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12020Screening for diabetes in asymptomatic children: A simple and efficient methodWAN-CHEN WU ; Li H.-Y.; Chiang C.-C.; Sung F.-C.; Wei J.-N.; Chuang L.-M.journal article10
22020Progression of insulin resistance: A link between risk factors and the incidence of diabetesWAN-CHEN WU ; Wei J.-N.; Chen S.-C.; Fan K.-C.; Lin C.-H.; Yang C.-Y.; Lin M.-S.; Shih S.-R.; Hua C.-H.; Hsein Y.-C.; Chuang L.-M.; Li H.-Y.journal article11
32016Non-alcoholic fatty pancreas disease (NAFPD)WAN-CHEN WU ; Wang C.-Y.journal article00
42016Altered plasma acylcarnitine and amino acid profiles in type 2 diabetic kidney diseaseChuang W.-H.; Arundhathi A.; Lu C.; Chen C.-C.; WAN-CHEN WU ; Susanto H.; Purnomo J.D.T.; Wang C.-H.journal article88
52016Serum glycated albumin to guide the diagnosis of diabetes mellitusWAN-CHEN WU ; Ma W.-Y.; Wei J.-N.; Yu T.-Y.; Lin M.-S.; Shih S.-R.; Hua C.-H.; Liao Y.-J.; Chuang L.-M.; Li H.-Y.journal article2417
62013Association between non-alcoholic fatty pancreatic disease (nafpd) and the metabolic syndrome: Case-control retrospective studyWAN-CHEN WU ; Wang C.-Y.journal article5959