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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
AN-CHI WEI魏安祺Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineering
CHIA-HSIEN CHENG成佳憲Oncology; Biomedical Electronies and BioinformaticsRadiation Sensitizers; Clinical Radiation Oncology; Radiation Related Signal Transduction; Medical Physics
CHIEH-HSIUNG KUAN管傑雄Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineering; Photonics and OptoelectronicsOptoelectronic Device; Nano-Electronics; E-Beam lithography technology
CHIH-TING LIN林致廷Electronics Engineering; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineering; Applied MechanicsBio/MEMS hybrid technology; Nano-Micro fabrication technology and application; and Nanobiotechnology
CHII-WANN LIN林啟萬Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics
CHIOU-SHANN FUH傅楸善Computer Science and Information Engineering; Networking and Multimedia; Biomedical Electronies and BioinformaticsDigital Camera; Digital Image Processing; Computer Vision
CHUNG-PING CHEN陳中平Electronics Engineering; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical EngineeringVLSI CAD; Microprocessor Design; RF Mix/Signal Circuit Design
ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG莊曜宇Electrical Engineering; Biomedical Electronies and BioinformaticsBiochip, Next-Generation Sequencing; Radiation Biology; Cancer Biology; Bioinformatics
FEI-PEI LAI賴飛羆Computer Science and Information Engineering; Biomedical Electronies and BioinformaticsLow Power SOC Design; Medical Information System
HSIAO-WEN CHUNG鍾孝文Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical EngineeringBiomedical magnetic resonance imaging
HSIN-YU LEE李心予Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Life Science分子生物學; 細胞生物學; 內分泌學
JU-HONG LEE李枝宏Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical EngineeringSignal Processing for Smart Antennas and Wireless Communications; Biomedical Signal Processing; Digital Image Processing; Digital Signal Processing
JYH-HORNG CHEN陳志宏Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineering; Biomedical EngineeringMolecular imaging; Medical Engineering; Functional MRI; Man Machine interface; Magnetic Resonance Image
KUN-MAO CHAO趙坤茂Computer Science and Information Engineering; Networking and Multimedia; Biomedical Electronies and BioinformaticsAlgorithms; Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; Software Tools
KUNG-BIN SUNG宋孔彬Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical EngineeringBiophotonics; Biomedical engineering
MING-JANG CHIU邱銘章Neurology-NTUH; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Brain and Mind Sciences
NIEN-TSU HUANG黃念祖Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical EngineeringBio-MEMS; Optical-MEMS; Micro/Nano Fabrication Techniques; Cell Manipulation in Microenvironment; Bio-sensing; Microfluidics
PAI-CHI LI李百祺Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineering; Office of Research and DevelopmentBiomedical Engineering; Ultrasound Imaging; Signal Processing
PAN-CHYR YANG楊泮池Internal Medicine; Clinical Medicine; Oncology; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Clinical PharmacyCancer Biology and Molecular Biology; Medical Ultrasound; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Lung Cancer Genomics and Molecular Carcinogenesis; Internal Medicine
PO-LING KUO郭柏齡Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineering; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation-NTUHBiomechanics; Tissue engineering; Mechanobiology; Biophysics; Medical ultrasound
RUEY-FENG CHANG張瑞峰Computer Science and Information Engineering; Networking and Multimedia; Biomedical Electronies and BioinformaticsImage/Video Processing; Medical Image Computer-Aided Diagnosis; Multimedia Systems and Communication
SHOEI-SHEN WANG王水深Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Surgery; Surgery-NTUHValvular Heart Disease Surgery; Vascular Surgery including Aortic Surgery, Varicose Vein Surgery, Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease Surgery; Coronary Artery Disease Surgery; Surgery for Heart Failure including Heart Transplantation, Ventricular Assist Device; Cardiovascular Surgery
SI-CHEN LEE李嗣涔Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineering; Photonics and OptoelectronicsAmorphous and Poly-Si Thin Film Transistor; Quantum Dot Light Emitting Device and Photodetector
WEI-CHENG TIAN田維誠Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical EngineeringOptoelectronics nanotechnology and devices; Advanced CMOS technologies and devices; Micro and nano analytical & fluidic integrated technologies and devices; MEMS/NEMS enabled transducers and instrumentation for biological, chemical, medical, and industrial applications
WEI-ZEN SUN孫維仁Medical Device and Imaging; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Anesthesiology; Anesthesiology-NTUH; Oncology-NTUH; Brain and Mind Sciences
WEN-CHAU WU吳文超Medical Device and Imaging; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; RadiologyMagnetic Resonance Imaging; Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Arterial Spin Labeling and Bolus Tracking; Biomedical Signal Analysis; Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Medical Image Processing
YUFENG JANE TSENG曾宇鳳Computer Science and Information Engineering; Pharmacy; Biomedical Electronies and BioinformaticsToxicology; Cheminformatics; Health Informatics; Bioinformatics; Computational Chemistry
YUNG-YAW CHEN陳永耀Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Electrical Engineeringand hyperthermia treatment planning; intelligent control; precision servo control; fuzzy logic