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12019The carbon benefit of thinned wood for bioenergy in TaiwanChiou C.-R.; Lin J.-C.; Liu W.-Y.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article00
22016Humic acid composition and characteristics of soil organic matter in relation to the elevation gradient of moso bamboo plantationsWang H.-C.; Chou C.-Y.; Chiou C.-R.; Tian G.; Chiu C.-Y.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article97
32016Predicted range expansion of the invasive plant Leucaena leucocephala in the Hengchun peninsula, TaiwanChiou C.-R.; Chen Y.-J.; Wang H.-H.; Grant W.E.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article00
42016Assessing the recreational value of protective forests at Taitung Forest Park in TaiwanChiou C.-R.; Lin J.-C.; Liu W.-Y.; Lin T.-W.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article12
52015Chamaecyparis montane cloud forest in Taiwan: ecology and vegetation classificationLi C.-F.; Zelen? D.; Chytr? M.; Chen M.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Chiou C.-R.; Hsia Y.-J.; Liu H.-Y.; Yang S.-Z.; Yeh C.-L.; Wang J.-C.; Yu C.-F.; Lai Y.-J.; Guo K.; Hsieh C.-F.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article1211
62015Plant bioclimatic models in climate change researchChiou C.-R.; Hsieh T.-Y.; Chien C.-C.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article43
72014評估非生物因子及玉山箭竹對於臺灣?杉?植群組成之影響?政道; 陳子英; 謝長富; 邱祈榮 ; Lin, C.T.; Chen, T.Y.; Hsieh, C.F.; Chiou, C.R.journal article00
82014Changes in the potential habitats of 10 dominant evergreen broad-leaved tree species in the Taiwan-Japan archipelagoNakao K.; Higa M.; Tsuyama I.; Lin C.-T.; Sun S.-T.; Lin J.-R.; Chiou C.-R.; Chen T.-Y.; Matsui T.; Tanaka N.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article1010
92014Expansion of protected areas under climate change: An example of mountainous tree species in TaiwanLin W.-C.; Lin Y.-P.; Lien W.-Y.; Wang Y.-C.; Lin C.-T.; Chiou C.-R.; Anthony J.; Crossman N.D.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article22
102014Forest cover reduces thermally suitable habitats and affects responses to a warmer climate predicted in a high-elevation lizardHuang S.-P.; Porter W.P.; Tu M.-C.; Chiou C.-R.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article2122
112014Coldness index does not indicate the upper limit of evergreen broad-leaved forest on a subtropical islandChiu C.-A.; Chiou C.-R.; Lin J.-R.; Lin P.-H.; Lin C.-T.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article23
122014TernCam: An automated energy-efficient visual surveillance systemChen C.-P.; Chuang C.-L.; Lin T.-S.; Liu C.-Y.; Jiang J.-A.; Yuan H.-W.; Chiou C.-R.; Hong C.-H.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU conference paper40
132013Classification of Taiwan forest vegetationLi C.-F.; Chytr? M.; Zelen? D.; Chen M.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Chiou C.-R.; Hsia Y.-J.; Liu H.-Y.; Yang S.-Z.; Yeh C.-L.; Wang J.-C.; Yu C.-F.; Lai Y.-J.; Chao W.-C.; Hsieh C.-F.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article4444
142013Modeling potential range expansion of the invasive shrub Leucaena leucocephala in the Hengchun Peninsula, TaiwanChiou C.-R.; Wang H.-H.; Chen Y.-J.; Grant W.E.; Lu M.-L.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article76
152013Future advantages in energetics, activity time, and habitats predicted in a high-altitude pit viper with climate warmingHuang S.-P.; Chiou C.-R.; Lin T.-E.; Tu M.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Porter W.P.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article2220
162013Plant diversity patterns in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests of Yunnan and TaiwanTang C.Q.; Chiou C.-R.; Lin C.-T.; Lin J.-R.; Hsieh C.-F.; Tang J.-W.; Su W.-H.; Hou X.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article108
172013Effects of repeated fires on ecosystem C and N stocks along a fire induced forest/grassland gradientCheng C.-H.; Chen Y.-S.; Huang Y.-H.; Chiou C.-R.; Lin C.-C.; Menyailo O.V.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article1714
182012Classification of the High-Mountain Coniferous Forests in TaiwanLin C.-T.; Li C.-F.; Zelen? D.; Chytr? M.; Nakamura Y.; Chen M.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Hsia Y.-J.; Hsieh C.-F.; Liu H.-Y.; Wang J.-C.; Yang S.-Z.; Yeh C.-L.; Chiou C.-R.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article98
192011Energy-efficient visual eyes system for wildlifeChen C.-P.; Lin C.-H.; Lai T.-W.; Chuang C.-L.; Lin T.-S.; Jiang J.-A.; Yuan H.-W.; Chiou C.-R.; Hong C.-H.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU conference paper50
202010Altitudinal distribution patterns of plant species in Taiwan are mainly determined by the northeast monsoon rather than the heat retention mechanism of MassenerhebungChiou, Chyi-Rong ; Song, Guo-Zhang Michael; Chien, Jui-Han; Hsieh, Chang-Fu; Wang, Jenn-Che; Chen, Ming-Yih; Liu, Ho-Yin; Yeh, Ching-Long; Hsia, Yue-Joe; Chen, Tze-Yingjournal article88
212010A GIS-dynamic segmentation approach to planning travel routes on forest trail networks in Central TaiwanChiou C.-R.; Tsai W.-L.; Leung Y.-F.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article2214
222010Comparison of potential water supply and demand in TaiwanLin C.; Chen H.; Kume T.; Chiou C.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article21
232009Nest site restoration increases the breeding density of blue-tailed bee-eatersWang Y.-P.; Siefferman L.; Wang Y.-J.; Ding T.-S.; Chiou C.-R.; Shieh B.-S.; Hsu F.-S.; Yuan H.-W.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article1412
242008從植群資料庫的結構來看台灣的森林植群分類系統李靜?; 謝長富; 陳明義; 陳子英; 邱祈榮 ; 夏禹九; 劉和義; 楊勝任; 葉慶龍; 王震哲; 俞秋豐; Zeleny, David ; Chytry, Milan
252008Effects of feed speed ratio and laser power on engraved depth and color difference of Moso bamboo laminaLin C.-J.; Wang Y.-C.; Lin L.-D.; Chiou C.-R.; Wang Y.-N.; Tsai M.-J.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU journal article1111
262008破碎棲地之面積、孤離度與棲地異質度對都市地景之鳥類群聚組成之影響-以台北市公園綠地為例葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 ; 葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 
272007台灣植群多樣性先驅分析-木本植物垂直分帶之探討林建融; 林逸盈; 林聖峰; 謝長富; 邱祈榮 
282006灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(5)大肚山氣候因子對其林火頻率與面積之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 林朝欽; 楊棋明; 黃文達 journal article
292006Colony site choice of blue-tailed bee-eaters: Influences of soil, vegetation, and water qualityHSIAO-WEI YUAN ; Brent Burt, D.; Wang, Lee Ping; WEN-LIAN CHANG ; Wang, Ming Kuang; CHYI-RONG CHIOU ; TZUNG-SU DING journal article149
302006白石溪集水區整體治理調查分析與規劃黃宏斌 ; 陳信雄; 邱祈榮 ; 魏迺雄; 黃國文book
312006Soil composition affects the nesting behavior of blue-tailed bee-eaters (Merops philippinus) on Kinmen IslandYuan, Hsiao-Wei ; Wang, Ming-Kuang; Chang, Wen-Lian ; Wang, Lee-Ping; Chen, Yue-Min; Chiou, Chyi-Rong journal article1411
322005Habitat Selection of the Cooperative Breeding Taiwan Yuhina (Yuhina brunneiceps) in a Fragmented Forest HabitatLee, Pei-Fen ; Shen, Sheng-Feng; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Chiou, Chyi-Rong ; Yuan, Hsiao-Wei 55
332004大肚山氣候因子對衛星遙測天竺草亮度指數BRI之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 黃文達 ; 楊棋明journal article
342004Integrated Watershed Management in Chi-Tou Forest Ecological AreaChen S.-C.; Wang Y.-N.; Chiou C.-R.; CHYI-RONG CHIOU conference paper0