3F phosphor: synthesis, color regulation, and luminescence propertiesNie, Kun; Zhou, Ranran; CHI-AN CHENG ; Duan, Xiuqiang; Hu, Ziyao; Mei, Lefu; Liu, Haikun; Wang, Luoxin; Wang, Hua; Ma, XiaoxueRSC advances11
82022Translation suppression underlies the restrained COVID-19 mRNA vaccine response in the high-risk immunocompromised groupKim, Kangsan; Narasimhan, Madhusudhanan; Mahimainathan, Lenin; Zhang, Ray; Araj, Ellen; Kim, Elizabeth; Tharpe, William; Greenberg, Benjamin M; Greenberg, David E; Li, Quan-Zhen; CHI-AN CHENG ; Sarode, Ravi; Malladi, Srinivas; Muthukumar, AlagarrajuFrontiers in immunology00
92022Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Messenger RNA Vaccines in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients: Immunogenicity and ReactogenicitySherman, Amy C; Desjardins, Michaël; CHI-AN CHENG ; Bausk, Bruce; Izaguirre, Natalie; Zhou, Guohai; Krauss, Jonathan; Tolan, Nicole; Walt, David R; Soiffer, Robert; Ho, Vincent T; Issa, Nicolas C; Baden, Lindsey RClinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America1316
102022Donor Clonal Hematopoiesis and Recipient Outcomes After TransplantationGibson C.J.; Kim H.T.; Zhao L.; Murdock H.M.; Hambley B.; Ogata A.; Madero-Marroquin R.; Wang S.; Green L.; Fleharty M.; Dougan T.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Blumenstiel B.; Cibulskis C.; Tsuji J.; Duran M.; Gocke C.D.; Antin J.H.; Nikiforow S.; DeZern A.E.; Chen Y.-B.; Ho V.T.; Jones R.J.; Lennon N.J.; Walt D.R.; Ritz J.; Soiffer R.J.; Gondek L.P.; Lindsley R.C.Journal of clinical oncology6161
112022Circulating Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Vaccine Antigen Detected in the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine RecipientsOgata A.F.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Desjardins M.; Senussi Y.; Sherman A.C.; Powell M.; Novack L.; Von S.; Li X.; Baden L.R.; Walt D.R.Clinical Infectious Diseases8695
122022Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Antigens as Targets of Antibody ResponsesOgata A.F.; Lazarovits R.; Uwamanzu-Nna A.; Gilboa T.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Walt D.R.Clinics in Laboratory Medicine11
132022Harmonization of Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Reference Materials Using the WHO IS (NIBSC 20/136): Results and ImplicationsWindsor W.J.; Roell Y.; Tucker H.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Suliman S.; Peek L.J.; Pestano G.A.; Lee W.T.; Zeichhardt H.; Lamb M.M.; Kammel M.; Wang H.; Kedl R.; Rester C.; Morrison T.E.; Davenport B.J.; Carson K.; Yates J.; Howard K.; Kulas K.; Walt D.R.; Dafni A.; Taylor D.; Chu M.Frontiers in Microbiology33
142022Immunogenicity of a three-dose primary series of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in patients with lymphoid malignanciesSherman, A. C.; Crombie, J. L.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Desjardins, M.; Zhou, G.; Ometoruwa, O.; Rooks, R.; Senussi, Y.; McDonough, M.; Guerrero, L. I.; Kupelian, J.; Doss-Gollin, S.; Smolen, K. K.; van Haren, S. D.; Armand, P.; Levy, O.; Walt, D. R.; Baden, L. R.; Issa, N. C.Open Forum Infectious Diseases44
152021A novel and facile synthesis strategy for highly stable cesium lead halide nanowiresZhou R.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Qiu S.; Chen J.; Nie K.; Wu M.; Lin P.; Wang H.; Wang L.; Mei L.RSC Advances64
162021SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccines in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients: Immunogenicity and ReactogenicitySherman A.C.; Desjardins M.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Bausk B.; Izaguirre N.; Zhou G.; Krauss J.; Tolan N.; Walt D.R.; Soiffer R.; Ho V.T.; Issa N.C.; Baden L.R.Clinical Infectious Disease1316
172021Activity of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in patients with lymphoid malignanciesCrombie J.L.; Sherman A.C.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Ryan C.E.; Zon R.; el Desjardins M.; Baker P.; McDonough M.; Izaguirre N.; Bausk B.; Krauss J.; Gilboa T.; Senussi Y.; Walt D.R.; Davids M.S.; Brown J.R.; Armand P.; Baden L.R.; Issa N.Blood Advances1515
182021A Modular Biomaterial Scaffold-Based Vaccine Elicits Durable Adaptive Immunity to Subunit SARS-CoV-2 AntigensLangellotto F.; Dellacherie M.O.; Yeager C.; Ijaz H.; Yu J.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Dimitrakakis N.; Seiler B.T.; Gebre M.S.; Gilboa T.; Johnson R.; Storm N.; Bardales S.; Graveline A.; White D.; Tringides C.M.; Cartwright M.J.; Doherty E.J.; Honko A.; Griffiths A.; Barouch D.H.; Walt D.R.; Mooney D.J.Advanced Healthcare Materials73
192021Expanding nanoparticle multifunctionality: Size-selected cargo release and multiple logic operationsChen W.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Xiang D.; Zink J.I.Nanoscale43
202021A SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Assay Using Single Molecule ArraysGilboa T.; Cohen L.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Lazarovits R.; Uwamanzu-Nna A.; Han I.; Griswold K.; Jr.; Barry N.; Thompson D.B.; Kohman R.E.; Woolley A.E.; Karlson E.W.; Walt D.R.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition1513
212020Isoquinoline thiosemicarbazone displays potent anticancer activity with: In vivo efficacy against aggressive leukemiasSun D.L.; Poddar S.; Pan R.D.; Rosser E.W.; Abt E.R.; Van Valkenburgh J.; Le T.M.; Lok V.; Hernandez S.P.; Song J.; Li J.; Turlik A.; Chen X.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Chen W.; Mona C.E.; Stuparu A.D.; Vergnes L.; Reue K.; Damoiseaux R.; Zink J.I.; Czernin J.; Donahue T.R.; Houk K.N.; Jung M.E.; Radu C.G.RSC Medicinal Chemistry65
222020Magnetic resonance imaging of high-intensity focused ultrasound-stimulated drug release from a self-reporting core@shell nanoparticle platformCHI-AN CHENG ; Chen W.; Zhang L.; Wu H.H.; Zink J.I.Chemical Communications1614
232019Magnetic heating stimulated cargo release with dose control using multifunctional MR and thermosensitive liposomeRay S.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Chen W.; Li Z.; Zink J.I.; Lin Y.-Y.Nanotheranostics250
242019A Responsive Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Platform for Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound-Stimulated Cargo Delivery with Controllable Location, Time, and DoseCHI-AN CHENG ; Chen W.; Zhang L.; Wu H.H.; Zink J.I.Journal of the American Chemical Society6361
252019Supramolecular nanomachines as stimuli-responsive gatekeepers on mesoporous silica nanoparticles for antibiotic and cancer drug deliveryCHI-AN CHENG ; Deng T.; Lin F.-C.; Cai Y.; Zink J.I.Theranostics8174
262019Shortwave Infrared Imaging with J-Aggregates Stabilized in Hollow Mesoporous Silica NanoparticlesChen W.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Cosco E.D.; Ramakrishnan S.; Lingg J.G.P.; Bruns O.T.; Zink J.I.; Sletten E.M.Journal of the American Chemical Society106102
272019Spatial, Temporal, and Dose Control of Drug Delivery using Noninvasive Magnetic StimulationChen W.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Zink J.I.ACS Nano9593
282018Stimuli-Responsive Nanomachines and Caps for Drug DeliveryKumar N.; Chen W.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Deng T.; Wang R.; Zink J.I.Enzymes170
292018Facile Strategy Enabling Both High Loading and High Release Amounts of the Water-Insoluble Drug Clofazimine Using Mesoporous Silica NanoparticlesChen W.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Lee B.-Y.; Clemens D.L.; Huang W.-Y.; Horwitz M.A.; Zink J.I.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces5045
302016Bioimaging and quantum sensing using NV centers in diamond nanoparticlesHui Y.Y.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Chen O.Y.; Chang H.-C.Carbon Nanostructures40
312013Tracking the engraftment and regenerative capabilities of transplanted lung stem cells using fluorescent nanodiamondsWu T.-J.; Tzeng Y.-K.; Chang W.-W.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Kuo Y.; Chien C.-H.; Chang H.-C.; Yu J.Nature Nanotechnology224201
322011The exocytosis of fluorescent nanodiamond and its use as a long-term cell trackerFang C.-Y.; Vaijayanthimala V.; CHI-AN CHENG ; Yeh S.-H.; Chang C.-F.; Li C.-L.; Chang H.-C.Small118108