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12018Multi-component quantitation of meso/nanostructural surfaces and its application to local chemical compositions of copper meso/nanostructures self-organized on silicaHuang, C.-Y.; Chang, H.-W.; Chang, C.-C. journal article00
22018Comparison of antibacterial adhesion when salivary pellicle is coated on both poly(2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate)-and polyethylene-glycol-methacrylate-grafted poly(methyl methacrylate)Lee, B.-S.; Chen, Y.-J.; Wei, T.-C.; Ma, T.-L.; Chang, C.-C. journal article21
32015Prevention of enamel demineralization with a novel fluoride strip: Enamel surface composition and depth profileLee, B.-S.; Chou, P.-H.; Chen, S.-Y.; Liao, H.-Y.; Chang, C.-C. journal article75
42014Influence of calcium hydroxide dressing and acid etching on the push-out bond strengths of three luting resins to root canal dentinBOR-SHIUNN LEE ; Lee, Bor-Shiunn ; Lin, Yu-Chen; Chen, Sing-Fu; Chen, Shu-Yu; Chang, Che-Chen journal article87
52012Rational shape-controlled synthesis of rhombic copper-based mesostructuresLiao, H.-Y.; Lo, K.-J.; Mao, H.-Y.; Cheng, H.-W.; Chang, C.-C. journal article22
62011The roughness, microhardness, and surface analysis of nanocomposites after application of topical fluoride gels葉淑端; BOR-SHIUNN LEE ; Yeh, Shu-Tuan; Wang, Hao-Ting; 王浩庭; 廖華揚; Liao, Hua-Yang; Su, Shun-Lian; Chang, Che-Chen ; 高鴻展; Kao, Hung-Chan; YEH, SHU-TUAN; Lee, Bor-Shiunn ; WANG, HAO-TING; LIAO, HUA-YANG; CHANG, CHE-CHEN ; KAO, HUNG-CHAN; LEE, BOR-SHIUNN journal article2015
72011Polyol synthesis of polycrystalline cuprous oxide nanoribbons and their growth chemistryLo, Kang-Jung; Liao, Hua-Yang; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei; Lin, Wei-Chun; Yu, Bang-Ying; Shyue, Jing-Jong; Chang, Che-Chen journal article44
82009Dewetting of copper nanolayers on silica in oxygen: towards preparation of copper meso/nanowires by self-organizationLiao, Hua-Yang; Lo, Kang-Jung; Chang, Che-Chen journal article55
92007光電奈米物質之表面化學反應(3/3)張哲政 report
102007光電奈米物質之表面化學反應(2/3)張哲政 report
112007Spectroscopic characterization of Ni films on sub-10-nm silica layers: Thermal metamorphosis and chemical bondingLee, Pei-Hsuan; Chang, Che-Chen journal article87
122006Ion- and Photo-Analysis of Metal Chelate Reactions on the Semiconductor Surface張哲政 ; 龍健華journal article11
132006Metallization on semiconductors in the single digit nanometer regimeChang, C.-C. ; Lung, C.-H.journal article00
142005半導體表面奈米導線化學(3/3)張哲政 report
152005Atomic metal contacts on the semiconductor by CVDLung, C.-H.; Lin, C.-F.; Chang, C.-C. conference paper00
162005Surface reactions of linear atomic metal wire complexesLung, C.-H.; Chang, C.-C. conference paper0
172004Synthesis and Assembly of Luminescent Nanoparticles for Device Applications林唯芳 ; 韋文誠 ; 張哲政 ; 林清富 conference paper
182004Linear Metal Atom Chain on GaN(0001) by Chemical Vapor DepositionLung, Chien-Hua; Peng, Shie-Ming ; Chang, Che-Chen journal article44
192004Surface chemistry of the linear chromium chain complex on GaN(0001)Lung, C.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Chang, C.-C. journal article11
202004奈米光粒子合成; 能隙晶體結構製作與應用─子計劃二:光晶球體及半導體毫微米晶粒之鑑測研究部制(2/2)張哲政 report
212004半導體表面奈米導線化學(2/3)張哲政 report
222003半導體表面奈米導線化學(1/3)張哲政 report
232003The Chemical Origin of Defects on Silicon Dioxide Exposed to EthanolChang, Che-Chen ; Shu, Ming-Chijournal article011
242003Uniform carbon spheres of high purity prepared on kaolin by CCVDMiao, Jian-Ying; Hwang, Dennis W.; Chang, Che-Chen ; Lin, Sheng-Hsien; Narasimhulu, K. V.; Hwang, Lian-Pinjournal article3432
252002奈米光粒子合成; 能隙晶體結構製作與應用─子計劃二:光晶球體及半導體毫微米晶粒之鑑測研究部制(1/2)張哲政 report
262002半導體表面的有機金屬低維化反應張哲政 report
272001A SSIMS and TPD Study of tert-Butylacetylacetate Adsorption on Si(100)Chang, Che-Chen ; Huang, Ing-Jye; Lung, Chien-Hua; Hwang, Hsin-Yen; Teng, Lu-Yujournal article09
282001The decomposition of tBAA on the silicon surfaceChang, C.-C. ; Huang, I.-J.conference paper0
292001有機金屬錯合物在半導體表面的金屬化反應張哲政 report
302000表面結構缺陷化學張哲政 report
311999粒子撞擊固體表面之濺釋與化學現象張哲政 report
321999Adsorption and decomposition of H<inf>2</inf>S on InP(100)Hung, W.-H.; Chen, H.-C.; Chang, C.-C. ; Hsieh, J.-T.; Hwang, H.-L.journal article11
331999Crystal order near the point of impact under static keV ion bombardmentChang, Che-Chen journal article33
341999Adsorption and Decomposition of H2S on InP(100)Hung, Wei-Hsiu; Chen, Hung-Chih; Chang, Che-Chen ; Hsieh, Jyh-Tsung; Hwang, Huey-Liangjournal article
351998表面科學在石油製程研究上的應用(子計畫二)─沸石及金屬氧化物的表面微觀化學之探測張哲政 report
361998離子束撞擊的化學效應張哲政 report
371998Sputtering of high-energy particles from the Ag{100} surfaceChang, Che-Chen ; Hsieh, Jiin-Yunjournal article
381998Low-Temperature Chlorination of GaAs(100)Hung, Wei-Hsiu; Wu, Shuenn-Lii; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
391998Surface etching of InP(100) by chlorineHung, Wei-Hsiu; Hsieh, Jyh-Tsung; Hwang, Huey-Liang; Hwang, Hsin-Yen; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
401997材料微觀化學與偵測技術張哲政 report
411997粒子束對晶體表面微觀化學的影響及鑑測張哲政 report
421996材料表面微觀化學之研究張哲政 report
431996材料微觀化學與偵測技術張哲政 report
441996Chemical Bonding State of Chlorine on Ag{100} as Determined by Angle-Resolved Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry張哲政 ; 龍健華journal article
451996Dependence on collision time of particle ejection of atom-bombarded single-crystal surfacesChang, Che-Chen ; Wang, Shi-Weiconference paper0
461996Surface microchemistry associated with particle bombardment on Ni(111)Yang, Jiun-Chan; Hwang, Hsin-Yen; Chang, Che-Chen conference paper0
471995Effect of crystal structure on sputtering: molecular dynamics calculationsChang, Che-Chen ; Chen, Horng Huah; Wu, Paulconference paper0
481994金屬及半導體材料表面微觀化學之研究(中型儀器)張哲政 report
491994金屬及半導體材料表面微觀化學之研究張哲政 report
501994Classical Cascade Calculations on the Analysis of Surface Bonding Structures by Secondary Particle Mass SpectrometryChang, Che-Chen journal article
511994固體表面的探測技術─高解析電子能量損失譜技術龍健華; 張哲政 ; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
521994Surface Perturbation by Energetic Particle Beams張哲政 ; Yang, Jung-Yen; Shieh, Jaw-Chang; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
531993A Versatile Time-of-Flight Ion Scattering and Recoiling Spectrometer SystemCharatan, Robert M.; Delay, Richacd S.; Chaudhury, Shiladitya; Anz, Samiv J.; Williams, R. Stanley; 張哲政 ; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
541993Energy Dependence of Angular Distributions of Sputtered Particles from the Ag{111} SurfaceChang, Che-Chen journal article
551993Sputtering Process of the Atom-Bombarded SurfaceChang, Che-Chen journal article
561993Temperature-Programmed Reaction of Methylamine on the Ni{100} Surface張哲政 ; Khong, C.; Saiki, R.; Chang, Che-Chen ; Khong, C.; Saiki, R.journal article
571992Surface Sputtering of Ag{100} by KeV Particle BombardmentChang, Che-Chen journal article
581991A Study on the Reaction of Antitricyclo[]nona-6-ene-endo-8, endo-9-dicarboxylic Anhydride with HydrazinesYang, Paw-Wang; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
591991Surface Bond-length Determinations with Shadow-cone Enhanced Desorption張哲政 ; Winograd, N.; Chang, Che-Chen ; Winograd, N.journal article
601990Interactions of Energetic Clusters with Surface at Glancing IncidenceChang, Che-Chen ; Kydd, Paul H.; Bernasek, Steven L.; Rabitz, Herschel A.journal article
611990High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopic Characterization of Ordered Atomic Overlayers on Fe(100)Lu, J. P.; Albert, M. R.; Chang, Che-Chen ; Bernasek, S. L.journal article
621990Van der Waals Cluster Scattering from Solid SurfacesBernasek, S. L.; Xu, G. Q.; Holland, R. J.; 張哲政 ; Bernasek, S. L.; Holland, R. J.; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
631990Secondary Ion Shadow-cone Enhanced DesorptionChang, Che-Chen journal article
641990Surface Structure Studies of Cl Adsorption on Ag{001} Using Energetic Ion Beams張哲政 ; Winograd, N.; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
651989Coverage Dependent Bond-length Changes of Chlorine Adsorbed on Ag{100} Determined by Shadow-cone Enhanced DesorptionWinograd, N.; Chang, Che-Chen journal article
661989Shadow-cone-enhanced Secondary-ion Mass-spectrometry StudiesChang, Che-Chen ; Winograd, Nichalasjournal article
671988Model Studies of Particle/Solid InteractionsChang, Che-Chen ; Winograd, Nichalas; Garrison, B. J.journal article
681987Shadow-cone Enhanced Desorption with Angle-Resolved Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry DetectionChang, Che-Chen ; Malafsky, Geoffery; Winograd, Nichalasjournal article
691986Energy and Angle-Resolved SIMS Studies of Chlorine Adsorption on Ag{110};Evidence for Coverage Dependent Electronic Structure RearrangementsMoon, D. W.; Bleiler, R. J.; 張哲政 ; Winograd, N.; Chang, Che-Chen ; Winograd, N.journal article
701985Theoretical Studies of Fast Atom Scattering from a W{100} SurfaceChang, Che-Chen ; Garrison, B. J.; Nielson, H. B.; Delchar, T. A.journal article
711985Velocity Dependence of Azimuthal Anisotropies in Ion Scattering from Rhodium{111}Chang, Che-Chen ; DeLouise, L. A.; Winograd, N.; Garrison, B. J.journal article1011