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12021Surgery for Coagulopathy-Related Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Craniotomy vs. Minimally Invasive NeurosurgeryLiu, Yen-Bo; Kuo, Lu-Ting; Chen, Chih-Hao; Kung, Woon-Man; Tsai, Hsin-Hsi; Chou, Sheng-Chieh; YANG SHIH-HUNG; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Lai, Dar-Ming; Huang, Abel Po-HaoLife (Basel, Switzerland)1
22021FGF23 ameliorates ischemia-reperfusion induced acute kidney injury via modulation of endothelial progenitor cells: targeting SDF-1/CXCR4 signalingChang H.-M.; Peng K.-Y.; Chan C.-K.; Sun C.-Y.; Chen Y.-Y.; Chang H.-M.; Huang C.-L.; Liu P.-C.; Chen P.-Y.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Wang W.-J.; Wu C.-C.; Lin Y.-F.; Lai T.-S.; Huang T.-M.; Young G.-H.; Lin S.-L.; Ostermann M.; Chu T.-S.; Chueh J.S.; Wu V.-C.Cell Death and Disease1
32021Erratum: Chen, Y.-R., et al. Improvement of Impaired Motor Functions by Human Dental Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth Stem Cell-Derived Factors in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21, 3807Chen Y.-R.; Lai P.-L.; Chien Y.; Lee P.-H.; Lai Y.-H.; Ma H.-I.; Shiau C.-Y.; KUOCHUAN WANG International journal of molecular sciences0
42021Long-Term Presentation of Postconcussion Symptoms and Associated Factors: Analysis of Latent Class ModelingHsu H.-H.; Lai W.-H.; Yu H.-T.; Xiao S.-H.; Tsai Y.-H.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Huang S.-J.; Yang C.-C.Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the official journal of the National Academy of Neuropsychologists0
52021Factors to influence the accuracy of albumin adjusted free valproic acid concentrationTseng Y.-J.; Huang S.-Y.; Kuo C.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Wu C.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1
62020The functional role of hemojuvelin in acute ischemic strokeYoung G.-H.; Tang S.-C.; Wu V.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Nong J.-Y.; Huang P.-Y.; Hu C.-J.; Chiou H.-Y.; Jeng J.-S.; Hsu C.Y.Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism7
72020Improvement of impaired motor functions by human dental exfoliated deciduous teeth stem cell-derived factors in a rat model of parkinson’s diseaseChen Y.-R.; Lai P.-L.; Chien Y.; Lee P.-H.; Lai Y.-H.; Ma H.-I.; Shiau C.-Y.; KUOCHUAN WANG International Journal of Molecular Sciences15
82020Safety range of free valproic acid serum concentration in adult patientsTseng Y.-J.; Huang S.-Y.; Kuo C.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Wu C.-C.PLoS ONE4
92019The functional role of hemojuvelin in acute ischemic strokeYoung G.-H.; Tang S.-C.; Wu V.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Nong J.-Y.; Huang P.-Y.; Hu C.-J.; Chiou H.-Y.; Jeng J.-S.; Hsu C.Y.Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism07
102018Emergency high-flow bypass for the management of ruptured postirradiated internal carotid artery pseudoaneurysms in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patientsCheng H.-C.; Lee C.-W.; Lee J.-E.; Tsai J.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery: Advanced Techniques and Case Management00
112018Direct visualization of microcirculation impairment after acute subdural hemorrhage in a novel animal modelWang H.-C.; Tsai J.-C.; Lee J.-E.; Huang S.-J.; Po-Hao Huang A.; Lin W.-C.; Hsieh S.-T.; KUOCHUAN WANG Journal of Neurosurgery11
122018Improving Indirect Revascularization for Effective Treatment of Adult Moyamoya Disease: A Prospective Clinical, Cerebral Angiographic, and Perfusion StudyChou S.-C.; Chen Y.-F.; Lee C.-W.; Hsu H.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Yang S.-H.; Liu H.-M.; Kuo M.-F.World Neurosurgery22
132018The Proliferation Capacity of Cultured Neural Stem Cells Promoted by CSF Collected from SAH Patients Correlates to Clinical OutcomeChen Y.-A.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Liu D.-Z.; Young T.-H.; Tsai L.-K.Scientific Reports33
142018Local hemostatic matrix for endoscope-assisted removal of intracerebral hemorrhage is safe and effectiveLuh H.-T.; Huang A.P.-H.; Yang S.-H.; Chen C.-M.; Cho D.-Y.; Chen C.-C.; Kuo L.-T.; Li C.-H.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Tseng W.-L.; Hsing M.-T.; Yang B.-S.; Lai D.-M.; Tsai J.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association57
152018Impaired microcirculation after subarachnoid hemorrhage in an in vivo animal modelKUOCHUAN WANG ; Tang S.-C.; Lee J.-E.; Tsai J.-C.; Lai D.-M.; Lin W.-C.; Lin C.-P.; Tu Y.-K.; Hsieh S.-T.Scientific Reports49
162017Cerebrospinal fluid high mobility group box 1 is associated with neuronal death in subarachnoid hemorrhageKUOCHUAN WANG ; Tang S.-C.; Lee J.-E.; Li Y.-I.; Huang Y.-S.; Yang W.-S.; Jeng J.-S.; Arumugam T.V.; Tu Y.-K.Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism1919
172016Subarachnoid hemorrhage promotes proliferation, differentiation, and migration of neural stem cells via BDNF upregulationLee W.-D.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Tsai Y.-F.; Chou P.-C.; Tsai L.-K.; Chien C.L.PLoS ONE1336
182015Ruptured infective intracranial aneurysm with intracerebral hemorrhage in an infantIao K.S.; Huang A.P.H.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Yang S.-H.Journal of Medical Sciences (Taiwan)00
192015A larger dose of vancomycin is required in adult neurosurgical intensive care unit patients due to augmented clearanceWu F.-L.L.; Liu S.-S.; Yang T.-Y.; Win M.-F.; Lin S.-W.; Huang C.-F.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Shen L.-J.Therapeutic Drug Monitoring1918
202015Mutation genotypes of RNF213 gene from moyamoya patients in TaiwanLee M.-J.; Chen Y.-F.; Fan P.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Wang K.; Wang J.; Kuo M.-F.Journal of the Neurological Sciences1822
212015Intrathecal lactate predicting hydrocephalus after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhageKUOCHUAN WANG ; Tang S.-C.; Lee J.-E.; Jeng J.-S.; Lai D.-M.; Huang S.-J.; Hsieh S.-T.; Tu Y.-K.Journal of Surgical Research88
222014Prognostic value of intrathecal heme oxygenase-1 concentration in patients with Fisher Grade III aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhageKUOCHUAN WANG ; Tang S.-C.; Lee J.-E.; Lai D.-M.; Huang S.-J.; Hsieh S.-T.; Jeng J.-S.; Tu Y.-K.Journal of Neurosurgery1113
232014ResponseTsuang F.-Y.; Lee C.-W.; KUOCHUAN WANG Journal of Neurosurgery00
242013The hemodynamic effects during sustained low-efficiency dialysis versus continuous veno-venous hemofiltration for uremic patients with brain hemorrhage: A crossover studyWu V.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Shiao C.-C.; Lai C.-F.; Tsai P.-R.; Wang W.-J.; Huang H.-Y.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.; Group N.Journal of Neurosurgery1818
252013In acute kidney injury, indoxyl sulfate impairs human endothelial progenitor cells: Modulation by statinWu V.-C.; Young G.-H.; Huang P.-H.; Lo S.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Sun C.-Y.; Liang C.-J.; Huang T.-M.; Chen J.-H.; Chang F.-C.; Chen Y.-L.; Kuo Y.-S.; Chen J.-B.; Chen J.-W.; Chen Y.-M.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.Angiogenesis5864
262012Kidney function decline after a non-dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury is associated with higher long-term mortality in critically ill survivorsLai C.-F.; Wu V.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Yeh Y.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Han Y.-Y.; Lin Y.-F.; Jhuang Y.-J.; Chao C.-T.; Shiao C.-C.; Tsai P.-R.; Hu F.-C.; Chou N.-K.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.Critical Care5052
272012Treatment of patients with traumatic subdural effusion and concomitant hydrocephalus: Clinical articleTsuang F.-Y.; Huang A.P.-H.; Tsai Y.-H.; Chen J.-Y.; Lee J.-E.; Tu Y.-K.; KUOCHUAN WANG Journal of Neurosurgery1110
282012Risk profile of patients with poor-grade aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage using early perfusion computed tomographyTsuang F.-Y.; Chen J.-Y.; Lee C.-W.; Li C.-H.; Lee J.-E.; Lai D.-M.; Hu F.-C.; Tu Y.-K.; Hsieh S.-T.; KUOCHUAN WANG World Neurosurgery1413
292012Hyperacute cerebral aneurysm rerupture during CT angiography: Clinical articleTsuang F.-Y.; Su I.-C.; Chen J.-Y.; Lee J.-E.; Lai D.-M.; Tu Y.-K.; KUOCHUAN WANG Journal of Neurosurgery1110
302012Patterns of nerve injury and neuropathic pain in ischemic neuropathy after ligation-reperfusion of femoral artery in miceLee J.-E.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Chiang H.-Y.; Hsieh J.-H.; Hsieh S.-T.Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System55
312012ResponseKUOCHUAN WANG ; Tsuang F.-Y.Journal of Neurosurgery00
322011Extensive bilateral striocerebellar calcifications associated with Hashimoto's hypothyroidismLee J.-E.; Hsieh S.-T.; Lin S.-K.; KUOCHUAN WANG Tzu Chi Medical Journal20
332010Differential CT features of acute lentiform subdural hematoma and epidural hematomaSu I.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Huang S.-H.; Li C.-H.; Kuo L.-T.; Lee J.-E.; Tseng H.-M.; Tu Y.-K.Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery83
342010Brain stem cavernous malformationsHuang A.P.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Yang C.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Yang S.-H.; Lai D.-M.; Tu Y.-K.Journal of Clinical Neuroscience2123
352009Clinical significance of posterior circulation changes after revascularization in patients with Moyamoya diseaseHuang A.P.-H.; Liu H.-M.; Lai D.-M.; Yang C.-C.; Tsai Y.-H.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Yang S.-H.; Kuo M.-F.; Tu Y.-K.Cerebrovascular Diseases4039
362009Prediction of early secondary complications in patients with spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage based on accelerated sympathovagal ratiosSu I.-C.; Li C.-H.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Lai D.-M.; Huang S.-J.; Shieh J.-S.; Tu Y.-K.Acta Neurochirurgica013
372008Acute cerebral ischemia following intraventricular hemorrhage in moyamoya disease: Early perfusion computed tomography findings - Case reportSu I.-C.; Yang C.-C.; Wang W.-H.; Lee J.-E.; Tu Y.-K.; KUOCHUAN WANG Journal of Neurosurgery2116
382006Interhemispheric transcorpus callosal approach in the treatment of ventricular hemorrhage with obstructive hydrocephalusKUOCHUAN WANG ; Lee J.-E.; Chen C.-L.; Tseng S.-H.; Kao M.-C.; Chen J.-C.Surgical Neurology11
392002Multiple tuberculous brain abscessesKUOCHUAN WANG ; Lin S.-W.; Chen Y.; Tseng S.-H.Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases54