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12022The association between food outlet accessibility and market competition to household food expenditures: Empirical evidence from the convenience store industry in TaiwanChang H.-H; Lee B.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Agribusiness
22022Crop Switching and Farm Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from Multinomial Treatment-Effect ModelingLuh Y.-H; Chang Y.-C; Ho S.-T.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Sustainability (Switzerland)
32022Green Payment Programs and Farmland Prices —An Empirical InvestigationLee T.-H; Lee B; Su Y.-J; Chang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Agriculture (Switzerland)
42022Crop Switching and Farm Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from Multinomial Treatment-Effect ModelingLuh Y.-H; Chang Y.-C; Ho S.-T.; SHUAY-TSYR HO Sustainability (Switzerland)
52021COVID-19 prevention, air pollution and transportation patterns in the absence of a lockdownChang H.-H; Meyerhoefer C.D; Yang F.-A.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Environmental Management
62021Regulation and purchase diversity: Empirical evidence from the U.S. alcohol marketHo S.-T; Rickard B.J.; SHUAY-TSYR HO International Review of Law and Economics
72021Underground pipeline explosions and housing prices: Quasi-experimental evidence from an urban cityLee B; Wang S.-Y; Lin T.-C; Chang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Land Use Policy
82021The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Taiwanese food industry: Empirical evidence using business transaction dataYang F.-A; Chang H.-H; Wang J.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Agricultural Economics
92021Can agricultural disaster relief programs affect farmland prices? Empirical evidence from farmland transaction dataLee T.-H; Chang H.-H; Hsieh Y.-T; Chang B.-Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Land
102021Financial feasibility assessment of?adopting active controlled atmosphere containers for exporting highly perishable fruits during COVID-19: case of Taiwanese atemoyaHuang W.-H; Dy K.B; Chang C.-C; Hsu S.-H.; SHIH-HSUN HSU Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies
112021The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Taiwanese food industry: Empirical evidence using business transaction dataYang F.-A; Chang H.-H; Wang J.-H.; FENG-AN YANG Journal of Agricultural Economics
122021Does experimentally quieting traffic noise benefit people and birds?Levenhagen M.J; Miller Z.D; Petrelli A.R; Ferguson L.A; Shr Y.-H.J; Taff B.D; Fristrup K.M; McClure C.J.W; Burson S; Giamellaro M; Newman P; Francis C.D; Barber J.R.; YAU-HUO SHR Ecology and Society
132021COVID-19 prevention, air pollution and transportation patterns in the absence of a lockdownChang H.-H; Meyerhoefer C.D; Yang F.-A.; FENG-AN YANG Journal of Environmental Management
142021Factors determining rice farm households’ adoption of organic farming in TaiwanTsai M.-H; Chang Y.-C; Yang T.-Y; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agronomy
152021Effect of climate change on staple food production: Empirical evidence from a structural ricardian analysisLuh Y.-H; Chang Y.-C.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agronomy
162021Solar power promotion plans, energy market liberalization, and farmland prices – Empirical evidence from TaiwanLee B; Chang H.-H; Wang S.-Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Energy Economics
172021Choice of modern food distribution channels and its welfare effects: Empirical evidence from taiwanChang Y.-C; Wei M.-F; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agriculture (Switzerland)
182021COVID-19 and the Demand for Online Food Shopping Services: Empirical Evidence from TaiwanChang H.-H; Meyerhoefer C.D.; HUNG-HAO CHANG American Journal of Agricultural Economics
192021Digital and traditional media advertising and business performance of agribusiness firms – empirical evidence in JapanChung Y.C.Y; Chang H.-H; Kitamura Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Agricultural Economics (Czech Republic)
202021Monetary health co-benefits and ghg emissions reduction benefits: Contribution from private on-the-road transportLiou J.-L; Wu P.-I.; PEI-ING WU International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
212021Ecosystem services enhanced through soundscape management link people and wildlifeLevenhagen M.J; YAU-HUO SHR et al. People and Nature
222021Participation in afforestation programs and the distribution of forest farm incomeChang H.-H; Lee B; Hsieh Y.-T.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Forest Policy and Economics
232021Does agro-processing adoption affect farm income and farm diversification? Empirical evidence from TaiwanLin L; Chang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies
242021Boon or bane: Effect of adjacent yimby or nimby facilities on the benefit evaluation of open spaces or croplandWu W.-J; Wu P.-I; Liou J.-L.; PEI-ING WU Sustainability (Switzerland)
252021Does COVID-19 affect metro use in Taipei?Chang H.-H; Lee B; Yang F.-A; Liou Y.-Y.; FENG-AN YANG Journal of Transport Geography
262021Does COVID-19 affect metro use in Taipei?Chang H.-H; Lee B; Yang F.-A; Liou Y.-Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Transport Geography
272021Are there any undesired effects of anti-land fragmentation programs on farm production practices and farm input use?Lee T.-H; Lee B; Su Y.-J; Chang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Land
282021Young generation’s mobile payment adoption behavior: Analysis based on an extended utaut modelWei M.-F; Luh Y.-H; Huang Y.-H; Chang Y.-C.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research
292021The effect of high school entrance exam reform on adolescents’ depressive symptoms in Taiwan: A closer look at gender differencesHuang F.-M; Chan H.-Y; Tao H.-L.; FUNG-MEY HUANG School Psychology International
302021Can environmental disamenities increase land values? A case study of manufacturing factories on farmlandLee, B.; Chang, H.-H.; Wang, S.-Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Cleaner Production
312020The effect of China's open-door tourism policy on Taiwan: Promoting or suppressing tourism from other countries to Taiwan?Liou, Je Liang; Hsu, Pei Chun; WU, PEI ING Tourism Management
322020臺灣農業部門溫室氣體排放趨勢推估-動態可計算一般均衡模型之應用許聖民(Sheng-Ming Hsu); 王仁(Shitephen Wang); 李篤華(Duu-Hwa Lee); 林幸君(Hsing-Chun Lin); 蘇忠楨(Jung-Jeng Su); 邱祈榮(Chyi-Rong Chiou); 張靜貞(Ching-Cheng Chang); 徐世勳(Shih-Hsun Hsu); JUNG-JENG SU ; CHYI-RONG CHIOU ; SHIH-HSUN HSU 臺灣經濟預測與政策
332020A modified Monty Hall problemChen, W.J.; Wang, J.T.-Y.; WEI JAMES CHEN Theory and Decision
342020Advocacy versus Enforcement in Antitrust Compliance ProgramsHung Hao Chang; Sokol, D. Daniel; HUNG-HAO CHANG JOURNAL OF COMPETITION LAW & ECONOMICS
352020Can the adoption of protected cultivation facilities affect farm sustainability?Liao P.-A; Liu J.-Y; Sun L.-C; Chang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Sustainability (Switzerland)
372020Does a farmland zoning program impact farm income: empirical evidence from farm households in TaiwanChang H.-H; Lin T.-C.; HUNG-HAO CHANG European Review of Agricultural Economics
382020Housing property along riverbanks in Taipei, Taiwan: a spatial quantile modelling of landscape benefits and flooding lossesWu, P.-I.; Chen, Y.; Liou, J.-L.; PEI-ING WU Environment, Development and Sustainability
392020Does the room sharing business model disrupt housing markets? Empirical evidence of Airbnb in TaiwanChang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Housing Economics
402020新農保對中國農村中老年人口勞動供給之影響-CHARLS全國基線數據之實證黃芳玫(Fung-Mey Huang); 葉小婉(Xiao-Wan Ye); FUNG-MEY HUANG 應用經濟論叢
412020What determines forest farmers’ participation in afforestation programs? Empirical evidence from a population-based census surveyLee, T.-H.; Lee, B.; Chen, Y.-L.; Sun, L.-C.; Chang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
422020When Social Norms Influence the Employment of Women: The Case of JapanTashiro, S.; Lo, C.-P.; CHU-PING LO Eastern Economic Journal
432020Cash transfer program and child underweight—Empirical evidence from a causal mediation analysisLiao, P.-A.; Chang, H.-H.; Su, Y.-J.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Agricultural Economics (United Kingdom)
442020The impact of labor market work and educational tracking on student educational outcomes: Evidence from TaiwanHuang, F.-M.; Liao, J.-C.; Yi, C.-C.; FUNG-MEY HUANG Economics of Education Review
452020How incumbents respond to competition from innovative disruptors in the sharing economy—The impact of Airbnb on hotel performanceChang, H.-H.; Sokol, D.D.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Strategic Management Journal
462020農作物保險的個體實證分析-以臺灣水稻保險為例曾勤予; 張宏浩; HUNG-HAO CHANG 台灣農學會報
472020台灣課徵碳稅面面觀-「有感」空氣污染降低引領之共伴效益吳珮瑛(Pei-Ing Wu); PEI-ING WU 臺灣國際研究季刊
482020If i can find a parking spotJennifer N. Newton; Peter Newman; B. Derrick Taff; Yau-Huo Shr; Christopher Monz; Ashley D’Antonio; YAU-HUO SHR Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
492020The effect of China's open-door tourism policy on Taiwan: Promoting or suppressing tourism from other countries to Taiwan?Liou, J.-L.; Hsu, P.-C.; Wu, P.-I.; PEI-ING WU Tourism Management
502020高品牌價值企業之公司治理、品牌價值與多角化對企業經營績效影響之探討-以臺灣企業為例顏慧明; 蕭文姃; 侯正鳳; 陳政位; CHENG-WEI CHEN 建國科大學報
512020Business services, trade, and research intensityLo, C.-P.; Yang, C.-H.; CHU-PING LO Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics
522020Are consumers willing to pay a premium for pure rice noodles? A study of discrete choice experiments in TaiwanChen, Y.-H.; Qiu, K.-H.; Liu, K.E.; Chiang, C.-Y.; KANG ERNEST LIU ; YU-HUI CHEN Sustainability (Switzerland)
532020Identification of highly-cited papers using topic-model-based and bibliometric features: The consideration of keyword popularityHu, Y.-H.; Tai, C.-T.; Liu, K.E.; Cai, C.-F.; KANG ERNEST LIU Journal of Informetrics
542020Does digitalization affect the objective and subjective wellbeing of forestry farm households? Empirical evidence in Fujian Province of ChinaHong, Y.-Z.; Chang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Forest Policy and Economics
552020The choice of marketing channel and farm profitability: Empirical evidence from small farmersLee, B.; Liu, J.-Y.; Chang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Agribusiness
562020多元開放空間破碎或分散對住民效益之評估:臺中市都市計畫區的探索蔡孟珂(Meng-Ke Tsai); 吳珮瑛(Pei-Ing Wu); 劉哲良(Je-Liang Liou); PEI-ING WU 地理學報
572020國產甘藍與結球白菜運銷通路分析陳郁蕙; 呂秀貞; 陳雅惠; 姜淳元; YU-HUI CHEN 台灣農學會報
582020Inclusiveness of contract farming along the modern food supply chain: Empirical evidence from TaiwanLuh, Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agriculture (Switzerland)
592020Do first-movers in the organic market stand to gain? Implications for promoting cleaner production alternativesLuh, Y.-H.; Tsai, M.-H.; Fang, C.-L.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Cleaner Production
602020在臺灣發展藏紅花產業的行銷策略探討林耿弘; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 產業管理評論
612019The impact of promoting renewable energy in Taiwan — How much hail is added to snow in farmland prices?Lai, Mei Chun; WU, PEI ING; Liou, Je Liang ; Chen, Yi; Chen, HanhuiJournal of Cleaner Production
622019Does participation in agricultural cooperatives affect farm sustainability? Empirical evidence from TaiwanCheng, Po Yuan; Lee, Brian; Sun, Lih Chyun; Wang, Bo; HUNG-HAO CHANG; Wang, Bo; Cheng, Po Yuan; Lee, Brian; Sun, Lih Chyun; HUNG-HAO CHANG; HUNG-HAO CHANG Sustainability (Switzerland)
632019How Do Visual Representations Influence Survey Responses? Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Landscape Attributes of Green InfrastructureShr, Y.-H.J.; Ready, R.; Orland, B.; Echols, S.; YAU-HUO SHR Ecological Economics
642019The aftermath of flood zone remapping: The asymmetric impact of flood maps on housing pricesShr, Y.-H.; Zipp, K.Y.; YAU-HUO SHR Land Economics
652019Urban metabolic analysis of a food-water-energy system for sustainable resources managementHu M.-C.; Fan C.; Huang T.; Wang C.-F.; Chen Y.-H.; YU-HUI CHEN International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
662019A reassessment of the Global Food Security Index by using a hierarchical data envelopment analysis approachChen P.-C.; Yu M.-M.; Shih J.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Hsu S.-H.; SHIH-HSUN HSU European Journal of Operational Research
672019A supply-side analysis of agritourism: Evidence from farm-level agriculture census data in TaiwanChang H.-H.; Mishra A.K.; Lee T.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
682019The impact of indoor air pollution on health outcomes and cognitive abilities: empirical evidence from ChinaQiu Y.; Yang F.-A.; Lai W.; FENG-AN YANG Population and Environment
702019Inter-brand competition in the convenience store industry, store density and healthcare utilizationChang H.-H.; Meyerhoefer C.D.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Health Economics
712019空間特徵分量Durbin模型之建構-桃園市都市計劃區多元開放空間組合價值之檢視蔡孟珂(Meng-Ke Tsai); 吳珮瑛(Pei-Ing Wu); 劉哲良(Je-Liang Liou); PEI-ING WU 都市與計劃
722019網站品質、信任與知覺風險對購買意願之研究-有機蔬果為例陳志杰(Chih-Chieh Chen); 雷立芬(Li-Fen Lei); 黃聖茹(Sheng-Ju Huang); LI-FEN LEI 農業與經濟
732019Distributional effect of the farmer pension program in Taiwan: A regression-based decomposition analysisLuh Y.-H.; Wei M.-F.; YIR-HUEIH LUH China Agricultural Economic Review
742019Monetarizing Spillover Effects of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated Sites in Taiwan: How Much More Will People Pay for Housing to Avoid Contamination?Liou, Je-Liang; Randall, Alan; Wu, Pei-Ing; Chen, Han-Huei; PEI-ING WU Asian Economic Journal
752019Cost effectiveness analysis for emission trading mechanisms: A provincial simulation of upcoming five-year plans in ChinaWu P.-I.; Wang Y.-Q.; Liou J.-L.; PEI-ING WU Journal of Cleaner Production
762019看見臺灣盆栽產業新未來陳榮裕; 雷立芬; 鍾啟宏; 陳均宏; LI-FEN LEI 產業管理評論
772019提昇政府綠化工程採購花木品質措施之研究:以臺北市公園處為例陳均宏(Jun-Hung Chen); 雷立芬(Li-Fen Lei); 鍾啟宏(Chi-Hung Chung); 陳榮裕(Rong-Yu Chen); LI-FEN LEI 中華科技大學學報
782019坪林地區茶園生產管理效率評估分析陳柏琪(Po-Chi Chen); 蔡憲宗(Hsien-Tsung Tsai); 徐世勳(Shih-Hsun Hsu); SHIH-HSUN HSU 應用經濟論叢
792019漁會家政推廣教育重視度與滿意度分析許咸連琦(Lien-Chi Hsu Hsien); 雷立芬(Li-Fen Lei); LI-FEN LEI 台灣農學會報
802019The Aftermath of Flood Zone Remapping: The Asymmetric Impact of Flood Maps on Housing PricesYAU-HUO SHR Land Economics
812019How Do Visual Representations Influence Survey Responses? Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Landscape Attributes of Green InfrastructureYAU-HUO SHR Ecological Economics
822019What Is Missing in Food Loss and Waste Analyses? A Close Look at Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale MarketsZhang, R.J.; Lee, B.; Chang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Sustainability (Switzerland)
832019The impact of indoor air pollution on health outcomes and cognitive abilities: empirical evidence from ChinaQiu, Y.; Yang, F.-A.; Lai, W.; FENG-AN YANG Population and Environment
842019Threshold effects of PM2.5 exposure on particle-related mortality in ChinaTran, B.-L.; Chang, C.-C.; Hsu, C.-S.; Chen, C.-C.; Tseng, W.-C.; Hsu, S.-H.; SHIH-HSUN HSU International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
852018Outcomes and economic benefits of Penn State Extension's dining with diabetes programGriffie, D.; James, L.; Goetz, S.; Balotti, B.; Shr, Y.-H.; Corbin, M.; Kelsey, T.W.; YAU-HUO SHR Preventing Chronic Disease
862018Using a choice experiment approach to assess production tradeoffs for developing the croton value chain in KenyaJacobson, M.; Shr, Y.-H.; Dalemans, F.; Magaju, C.; Ciannella, R.; YAU-HUO SHR Forest Policy and Economics
872018If i can find a parking spot: A stated choice approach to Grand Teton National Park visitors’ transportation preferencesNewton, J.N.; Newman, P.; Taff, B.D.; Shr, Y.-H.; Monz, C.; D'Antonio, A.; YAU-HUO SHR Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
882018Corrigendum to using a choice experiment approach to assess production tradeoffs for developing the croton value chain in Kenya. (Forest Policy and Economics (2018) 86 (76–85), (S1389934117302745) (10.1016/j.forpol.2017.09.015))Jacobson, M.; Shr, Y.-H.J.; Dalemans, F.; Magaju, C.; Ciannella, R.; YAU-HUO SHR Forest Policy and Economics
892018Factors causing farmland price-value distortion and their implications for peri-urban growth managementChen Y.-H.; Lee C.-L.; Chen G.-R.; Wang C.-H.; Chen Y.-H.; YU-HUI CHEN Sustainability
902018Grandparents' health and family fertility choice: Evidence from TaiwanZhang Y.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH China Economic Review
912018Potential benefit of carbon benchmarking: Analysis of semiconductor industry in TaiwanLiou J.-L.; Wu P.-I.; Chiu C.-R.; PEI-ING WU Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
922018Applying a Treatment Effects Model to Investigate Public Amenity Effect on Physical Activity of the ElderlyYeh C.-Y.; Chang C.-K.; Yang F.-A.; FENG-AN YANG Journal of Aging and Social Policy
932018Food-energy interactive tradeoff analysis of sustainable urban plant factory production systemsHuang L.-C.; Chen Y.-H.; Chen Y.-H.; Wang C.-F.; Hu M.-C.; YU-HUI CHEN Sustainability
952018Alternative Strategies to Manage Weather Risk in Perennial Fruit Crop ProductionHo, S.-T.; Ifft, J.E.; Rickard, B.J.; Turvey, C.G.; SHUAY-TSYR HO Agricultural and Resource Economics Review
962018Trade liberalization in the presence of domestic regulations: public policies applied to EU and U.S. wine marketsRickard, B.J.; Gergaud, O.; Ho, S.-T.; Livat, F.; SHUAY-TSYR HO Applied Economics
972018國際半導體通路商經營績效之分析蕭文姃(Wen-Cheng Hsiao); 黃新福(Hsin-Fu Huang); 陳政位(Cheng-Wei Chen); 李杰凡(Chieh-Fan Lee); CHENG-WEI CHEN 北商學報
982018台灣民宿經營效率之研究彭寶成(Po-Shing Pang); 雷立芬(Li-Fen Lei); 官俊榮(Jerome Geaun); 黃聖茹(Sheng-Ju Huang); LI-FEN LEI 應用經濟論叢
992018台灣民宿經營效率之研究彭寶成(Po-Shing Pang); 雷立芬(Li-Fen Lei); 官俊榮(Jerome Geaun); 黃聖茹(Sheng-Ju Huang); JEROME CHUN-RONG GEAUN 應用經濟論叢
1002018Is deregulation of forest land use rights transactions associated with economic well-being and labor allocation of farm households? Empirical evidence in ChinaHong Y.-Z.; Chang H.-H.; Dai Y.-W.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Land Use Policy
1012018Does higher food safety assurance bring higher returns? Evidence from TaiwanJiang W.-J.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agricultural Economics (Czech Republic)
1022018消費者對於食品安全事件風險分級之認知魯真(Jane Lu Hsu); 李秀瑩(Xiu-Ying Li); 劉鋼(Kang Ernest Liu); KANG ERNEST LIU 農業經濟叢刊
1032018Market Concentration and Licensing Royalty in an Asymmetric Oligopoly許淑?(Su-Ying Hsu); 羅竹平(Chu-Ping Lo); CHU-PING LO 經濟論文
1042018臺北市公園及行道樹樹木褐根病管理之探討陳均宏(Jung-Hung Chen); 宋馥華(Fu-Hua Song); 黃立遠(Li-Yuan Huang); 李沐磬(Mu-Ching Lee); 雷立芬(Li-Fen Lei); 陳榮裕(Rong-Yu Chen); LI-FEN LEI 國立臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告
1052018China’s new silk road and China-EU tradeLo C.P.; CHU-PING LO Annals of Economics and Finance
1062018Agricultural disaster programs and family farm labor supply in TaiwanWu K.; Chang H.-H.; Sun L.-C.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies
1072018Business service, international outsourcing, and wage inequalityLo C.-P.; CHU-PING LO Singapore Economic Review
1082018農業損失空間分析與政策涵義:以雲嘉南淹水潛勢地區為例陳雅惠(Ya-Hui Chen); 王瓊芯(Chiung-Hsin Wang); 李俊霖(Chun-Lin Lee); 陳郁蕙(Yu-Hui Chen); YU-HUI CHEN 調查研究-方法與應用
1092018農家使用農業設施之決定因素-臺灣農業普查資料之實證分析劉致筠(Jhih-Yun Liu); 張宏浩(Hung-Hao Chang); HUNG-HAO CHANG 台灣農學會報
1102018台灣公營事業民營化對受僱員工薪資與就業之影響--長期追蹤資料分析林柏翰(Bo-Han Lin); 黃芳玫(Fung-Mey Huang); FUNG-MEY HUANG 經濟論文
1112018台灣小包裝米包裝標示特徵價格之探討-標示越多價格越高?莊雅琴(Ya-Chin Chuang); 吳珮瑛(Pei-Ing Wu); 蔡孟珂(Meng-Ke Tsai); 劉哲良(Je-Liang Liou); PEI-ING WU 臺灣國際研究季刊
1122018從遊客觀點探討環境教育、滿意度與重遊意願之關係-以台北植物園為例黃聖茹(Sheng-Ju Huang); 蘇宥儒(You-Ru Su); 雷立芬(Li-Fen Lei); LI-FEN LEI 農業經濟叢刊
1132018If I can find a parking spot: A stated choice approach to Grand Teton National Park visitors’ transportation preferencesYAU-HUO SHR Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
1142018Outcomes and Economic Benefits of Penn State Extension’s Dining With Diabetes ProgramYAU-HUO SHR Preventing Chronic Disease
1152018Using a choice experiment approach to assess production tradeoffs for developing the croton value chain in KenyaYAU-HUO SHR Forest Policy and Economics
1162018Wage and employment effects of privatization in Taiwan: A longitudinal data analysisLin, B.-H.; Huang, F.-M.; FUNG-MEY HUANG Academia Economic Papers
1172017Project cost comparison under the clean development mechanism to?inform investment selection by industrialized countriesWu P.-I.; Qiu K.-Z.; Liou J.-L.; PEI-ING WU Journal of Cleaner Production
1182017The economic effects of uber on taxi drivers in TaiwanChang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Competition Law and Economics
1192017Ex post evaluation of antitrust and unfair competition fines on firms: Empirical evidence from TaiwanChang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Competition Law and Economics
1202017Innovation and imitation: Competition between the US and China on third-party payment technologyCheng Y.-W.; Hsu S.-Y.; Lo C.-P.; CHU-PING LO Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies
1212017Does eating out make elderly people depressed? Empirical evidence from National Health and Nutrition Survey in TaiwanChang H.-H.; Saeliw K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
1222017Does a social welfare program affect farmland use? Empirical evidence using administrative data in TaiwanChang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
1232017Diversification of marketing strategies among small farms: Empirical evidence from family farms in TaiwanLiao P.-A.; Chang H.-H.; He J.; Saeliw K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Agricultural Economics (Czech Republic)
1242017Gender digital divide in a patriarchal society: what can we learn from Blinder–Oaxaca decomposition?Jiang W.-J.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Quality and Quantity
1252017The Role of Off-Farm Labor Participation Decisions of Married Farm Couples on Farm Direct Marketing in TaiwanChang H.-H.; He J.; Saeliw K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Developing Economies
1262017Food waste: The role of date labels, package size, and product categoryWilson, N.L.W.; Rickard, B.J.; Saputo, R.; Ho, S.-T.; SHUAY-TSYR HO Food Quality and Preference
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1282017國人對冷凍年菜之消費行為與願付價格研究陳郁蕙(Yu-Hui Chen); 陳雅惠(Ya-Hui Chen); 林羿杏(Yi-Sing Lin); 李俊鴻(Chun-Hung Lee); YU-HUI CHEN 應用經濟論叢
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5012009從CECA到ECFA:台灣經濟往哪裡去雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 海峽評論 
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5272009Academic Colonialism in TaiwanCheng-Feng Shih; Pei-IngWu; PEI-ING WU Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association Conference 
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5352008技術移轉成本, 海外生產, 和產品升級.羅竹平 
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5562008Free Trade Means We Need Better InspectionsWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU Taipei Times 
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5582008Indigenous Peoples and Co-management of Natural ResourcesShih Cheng-Feng; Pei-Ing Wu; PEI-ING WU International Peace Research Association 22nd Global Conference Building Sustainable Futures-Enacting Peace and Development 
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5612008臺灣豬肉安全制度管理探討-以病(斃)死豬犯罪防治?例陳政位(Cheng-Wei Chen); 范宇平(Yu-Ping Fan); 李天裕(Tian-Yu Lee); CHENG-WEI CHEN 農業經濟半年刊
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5762008IPCC 第二工作分組之第四次評估報告:影響、調適與脆弱性—第二十章氣候變遷與永續發展的展望之重點說明吳珮瑛 全球變遷通訊雜誌
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6022007我國稻穀保價收購制度之檢討與調整建議吳榮杰 農政與農情
6032007Exchange Rate and International Outsourcing: Would Chinese Yuan Appreciate against U.S. DollarLo, Chu Ping; K. C. Fung; Chelsea C. Lin; Shih-Hsun, Hsu; SHIH-HSUN HSU International Journal of Applied Economics 
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6142007生態旅遊區域內外民眾對環境、經濟、社會之重要性及相關性認知差異的比較何昭葦; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
6152007台灣實施兩稅合一對經濟發展與所得分配之事後影響評估楊子菡; 蘇漢邦; 徐世勳; 馬惠娟; SHIH-HSUN HSU 人文及社會科學集刊 
6162007WTO環保商品市場開放對我國之經濟影響溫麗琪; 王文娟; 徐世勳; 李淑媛溫麗琪; 王文娟; 徐世勳; 李淑媛; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟預測與政策 
6172007大學教授騙錢不擇手段吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 蘋果日報 
6182007考慮碳吸存之飽和性下之台灣森林碳匯潛力及效益評估李恒綺; 吳珮瑛; 沈芝貝; PEI-ING WU 
6192007教授再一次告訴我—如何寫出一篇像樣的論文之提要及格式說明,第五版吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
6202007京都議定書中考慮所得分配之環境顧茲耐曲線對co2 減量的影響吳麗敏; 黃雅琪; 吳珮瑛; 劉哲良; PEI-ING WU 2007年環境資源經濟、管理暨系統分析學術研討會 
6212007物價上漲主因與政府經濟政策選頂雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 海峽評論 
6222007中國城鎮食品需求之估計:追蹤資料模型之運用陳永順; 劉鋼; 賴宏彬; KANG ERNEST LIU 農業經濟叢刊 
6232007Indigenous Peoples and Comanagement of Natural ResourcesShih Cheng-Feng; Pei-Ing Wu; PEI-ING WU the Austranesian Forum
6242007臺灣SARS疫情經濟影響的事後分析徐世勳; 張靜貞; 楊子江; 李篤華; 林幸君; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟預測與政策 
6252007The Consistency of the Theoretical Duality of Utility and Expenditure Interpretation and Their Empirical Implication for the DB CV ResponsesWu, Pei-Ing, Sun-Keng Wu,; Shou-Lin Yang; Wu, Pei-Ing ; PEI-ING WU The Empirical Economics Letters 
6262007多財貨雙界二元選擇條件評估起始點偏誤校正模型之建構——改善三高危險因子願付價值之評估劉哲良; 林雅芳; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣經濟學會2007年學術研討會 
6272007Minimax Play at Wimbledon: CommentHsu, Shih-Hsun ; Huang, Chen-Ying ; Tang, Cheng-TaoThe American Economic Review 
6282007補貼森林碳吸存價值對造林及二氧化碳減量的影響沈芝貝; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
6292007臺灣地區魚市場經營狀況與展望陳政位 ; 李天裕; 范宇平農產運銷半年刊
6302007Health Information Availability and the Consumption of Eggs: Are Consumers Bayesians?Chang, Hung-Hao ; Just, David R.Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 
6312007建立農產品外銷體系之芻議—以鮮果外銷中國大陸為例雷立芬 國會月刊
6322007台灣稻穀保價收購措施調整為直接給付措施之研析陳郁蕙 ; 陳雅惠; 廖安定; 陳啟榮農經半年刊
6332007條件評估選擇式資料的理論詮釋與實證檢視-對台灣戶外遊憩效益評估研究的一些?示吳珮瑛; 吳巽庚; 楊壽麟; 吳麗敏; PEI-ING WU 戶外遊憩研究 
6342006Using Spline Function to Reexamine the Operation Performance and Merger Effects of Farmers’ Credit Unions周百隆; 吳榮杰 ; 陳葦峻農業與經濟 
6352006Multifunctional Agricultural Policy, Reduced Domestic Support, and Liberalized Trade: An Empirical Assessment for Taiwanese RiceBoisvert, Richard N.; Chang, Hung-Hao 
6362006由永續發展概念到生活品質內涵的檢視-台灣EKC的再驗證與SKC的呈現吳珮瑛 ; 劉哲良; 蘇明達農業經濟叢刊 
6372006臺灣男性勞動市場參與之研究-人口、市場機會及參與行為黃芳玫 ; 陳唯真; 黃芳雅台灣經濟預測與政策 
6382006Golden Apple Snail Management and Prevention in Taiwan, R. C. Joshi and L. S. Sebastian (eds.), Global Advances in Ecology and Management of Golden Apple SnailsYang, Ping-Shih; Chen, Yu-Hui ; Lee, Wu-Chung; Chen, Ya-Hui
6392006綜觀台灣自然保育區的經濟效益評估-氣候變遷下潛在損害的可能來源吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
6402006Impact of externality on the optimal production of eel (Anguilla japonica) aquaculture in TaiwanChen, Yu-Hui ; Lee, Wu-Chung; Chen, Chung-Chiang; Chen, Ya-Hui; Liao, I-ChiuAquaculture 
6412006International Spillovers and East Asian Growth: The Experience of Japan, Korea and TaiwanLuh, Yir-Hueih ; Shih, Kuo-ChenApplied Economics Letters 
6422006消費者對實施養殖水產品衛生安全認證之意願調查分析陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠; 陳雅惠; 蔡萬春水產研究
6432006台灣水產生物技術發展策略研究陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠; 楊平世; 謝策惟中華農學會報
6442006Accounting for geographic heterogeneity of multifunctional rice policy in TaiwanChang, Hung-Hao ; Boisvert, Richard N.Paddy Water Environ 
6452006臺灣水產生物發展策略研究李武忠; 陳郁蕙 ; 楊平世; 謝策惟中華農學會報 
6462006Economic Growth and Air Quality in China: CommentWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU International Conference on Trade and Industrial Economics 
6472006歐盟與德國食品安全制度對我國的啟示吳榮杰 ; 林欣穎; 翁栢淵中華農學會報
6482006Do stronger intellectual property rights induce more agricultural trade? A dynamic panel data model applied to seed tradeYang C.-H.; Woo R.-J.; RHUNG-JIEH WOO Agricultural Economics
6492006經濟成長、所得分配與環境品質的競合關係吳珮瑛; 吳麗敏; PEI-ING WU 
6502006WTO杜哈回合農業談判關稅削減議題之進展與可能影響吳榮杰 ; 賴朝煌; 林欣穎農業經濟半年刊
6512006Cost Prediction and Merger Effect of Farmers’ Credit Unions in TaiwanPai-Lung Chou; Chun-An Lu; Wei-Chun Chen; Rhung-Jieh Woo Empirical Economics Letters 
6522006東亞局勢與台灣農業發展雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 海峽評論 
6532006原住民族的環境權施正鋒; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 生物多樣性與原住民族權益研討會 
6542006髮禁、人權、威權、心理、管理吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 共和國雜誌 
6552006The Discrepancy between Utility Difference and Expenditure Difference Interpretation for the Double-bounded Discrete Choice Contingent Valuation ResponsesYang, Pei-Ing Wu; S.- K. Wu; S.-L.; PEI-ING WU the Third World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists 
6562006The Economic Impact of Taiwan’s Cargo-Reservation: A CGE AnalysisChang, Shu-Man; Kuang Lin; Shih-Hsun, Hsu; SHIH-HSUN HSU Journal of Shipping and Logistics 
6572006台灣民眾對基因檢測的參與意願及願付價格分析:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣基因意向之調查與研究學術研討會 
6582006生態環境資源價值效益移轉的統合分析吳珮瑛; 黃珮晴; 楊壽麟; 劉哲良; PEI-ING WU 2006年第七屆全國實證經濟學論文研討會 
6592006國共兩黨「兩岸農業合作論壇」之檢討建言雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 海峽評論 
6602006教授再一次告訴我—如何寫出一篇像樣的論文之提要及格式說明,第四版吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
6612006台灣產業結構變動之動態一般均衡預測徐世勳; 林國榮; 蘇漢邦; 林桓聖; 李篤華; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟預測與政策 
6622006以樣條函數重新檢視農會信用部經營與合併效益周百隆(Pai-Lung Chou); 吳榮杰(Rhung-Jieh Woo); 陳葦峻(Wei-Chun Chen); RHUNG-JIEH WOO 農業與經濟
6632006Environmental Kuznets Curve and Social Kuznets Curve: An Examination of the Sustainable Development Experience in TaiwanPei-Ing Wu; J.-L. Liou; Su, M.-T.; PEI-ING WU the Third World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists 
6642006Identification of Consumer Segments and the Distribution of Willingness to Pay: The Case of non-genetically Modified Vegetable Oil in the United States: CommentWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU the Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Economic Association CEANA/TEA joint Conference 
6652006細說能源稅吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 看守台灣 
6662006論文索引 成學術界緊箍咒吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 蘋果日報 
6672006水資源有何價值及價值如何評估——對水資源訂價的啟示吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 建立水資源分配的市場機制-價值評估研討會 
6682006Reconsidering the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis: The Trade off between Environment and Welfare: CommentWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU the International Conference of Economics of Poverty Environment and Natural Resource Use 
6692006由單純管制到管制與課稅誘因混合機制之台灣水污染防治政策的研擬吳珮瑛; 王詩君; PEI-ING WU 經社法制論叢 
6702006說『統戰』太沈重,為『農民利益』看不見吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 共和國雜誌 
6712006農產品批發市場與運銷現代化陳政位 ; 魏楨真農產運銷半年刊
6722006日本之中小企業政策與成效官俊榮 臺灣經濟金融月刊
6732006促進兩岸農業共同發展之合作模式官俊榮 ; 雷立芬 ; 周應恆兩岸關係
6742006臺灣股票市場多空頭調整過程差異之研究葉政宜; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 臺灣銀行季刊 
6752006耐熱番茄雄蕊表達基因E8-6和Clone 7之分離與分析陳郁蕙 ; Chen, Yu-Huei
6772005International Outsourcing and Intra-Industrial TradeLo, Chu-Ping International Journal of Applied Economics 
6782005臺灣農業部門就業期間之研究1980-2002黃芳玫 ; 邱敬仁農業與經濟 
6792005氣候變遷、衝擊、因應與永續發展研究進展2005:下冊吳珮瑛; 劉哲良; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 
6802005洪災防治效益之評估—以基隆河整治為例:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2005年環境資源經濟、管理暨系統分析學術研討會 
6812005Semi-Parametric and Parametric Estimations and Tests of Adoption: An Application to Bovine Somatotropin TechnologyHung-Hao Chang; Loren W. Tauer; HUNG-HAO CHANG 農業與經濟 
6822005以森林公效益為造林補貼基礎共識之建立:由「全民造林運動談起」吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 變局與曙光——台灣農業的現在與未來(上) 
6832005Outward direct investment, reverse import, and domestic production: Evidence from Taiwanese manufacturing firmsLiu, B.J.; Huang, F.-M.; FUNG-MEY HUANG Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics 
6842005建構實用安全的養殖產品產銷政策李武忠; 陳郁蕙 科技報導 
6852005台灣食品加工業對外投資與產業空洞化之分析張靜貞; 楊謹綸; 陸怡蕙 農業經濟叢刊
6862005兼顧生態維護下的養殖漁業發展策略陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠中國水產
6872005台灣農產品外銷中國之我見吳榮杰 經濟前瞻
6882005大陸農產品進口對國內農業影響之產品分析—鰻魚陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠; 陳雅惠大陸貨品進口產業損害預警監測季報
6892005日本實施水產養殖安全管理制度之探討陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠養魚世界
6902005Technical Efficiency of Black Tiger Prawn Industry in Taiwan: panel data analysisLee, Wu-Chung; Jan, Man-Ser; Chen, Yu-Hui ; Chen, Ya-Hui; Liao, I-ChiuJournal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan 
6912005環境與貿易的關係及管理生物多樣性資源的誘因機制吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 生物多樣性社經法規篇 
6922005導論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 生物多樣性社經法規篇 
6932005生物多樣性資源價值之哲學觀與總價值之內涵吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 生物多樣性社經法規篇 
6942005農民利益,誰看見?吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 中國時報 
6952005State Power and Globalization: Adjustment of Taiwan’s Agricultural Policy under the WTOShih, Cheng-Feng; Pei-Ing, Wu; Shih, Cheng-Feng; PEI-ING WU ; Pei-Ing Wu 台灣國際研究季刊 
6962005Reading China’s Agricultural AimsWu, P.-I.; PEI-ING WU Taipei Times 
6972005Policy Design and Simulation Analysis for Rice Crop Revenue Insurance Under WTO AgreementPei-Ing Wu; H.-Y. Shen; Liou, J.-L.; PEI-ING WU 2005 Taiwan-Korea International Seminar on Agricultural and Resource Economics 
6982005台灣之生活品質、環境保護與所得水準關係的剖析吳珮瑛; 劉哲良; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
6992005不僅農產品登陸-更要農業登陸雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 海峽評論 
7002005生活品質、環境保護與所得水準之關係——台灣的實證分析吳珮瑛; 劉哲良; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 氣候變遷、衝擊、因應與永續發展研究進展2005:下冊 
7012005生物多樣性資源價值的評估方法吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 生物多樣性社經法規篇 
7022005生活品質、環境保護與所得水準之關係——台灣的實證分析吳珮瑛; 劉哲良; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 「氣候變遷與永續發展」研討會 
7032005The Study of the Impacts of Taiwan’s WTO Accession on Its Sporting IndustriesLin, Kuo-Jung; Hsu-Hua Chou; Chih-Yu Cheng; Shih-Hsun Hsu; SHIH-HSUN HSU Journal of WTO Studies 
7042005自主,從管理頭髮開始吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 中國時報 
7052005何謂符合原則的作文考題吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 蘋果日報 
7062005Policy Design and Simulation Analysis for Rice Crop Revenue Insurance Under WTO AgreementWu, Pei-Ing; Shen, Hsing-Yi; Liou, Jer-Liang; PEI-ING WU 2005 REST-KAEA International Conference on Agricultural Economics and Resources. 
7072005台灣農業生產者農業藥劑使用決策之研究楊壽麟; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣農村經濟學會2005學術研討會 
7082005農業登陸的國際觀吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 共和國雜誌 
7092005農村景觀與文化資產吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣農家要覽 增修訂三版 
7102005市場機制下農地與農地外部效益財產權之界定與保障吳珮瑛; 陳瑞主; PEI-ING WU 經社法制論叢 
7112005Expert Tips on Forestry are Falling on Deaf EarsWu, P.-I.; PEI-ING WU Taipei Times 
7122005受訪金額在開放選擇條件評估支付模式的作用-引導或是誤導吳珮瑛(Pei-Ing Wu); 劉哲良(Je-Liang Liou); 蘇明達(Ming-Ta Su); PEI-ING WU 農業經濟半年刊
7132005Achieving environmental objectives under reduced domestic agricultural support and trade liberalization: An empirical application to TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Boisvert, R.N.; Blandford, D.; HUNG-HAO CHANG Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 
7142005阿茲海默症基因預防藥物的願付價值——受訪者對情境的瞭解:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣基因意向之調查與研究學術研討會 
7152005造林、造孽吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自由時報 
7162005變局與曙光—台灣農業的現在與未來(上)吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
7172005環境敏感地資源吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣農家要覽 增修訂三版 
7182005溫室氣體排放基線預測與減量策略之經濟影響評估徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
7192005Linear Stochastic Control SystemsHsu, Shih-Hsun ; Chen, G.; Chen, G. R.
7202005臺灣指數期貨到期效果之檢測-GARCH模型之應用胡宇明; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 臺灣銀行季刊 
7212005建構食用安全的養殖產品產銷政策陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠科技報導
7222005台灣與中國大陸養殖產業之永續發展陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠; 陳雅惠農業與資源經濟
7232005藍海策略對台灣水產養殖未來發展之啟發陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠養魚世界
7242005台灣能源供需結構與能源相關環保議題之回顧與展望吳珮瑛 ; 劉哲良; 溫麗琪全球變遷通訊雜誌
7252005台灣客家族群與政治施正鋒; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣史學雜誌 
7262005抗議性樣本與答覆「無法確定」樣本之特質—這一群人對假設市場價值評估結果之影響吳珮瑛 ; 林佳穎; 蘇明達調查研究-方法與應用
7302004複檻式決策過程模型之建構:條件評估法中抗議性答覆之處理吳珮瑛 ; 鄭琬方; 蘇明達農業與經濟 
7312004台灣水果產業結構調整策略吳榮杰 台灣銀行季刊 
7322004如何運用經營策略與平衡計分卡以提昇農會信用部競爭力吳榮杰 ; 葉正明農業金融論叢 
7332004台灣主要水果與茶葉外銷中國之潛力與策略分析吳榮杰 ; 陳唐平台灣土地金融季刊 
7342004台灣農會經營轉型的探討--從農業金融談起吳榮杰 農業資源與經濟 
7352004兩岸鄉村企業發展之宏觀分析--政策與制度因素之比較官俊榮 經社法制論叢
7362004校園豈會無「藍綠」,應有「紅橙黃綠藍靛紫」吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自由時報 
7372004龜山島社區輔導建議陳郁蕙 農業經營管理會訊
7382004Market Liberalization in Taiwan’s Petroleum Refinery Industry: A Computable General Equilibrium ApproachLi, Ping-Cheng; Hsu, Shih-Hsun ; Lin, Kuo-JungFDI and Industrial Development 
7392004臺灣水產養殖管理與發展策略之探討陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠; 廖一久中華農學會報
7402004臺灣股票市場之GARCH模型依時加總理論研究張文慧; 林金龍; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 臺灣銀行季刊 
7412004願意支付價值最佳效率指標之建構與驗證吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 農業經濟叢刊 
7422004農地管制下對農地財產權之保障與侵害吳珮瑛; 陳瑞主; PEI-ING WU 經社法制論叢 
7432004全民造林、全民找林-一位環境經濟學者的反思吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
7442004再生能源的發展-以美國再生能源發展為例邱佩冠; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
7452004臺灣水產管理與發展策略之探討李武忠; 陳郁蕙 ; 廖一久中華農學會報 
7462004複檻式決策過程模型之建構:條件評估法中抗議性答覆之處理吳珮瑛 ; 鄭琬方; 蘇明達農業與經濟 
7472004全球化下的台灣農業發展與挑戰吳榮杰 興大歷史學報
7482004抗議性樣本與答覆「不知道」樣本之特質——這一群人對假設市場價值評估結果之影響吳珮瑛; 林佳穎; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 中央研究院調查研究專題中心主辦之第四屆「調查研究方法與應用」學術研討會 
7492004山林與高山纜車為誰帶來滿足與效益?吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 環境資源中心網站 
7502004完整訊息開放形式條件評估資料之分析——內生分層估計模型之另類應用吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 劉哲良; PEI-ING WU 
7512004消費者對餵食基改大豆之鮭魚偏好與風險願付價值陳政位; 傅祖壇; 莊謹琦; CHENG-WEI CHEN 調查研究-方法與應用 
7522004教育何也?教之?育之?馴化之?吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自由時報 
7532004台灣客家族群與政治施正鋒; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣客家族群政治與政策 
7542004台灣客家族群政治與政策施正鋒; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
7552004「臺紐自由貿易協定」的洽簽對臺、紐、澳經濟影響之一般均衡分析吳佳勳(Chia-Hsuan Wu); 徐世勳(Shih-Hsun Hsu); SHIH-HSUN HSU 臺灣經濟預測與政策
7562004因應WTO建構農業三生功能之稻作補貼新制度吳珮瑛; 陳丁榮; PEI-ING WU 台灣土地金融季刊 
7572004全球變遷下脆弱性與適應性研究方法與方法論的探討林冠慧; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
7582004全球環經社綜合評估指標系統綜述劉彥蘭; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
7592004應用PBM 模型在台灣魚巿場整合研究陳政位 ; 楊奕農; 范宇平農業經濟叢刊
7602004貿易救濟個別產品預警--預警模型成效改善之探討徐世勳 貿易調查專刊 
7612004「台紐自由貿易協定」的洽簽對台、紐、澳經濟影響之一般均衡分析吳佳勳; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟預測與政策 
7622004臺灣毛豬批發場價量關係與決價機制之研究雷立芬 ; 蕭清仁農業金融論叢
7632004台灣股票市場之GARCH模型依時加總理論研究雷立芬 ; 張文慧; 林金龍台灣銀行季刊
7642004美國股市對臺灣電子股指數之影響-GARCH模型之應用田峻吉; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 臺灣銀行季刊 
7652004受訪金額在選擇式條件評估支付模式中的作用——引導或是誤導吳珮瑛; 劉哲良; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 台灣經濟學會2004年年會學術研討會 
7662004受訪金額在選擇式條件評估支付模式中的『誘導』效果吳珮瑛; 劉哲良; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 2004年環境資源經濟、管理暨系統分析學術研討會 
7672004吳郭漁養殖產業發展策略之研究李武忠; 陳郁蕙 ; 廖一久養魚世界 
7682004學習機能考量下之適應性加速調整行為陸怡蕙 ; 范光中農業經濟叢刊 
7742003「台美自由貿易協定」的洽簽對我國農漁業影響之研究陳吉仲; 孫金華; 吳佳勳; 張靜貞; 徐世勳 農業與經濟 
7762003拓展農產品網路行銷之因素分析-羅吉特模型應用雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 農業金融論叢 
7772003兩岸直航對台灣農業之影響杜芳秋; 翁永和; 吳佳勳; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 農業經濟半年刊 
7782003升八年級這一屆「白老鼠的實驗報告」在那裡?吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 共和國雜誌 
7792003入會關稅減讓對台灣經濟之影響:考慮規模報酬與市場結構差異性的一般均衡分析林國榮; 徐世勳; 李秉正; SHIH-HSUN HSU 經濟論文 
7802003黑面琵鷺保護區多元價值之評估——一個理想條件評估模式下的結果蘇明達; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2003年環境資源經濟、管理暨系統分析學術研討會 
7812003非市場財貨的價值衡量方法陳凱俐; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自然資源與環境經濟學——理論基礎與本土案例分析 
7822003"Baseline Forecasting for Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Taiwan: A Dynamic CGE Analysis" in: C.C. Chang, R. Mendelson and D.G. Shaw (eds.)Ping-Cheng Li; Shih-Hsun Hsu; Chung-Huang Huang; Hsing-Hua, Lin; SHIH-HSUN HSU Global Warming and the Asian PacificCheltenham
7832003大陸地區蔬菜生產與運銷通路研究周應恆; 蕭清仁; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 農產運銷半年刊 
7842003Country Paper: Republic of China(2)Chen, Yu-Hui ; Lee, Wu-Chung; Liao, I-ChiuAquaculture Management: 
7852003台灣水產生物技術發展現況及展望陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠; 陳希煌中華農學會報
7862003台灣水產養殖永續發展策略—可樂(COLA) 理論之探討陳郁蕙 ; 李武忠; 陳希煌中華農學會報
7872003Impact of Successful Larval Rearing on the Competitiveness of the Eel Aquaculture in Taiwan,Japan and ChinaLee, Wu-Chung; Chen, Yu-Hui ; Lee, Ying-Chou ; Liao, I-ChiuJournal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan 
7882003通關風險對我國菊花輸出日本之經濟影響評估蔡欣曄; 吳榮杰 農業金融論叢
7892003農會信用部信用評等之研究吳榮杰 ; 周百隆; 陳永琦農業金融論叢
7902003台灣與美國經濟互動關係之量化評估徐世勳; 張靜貞; 林桓聖徐世勳; 張靜貞; 林桓聖; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟論衡
7912003農漁畜產業先期調整計畫效益評估——畜牧產業吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
7922003願意支付價值最佳效率指標之建構與驗證蘇明達; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2003年中國農村經濟學會學術研討會 
7932003九年一貫教改『白老鼠的實驗報告』在那裡?吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自由時報 
7942003東港溪豬糞尿污染之外部成本推估吳珮瑛; 陳明健; PEI-ING WU 自然資源與環境經濟學——理論基礎與本土案例分析 
7952003英國的農業環境政策簡介吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 農政與農情 
7962003台灣各縣市生活品質水準之比較吳珮瑛; 施伯宜; PEI-ING WU 自然資源與環境經濟學——理論基礎與本土案例分析 
7972003平地造林政策執行績效之分析:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2003年中國農村經濟學會學術研討會 
7982003Valuation of External Economy of Paddy Field, Korea- comparative Review on Multi-functional Public Values of Paddy Fields between Korea and Japan: CommentWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU 2003 Taiwan-Korea International Seminar on Agricultural and Resource Economics 
7992003入會承諾對台灣男女勞動需求衝擊之動態一般均衡分析林國榮; 張靜貞; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 人口學刊 
8002003國家發展總體檢——環境發展篇溫麗琪; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
8012003條件評估法中近似理想誘導支付模式之建構——生物多樣性資源價值之探討與評估吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 
8022003Estimating the Recreational Values by Using Random Utility Models and Endogenous Samples-The Case Study of Major Coastal Wetlands in Taiwan: CommentWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU Western Economic Association International Pacific Rim Conference 
8032003黑面琵鷺保護區生態旅遊規劃方案下居民參與和願付價值關係之檢視吳珮瑛(Pei-Ing Wu); 鄧福麒(Fu-Chi Deng); PEI-ING WU 戶外遊憩研究
8042003Efficiency Performance of Estimated Mean Willingness to Pay for Protection of Black-Faced Spoonbill Protected Area: An Application of Almost Ideal Elicitation Method in contingent ValuationWu, Su; Ming-Ta; Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU 2003 Taiwan-Korea International Seminar on Agricultural and Resource Economics 
8052003環境保護效益之哲學觀與環境資源總價值的內涵吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 第一屆最佳環保政策研討會 
8062003The competitiveness of the eel aquaculture in Taiwan, Japan, and ChinaLee, Wu-Chung; Chen, Yu-Hui ; Lee, Ying-Chou ; Liao, I ChiuAquaculture 
8072003職業訓練費用列入個人綜合所得稅扣抵的經濟影響評估成之約; 林國榮; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 經社法制論叢 
8082003總體經濟因素對多國籍企業股價影響之實證研究陳奕芃; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 臺灣銀行季刊 
8092003簡介英國的農業環境政策吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
8102003經濟發展與環境品質吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自然資源與環境經濟學——理論基礎與本土案例分析 
8112003歐盟的農業環境政吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
8122003新回合農業談判對台灣農業影響之研究杜芳秋; 吳佳勳; 楊子江; 張國益; 徐世勳 農業經濟叢刊
8132003台灣設立全國農業銀行可行方案之分析吳榮杰 ; 劉祥熹; 黃士榮台灣土地金融季刊
8142003「台美自由貿易協定」的洽簽對我國農漁業影響之研究陳吉仲; 孫金華; 吳佳勳; 張靜貞; 徐世勳 農業與經濟 
8152003WTO架構下開放對大陸投資之經貿影響評估徐世勳; 吳秉叡; 徐世勳 台灣經濟預測與政策 
8162003加速制訂農業金融法以健全農業金融體系吳榮杰 台灣經濟論衡
8172003WTO 新回合農業談判境內支持議題之現況評析與進展陳郁蕙 興大農業
8182003生物多樣性資源價值之哲學觀與總價值之內涵:抽象的規範或行動的基石吳珮瑛 ; 蘇明達經社法制論叢
8212002受限資料於資源經濟效益評估決策過程之詮釋:Tobit 與 多種Double-Hurdle 模型之系統比較分析吳珮瑛 
8232002臺灣養殖魚類市場整合研究─以吳郭魚為例陳政位 ; 楊奕農; 范宇平; 莊雅男農業與經濟 
8242002社會道德淪喪校園菁英有責吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 聯合報 
8252002台灣野生動物保護區經濟活動管理方式之研究——-以溪流生態系為例:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 第三屆全國實證經濟學論文研討會 
8262002在限量進口之情況下實施直接給付政策對台灣稻米產業之影響陳郁蕙 ; 張宏浩 農業金融論叢
8272002Design of an Efficient and Complete Elicitation Decision Process in Contingent Valuation Method: Benefit Evaluation of Kengting National Park in TaiwanSu, Pei-Ing Wu; Ming-Ta; PEI-ING WU the Second World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists 
8282002複欄式決策過程模型之建構——條件評估法中抗議性答覆的處理吳珮瑛; 鄭琬方; PEI-ING WU 2002年環境資源經濟、管理暨系統分析學術研討會 
8292002農業知識經濟指標之建立與評估:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 91年度農業政策與經濟制度研究計畫成果研討會 
8302002受限資料於資源經濟效益評估過程之詮釋——Tobit與多種Double-Hurdle 模型之系統比較分析吳珮瑛; 鄭琬方; PEI-ING WU 
8312002State Power and Globalization: Adjustment of Taiwan's Agricultural Policy under the WTOCheng-Feng Shih; Wu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU the Conference of The Impacts of Globalization in Taiwan and the Third World 
8322002加入WTO對台灣產業勞動力釋出與部門移轉之影響—以農業勞動力爲例李篤華; 李秉正; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 真理財經學報 
8332002生物多樣性資源價值之哲學觀與總價值之內涵——抽象的規範或行動的基石蘇明達; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2002年中國農村經濟學會學術研討會 
8342002永續農業發展概念與評量系統之建構及指標之選擇:以九二一「再生區」之南投縣為例吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 鄭琬方; 沈杏怡吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 鄭琬方; 沈杏怡; PEI-ING WU 台灣土地金融季刊 
8352002永續農業發展概念與評量系統之建構及永續指標之選擇——九二一「新生區」之南投縣的農業環境政策研擬吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 沈杏怡; 鄭琬方; PEI-ING WU 兩岸永續發展研討會 
8362002大台北地區網路農產品消費行為分析王俊富; 孫立群; 雷立芬雷立芬; 王俊富; 孫立群; LI-FEN LEI 農產運銷半年刊 
8372002消費者對基因改造食品標示之認知與接受程度分析:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2002年台灣經濟學會學術論文研討會 
8382002農業金融之定位兼論信用部之未來雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 立法院院聞 
8392002Food Demand in Urban China and its Implications for Agricultural Trade: Model Selection Based on ForecastingKang E. Liu; Wen S. Chern; KANG ERNEST LIU 農業與經濟 
8402002「知識農業」架構下農業發展條例修正方向吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 農政與農情 
8412002農村新風貌子類別計畫查證報告吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
8422002學位論文寫作提要及格式說明,第三版吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
8432002環境保護之成本效益分析─理論、方法與應用蕭代基; 鄭蕙燕; 吳珮瑛; 錢玉蘭; 溫麗琪; PEI-ING WU 
8442002期待這一次『行政革新公約』是玩真的吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自由時報 
8452002水污染防治費徵收籌備計畫駱尚廉; 李澤民; 蕭代基; 吳珮瑛; 溫麗琪; PEI-ING WU 
8462002期貨商品之管理與競爭策略之分析一以TAIFEX與SIMEX之合股指數期貨為例陳政位 ; 蕭文虹; 林家毅企銀季刊 
8472002臺灣養殖魚類市場整合研究-以吳郭魚為例陳政位; 楊奕農; 范宇平; 莊雅男; CHENG-WEI CHEN 農業與經濟 
8482002台灣香蕉外銷契約達成率高低對國內香蕉市場的影響吳榮杰 ; 陳永琦; 蔡欣曄農業經濟半年刊
8492002加入WTO臺灣稻農對農業境內補貼制度組合意向反應分析:截斷模型之應用蘇明達; 吳珮瑛; 林國慶; PEI-ING WU 臺灣銀行季刊 
8542001東亞經濟成長與產業結構變遷之一般均衡模型研究─東亞經濟成長與產業結構變遷基本模型之建立 (3/3)徐世勳 
8562001九年國民義務教育之回顧與其教育面、經濟面之影響黃芳玫 台灣經濟預測與政策 
8572001台灣加入WTO農業短中長期補貼制度調整架構之建立與農民偏好之調查分析林國慶; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣土地金融季刊 
8582001Key Issues of Energy Policy:An Experience from Swedish Developments: Discussion吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2001新能源國際研討會,立法院永續發展促進會主辦 
8592001讓樹根真的抓住台灣的土地吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 自由時報 
8602001農業永續發展指標之建立——以九二一「新生區」之南投縣為例吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 沈杏怡; 鄭琬方; PEI-ING WU 中國農村經濟學會2001年度學術研討會 
8612001Assessment of the Technical Efficiency of the Eel Aquaculture Industry in TaiwanChen, Yu-Hui ; Lee, Wu-Chung; Liao, I-ChiuJournal of Taiwan Fishery Research 
8622001農村企業與農村產業發展官俊榮 現代化研究
8632001台灣與中國大陸鰻魚產業之比較利益分析陳郁蕙 ; 陳啟榮; 王瓊霞中華農學會報
8642001台灣稻農對稻米市場價格理性預期檢定陳郁蕙 ; 張宏浩 中華農學會報: 
8652001Analysis of the Competitiveness of the Eel Industries in Taiwan and ChinaChen, Yu-Hui ; Lee, Wu-Chung; Wang, Chiung-Hsia; Liao, I-ChiuJournal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan 
8662001台灣鰻魚產業之養殖技術效率分析陳郁蕙 ; 林呈旭; 李武忠中華農學會報: 
8672001農業補貼 制度之調整與農業所得安全網之研究(1/1)傅祖壇; 施順意; 張靜貞; 黃琮琪; 陳政位; 吳珮瑛; 陳建宏; PEI-ING WU 
8682001Optimal hedging decisions for Taiwanese corn traders on the way to liberalisationLiu K.E.; Geaun J.; Lei L.-F.; KANG ERNEST LIU Agricultural Economics
8692001Optimal hedging decisions for Taiwanese corn traders on the way to liberalisationLiu K.E.; Geaun J.; Lei L.-F.; LI-FEN LEI Agricultural Economics
8702001An econometric assessment of the productivity consequences of low-input farmingLuh Y.-H.; Liao Z.-N.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Applied Economics Letters
8712001火力發電與健康唐麗慧; 張宏浩 ; 陳國東; 林瑞雄中華職業醫學雜誌
8722001效用差異與支出差異二元條件評估模型之整合與比較分析吳珮瑛; 吳巽庚; PEI-ING WU 2001年環境資源經濟、管理暨系統分析學術研討會 
8732001六十億元的由來:墾丁國家公園資源經濟價值評估吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 
8742001永續農業發展概念與評量系統之建構及指標之選擇:以九二一「新生區」之南投縣為例吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 鄭琬方; 沈杏怡吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 鄭琬方; 沈杏怡; PEI-ING WU 農業經濟論文專輯 
8752001WTO架構下兩岸三地經貿受排除條款及直航之影響Hsu, Shih-Hsun; Weng, Yung-Ho; Hsu, Kung-Chung; SHIH-HSUN HSU 人文及社會科學集刊 
8762001考慮航空噪音下國內機場經營績效及投入擁擠現象之研究游明敏; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟學會年會論文集 
8772001區域貿易協定演變對APEC與台灣經貿的影響評估—「東協加三」成立自由貿易區的模擬分析徐世勳; 蔡名書; SHIH-HSUN HSU 自由中國之工業 
8782001混淆的航空公司名,被嘲弄的台灣國民吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 共和國雜誌 
8792001兩岸開放全面三通對亞太地區經貿之影響翁永和; 許光中; 徐世勳; 杜芳秋; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟學會年會論文集 
8802001沿近海漁船僱用大陸漁工之經濟效果分析——以八斗子及南方澳漁港為例:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 第二屆全國實證經濟學論文研討會 
8812001台灣家戶飲用水水質改善的選擇:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 中華民國都市計畫及區域科學學會聯合年會暨論文研討會 
8822001台灣農產運銷制度對大陸農業發展之啟示雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 農產運銷半年刊 
8832001Actual Averting Expenditure vs. Stated Willingness to PayWu, Pei-Ing; Chu-Li Huang; Wu, Pei-Ing ; PEI-ING WU Applied Economics 
8842001貳、台灣經濟最近情勢吳中書; 林金龍; 簡錦漢; 張靜貞; 梁?源; 周雨田; 黃芳玫; FUNG-MEY HUANG 臺灣經濟預測與政策
8852001貳、台灣經濟最近情勢吳中書; 林金龍; 簡錦漢; 張靜貞; 梁?源; 彭信坤; 黃芳玫; FUNG-MEY HUANG 臺灣經濟預測與政策
8862001墾丁國家公園資源價值六十億的解讀吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 中國時報 
8872001學位論文寫作提要及格式說明吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
8882001日本冷凍鮪魚需求體系之研究孫立群; 雷立芬; LI-FEN LEI 農業金融論叢 
8892001以經濟學觀點探討非法性藥物濫用之危險因子與防制措施張宏浩; 賴麗華; 唐麗慧; 黃旐濤; 陳國東; HUNG-HAO CHANG 臺灣公共衛生雜誌 
8902001Policies for Reducing Nitrate Pollution in Water: Experience from EU: DiscussionWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU International Seminar on Agriculture and Farm Irrigation 
8912001在WTO與全面自由化架構下兩岸三地經貿受排除條款及直航影響之可計算一般均衡分析翁永和; 許光中; 徐世勳; SHIH-HSUN HSU 人文及社會科學集刊 
8922001溫室氣體減量策略之經濟影響評估:TAIGEM-D模型之應用黃宗煌; 李秉正; 林幸樺; 徐世勳 自由中國之工業
8932001入會對台灣農業就業沖擊之動態一般均衡分析黃宗煌; 李秉正; 張靜貞; 林國榮; 徐世勳; 徐世勳 農業經濟叢刊 
8942001現階段台灣水產養殖漁業之問題與調適陳郁蕙 ; 廖一久; 李武忠台灣土地金融季刊
8952001最適休耕補貼水準與休耕比例之研究陳郁蕙 ; 溫芳宜台灣銀行季刊
8962001台灣地區草蝦養殖產業技術效率之研究陳郁蕙 ; 溫祖康農業金融論叢
8972001東部及蘭陽地區防山洪計畫益本評估官俊榮 農業金融論叢
8982001Optimal Hedging Decisions for Taiwanese Corn Traders on the Way of LiberalizationLei, Li-Fen ; Liu, Kang; Geaun, Jerome Agricultural Economics 
8992001Farmers' Attitudes toward Design of Agricultural Sustainability Production Scheme under Trade Liberalization:The Case of TaiwanWu, Pei-Ing; Ming-Ta Su; PEI-ING WU the Integration of Agricultural and Environmental Policies in An Environmental Age 
9002001九二一災區農業永續發展之研究——子計畫一:農業永續發展之管理:農業環境政策之研擬(1)吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 鄭琬方; 沈杏怡; PEI-ING WU 89學年度國科會永續會永續發展研究成果發表暨研討會 
9012001加入wto台灣稻農對多種農業境內補貼制度組合之意向反應:截斷模型之應用吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; 林國慶; 吳珮瑛 第二屆全國實證經濟學論文研討會 
9032000Farmers' Attitudes and Uptake toward Possible Adjustment of Agricultural Subsidy Scheme in Taiwan for Joining the WTOLin, Kuo-Ching; Pei-Ing Wu International Symposium on WTO New Round Agricultural Negotiation
9072000國家公園資源經濟效益評估——以墾丁國家公園為例吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
9082000生物多樣性經濟價值之探討:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 2000年環境資源經濟、管理暨系統分析學術研討會 
9092000管制對策成本有效性分析與經濟衝擊評估蕭代基; 吳珮瑛; 溫麗琪; 鄭蕙燕; 錢玉蘭; 李育明; PEI-ING WU 
9102000The Political Economic Analysis of Taiwanese Rice Import policyChen, Yu-Hui ; Yang, Min-HsienFood Security in Asia: Economics
9112000應用預期價格與風險分析探討台灣稻米價格政策陳郁蕙 ; 張宏浩 農業與經濟
9122000畜產品生物性與異質化之探討—以國內雞蛋洗選產業為例陳郁蕙 ; 趙悅筑農業金融論叢
9132000The Conflict of Limited Quantity Guaranteed Purchasing and Set Aside Policy: the Case of Taiwan Rice MarketChen, Yu-Hui ; Chen, Chung-ChiangAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics 
9142000限量保價收購制度對稻農預期價格之影響陳郁蕙 農業與經濟
9152000農業發展條例之修訂與農地農用官俊榮 自由中國之工業
9162000野生動物保護區價值評估-條件評估之次序效果檢驗:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 第一屆全國實證經濟學論文研討會 
9172000蔬菜三級市場價格傳遞之研究雷立芬; 蔡靜瑩; LI-FEN LEI 台灣銀行季刊 
9182000台灣加入WTO農業補貼制度調整之分析林國慶; 吳珮瑛 台灣土地金融季刊
9192000農漁會信用部組織與管理之探討吳榮杰 ; 周百隆農業金融論叢
9202000The Impact of Childhood Events on Educational Achievement: A Sibling StudyHuang, Fung-Mey; FUNG-MEY HUANG 經濟論文叢刊 
9212000Teenage Participation in Economic Activities: True State Dependence or Heterogeneity?Fung-Mey Huang; FUNG-MEY HUANG 經濟論文 
9222000台灣加入 WTO農業補貼制度調整之分析吳珮瑛; 林國慶; PEI-ING WU 台灣土地金融季刊 
9232000吳珮瑛委員評鑑報告吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
9242000建立限制發展地區救助、補貼、補償、回饋制度與辦法之研究黃書禮; 詹士樑; 馮君君; 林全; 蕭代基; 洪鴻智; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
9252000Consumption Demand for Market Goods and Environmental Quality: Experience from Taiwan during 1977-1996Wu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU XXIV International Conference of Agricultural Economists 
9262000貳、台灣經濟最近情勢-七、勞動力黃芳玫; FUNG-MEY HUANG 臺灣經濟預測與政策
9272000加入WTO對國內肉雞產業之影響陳郁蕙 ; 林坤德農業金融論叢
9282000對台灣為防止養殖業超抽地下水所做之各種措施之效果評估與建議:評論吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 中國農村經濟學會年度學術研討會 
9292000交通事故與交通違規事件社會成本之意義與成本內部化之效率與公平性吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 交通事故與交通違規之社會成本推估研討會 
9302000經驗累積之完整決策條件評估模型之設立——墾丁國家公園資源經濟效益評估分析吳珮瑛; 蘇明達; PEI-ING WU 台灣經濟學會2000年年會 
9312000『農業經濟叢刊』」格式說明吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 農業經濟叢刊 
9322000國際清潔發展機制(CDM)的意涵及其對台灣總體經濟與溫室氣體排放減量影響之研究林幸樺; 徐世勳 ; 黃宗煌; 李秉正台灣經濟學會年會論文集 
9332000現行休耕補貼政策分析陳郁蕙 ; 溫芳宜台灣土地金融季刊
9342000建構健全完整的農業金融體系吳榮杰 ; 周百隆農業金融論叢
9352000貿易自由化與國內、外畜禽市場價格長期均衡關係之研究吳榮杰 ; 陳永琦; 劉祥熹農業經濟叢刊
9362000以生物性探討蛋雞產業之供給量陳郁蕙 ; 趙悅筑農產運銷半年刊
9372000農業補貼制度之調整與穩定農家所得之研究吳珮瑛; 林國慶; PEI-ING WU 
9411999動態近似理想需求体系之預測: 台灣家計調查資料之應用吳珮瑛 
9441999國產冷凍魚貨與進口貨物流現況研究陳明健; 陳政位 
9451999所得變動與環境品質需求之改變吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 第一屆環境與資源管理學術研討會 
9461999農業補貼制度之調整與穩定農家所得之研究林國慶; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
9471999農產貿易自由化與環境保護問題的探討吳珮瑛 ; 林國慶; 吳珮瑛 許文富教授榮退紀念「台灣現代化農產運銷與政策」研討會論文集 
9481999APEC農業全面自由化與彈性處理的一般均衡分析徐世勳 ; 許鈵鑫經濟論文
9491999所得變動與環境品質需求之改變吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
9501999二氧化碳之總量管制與部門等比例減量政策對台灣社經影響之比較徐世勳; 李秉正; 蘇漢邦徐世勳; 李秉正; 蘇漢邦; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟學會年會論文集 
9511999動態近似理想需求體系之估計與預測楊政學; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 台灣經濟學會1999年年會 
9521999南高屏地區空氣汙染總量管制規劃——F1子計畫建立空氣汙染防制成本有效性分析方法蕭代基; 錢玉蘭; 鄭蕙燕; 吳珮瑛; 溫麗琪; PEI-ING WU 
9531999APEC 農業全面自由化與彈性處理的一般均衡分析An Economy-Wide Analysis on Effects of APEC Agricultural Trade Liberalization and Special Treatment ProposalsHsu, Shih-Hsun; Hsu, Bin-Hsin; SHIH-HSUN HSU 經濟論文 
9541999貳、台灣經濟最近情勢-七、勞動力黃芳玫; FUNG-MEY HUANG 臺灣經濟預測與政策
9551999台灣稻米市場開放政策模擬分析吳榮杰 ; 陳明彬; 林益倍台灣土地金融季刊
9561999開放液態乳進口對台灣鮮乳產業的可能影響吳榮杰 ; 陳怡如台灣銀行季刊
9571999購地貸款專案農貸之檢討吳榮杰 ; 周百隆農業金融論叢
9581999Efficiency change and growth in productivity: The Asian growth experienceChang C.-C.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Asian Economics
9591999評「多環境品質改善之效益分析:各種福利衡量指標之比較」:答覆吳珮瑛; 葉淑琦; PEI-ING WU 經濟論文 
9601999農業補貼制度之調整與穩定農家所得之研究(一)林國慶; 吳珮瑛 
9611999APEC提前部門別自由化(Evsl)之跨國一般均衡分析徐世勳; 許鈵鑫; 許光中; 徐世勳 農業經濟叢刊 
9621999Taigem?動態一般均衡模型的二氧化碳排放基線預測徐世勳; 李秉正; 黃宗煌; 林幸樺; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟學會年會論文集 
9631999因應貿易自由化台灣糖業政策的調整方向吳榮杰 經社法制論叢
9641999臺灣輸日數量與日本冷凍鮪魚價格關係之研究孫立群; 張中銘; 雷立芬 農產運銷
9651999台灣地區農會信用部經營績效與策略之研究—策略群組方法之應用劉祥熹; 吳榮杰 ; 陳永琦農業與經濟
9661999政策調整對我國稻米生產結構的影響吳榮杰 ; 林益倍農業經濟半年刊
9671999從貿易自由化看糧食安全吳榮杰 台灣土地金融季刊
9681999農產貿易自由化與環境保護問題的探討吳珮瑛; 林國慶吳珮瑛; 林國慶; PEI-ING WU 台灣土地金融季刊 
9691999農業生產與環境保護:農業環境政策的探討吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 瞭望公元2000年焦點研究 
9701999農業補貼制度之調整與穩定農家所得之研究林國慶; 吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 農業經濟論文專集 
9771998空氣污染防制之成本效益分析蕭代基; 吳珮瑛; 鄭蕙燕; 錢玉蘭; 溫麗琪; PEI-ING WU 
9781998特徵價格函數式之選擇吳珮瑛; 盧樹弘; PEI-ING WU 台灣經濟學會1998年年會暨學術研討會 
9791998縮減工時對台灣經濟衝擊之一般均衡分析徐世勳; 林國榮; 李秉正; SHIH-HSUN HSU 台灣經濟學會年會論文集 
9801998經濟發展與環境品質:理論與實證吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 
9811998氣候變遷對亞太地區農產貿易的影響徐世勳; 李慕真; SHIH-HSUN HSU 經濟研究 
9821998On Pollution Transition During Economic Growth in Asia: Discussion吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 中華民國區域科學學會八十七年度會員大會暨論文研討會 
9831998台灣地區鄉村企業的發展與啟示官俊榮 台銀季刊
9841998Comparison of Open and Closed-Ended Discrete Choice Contingent Valuation Methods: Preservation of a Taiwanese Wetland: DiscussionWu, Pei-Ing; PEI-ING WU Conference on East Asian Environmental and Resource Economics and Policy 
9851998Economic Development and Environmental Quality: Conflict or Compatible?吳珮瑛; PEI-ING WU 國立中興大學經濟學系第三屆經濟發展學術研討會 
9861998兩岸鄉村企業發展之比較-制度理論與個案研究官俊榮 農業金融論叢
9871998加入WTO台灣糧食安全政策之調整方向吳榮杰 台灣經濟
9881998貳、台灣經濟最近情勢 七、勞動力黃芳玫; FUNG-MEY HUANG 臺灣經濟預測與政策
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