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12021Novel c.435delC mutation in XK gene found in a Taiwanese patient with McLeod syndromeChang, Kao-Yu; Chang, Chun-Kai; Lin, Mei-Hwa; Yang, Chih-Chao; SHYH-CHYI LO Transfusion11
22019Thromboelastography characterized CD36 null subjects as slow clot formation and indicative of hypocoagulabilityBAI-CHIN LEE ; Lin K.-H.; CHUNG-YI HU ; SHYH-CHYI LO Thrombosis Research44
32019Metabolomic analysis of platelets of patients with aspirin non-responseChiang J.-Y.; Lee S.-H.; Chen Y.-C.; CHO-KAI WU ; Chuang J.-Y.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; HUEI-MING YEH ; Yeh S.-F.; Hsu C.-A.; Lin B.-B.; Chang P.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Liang H.-J.; FU-TIEN CHIANG ; CHING-YU LIN ; JYH-MING JIMMY JUANG Frontiers in Pharmacology1010
42019Application of 4T-PET fibers/nonwovens for leucocyte filtersHuang W.-C.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Lin D.-T.; JYH-HORNG WANG ; Tai-Horng Young Journal of Industrial Textiles11
52017Establishment of calculated panel reactive antibody and its potential benefits in improving the kidney allocation strategy in TaiwanShen S.-W.; Chang C.-K.; Gao Y.-S.; Hsu P.-J.; Cheng S.-C.; Liu F.-Y.; SHYH-CHYI LO Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22
62017Interference of daratumumab with pretransfusion testing, mimicking a high-titer, low avidity like antibodyLin M.-H.; Liu F.-Y.; Wang H.-M.; Cho H.-C.; SHYH-CHYI LO Asian Journal of Transfusion Science60
72017Intermediate CD14++CD16+ monocyte predicts severe coronary stenosis and extensive plaque involvement in asymptomatic individualsSHYH-CHYI LO ; WEN-JENG LEE ; CHING-YI CHEN ; BAI-CHIN LEE International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging1111
82016Positive association between concentration of phthalate metabolites in urine and microparticles in adolescents and young adultsLin C.-Y.; Hsieh C.-J.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; PAU-CHUNG CHEN ; PAO-LING TORNG ; Hu A.; Sung F.-C.; TA-CHEN SU Environment International3533
92016The ratio of epicardial to body fat improves the prediction of coronary artery disease beyond calcium and Framingham risk scoresBAI-CHIN LEE ; WEN-JENG LEE ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Hsu H.-C.; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chen M.-F.International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging67
102016The association of carotid intima-media thickness with serum Level of perfluorinated chemicals and endothelium-platelet microparticles in adolescents and young adultsLin C.-Y.; PAU-CHUNG CHEN ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; PAO-LING TORNG ; Sung F.-C.; TA-CHEN SU Environment International3632
112016Genetic variations of CD36 and low platelet CD36 expression - a risk factor for lipemic plasma donation in Taiwanese apheresis donorsSHYH-CHYI LO ; Lin K.-H.; Hsieh H.-H.; Lin D.-T.; CHUNG-YI HU Vox Sanguinis66
122015Effects of high-dose phytoestrogens on circulating cellular microparticles and coagulation function in postmenopausal womenWERN-CHERNG CHENG ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Tu S.-T.; Wu J.-S.; Chang C.-I.; CHI-LING CHEN ; N. S. Shaw ; Peng H.-Y.; Wang S.-Y.; Wu C.-H.; I-SHIOW JAN ; Hsu S.-C.; Liu C.-W.; LI-NA LEE ; Tai T.-Y.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1516
132015Severe Lymphopenia Is Associated with Elevated Plasma Interleukin-15 Levels and Increased Mortality during Severe SepsisKUEI-PIN CHUNG ; Chang H.-T. ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; LIH-YU CHANG ; SHU-YUNG LIN ; ARISTINE CHENG ; Huang Y.-T.; Chen C.-C.; MENG-RUI LEE ; Chen Y.-J.; HSIN-HAN HOU ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; JIH-SHUIN JERNG ; CHAO-CHI HO ; Huang M.-T.; CHONG-JEN YU ; PAN-CHYR YANG Shock4748
142015Cryptococcus neoformans in sputum and lung aspiration cytology smearsI-SHIOW JAN ; WERN-CHERNG CHENG ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Weng M.-H.; LI-NA LEE Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection66
152013In acute kidney injury, indoxyl sulfate impairs human endothelial progenitor cells: Modulation by statinVIN-CENT WU ; Young G.-H.; Huang P.-H.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Liang C.-J.; Liang C.-J.; TAO-MIN HUANG ; Chang F.-C.; FAN-CHI CHANG ; YUH-LIEN CHEN ; Chen J.-B.; Chen J.-B.; Chen J.-W.; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.Angiogenesis7369
162013Causes of decreased HbA1c levels in a medical center laboratory in TaiwanWERN-CHERNG CHENG ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Wu K.-R.; LI-NA LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association00
172011Comparison of corneal epitheliotrophic capacity among different human blood-derived preparationsShen E.P.; FUNG-RONG HU ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Chen Y.-M.; Sun Y.-C.; CHUNG-TIEN LIN ; WEI-LI CHEN Cornea1920
182011Endothelial progenitor cells in primary aldosteronism: A biomarker of severity for aldosterone vasculopathy and prognosisVIN-CENT WU ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; YUH-LIEN CHEN ; Huang P.-H.; CHIA-TI TSAI ; Liang C.-J.; Kuo C.-C.; Kuo Y.-S.; BAI-CHIN LEE ; Lin Y.-H.; YEN-HUNG LIN ; Sun Y.-Y.; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Chen J.-W.; Lin S.-J.; Wu K.-D.Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism6765
192010Epitope-based matching for HLA-alloimmunized platelet refractoriness in patients with hematologic diseasesPai S.-C.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Lin Tsai S.-J.; Chang J.-S.; Lin D.-T.; Lin K.-S.; LIANG-IN LIN Transfusion3233
202010NP-184[2-(5-methyl-2-furyl) benzimidazole], a novel orally active antithrombotic agent with dual antiplatelet and anticoagulant activitiesKuo H.-L.; Lien J.-C.; Chung C.-H.; Chang C.-H.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Tsai I.-C.; Peng H.-C.; Kuo S.-C.; TUR-FU HUANG Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology2721
212008The relationship of P1 and Lewis antigens with peritoneal dialysis-related Escherichia coli peritonitisTing I.-W.; Kao T.-W.; Chiu Y.-L.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Hu F.-C.; Wu K.-D.Peritoneal Dialysis International10
222007Revision in reference ranges of peripheral total leukocyte count and diffential leukocyte percentages based on a normal serum C-reactive protein levelZEI-SHUNG HUANG ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Tsay W.; Hsu K.-L.; FU-TIEN CHIANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association56
232006Transmission of occult hepatitis B virus by transfusion to adult and pediatric recipients in TaiwanCHUN-JEN LIU ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Tseng P.-T.; Lai M.-Y.; YEN-HSUAN NI ; Yeh S.-H.; PEI-JER CHEN ; DING-SHINN CHEN Journal of Hepatology9688
242006Initial experience with ABO-incompatible live donor renal transplantationMENG-KUN TSAI ; Wu M.-H.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; I-RUE LAI ; Yu S.-C.; RAY-HWANG YUAN ; PO-HUANG LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association33
252006Involvement of platelet glycoprotein Ib in platelet microparticle mediated neutrophil activationSHYH-CHYI LO ; Hung C.-Y.; Lin D.-T.; Peng H.-C.; TUR-FU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Science4739
262005Hepatitis C-associated cryoglobulinaemia presenting with refractory hypertensive crisis and acute pulmonary oedemaLI-NA LEE ; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Lau H.-P.; JIH-SHUIN JERNG ; Lin F.-C.; PAN-CHYR YANG Medical Journal of Australia34
272005Platelet alloimmunization after long-term red cell transfusion in transfusion-dependent thalassemia patientsSHYH-CHYI LO ; Chang J.-S.; Lin S.W.-S.; Lin D.-T.Transfusion2216
282002Increased cardiomyocyte apoptosis following ischemia and reperfusion in diet-induced hypercholesterolemia: Relation to Bcl-2 and Bax proteins and caspase-3 activityTZUNG-DAU WANG ; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Su S.S.-Y.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; WAN-WAN LIN ; Lee Y.-T.Lipids5042
292002Immunological characterization of anti-Mia, a red blood cell alloantibody, in TaiwanSHYH-CHYI LO ; Chang J.-S.; Lin S.W.-S.; Lin D.-T.Vox Sanguinis118
302002Laboratory and clinical characterization of monoclonal gammopathy in TaiwaneseLI-NA LEE ; I-SHIOW JAN ; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; Lin J.-S.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; WERN-CHERNG CHENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association76
312000血漿交換術-神經疾病治療之應用羅仕錡 ; 謝松蒼 當代醫學
322000Frequency and characterization of platelet-specific antibodies in patients who received multiple platelet transfusionsSHYH-CHYI LO ; Lin D.-T.; Lin S.W.-S.; Chang J.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association74
331997In vitro evaluation of the effects of transportation and storage on platelet concentratesSHYH-CHYI LO ; Lin D.-T.; Lin S.W.-S.; Peng C.-H.; Tan J.-H.; Lin K.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22
341994Glucose interference in Jaffe creatinine method: Effect of calcium from peritoneal dialysate [3]SHYH-CHYI LO ; KEH-SUNG TSAI Clinical Chemistry2626
351989Effects of memantine on the twitch tension of mouse diaphragmTsai M.-C.; Chen M.-L.; SHYH-CHYI LO ; Tsai G.-C.European Journal of Pharmacology1515