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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023Finite element analysis on yield surface evolution of cellular materialsLI-WEI LIU ; Yang, Chang Yun; Chen, Hong GenInternational Journal of Mechanical Sciences00
22022Viscoelastic modelling of the tricuspid valve chordae tendineae tissueLiu L.-W; Lee C.-H; Aggarwal A; Chao C.-M; Ross C.J; Liao Y.-K.; LI-WEI LIU Applied Mathematical Modelling00
32022Viscoelastoplastic and incremental analysis of bridge with functional bearingLiu K.-Y; Liu L.-W; Huang D.-G; Tsai T.-L.; LI-WEI LIU Journal of Sound and Vibration11
42022Yield Surface Evolution and Elastoplastic Model with Cubic Distortional Yield SurfaceHONG-KI HONG ; LI-WEI LIU ; Shiao Y.-P; Yan S.-F.Journal of Engineering Mechanics11
52022Building structure with elastoplastic bilinear model under multi-dimensional earthquake forcesHong, HK; LI-WEI LIU ; Shiao, YP; Chang, CJJOURNAL OF MECHANICS11
62019Incremental Analysis for Seismic Assessment of Bridge with Functional Bearing System Subjected to Near-Fault EarthquakeLiu L.-W; Liu K.-Y; Huang D.-G.; LI-WEI LIU International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics54
72019Seismic performance of bridge with functional bearing system subjected to near-fault earthquake [橋梁功能性支承系統於斷層近域之耐震性能]Liu K.-Y; Liu L.-W; Huang D.-G; Lu Y.-H.; LI-WEI LIU Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering00
82018Clifford algebra valued boundary integral equations for three-dimensional elasticityLI-WEI LIU ; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG Applied Mathematical Modelling1212
92018Quaternion Boundary Element Method for Coupled Exterior and Interior Magnetostatic FieldsHong, H.-K.; Kao, Y.-C.; Lee, J.-W.; LI-WEI LIU ; Chen, J.-T.; HONG-KI HONG IEEE Transactions on Magnetics10
102017Solving mechanical systems with nonholonomic constraints by a Lie-group differential algebraic equations methodLiu C.-S; Chen W; Liu L.-W.; LI-WEI LIU Journal of Engineering Mechanics32
112017A description of three-dimensional yield surfaces by cubic polynomialsLI-WEI LIU ; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG Journal of Engineering Mechanics43
122016A scheme of automatic stress-updating on yield surfaces for a class of elastoplastic modelsLiu, C.-S.; LI-WEI LIU ; HONG-KI HONG International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics99
132016Applications of the Clifford algebra valued boundary element method to electromagnetic scattering problemsLee, J.-W.; LI-WEI LIU ; Hong, H.-K.; Chen, J.-T.; HONG-KI HONG Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements33
142014A Clifford algebra formulation of Navier-Cauchy equationLI-WEI LIU ; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG Procedia Engineering30
152011Evolution of Yield Surface in the 2D and 3D Stress SpacesShin-Jang Sung; Li-Wei Liu ; Hong-Ki Hong ; Han-Chin WuInternational Journal of Solids and Structures 3127
162007Highly accurate computation of spatial-dependent heat conductivity and heat capacity in inverse thermal problemLiu, Chein-Shan; Liu, Li-Wei ; Hong, Hong-Ki CMES-COMPUTER MODELING IN ENGINEERING & SCIENCES 
172004Acoustic eigenanalysis for multiply-connected problems using dual BEMChen J.T; Liu L.W; Chyuan S.W.; LI-WEI LIU Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering1111
182003A new concept of modal participation factor for numerical instability in the dual BEM for exterior acousticsChen J.T; Chen K.H; Chen I.L; Liu L.W.; LI-WEI LIU Mechanics Research Communications4031
192002Spurious and true eigensolutions of Helmholtz BIEs and BEMs for a multiply connected problemChen, J. T.; Liu, L.W.; HONG-KI HONG ; LI-WEI LIU Proceedings of Royal Society, London, Series A 459: 1891-1924 6662
202000On the free terms of the dual BEM for the two and three-dimensional Laplace problemsChen J.-T; Kuo S.-R; Chen W.-C; Liu L.-W.; LI-WEI LIU Journal of Marine Science and Technology8