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12022Serial crystallography captures dynamic control of sequential electron and proton transfer events in a flavoenzymeMANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Yang C.-H; Nango E; Huang W.-C; Ngurah Putu E.P.G; Wu W.-J; Wang P.-H; Franz-Badur S; Saft M; Emmerich H.-J; Wu H.-Y; Lee C.-C; Huang K.-F; Chang Y.-K; Liao J.-H; Weng J.-H; Gad W; Chang C.-W; Pang A.H; Sugahara M; Owada S; Hosokawa Y; Joti Y; Yamashita A; Tanaka R; Tanaka T; Luo F; Tono K; Hsu K.-C; Kiontke S; Schapiro I; Spadaccini R; Royant A; Yamamoto J; Iwata S; Essen L.-O; Bessho Y; Tsai M.-D.Nature Chemistry107
22021Vibrio cholerae biofilm scaffolding protein RbmA shows an intrinsic, phosphate-dependent autoproteolysis activityMANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Huang W.-C; Wu W.-J; Singh P.K; Hartmann R; Wang P.-H; Lee C.-C; Hikima T; Yamamoto M; Bessho Y; Drescher K; Tsai M.-D; Wang A.H.J.IUBMB Life11
32019Binding and Enhanced Binding between Key Immunity Proteins TRAF6 and TIFAHuang W.-C; Liao J.-H; Hsiao T.-C; Wei T.-Y.W; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Bessho Y; Tsai M.-D.ChemBioChem99
42019Human DNA Polymerase μ Can Use a Noncanonical Mechanism for Multiple Mn2+-Mediated FunctionsChang Y.-K; Huang Y.-P; Liu X.-X; Ko T.-P; Bessho Y; Kawano Y; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Wu W.-J; Tsai M.-D.Journal of the American Chemical Society77
52019Thermococcus sp. 9°N DNA polymerase exhibits 3′-esterase activity that can be harnessed for DNA sequencingLinWu S.-W; Tu Y.-H; Tsai T.-Y; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Liu M.-S; Wu W.-J; Huang J.-Y; Chi H.-W; Chang W.-H; Chiou C.-F; Wang A.H.-J; Lee J; Tsai M.-D.Communications Biology55
62018Twist and turn: A revised structural view on the unpaired bubble of class II CPD photolyase in complex with damaged DNAMANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Yamamoto J; Huang W.-C; Tsai M.-D; Essen L.-O; Bessho Y.IUCrJ66
72018Structural and Functional Characterization of PA14/Flo5-Like Adhesins From Komagataella pastorisKock M; Brückner S; Wozniak N; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Veelders M; Schlereth J; Mösch H.-U; Essen L.-O.Frontiers in Microbiology66
82018Structure of the bifunctional cryptochrome aCRY from Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiFranz S; Ignatz E; Wenzel S; Zielosko H; Ngurah Putu E.P.G; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Tsai M.-D; Yamamoto J; Mittag M; Essen L.-O.Nucleic Acids Research4036
92017In search of tail-anchored protein machinery in plants: Reevaluating the role of arsenite transportersMANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Wu S.-M; Chang Y.-C; Chen C.-C; Maestre-Reyna A; Wang A.H.-J; Chang H.-Y.Scientific Reports87
102016Crystal Structure Analysis of the Repair of Iron Centers Protein YtfE and Its Interaction with NOLo F; Hsieh C; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Chen C; Ko T; Horng Y; Lai Y; Chiang Y; Chou C; Chiang C; Huang W; Lin Y; Bohle D.S; Liaw W.Chemistry - A European Journal2425
112016Allosteric communication between DNA-binding and light-responsive domains of diatom class i aureochromesBanerjee A; Herman E; Serif M; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Hepp S; Pokorny R; Kroth P.G; Essen L.-O; Kottke T.Nucleic Acids Research3332
122015Structural and functional roles of glycosylation in fungal laccase from lentinus sp.MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Liu W.-C; Jeng W.-Y; Lee C.-C; Hsu C.-A; Wen T.-N; Wang A.H.-J; Shyur L.-F.PLoS ONE6453
132015Structural Hot Spots Determine Functional Diversity of the Candida glabrata Epithelial Adhesin FamilyDiderrich R; Kock M; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Keller P; Steuber H; Rupp S; Essen L.-O; Mösch H.-U.Journal of Biological Chemistry3233
142015In situ proteolysis of the Vibrio cholerae matrix protein RbmA promotes biofilm recruitmentSmith D.R; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Lee G; Gerard H; Wang A.H.-J; Watnick P.I.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America4139
152014Structural insights of the ssDNA binding site in the multifunctional endonuclease AtBFN2 from Arabidopsis thalianaYu T.-F; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Ko C.-Y; Ko T.-P; Sun Y.-J; Lin T.-Y; Shaw J.-F; Wang A.H.-J.PLoS ONE89
162014TcaR-ssDNA complex crystal structure reveals new DNA binding mechanism of the MarR family proteinsChang Y.-M; Ho C.-H; Chen C.K.-M; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Chang-Chien M.W; Wang A.H.-J.Nucleic Acids Research87
172014Crowning proteins: Modulating the protein surface properties using crown ethersLee C.-C; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Hsu K.-C; Wang H.-C; Liu C.-I; Jeng W.-Y; Lin L.-L; Wood R; Chou C.-C; Yang J.-M; Wang A.H.-J.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition4847
182013Structural insights into RbmA, a biofilm scaffolding protein of V. choleraeMANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Wu W.-J; Wang A.H.-J.PLoS ONE2925
192012Structural basis for promiscuity and specificity during Candida glabrata invasion of host epitheliaMANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Diderrich R; Veelders M.S; Eulenburg G; Kalugin V; Bruc̈kner S; Keller P; Rupp S; Mos̈ch H.-U; Essen L.-O.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America5556
202007Expression screening of integral membrane proteins from Helicobacter pylori 26695Psakis G; Nitschkowski S; Holz C; Kreß D; MANUEL MAESTRE-REYNA ; Polaczek J; Illing G; Essen L.-O.Protein Science1212