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12019Reconciling the value of Schottky barriers in small molecular organic photovoltaics from J-V and C-V measurements at low temperatures towards the estimation of open circuit voltage at 0?KBiring, S.; Sung, Y.-M.; Nguyen, T.P.; Li, Y.-Z.; Lee, C.-C.; Yi Chan, A.H.; Pal, B.; Sen, S.; Liu, S.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article00
22019High-Efficiency Red and Near-Infrared Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Enabled by Pure Organic Fluorescent Emitters and an Exciplex-Forming CohostLo, Y.-C.; Yeh, T.-H.; Wang, C.-K.; Peng, B.-J.; Hsieh, J.-L.; Lee, C.-C.; Liu, S.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article44
32019Cross-linkable hole transporting layers boost operational stability of high-performance quantum dot light-emitting deviceChao, S.-W.; Chen, W.-S.; Hung, W.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Lin, Y.-M.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chou, P.-T.journal article00
42019New naphthyridine-based bipolar host materials for thermally activated delayed fluorescent organic light-emitting diodesYeh, T.-C.; Lee, J.-D.; Chen, L.-Y.; Chatterjee, T.; Hung, W.-Y.; Wong, K.-T. journal article00
52019Synthesis and characterization of new asymmetric thieno[3,4-b]pyrazine-based D?£k?A?A type small molecular donors with near-infrared absorption and their photovoltaic applicationsChou, S.-H.; Chen, H.-C.; Wang, C.-K.; Chung, C.-L.; Hung, C.-M.; Hsu, J.-C.; Wong, K.-T. journal article22
62019New D-A-A-Configured Small-Molecule Donors for High-Efficiency Vacuum-Processed Organic Photovoltaics under Ambient LightChen, C.-H.; Ting, H.-C.; Li, Y.-Z.; Lo, Y.-C.; Sher, P.-H.; Wang, J.-K.; Chiu, T.-L.; Lin, C.-F.; Hsu, I.-S.; Lee, J.-H.; Liu, S.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article42
72019Influences of Structural Modification of S, N-Hexacenes on the Morphology and OFET CharacteristicsHuang, Y.-F.; Wang, C.-K.; Lai, B.-H.; Chung, C.-L.; Chen, C.-Y.; Ciou, G.-T.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wang, C.-L.journal article23
82019Si-Bridged Ladder-Type Small-Molecule Acceptors for High-Performance Organic PhotovoltaicsWang, C.-K.; Jiang, B.-H.; Su, Y.-W.; Jeng, R.-J.; Wang, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-P.; Wong, K.-T. journal article33
92019Intramolecular Dimerization Quenching of Delayed Emission in Asymmetric D-D¡¬-A TADF EmittersWoon, K.-L.; Yi, C.-L.; Pan, K.-C.; Etherington, M.K.; Wu, C.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Monkman, A.P.journal article43
102019Perspective on Host Materials for Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Organic Light Emitting DiodesChatterjee, T.; Wong, K.-T. journal article3131
112019Development of Materials for Blue Organic Light Emitting DevicesSarma, M.; Wong, K.-T. journal article11
122019Cross-linkable hole transporting layers boost operational stability of high-performance quantum dot light-emitting deviceChao, S.-W.; Chen, W.-S.; Hung, W.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Lin, Y.-M.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chou, P.-T. journal article00
132019Bending-Type Electron Donor-Donor-Acceptor Triad: Dual Excited-State Charge-Transfer Coupled Structural RelaxationLin, J.-A.; Li, S.-W.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Chen, D.-G.; Huang, C.-Y.; Wei, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Tsai, Z.-H.; Lo, C.-Y.; Hung, W.-Y.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chou, P.-T. journal article10
142018Probe exciplex structure of highly efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence organic light emitting diodesLin, T.-C.; Sarma, M.; Chen, Y.-T.; Liu, S.-H.; Lin, K.-T.; Chiang, P.-Y.; Chuang, W.-T.; Liu, Y.-C.; Hsu, H.-F.; Hung, W.-Y.; Tang, W.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chou, P.-T.journal article2724
152018The Twisted Benzo[ghi]-Perylenetriimide Dimer as a 3D Electron Acceptor for Fullerene-Free Organic PhotovoltaicsChen, H.-C.; Jiang, B.-H.; Hsu, C.-P.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; Jeng, R.-J.; Chen, C.-P.; Wong, K.-T. journal article22
162018Versatile Exciplex-Forming Co-Host for Improving Efficiency and Lifetime of Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting DiodesShih, C.-J.; Lee, C.-C.; Yeh, T.-H.; Biring, S.; Kesavan, K.K.; Amin, N.R.A.; Chen, M.-H.; Tang, W.-C.; Liu, S.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article1714
172018Exciplex Cohosts Employing Nonconjugated Linked Dicarbazole Donors for Highly Efficient Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence-Based Organic Light-Emitting DiodesHung, Y.-T.; Chen, Z.-Y.; Hung, W.-Y.; Chen, D.-G.; Wong, K.-T. journal article77
182018Quantitative analyses of high electroluminescence efficiency of thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters based on acridine-triazine hybridsLee, W.-K.; Huang, Y.-H.; Pan, K.-C.; Lin, T.-A.; Chatterjee, T.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wu, C.-C.journal article11
192018Laser-Scanned Programmable Perovskite-Nanocrystal Color Conversion Layers for White Light-Emitting Electrochemical CellsWu, W.-K.; Wang, C.-M.; Chan, M.-C.; Lien, J.-Y.; Su, Y.-M.; Sarma, M.; Yang, Z.-P.; Su, H.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wang, S.-L.Conference Paper00
202018Cyanopyrimidine-Carbazole Hybrid Host Materials for High-Efficiency and Low-Efficiency Roll-Off TADF OLEDsLi, S.-W.; Yu, C.-H.; Ko, C.-L.; Chatterjee, T.; Hung, W.-Y.; Wong, K.-T. journal article1717
212018Donor¡VAcceptor¡VAcceptor's Molecules for Vacuum-Deposited Organic Photovoltaics with Efficiency Exceeding 9%Che, X.; Chung, C.-L.; Hsu, C.-C.; Liu, F.; Wong, K.-T. ; Forrest, S.R.journal article69
222018Effects of Ortho-Phenyl Substitution on the rISC Rate of D-A Type TADF MoleculesHigginbotham, H.F.; Yi, C.-L.; Monkman, A.P.; Wong, K.-T. journal article2420
232018Adjusting Correlated Color Temperature from White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells by Employing Electrochromic FiltersChiou, B.-R.; Yang, Z.-P.; Sarma, M.; Su, H.-C.; Wong, K.-T. Conference Paper00
242018Exciplex: An Intermolecular Charge-Transfer Approach for TADFSarma, M.; Wong, K.-T. journal article6463
252018Achieving Nearly 30% External Quantum Efficiency for Orange¡VRed Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Employing Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters Composed of 1,8-Naphthalimide-Acridine HybridsZeng, W.; Lai, H.-Y.; Lee, W.-K.; Jiao, M.; Shiu, Y.-J.; Zhong, C.; Gong, S.; Zhou, T.; Xie, G.; Sarma, M.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wu, C.-C.; Yang, C.journal article153147
262018S,N-Heteroacene-Based Copolymers for Highly Efficient Organic Field Effect Transistors and Organic Solar Cells: Critical Impact of Aromatic Subunits in the Ladder £k-SystemChung, C.-L.; Chen, H.-C.; Yang, Y.-S.; Tung, W.-Y.; Chen, J.-W.; Chen, W.-C.; Wu, C.-G.; Wong, K.-T. journal article88
272018Tuning the Color Temperature of White-Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells by Laser-Scanning Perovskite-Nanocrystal Color Conversion LayersWu, W.-K.; Wang, C.-M.; Chan, M.-C.; Lien, J.-Y.; Su, Y.-M.; Sarma, M.; Yang, Z.-P.; Su, H.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wang, S.-L.journal article11
282018Surface modification of graphene using HBC-6ImBr in solution-processed OLEDsCheng, T.-C.; Ku, T.-A.; Huang, K.-Y.; Chou, A.-S.; Chang, P.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Yue, C.-F.; Liu, C.-W.; Wang, P.-H.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wu, C.-I.journal article11
292018Role of a hydrophobic scaffold in controlling the crystallization of methylammonium antimony iodide for efficient lead-free perovskite solar cellsKaruppuswamy, P.; Boopathi, K.M.; Mohapatra, A.; Chen, H.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wang, P.-C.; Chu, C.-W.journal article1111
302018Fluorination effects of A-D-A-type small molecules on physical property and the performance of organic solar cellChen, K.-W.; Lin, L.-Y.; Li, Y.-H.; Li, Y.-Z.; Nguyen, T.P.; Biring, S.; Liu, S.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article77
312018Exciplex-Forming Cohost for High Efficiency and High Stability Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting DiodesShih, C.-J.; Lee, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Biring, S.; Kumar, G.; Yeh, T.-H.; Sen, S.; Liu, S.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article2021
322018The 3 D Structure of Twisted Benzo[ghi]perylene-Triimide Dimer as a Non-Fullerene Acceptor for Inverted Perovskite Solar CellsKaruppuswamy, P.; Chen, H.-C.; Wang, P.-C.; Hsu, C.-P.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chu, C.-W.journal article109
332018Organic polymeric and small molecular electron acceptors for organic solar cellsVenkateswararao, A.; Liu, S.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article2525
342018Blue-emitting bis-tridentate Ir(iii) phosphors: OLED performances: Vs. substituent effectsKuo, H.-H.; Hsu, L.-Y.; Tso, J.-Y.; Hung, W.-Y.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T.; Wong, K.-T. ; Zhu, Z.-L.; Lee, C.-S.; Jen, A.K.-Y.; Chi, Y.journal article22
352018Two novel small molecule donors and the applications in bulk-heterojunction solar cellsQi, X.; Lo, Y.-C.; Zhao, Y.; Xuan, L.; Ting, H.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Rahaman, M.; Chen, Z.; Xiao, L.; Qu, B.journal article42
362017Frequency-Selective Photobleaching as a Route to Chromatic Control in Supramolecular OLED DevicesTsai, Y.-T.; Liu, H.-F.; Peng, B.-J.; Tseng, K.-P.; Kuo, M.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wantz, G.; Hirsch, L.; Raffy, G.; Del Guerzo, A.; Bassani, D.M.journal article00
372017Dynamically tuning the correlated color temperature of white light-emitting electrochemical cells with electrochromic filtersChiou, B.-R.; Lee, H.-C.; Jang, Y.-F.; Yang, Z.-P.; Wang, Y.-C.; Sarma, M.; Su, H.-C.; Wong, K.-T. journal article98
382017Improving color saturation of blue light-emitting electrochemical cells by plasmonic filtersFan Chiang, C.-M.; Chang, B.-R.; Lee, Y.-J.; Sarma, M.; Yang, Z.-P.; Su, H.-C.; Cheng, H.-E.; Wong, K.-T. journal article45
392017Carbazole-bridged triphenylamine-bipyridine bipolar hosts for high-efficiency low roll-off multi-color PhOLEDsChatterjee, T.; Hung, W.-Y.; Tang, W.-F.; Chen, H.-F.; Wong, K.-T. journal article86
402017Anomalously Long-Lasting Blue PhOLED Featuring Phenyl-Pyrimidine Cyclometalated Iridium EmitterSarma, M.; Tsai, W.-L.; Lee, W.-K.; Chi, Y.; Wu, C.-C.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T.; Wong, K.-T. journal article3130
412017Emissive nanotubes from templated self-assembly of small moleculesTseng, K.-P.; Tsai, Y.-T.; Shyue, J.-J.; Raffy, G.; Del Guerzo, A.; Wong, K.-T. ; Bassani, D.M.journal article43
422017Organic dianchor dyes for dye-sensitized solar cellsKumar, D.; Wong, K.-T. journal article99
432017The synthesis, structure, and properties of 5,6,11,12-tetraarylindeno[1,2-: B] fluorenes and their applications as donors for organic photovoltaic devicesLo, Y.-C.; Ting, H.-C.; Li, Y.-Z.; Li, Y.-H.; Liu, S.-W.; Huang, K.-W.; Wong, K.-T. journal article55
442017Hybrid bimetallic-N4 electrocatalyst derived from a pyrolyzed ferrocene-Co-corrole complex for oxygen reduction reactionSamireddi, S.; Shown, I.; Shen, T.-H.; Huang, H.-C.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chen, L.-C.; Chen, K.-H.journal article108
452017Adjusting color temperature of electroluminescence from white light-emitting electrochemical cells by laser-scanned annealing of nanoparticlesLee, H.-C.; Chiang, C.-M.F.; Wu, P.-Y.; Yao, Y.-C.; Sarma, M.; Yang, Z.-P.; Su, H.-C.; Lee, Y.-J.; Wong, K.-T. Conference Paper0
462017Impact of Thermal Annealing on Organic Photovoltaic Cells Using Regioisomeric Donor-Acceptor-Acceptor MoleculesZhang, T.; Han, H.; Zou, Y.; Lee, Y.-C.; Oshima, H.; Wong, K.-T. ; Holmes, R.J.journal article1716
472017Remote Steric Effect as a Facile Strategy for Improving the Efficiency of Exciplex-Based OLEDsHung, W.-Y.; Wang, T.-C.; Chiang, P.-Y.; Peng, B.-J.; Wong, K.-T. journal article3633
482017Intramolecular or intermolecular charge transfer approaches for highly efficient TADF materials and OLEDsWong, K.-T. Conference Paper00
492017Intramolecular or intermolecular charge transfer approaches for highly efficient TADF materials and OLEDsWong, K.-T. Conference Paper00
502017Intramolecular or intermolecular charge transfer approaches for highly efficient TADF materials and OLEDsWong, K.-T. Conference Paper00
512016Laser-scanned programmable color temperature of electroluminescence from white light-emitting electrochemical cellsLee, H.-C.; Fan Chiang, C.-M.; Wu, P.-Y.; Yao, Y.-C.; Sarma, M.; Yang, Z.-P.; Su, H.-C.; Lee, Y.-J.; Wong, K.-T. journal article86
522016Efficient and Tunable Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters Having Orientation-Adjustable CN-Substituted Pyridine and Pyrimidine Acceptor UnitsPan, K.-C.; Li, S.-W.; Ho, Y.-Y.; Shiu, Y.-J.; Tsai, W.-L.; Jiao, M.; Lee, W.-K.; Wu, C.-C.; Chung, C.-L.; Chatterjee, T.; Li, Y.-S.; Wong, K.-T. ; Hu, H.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; Lee, M.-T.journal article110110
532016Cofacial Versus Coplanar Arrangement in Centrosymmetric Packing Dimers of Dipolar Small Molecules: Structural Effects on the Crystallization Behaviors and Optoelectronic CharacteristicsChou, S.-H.; Kang, H.-W.; Chang, S.-T.; Wu, K.-Y.; Bazan, G.C.; Wang, C.-L.; Lin, H.-L.; Chang, J.-H.; Lin, H.-W.; Huang, Y.-C.; Tsao, C.-S.; Wong, K.-T. journal article66
542016Easy Access to NO<inf>2</inf>-Containing Donor¡VAcceptor¡VAcceptor Electron Donors for High Efficiency Small-Molecule Organic Solar CellsTing, H.-C.; Yang, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-H.; Lee, J.-H.; Chang, J.-H.; Wu, C.-I.; Chiu, T.-L.; Lin, C.-F.; Chung, C.-L.; Wong, K.-T. journal article44
552016Electroluminescence from spontaneously generated single-vesicle aggregates using solution-processed small organic moleculesTsai, Y.-T.; Tseng, K.-P.; Chen, Y.-F.; Wu, C.-C.; Fan, G.-L.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wantz, G.; Hirsch, L.; Raffy, G.; Guerzo, A.D.; Bassani, D.M.journal article55
562016Highly Twisted Carbazole¡VOxadiazole Hybrids as Universal Bipolar Hosts for High Efficiency PhOLEDsCheng, S.-H.; Hung, W.-Y.; Cheng, M.-H.; Chen, H.-F.; Lee, G.-H.; Chung, C.-L.; Yeh, T.-C.; Tang, W.-C.; Huang, S.-L.; Wong, K.-T. journal article2018
5720161,2-diphenylbenzimidazole-triarylamine hybrided bipolar host materials employing fluorene as bridge for RYB and white electrophosphorescent devicesMondal, E.; Hung, W.-Y.; Lin, K.-T.; Chen, H.-F.; Wong, K.-T. journal article22
582016Regioisomeric Effects of Donor¡VAcceptor¡VAcceptor¡¬ Small-Molecule Donors on the Open Circuit Voltage of Organic PhotovoltaicsChe, X.; Chung, C.-L.; Liu, X.; Chou, S.-H.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wong, K.-T. ; Forrest, S.R.journal article2120
592016Highly Twisted Dianchoring D-£k-A Sensitizers for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsLo, C.-Y.; Kumar, D.; Chou, S.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; Tsai, C.-H.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T.; Wong, K.-T. journal article1717
602016Organic LEDs: Sky-Blue Organic Light Emitting Diode with ?37% External Quantum Efficiency Using Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence from Spiroacridine-Triazine Hybrid (Adv. Mater. 32/2016)Lin, T.-A.; Chatterjee, T.; Tsai, W.-L.; Lee, W.-K.; Wu, M.-J.; Jiao, M.; Pan, K.-C.; Yi, C.-L.; Chung, C.-L.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wu, C.-C.journal article370
612016Sky-Blue Organic Light Emitting Diode with 37% External Quantum Efficiency Using Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence from Spiroacridine-Triazine HybridLin, T.-A.; Chatterjee, T.; Tsai, W.-L.; Lee, W.-K.; Wu, M.-J.; Jiao, M.; Pan, K.-C.; Yi, C.-L.; Chung, C.-L.; Wong, K.-T. ; Wu, C.-C.journal article334351
622016A-D-A type organic donors employing coplanar heterocyclic cores for efficient small molecule organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2121
632016Blade coating of Tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum as the electron-transport layer for all-solution blue fluorescent organic light-emitting diodesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1312
642016Efficient Vacuum-Deposited Ternary Organic Solar Cells with Broad Absorption, Energy Transfer, and Enhanced Hole MobilityKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1415
652016Balance the Carrier Mobility to Achieve High Performance Exciplex OLED Using a Triazine-Based AcceptorKEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article8281
662016A demonstration of solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells using the integrated on-chip plasmonic notch filtersKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article88
672015A silole copolymer containing a ladder-type heptacylic arene and naphthobisoxadiazole moieties for highly efficient polymer solar cellsSHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article5353
682015Efficient solution-processed green and white phosphorescence organic light-emitting diodes based on bipolar host materialsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2727
692015Novel organic dyes containing N-bridged oligothiophene coplanar cores for dye-sensitized solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1112
702015Non-doped solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells employing the microcavity effectKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2522
712015An exciplex forming host for highly efficient blue organic light emitting diodes with low driving voltageCHIH-I WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article160147
722015Efficient solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells employing embedded red color conversion layersKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2321
732015Enhancing device efficiencies of solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells by employing waveguide couplingKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2118
742015A versatile thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitter for both highly efficient doped and non-doped organic light emitting devicesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article143144
752015Efficient Vacuum-Deposited Tandem Organic Solar Cells with Fill Factors Higher Than Single-Junction SubcellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article98
762015A wide absorption donor-acceptor active layer for vacuum-deposited organic photovoltaic devices with a 6.8 % power conversion efficiencyKEN-TSUNG WONG conference paper00
772015Functional p-Type, Polymerized Organic Electrode Interlayer in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite/Fullerene Planar Heterojunction Hybrid Solar CellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2222
782015Merocyanines for vacuum-deposited small-molecule organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article98
792015Solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells based on scattering red color conversion layersKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article88
802015A novel donor-acceptor-acceptor molecular for planar mix heterojunction C60 based organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG conference paper00
812014Indolo[2,3- b ]carbazole synthesized from a double-intramolecular buchwald-hartwig reaction: Its application for a dianchor DSSC organic dyeKEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article3432
822014The stimulated emission depletion properties of spiro-BTAKEN-TSUNG WONG conference paper0
832014Highly twisted biphenyl-linked carbazole-benzimidazole hybrid bipolar host materials for efficient PhOLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2121
842014Highly efficient organic solar cells using a solution-processed active layer with a small molecule donor and pristine fullereneKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article3030
852014Microcavity-embedded, colour-tuneable, transparent organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article6059
862014Spontaneous formation of light-trapping nano-structures for top-illumination organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1110
872014Regioisomeric Effects on the Electronic Features of Indenothiophene-Bridged D-π-A′-A DSSC SensitizersCHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1514
882014Vacuum-deposited interconnection layers for tandem solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1313
892014The first tandem, all-exciplex-based woledKEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article130128
902014Benzochalcogenodiazole-based donor-acceptor-acceptor molecular donors for organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2223
912014New universal bipolar host materials with fluorene as non-conjugated bridge for multi-color electrophosphorescent devicesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article99
922014A universal, easy-to-apply light-quality index based on natural light spectrum resemblanceKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1818
932014Bipolar hosts based on a rigid 9,10-dihydroanthracene scaffold for full-color electrophosphorescent devicesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article44
942014Supramolecular control of electronic properties in aromatic materialsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article33
952014Energy transfer in supramolecular materials for new applications in photonics and electronicsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2530
962014New molecular donors with dithienopyrrole as the electron-donating group for efficient small-molecule organic solar cellsCHIH-I WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article3838
972013Charge Separation in Donor-Acceptor Spiro Compounds at Metal and Metal Oxide Surfaces Investigated by Surface PhotovoltageCHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article10
982013Fine-tuning the balance between carbazole and oxadiazole units in bipolar hosts to realize highly efficient green PhOLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2120
992013Fluorene-based asymmetric bipolar universal hosts for white organic light emitting devicesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article107108
1002013Molecular topology tuning of bipolar host materials composed of fluorene-bridged benzimidazole and carbazole for highly efficient electrophosphorescenceKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article4640
1012013Manipulation of connecting topology in carbazole/benzimidazole universal bipolar host materials for RGB and White PhOLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2118
1022013Light- and solvent-driven morphological transformations of self-assembled hydrogen-bonded nanostructuresCHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article99
1032013Intramolecular charge separation in spirobifluorene-based donor-acceptor compounds adsorbed on Au and indium tin oxide electrodesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article33
1042013Pyridine-based electron transporting materials for highly efficient organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article3229
1052013Spontaneous formation of artificial vesicles in organic media through hydrogen-bonding interactionsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article109
1062013Functionalized terfluorene for solution-processed high efficiency blue fluorescence OLED and electrophosphorescent devicesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2118
1072013Charge carrier dynamics of vapor-deposited small-molecule/fullerene organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2323
1082013Continuously tunable organic solid-state DFB laser utilizing molecular reorientation in molecular glassesCHUNG-CHIH WU ; CHIEH-HSIUNG KUAN ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article32
1092013Donor-acceptor small molecule with coplanar and rigid π-bridge for efficient organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1516
1102013Photophysical studies on D-π-A dye-sensitized solar cells: Effects of π-bridge and hexyloxy side chains in donor moietiesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1010
1112013Mechanoluminescent and efficient white OLEDs for Pt(ii) phosphors bearing spatially encumbered pyridinyl pyrazolate chelatesKEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article5048
1122013Enhanced electroluminescence based on thermally activated delayed fluorescence from a carbazole-triazine derivativeKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article9190
1132013Improving device efficiencies of solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells by adjusting the emissive-layer thicknessKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article3937
1142013Highly efficient bilayer interface exciplex for yellow organic light-emitting diodeKEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article107105
1152012Incorporation of CN group into mCP: new bipolar host material for highly efficient blue and white electrophosphorescent devicesCHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article9490
1162012Novel Oxygen Sensor based on Terfluorene Thin-film and Its Enhanced Sensitivity by Stimulated EmissionCHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article77
1172012Photoinduced charge separation in donor-acceptor spiro compounds at metal and metal oxide surfaces: application in dye-sensitized solar cellCHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2018
1182012Functionalizing Organic Dye with Cross-linkable Electrolyte-blocking Shell as a New Strategy for Improving DSSC EfficiencyCHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article88
1192012Peripheral modification of 1,3,5-triazine based electron-transporting host materials for sky blue, green, yellow, red, and white electrophosphorescent devicesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article3534
1202012Spiro-configured bipolar hosts incorporating 4,5-diazafluroene as the electron transport moiety for highly efficient red and green phosphorescent OLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2828
1212012Highly efficient bifacial transparent organic solar cells with power conversion efficiency greater than 3% and transparency of 50%KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2929
1222012Tailoring carrier injection efficiency to improve the carrier balance of solid-state light-emitting electrochemical cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article3430
1232012A novel heteroterfluorene for efficient blue and white OLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article66
1242012Os(II) based green to red phosphors: A great prospect for solution-processed, highly efficient organic light-emitting diodesKEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article8078
1252012Vacuum-deposited small-molecule organic solar cells with high power conversion efficiencies by judicious molecular design and device optimizationKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article220217
1262012Pyrolyzed cobalt corrole as a potential non-precious catalyst for fuel cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article8074
1272012In situ reversible conversion of porphyrin aggregate morphologyKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1212
1282012UV light-emitting electrochemical cells based on an ionic 2,2′-bifluorene derivativeKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2522
1292012Electroluminescence based on thermally activated delayed fluorescence generated by a spirobifluorene donor-acceptor structureKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article285271
1302012Cationic iridium complexes with intramolecular π-π Interaction and enhanced steric hindrance for solid-state light-emitting electrochemical cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article3935
1312012A new thermally crosslinkable hole injection material for OLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2522
1322012Carbazole and benzimidazole/oxadiazole hybrids as bipolar host materials for sky blue, green, and red PhOLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2926
1332012Efficient solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells based on phosphorescent sensitizationKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article3937
1342012An effective bilayer cathode buffer for highly efficient small molecule organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2930
1352012Manipulating the nanostructure of organogels generated from molecules with a 3-dimensional truxene coreKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1615
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2242007分子間電子交互作用之操控與有機元件應用(1/3)汪根欉 report
2252007分子間電子交互作用之操控與有機元件應用(2/3)汪根欉 report
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