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12018Quaternion Boundary Element Method for Coupled Exterior and Interior Magnetostatic FieldsHong, H.-K.; Kao, Y.-C.; Lee, J.-W.; Liu, L.-W.; Chen, J.-T.; HONG-KI HONG journal article00
22018Clifford algebra valued boundary integral equations for three-dimensional elasticityLiu, L.-W.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article44
32017A description of three-dimensional yield surfaces by cubic polynomialsLiu, L.-W.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article10
42016Applications of the Clifford algebra valued boundary element method to electromagnetic scattering problemsLee, J.-W.; Liu, L.-W.; Hong, H.-K.; Chen, J.-T.; HONG-KI HONG journal article33
52016A scheme of automatic stress-updating on yield surfaces for a class of elastoplastic modelsLiu, C.-S.; Liu, L.-W.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article65
62015Generalized complex variable boundary integral equation for stress fields and torsional rigidity in torsion problemsLee, J.-W.; Hong, H.-K.; Chen, J.-T.; HONG-KI HONG journal article20
72015On the free terms of the dual BIE for N-dimensional Laplace problemsChen, J.-T.; Huang, W.-S.; Lee, J.-W.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article33
82015Recovery of Bi and Sb from Copper Spent Electrolytes by Electrowinning MethodKoo, Ja-Kyung; Hong, Heung-Ki; Lee, Jae-Ho; HONG-KI HONG journal article
92014Adaptive meshless local maximum-entropy finite element method for convection-diffusion problemsWu, C.T.; Young, D.L.; Hong, H.K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article77
102014A Clifford algebra formulation of Navier-Cauchy equationLiu, L.-W.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG conference paper30
112011Evolution of Yield Surface in the 2D and 3D Stress SpacesShin-Jang Sung; Li-Wei Liu; Hong-Ki Hong ; Han-Chin Wujournal article1814
122011Description of yield surface evolution using a convected plasticity modelWu, Han-Chin; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article44
132010Novel Algorithms Based on the Conjugate Gradient Method for Inverting Ill-Conditioned Matrices, and a New Regularization Method to Solve Ill-Posed Linear SystemsChein-Shan Liu; Hong-Ki Hong ; Satya N. Atlurijournal article50
142008動態規劃分析識別彈塑性研究(2/2)洪宏基 report
152007彈塑力問題超複變分析與實驗 (新制多年期第2年)洪宏基 report
162007組成律與運動律之動態系統學架構 (新制多年期第1年)洪宏基 report
172007Highly accurate computation of spatial-dependent heat conductivity and heat capacity in inverse thermal problemLiu, Chein-Shan; Liu, Li-Wei; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article
182007Two Complementary Trios Material Model and Experimental Simulations of SAE4340 and RHAChein-Shan Liu; Hong-Ki Hong ; Ya-Po Shiaojournal article
192007Two complementary trios material model and experimental simulations of SAE 4340 and RHALiu, C.-S.; Hong, H.-K.; Shiao, Y.-P.; HONG-KI HONG journal article02
202006彈塑力問題超複變分析與實驗 (新制多年期第1年)洪宏基 report
212006Microstructure observation of brazing Ti-6Al-4V and C103 using Ti-20Cu-20Ni-20Zr filler-metalHong, T. ; Koo, C. H.journal article
222005運動律與組成律之正則架構(1/2)洪宏基 report
232005降伏厚面開關機制之理論實驗與應用(2/2)洪宏基 report
242005Vaccum-furnace brazing of C103 and Ti-6Al-4V with Ti-15Cu-15Ni foilHong, T. ; Koo, C. H.journal article
252005The study of vacuum-furnace brazing of C103 and Ti-6Al-4V using Ti-15Cu-15Ni foilHong, T. ; Koo, C. H.journal article
262005Antibacterial properties corrosion resistance and Mechanical properties of Cu-modified SUS 304 stainless steelHong, T. ; Koo, C. H.journal article
272004冪定律用於循環彈塑性與黏彈性之建模(2/2)洪宏基 report
282004降伏厚面開關機制之理論實驗與應用(1/2)洪宏基 report
292004Special issue: Meshless methods: Guest Editors??ForewordYoung, D.-L.; Chen, C.-S.; Cheng, A.H.-D.; Hong, H.-K.; Chen, J.-T.; HONG-KI HONG others00
302003冪定律用於循環彈塑性與黏彈性之建模(1/2)洪宏基 report
312003結構控制的摩擦振動理論(2/2)洪宏基 report
322003Spinor maps for symmetries in four dynamical systemsChein-Shan Liu; Hong-Ki Hong journal article
332003Spurious and true eigensolutions of Helmholtz BIEs and BEMs for a multiply connected problemChen, J.T.; Liu, L.W.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article5746
342003Two-dimensional friction oscillator: Group-preserving scheme and handy formulaeLiu, C.-S.; Hong, H.-K.; Liou, D.-Y.; HONG-KI HONG journal article109
352002Two-Dimensional Friction Oscillator: Group Preserving Scheme and Handy FormulaeLiu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Liou, Der-Yuanjournal article
362002塑性之偽歐空間群論與實驗(3/3)洪宏基 report
372002結構控制的摩擦振動理論(1/2)洪宏基 report
382002Planar Double-Slip Model for Polycrystal Plasticity and Micro Tension Tests of Pure Nickel and CopperHong, Hong-Ki ; Hong-Ki Hong ; Chein-Shan Liu; Liu, Chein-Shan; Ya-Po Shiao; Shiao, Ya-Po; Bing-Chang Shih; Shih, Bing-Changjournal article33
392002Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Transactions of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Series A/Chung-Kuo: ForewordLoh, C.-H.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG others
402001結構動力辛計算及控制之方法(二)洪宏基 report
412001塑性之偽歐空間群論與實驗(2/3)洪宏基 report
422001Non-Sticking Oscillation Formulae for Coulomb Friction under Harmonic LoadingHong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-Shanjournal article3326
432001Some Physical Models with Minkowski Spacetime Structure and Lorentz Group SymmetryHong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-Shanjournal article1010
442001Lorentz Group on Minkowski Spacetime for Construction of the Two Basic Principles of PlasticityHong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-Shanjournal article1915
452001Using Comparison Theorem to Compare Corotational Stress Rates in the Model of Perfect ElastoplasticityChein-Shan Liu; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Hong-Ki Hong journal article2625
462000高屏大橋斷橋事件專案調報告陳振川 ; 洪宏基 ; 蔡長泰等report
472000台灣本土橋梁腐蝕防治技術概述洪宏基 ; 許鎧麟report
482000塑性組成律的研究進展與問題洪宏基 journal article
492000結構動力辛計算及控制之方法洪宏基 report
502000塑性之偽歐空間群論與實驗(1/3)洪宏基 report
512000橋梁腐蝕防治技術導則(草案),修訂版洪宏基 report
522000Coulomb Friction Oscillator: Modelling and Responses to Harmonic Loads and Base ExcitationsHong-Ki Hong ; Chein-Shan Liujournal article5139
532000Stabilized Optimal Linear Quadratic Control for Structures under External DisturbancesHong, Hong-Ki conference paper
542000The Contraction Ratios of Perfect Elastoplasticity under Biaxial ControlsLiu, Chein-Shan; Chein-Shan Liu; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Hong-Ki Hong journal article
552000Internal Symmetry in the Constitutive Model of Perfect ElastoplasticityHong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-Shanjournal article4846
562000Contraction ratios of perfect elastoplasticity under biaxial controlsLiu, C.-S.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article66
571999公共工程研發資源整合與發展策略陳振川 ; 洪宏基 ; 李孝安; 吳麗娟journal article
581999公共工程研發資源現況陳振川 ; 洪宏基 ; 李孝安; 吳麗娟journal article
591999Anisotropic Plasticity with Application to Sheet MetalsHan-Chin Wu; Hong-Ki Hong ; Ya-Po Shiaojournal article
601999橋梁腐蝕防治技術導則(草案)洪宏基 report
611999橋梁腐蝕防治技術手冊洪宏基 report
621999橋梁隧道材料腐蝕劣化原因之探討及防治對策(一)洪宏基 report
631999彈塑性之閔氏時空群論與模式識別實驗(II)洪宏基 report
641999三維聲時間域對偶邊界積分方程蔡志隆; 洪宏基 conference paper
651999各機關公共工程研發資源之整合陳振川 ; 洪宏基 report
661999Lorentz Group SOo(5,1) for Perfect Elastoplasticity with Large Deformation and a Consistency Numerical SchemeHong-Ki Hong ; Chein-Shan Liujournal article
671999室內聲場模擬之研究(3/3)洪宏基 report
681999Internal Symmetry in Bilinear ElastoplasticityHong-Ki Hong ; Chein-Shan Liujournal article4542
691999Endochronic Description of Plastic Anisotropy in Sheet MetalHan-Chin Wu; Hong-Ki Hong journal article53
701999Non-Oscillation Criteria for Hypoelastic Models under Simple Shear DeformationChein-Shan Liu; Hong-Ki Hong ; Hong-Ki Hong journal article2118
711999Evaluating the efficiency of system integration projects using data envelopment analysis (DEA) and machine learningHong, H. K.; Ha, S. H.; Shin, C. K.; Park, S. C.; Kim, S. H.; HONG-KI HONG journal article
721999Review of Dual Boundary Element Methods with Emphasis on Hypersingular Integrals and Divergent SeriesChen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article3180
731999橋梁腐蝕防治對策陳振川 ; 洪宏基 conference paper
741999橋梁腐蝕原因之探討及防治對策洪宏基 conference paper
751998Plastic Plateau and Axial Effect in Cyclic Experiments of Low Carbon SteelShiao, Ya-Po; Han-Chin Wu; 洪宏基 ; Han-Chin Wu; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
761998彈塑性之閔氏時空群論與模式識別實驗洪宏基 report
771998室內聲場模擬之研究(2/3)洪宏基 report
781998Group Preserving Scheme in Large Deformation Perfect ElastoplasticityLiu, Chein-Shan; 洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
791998Spring-Coulomb Damping Oscillator Revisited洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-Shanconference paper
801998Hysteretic Structures under Multi-Dimensional Cyclic ExcitationsLiu, Chein-Shan; 洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
811998On Behavior of Perfect Elastoplasticity under Rectilinear Paths洪宏基 ; Liu, C.-S.; Hong, H.-K.journal article
821998無指向性音源研製與測試蔡志隆; 洪宏基 ; 謝炎龍conference paper
831998室內單頻噪音主動控制劉德源; 洪宏基 journal article
841997材料多軸熱環境循環研究洪宏基 report
851997室內聲場模擬之研究(1/3)洪宏基 report
861997三維聲場全像術之研究洪宏基 ; 劉德源; 蔡志隆conference paper
871997Prandtl-Reuss Elastoplasticity: On-Off Switch and Superposition FormulaeHong-Ki Hong ; Chein-Shan Liujournal article2825
881997An alternative method for transient and random responses of structures subject to support motionsChen, J.T.; Tsaur, D.H.; Hong, H.-K.; HONG-KI HONG journal article106
891996三維聲場全像術之研發洪宏基 report
901996彈塑性動態系統分析實驗與識別(II)洪宏基 report
911996Cyclic Responses of Mixed-Hardening Materials洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
921996Bifurcation and Shakedown of Bilinear Materials under Periodic Inputs洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-Shanconference paper
931996Integral Representations and Regularizations for a Divergent Series Solution of a Beam Subjected to Support MotionsJeng-Tzong Chen; Hong-Ki Hong ; Chau-Shioung Yeh; S.W. Chyuanjournal article37
941995彈塑性材料之應變率效應與溫度效應研究 (二)洪宏基 ; 劉進賢; 蕭雅柏; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 劉進賢; 蕭雅柏report
951995交通部重大工程施工品質評鑑委員組織及運作情形洪宏基 ; 龐家驊; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
961995Determination of Switch-Off Time of Mixed-Hardening Plasticity洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
971995Modal Reaction Method for Modal Participation Factors in Support Motion ProblemsJeng-Tzong Chen; Hong-Ki Hong ; Chau-Shioung Yehjournal article147
981995Global Constitutive Solutions of Prandtl-Reuss Elastoplasticity for Linear Paths洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
991995Application of Cesaro Mean and the L-Curve for Deconvolution ProblemChen, L. Y.; Chen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Chen, C. H.; Chen, L. Y.; Chen, J. T.; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article
1001995彈塑性動態系統分析實驗與識別洪宏基 report
1011995Dual Boundary Integral Equations at a Corner Using Contour Approach around SingularityChen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Chen, J. T.; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article3829
1021995An Endochronic Theory Accounted for Deformation Induced AnisotropyWu, H. C.; 洪宏基 ; Lu, J. K.; Wu, H. C.; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article1814
1031995Application of Ces?ro mean and the L-curve for the deconvolution problemChen, L.Y.; Chen, J.T.; Hong, H.-K.; Chen, C.H.; HONG-KI HONG journal article3834
1041994構造鋼受循環負載與衝擊熱之反應洪宏基 ; 劉進賢; 鄧宏逵; 蕭雅柏; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 劉進賢; 鄧宏逵; 蕭雅柏conference paper
1051994建築結構安全洪宏基 conference paper
1061994高層建築結構審查陳清泉; 蔡益超; 洪宏基 journal article
1071994彈塑材料力熱耦合的穩定與破壞研究洪宏基 ; 劉進賢; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 劉進賢report
1081994系統源反卷積與主動控制研究洪宏基 ; 劉德源; 陳正宗; 伍昊炯; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 陳正宗; 伍昊炯report
1091994高層建築結構設計審查標準及重點之整合研討陳清泉; 蔡益超; 洪宏基 ; Hong, Hong-Ki report
1101994土木工程與技術研究發展規劃洪宏基 report
1111994土木學門規劃洪宏基 journal article
1121994公路隧道噪音傳播劉德源; 洪宏基 ; 劉德源; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1131994Dual Integral Representation for Laplace's Equation with Corners洪宏基 ; Chen, J. T.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1141994Integral Constitutive Equations for Prandtl-Reuss Elasto-Plasticity洪宏基 ; Liu, C. S.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1151994The Time-Domain Solution of a Hysteretic Damping System in the Phase PlaneChen, L. Y.; Chen, J. T.; Chen, C. H.; 洪宏基 ; Chen, C. H.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1161994Complete State LQ Optimal Control of Earthquake-Excited Structures洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Liou, Der-Yuan; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-Shanjournal article
1171994Boundary Element Analysis and Design in Seepage Flow Problems with SheetpilesChen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Chen, J. T.; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article
1181994Free Vibration of a SDOF System with Hysteretic DampingChen, L. Y.; Chen, J. T.; Chen, C. H.; 洪宏基 ; Chen, J. T.; Chen, C. H.; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article2117
1191994Boundary element analysis and design in seepage problems using dual integral formulationChen, J.T.; Hong, H.-K.; Chyuan, S.W.; HONG-KI HONG journal article510
1201993國科會土木營建研究概況洪宏基 conference paper
1211993高分子及金屬基複合材料在太空中之應用研究顧鈞豪; 薛昌明; 洪宏基 ; Hong, Hong-Ki report
1221993構造鋼受循環負載與衝擊熱之反應洪宏基 ; 劉進賢; 鄧宏逵; 蕭雅柏; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 劉進賢; 蕭雅柏report
1231993碧潭橋靜力及動力特性之監測及分析(一)張國鎮 ; 陳振川 ; 莫詒隆; 洪宏基 ; Chang, Kuo-Chun ; Hong, Hong-Ki report
1241993臺北都會區大眾捷運系統竹圍紅樹林施工期間之環境管理及監測分析總研究報告 (八十年一月至八十二年六月)王鴻楷; 洪宏基 report
1251993土木工程學門規劃洪宏基 journal article
1261993建築防震: 五年中程實用性研究計畫規劃書洪宏基 report
1271993音響與振動領域認證項目編訂及規範標準彙整洪宏基 ; 劉德源; 林永福book
1281993捷運系統施工期間竹圍紅樹林噪音振動監測分析 (IV)洪宏基 ; 鄭正義; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 鄭正義report
1291993A Note on the Application of Large Mass and Large Stiffness Techniques for Multi-Support MotionChen, J. T.; Chyuan, S. W.; 洪宏基 ; Yeh, C. S.; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Yeh, C. S.conference paper
1301993On the Relations of Hypersingular Kernel and Divergent Series in Heat Conduction Problem Using BEMChen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Chen, J. T.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1311993On the Stokes' Transformation and Its Application to Support Motion ProblemChen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Yeh, C. S.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1321993On the Dual Integral Representation and Its Application to Vibration Problems洪宏基 ; Chen, J. T.; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Chen, J. T.conference paper
1331993Reconstructing J2 Flow Model for Elastoplastic MaterialsChein-Shan Liu; Hong-Ki Hong journal article
1341993土木工程技術研究發展及推動計劃小組洪宏基 report
1351993彈塑性材料之應變率效應與溫度效應研究(II)洪宏基 report
1361993多晶材料微觀量測與其力學行為洪宏基 ; 鄭正義; Hong, Hong-Ki report
1371993On the Dual Integral Representation of Boundary Value Problem in Laplace EquationChen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article
1381993Design of Steel Triangular Plate Energy Absorbers for Seismic-Resistant ConstructionTsai, Keh-Chyuan ; Chen; Hong ; ���J�� ; Chen; Hong journal article2940
1391993Integral-Equation Representations of Flow Elastoplasticity Derived from Rate-Equation Models洪宏基 ; Liou, J. K.; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Liou, J. K.journal article89
1401992Finite Element and Boundary Element Analyses in Seepage Problems Using MSC/NASTRAN and Integral FormulationChen, J. T.; 洪宏基 ; Chyuan, S. W.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1411992A New Development of Optimal Closed-Open-Loop Control洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Liou, Der-Yuan; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1421992Comparisons of Analytical Solution and MSC/ NASTRAN Results on Multi- Support Motion of Long Bridge Duringing EarthquakeChen, J. T.; Chyuan, S. W.; Yeh, C. S.; 洪宏基 ; Chen, J. T.; Yeh, C. S.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1431992Nonassociative (J2,J3) Elastoplasticity洪宏基 ; Liu, Chein-Shan; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1441992Theory of Elastic-Plastic-Damage Behaviors of Plastic HingesHong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1451992對偶積分表示式在剪力梁漫散振動的應用葉超雄; 洪宏基 ; 陳正宗; 葉超雄; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 陳正宗conference paper
1461992橋樑承受多重輸入之主動結構控制洪宏基 ; 葉超雄; 陳正宗; 劉德源; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 劉德源conference paper
1471992具同時量測微組織微應變與負載的材料微觀拉伸實驗機洪宏基 ; 鄭正義; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 鄭正義journal article
1481992遮音性隔音性及及吸音性對防音牆整體防音能力之影響洪宏基 ; 劉德源; 朱坤惶; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 劉德源; 朱坤惶report
1491992In-Situ Microstructural Observation and Concurrent Measurement of Load and Strain Histories洪宏基 ; Cheng, Cheng-Gi; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Cheng, Cheng-Giconference paper
1501992土木工程學門的研究規劃與發展方向洪宏基 conference paper
1511992土木工程科技學門現況報告洪宏基 report
1521992固定海域結構波壓反應頻譜劉德源; 洪宏基 ; 劉德源; Hong, Hong-Ki journal article
1531992多晶材料大變形量測與其力學行為洪宏基 ; 鄭正義; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 鄭正義report
1541992Study of Integration Strategy for Thermal-Elastic-Plastic Models洪宏基 ; Lan, H. S.; Liou, J. K.; Hong, Hong-Ki ; Liou, J. K.journal article31
1551992邊界元素法陳正宗; 洪宏基 book
1561992捷運系統施工期間竹圍紅樹林噪音振動監測分析 (II)洪宏基 ; 鄭正義; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 鄭正義report
1571992Affine Plasticity and Nonassociated Convex Distorsional PlasticityHong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1581992土木、水利工程規劃、協調及審查小組洪宏基 report
1591992Electro-optical Citrus Sorter陳世銘 ; Fon, D. S.; Hong, S. T. ; Wu, C. J.; Leu, KK. C.; Tien, B. T.; Chang, W. H.; Chen, Suming ; Hong, S. T. ; Chang, W. H.conference paper
1601991彈塑性材料之應變率效應與溫度效應研究洪宏基 ; 劉進賢; 劉錦坤; Hong, Hong-Ki ; 劉進賢; 劉錦坤report
1611991多晶材料晶粒晶界變形量測與其力學行為洪宏基 ; 鄭正義; Hong, Hong-Ki report
1621991國內土木工程科技研發現況洪宏基 journal article
1631991On the Accuracy of Finite Elements and Boundary Elements in Seepage Flow Problems with Sheet PilesChen, J. T.; Chyuan, S. W.; 洪宏基 ; Chyuan, S. W.; Hong, Hong-Ki conference paper
1641991隧道噪音傳播特性洪宏基 ; 劉德源; Hong, Hong-Ki report
1651991內涵理論組成律對材料方向性硬化之研究吳漢津; 洪宏基 ; Hong, Hong-Ki report
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