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12023'Taoyuan No. 3-Spring Red' and 'Taoyuan No. 4-Red Glory', the New Cultivars of Cherry Blossom in Subtropical AreaWu, An Na; YU-SEN CHANG ; Wu, Chun WeiHortScience00
22023Kokedama and essential oils had a relaxing psychophysiological effect on Taiwanese women during the COVID-19 pandemicChung, Ya-Hui; Chen, Shiu-Jen; Lee, Ching-Luug; YU-SEN CHANG Explore (New York, N.Y.)00
32023Application of water-saving irrigation and biostimulants on the agronomic performance of maize (Zea mays)Chen, Cheng Hsuan; Lin, Kuan Hung; YU-SEN CHANG ; Chang, Yu JieProcess Safety and Environmental Protection00
42022Relaxing Effects of Breathing Pseudotsuga menziesii and Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oils on Psychophysiological Status in Older AdultsChung, Ya-Hui; Chen, Shiu-Jen; Lee, Ching-Luug; Wu, Chun-Wei; YU-SEN CHANG International journal of environmental research and public health32
52022Data and knowledge supporting decision-making for the urban Food-Water-Energy nexusYuan, Mei Hua; Bach-Głowińska, Joanna; PEI-TE CHIUEH ; YU-SEN CHANG ; HSIN-HSIN TUNG ; CHANG-PING YU ; HWONG-WEN MA ; Lubiński, Jacek; SHANG-LIEN LO Designing Sustainable and Resilient Cities: Small Interventions for Stronger Urban Food-Water-Energy Management00
62022Taipei: Sustainable management for wastescapes: A food-water-energy nexus experimentYuan, Mei Hua; PEI-TE CHIUEH ; YU-SEN CHANG ; HSIN-HSIN TUNG ; CHANG-PING YU ; HWONG-WEN MA ; SHANG-LIEN LO Designing Sustainable and Resilient Cities: Small Interventions for Stronger Urban Food-Water-Energy Management00
72022Nature-based solutions for securing contributions of water, food, and energy in an urban environmentYuan M.-H; Lo F.-C; CHANG-PING YU ; HSIN-HSIN TUNG ; YU-SEN CHANG ; PEI-TE CHIUEH ; Hsin-Chieh, Huang; Chang C.-C; Guan C.-Y; Wu C.-W; Xu Z.-X; Shang-Lien LoEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research00
82022Use of Ethephon and Calcium Acetate to Manipulate the Foliage Retention Rates of Camphor and Golden Shower TreesLi, N; Lo, KC; YU-SEN CHANG HORTICULTURAE00
92022Effective Methods for Adventitious Root Regeneration on Weeping Fig StemsLi, N; YU-SEN CHANG FORESTS00
102021Flowering Regulation of Potted Bougainvillea Plants under Five Water TreatmentsLin K.-H; Li J.-M; Wu C.-W; YU-SEN CHANG Philippine Agricultural Scientist0
112021Healthy horticulture for senior citizensYU-SEN CHANG ; Tu P.C.Acta Horticulturae
122021Protective effects of salicylic acid and calcium chloride on sage plants (Salvia officinalis l. and salvia elegans vahl) under high?temperature stressLin K.-H; Lin T.-Y; Wu C.-W; YU-SEN CHANG Plants
132021Effects of temperatures on growth, physiological, and antioxidant characteristics in Houttuynia cordataLi Y.-S; Lin K.-H; Wu C.-W; YU-SEN CHANG Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca
142021Effects of plant growth regulators and polyamines on bract longevity in Bougainvillea buttianaLin K.-H; Li J.-M; Wu C.-W; YU-SEN CHANG Horticulture Environment and Biotechnology
152021Saving water used for vegetable production by applying regulated deficit irrigation practicesYU-SEN CHANG ; Lin K.-H; Chen Y.-J; Wu C.-W; Chang Y.-J.Acta Scientiarum Polonorum, Hortorum Cultus
162021Influence of fertilizer and salicylic acid treatments on growth, physiological, and antioxidant characteristics in green and red Perilla frutescens varietiesJhou Y.-J; Lin K.-H; Wu C.-W|YU-SEN CHANG Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca
172020Growth, physiological, and antioxidant characteristics in green and red Perilla frutescens varieties as affected by temperature- and water-stressed conditionsLin, K.-H.; Jhou, Y.-J.; Wu, C.-W.; YU-SEN CHANG Scientia Horticulturae12
182020矽膠乾燥技術於蘭科植物種子超低溫保存上之應用研究吳容儀(Rung-Yi Wu); 林景平(Ching-Ping Lin); 謝廷芳(Ting-Fang Hsieh); 莊耿彰(Keng-Chang Chuang); 戴廷恩(Ting-En Dai); 張育森(Yu-Sen Chang); YU-SEN CHANG 台灣農業研究
192020Flavonoid compounds and photosynthesis in passiflora plant leaves under varying light intensitiesNi, Y.-W.; Lin, K.-H.; Chen, K.-H.; Wu, C.-W.; YU-SEN CHANG Plants1614
202020Effects of types of horticultural activity on the physical and mental state of elderly individualsTu, P.-C.; Cheng, W.-C.; Hou, P.-C.; YU-SEN CHANG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1514
212020Effects of betaine and chitin on water use efficiency in lettuce (lactuca sativa var. capitata)Lin, F.-W.; Lin, K.-H.; YU-SEN CHANG ; Lin, K.-H.; Wu, C.-W.HortScience8
222020The induction of adventitious roots regeneration before transplanting rootless ficus elastica heritage treeLi, N.; Tu, P.-C.; Lo, K.-C.; YU-SEN CHANG Forests3
232020Phenological characteristics of potted kumquat under protected cultureChang, Y.-C.; YU-SEN CHANG ; IOU-ZEN CHEN ; Lin, L.-H.Horticultural Science and Technology0
242020Evaluation of vegetation indices and plant growth regulator use on the rooting of azalea cuttings | ?ndices vegetativos e uso de reguladores de crescimento para enraizamento de estacas de azal?iaHou, P.-C.; Lin, K.-H.; Huang, Y.-J.; Wu, C.-W.; YU-SEN CHANG Horticultura Brasileira
252020Effects of waterlogging with different water resources on plant growth and tolerance capacity of four herbaceous flowers in a bioretention BasinYang, W.-C.; Lin, K.-H.; Wu, C.-W.; Chang, Y.-J.; YU-SEN CHANG Water (Switzerland)8
262020Potential of galled leaves of Goji (Lycium chinense) as functional foodChen, P.-Y.; Shih, T.-H.; Chang, K.-C.; Wang, J.-S.; Yang, C.-M.; YU-SEN CHANG BMC Nutrition16
272019Effects of Salicylic Acid and Calcium Chloride on Heat Tolerance of PoinsettiaLin, Kuan-Hung; Huang, Shao-Bo; Wu, Chun-Wei; YU-SEN CHANG Hortscience119
282019Applications of vegetation indices and biostimulators to the rooting of camellia cuttingsHou, P.-C.; Lin, K.-H.; Huang, Y.-J.; Wu, C.-W.; YU-SEN CHANG Journal of Applied Horticulture
292019Applying Dickson Quality Index, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, and Leaf Area Index for Assessing Plant Quality of Pentas lanceolataLin, Kuan-Hung; Wu, Chun-Wei; Chang, Yu-Sen; Wu, Chun Wei; Lin, Kuan Hung; YU-SEN CHANG Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca1613
302019Biostimulation of maize (Zea ma.ys) and irrigation management improved crop growth and water use under controlled environmentLin, K.-H.; Lin, F.-W.; Wu, C.-W.; Chang, Y.-S.; Lin, Furn Wei; Wu, Chun Wei; Lin, Kuan Hung; YU-SEN CHANG Agronomy66
312018Effect of capsule maturity and desiccation time on viability of Taiwan native orchid, Bletilla formosana seeds (Orchidaceae) after cryopreservationWu, Rung-Yi; Chuang, Keng-Chang; Hsieh, Ting-Fang; YU-SEN CHANG Taiwania
322018都市農園蔬菜栽培之適用介質配方莊婉琪(Wan-Chi Chuang); 張育森(Yu-Sen Chang); 林淑怡(Shu-I Lin); YU-SEN CHANG 臺灣園藝
332018栽培容器型式對都市農園蔬菜生長之影響莊婉琪(Wan-Chi Chuang); 張育森(Yu-Sen Chang); 林淑怡(Shu-I Lin); YU-SEN CHANG 臺灣園藝
342018雨水花園-兼「容」並「蓄」的景觀型態楊文綺; 張育森; 張育傑; YU-SEN CHANG 土木水利0
352017The effect of surface pretreatment on the corrosion performance of graphene coatings on 6061 aluminum alloyHuang, C. Y.; Liu, X. J.; Chang, Y.S. ; Chen, C. H.; YUEH-LIEN LEE ECS Transactions10
362017生物刺激素之定義、種類與應用吳俊偉(Chun-Wei Wu); 楊侑馨(Yu-Hsin Yang); 林凡暐(Furn-Wei Lin); 陳雋(Chun Chen); 張育森(Yu-Sen Chang); YU-SEN CHANG 台灣農學會報
372017臺灣大學校園平戶杜鵑花期預測之探討?佩君(Pei-Chun Tu); 陳右人(Iou-Zen Chen); 張育森(Yu-Sen Chang); YU-SEN CHANG 臺灣園藝
382015Response of shoot growth, photosynthetic capacity, flowering, and fruiting of potted ‘Nagami’ kumquat to different regulated deficit irrigationChang, Y.-C.; YU-SEN CHANG ; Lin, L.-H.Horticulture Environment and Biotechnology
392015Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Vegetation Indices to Predict the Timing of Nitrogen Demand in Pentas lanceolataWu, Chun-Wei; Lin, Kuan-Hung; Lee, Ming-Chih; Peng, Yung-Liang; Chou, Ting-Yi; YU-SEN CHANG Korean Journal of Horticultural Science & Technology13
402015Optimal nitrogen concentration and rapid nutritional diagnosis of nitrogen requirement for container production of Malabar chestnutPeng, Y.-L.; Liu, F.-Y.; Shen, R.-S.; YU-SEN CHANG HortTechnology
412015Chlorophyll fluorescence upper-to-lower-leaf ratio for determination of irrigation time for Pentas lanceolataWu, C.W.; Lee, M.C.; Peng, Y.L.; Chou, T.Y.; Lin, K.H.; YU-SEN CHANG Photosynthetica
422015Viability loss and oxidation during desiccation of recalcitrant Pachira macrocarpa SeedsShen, R.-S.; Lu, S.-W.; Huang, K.-L.; YU-SEN CHANG ; Miyajima, I.Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University
432015Effects of Temperature and Ethylene Response Inhibitors on Growth and Flowering of Passion FruitLiu, Fang-Yin; Peng, Yung-Liang; YU-SEN CHANG Korean Journal of Horticultural Science & Technology2
442014遮陰與矮化劑對馬拉巴栗綠苗編種苗生育與品質之影響?榮壽; 王智?; ?紹維; ?啟東; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 臺灣園藝 
452014Effects of seedling age and dehydration on the hypocotyl cracks of green braided seedling in Pachira macrocarpa (Cham. & Schi.) SchiShen, R.-S.; Lu, S.-W.; Huang, K.-L.; YU-SEN CHANG ; Miyajima, I.Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University
462014Phalaenopsis efficiently acclimate to highlight environment through orchid mycorrhizationLee, M.-C.; Chang, D.C.N.; Wu, C.-W.; Wang, Y.-T.; YU-SEN CHANG Scientia Horticulturae
472014Temperature Effects on Shoot Growth and Flowering of Kumquat TreesChang, Yung-Chiung; Chen, Iou-Zen; Lin, Lian-Hsiung; YU-SEN CHANG ; IOU-ZEN CHEN Korean Journal of Horticultural Science & Technology77
482013Nitrogen fertilization promotes the phytoremediation of cadmium in Pentas lanceolataYU-SEN CHANG ; Chang, Y.-J.; Lin, C.-T.; Lee, M.-C.; Wu, C.-W.; Lai, Y.-H.International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation
492013Effects of light-emitting diodes light quality on green-braided Pachira macrocarpa productionPeng, Y.-L.; Liu, F.-Y.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters
502013Chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf-air temperature difference as potential shade-tolerance indexes of ornamental plantsWu, C.-W.; Ke, T.-S.; Chang, Y.-J.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters
512013Cryopreservation of Bletilla formosana seeds (Orchidaceae) by desiccationWu, R.-Y.; Chang, S.-Y.; Hsieh, T.-F.; YU-SEN CHANG Scientia Horticulturae
522012Growth and union acclimation process of sweet pepper grafted by a tubing-grafting robotic system. HortChang, Yung-Chiung; SUMING CHEN ; Y. C. Chiu; L. H. Lin; YU-SEN CHANG Environmental Biotechnology65
532012The correlation between shade tolerance and leaf characteristics of ten urban landscape plantsWu, C.-W.; YU-SEN CHANG ; Lee, M.-C.; Sung, F.-H.; Huang, I.C.; Hsu, J.-H.Advanced Science Letters
542012Applying reflectance spectrum to evaluate water content in Pachira MacrocarpaPeng, Y.-L.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters
552012Autofluorescence approaches to observation of mycorrhizal colonization in five orchidsLee, M.-C.; Hsu, J.-H.; Cheng, S.-F.; Chang, D.C.N.; WEI-CHIANG SHEN ; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters
562012Treatment with 1-methylcyclopropene inhibits ethylene-induced bract abscission in potted bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spp.)Liu, F.Y.; Peng, Y.L.; YU-SEN CHANG Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology
572011Effects of shoot bending on ACC content, ethylene production, growth and flowering of bougainvilleaLiu, F.-Y.; YU-SEN CHANG Plant Growth Regulation
582011Alleviation of high temperature stress in wax begonia (Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum Hort.) by salicylic acidLin, L.-N.; Huang, K.L.; Okubo, H.; YU-SEN CHANG Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University
592011Ethephon Treatment Promotes Flower Formation in BougainvilleaFang-Yin Liu; YU-SEN CHANG Botanical Studies
602011Ethephon treatment promotes flower formation inbougainvilleaLiu, F.-Y.; YU-SEN CHANG Botanical Studies
612010Photosensitization of Dye/TiO2 thin films by using natural dye of TCPPLin, C.-H.; Chang, C.-Y.; Chang, Y.-J.; Lee, Y.-C.; Hwa, M.-Y.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Materials Research
622010Comparison of the effects of plant parables on the promotion of spiritual benefits in students with differing horticultural backgroundsYu, W.-W.; Ling, D.-L.; YU-SEN CHANG HortTechnology
632009水楊酸對植物抗高溫逆境之作用張育森; 林鈴娜; YU-SEN CHANG 臺灣園藝 
642008臺大自然美:臺大校園植物導覽手冊張育森 ; 林秀美
652008台北地區綠籬植物應用現況之調查陳俊宏 ; 張育森 ; 許榮輝造園景觀學報 
662008光線、溫度、水份等因子對楓香異戊二烯生成之研究彭永良; 孫岩章; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 環境保護 
672008光線、溫度、水分等因子對楓香異戊二烯生成之研究張育森 ; 彭永良; 孫岩章 中華民國環境保護學會學刊
682008灰關聯決策在暖季草坪草種抗旱性評估之應用李安然; 許明晃; 黃文達; 楊棋明; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中華民國雜草學會會刊 00
692008地下盆中盆育苗系統對三種草花生育之影響張育森; 張旻宜; YU-SEN CHANG 植物種苗 
702008Nitrogen fertilization for enhancing phytoremediation of cadmium in star clusterChang, Yu-Sen ; Chang, Yu-Jie; Lin, Chien-TsanJournal of Biotechnology 00
712008水楊酸處理提高四季秋海棠耐熱性張育森 ; 林鈴娜; 賴允慧; 侯炳丞臺灣園藝 
722007樟樹容器苗生產技術之探討林楨祐; 張育森 ; 許榮輝造園景觀學報 
732007台灣常見環境綠化植物耐陰之研究吳俊偉; 張育森 ; 許榮輝造園景觀學報 
742007梅峰四季風情-台大山地農場生態手札張育森 ; 郭紀凡; 李圓恩
752007森谷幽蘭—梅峰、春陽野生蘭手冊張育森 ; 李勇毅; 張正; 林信雄; 梁群健; 陳怡如; 陳美瑜
762007風華歲月十九年-台大山地實驗農場開發的跡與痕張育森 ; 康有德
772007合歡山主峰原生植栽復育工程暨棲地生態景觀改善工程技術引進計畫(第三期) 研究報告張育森 ; 張祖亮; 張俊彥 ; 許亞儒
782007空氣品質淨化區主要六種樹種全年淨化空氣污染物總量評估計畫期末報告孫岩章 ; 王亞男 ; 張育森 
792007Visual ecology: Outdoor light environment for plant design by computer simulationLin, C.-H.; Ling, D.-L.; YU-SEN CHANG Building and Environment
802007臺灣常見環境綠化植物耐陰之研究張育森 ; 許榮輝; 吳俊偉造園景觀學報
812007陽明山國家公園原生觀賞花木扦插繁殖之研究張育森 ; 張祖; 賴允慧; 侯炳丞國家公園學報
822006合歡山主峰原生植栽復育工程暨棲地生態景觀改善工程技術引進計畫(第二期) 研究報告張育森 ; 葉德銘 ; 張祖亮; 許亞儒; 林楨祐
832006陽明山國家公園稀有原生種植物保育生物學之研究張育森 ; 張祖亮; 賴允慧; 侯炳丞
842006喜蟲天降—梅峰、春陽常見昆蟲張育森 ; 邱一中; 莊雅芳; 黃靜芬
852006六種草坪草滯塵效益之評估及其機制之探討郭毓仁; 葉元純; 張育森 中華農學會報 
862006杜鵑花的欣賞與栽培劉芳吟; 張育森 造園季刊 
872006從人文景觀之特色談桃花的欣賞與利用林鈴娜; 張育森 造園季刊 
882006園藝(新視野學習百科)宋馥華; 張育森 
892006審美層次與恢復:以中國美學建構的恢復理論張育森; 游菀瑋; 曾昭旭; 凌德麟; YU-SEN CHANG 建築與城鄉研究學報 00
902006台灣十大名花選拔活動計畫張育森 ; 林鈴娜; 劉芳吟造園季刊
912006Copper hydroxide improved root quality of palimara alstonia in plastic containersYU-SEN CHANG ; Lin, C.-Y.HortTechnology
922005合歡山主峰原生植栽復育工程暨棲地生態景觀工程技術引進計畫研究報告張育森 ; 葉德銘 ; 張祖亮; 許亞儒; 林楨祐
932005綠手指聖經蔡丹婷; 張育森 
942005台灣常見草坪植物耐寒性之研究張育森; 林慧靜; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
952005Screening growth and root formation in cadmium-treated turfgrass using a whole-plant microculture systemKuo, Y.-J.; YU-SEN CHANG ; Lila, M.A.; Chiu, H.-Y.Journal of Plant Nutrition
962005Screening growth and root formation of cadmium-treated turfgrass using a whole plant microculture systemChang, Yu-Sen ; Kuo, Yu-Jen; Lila, M. A.; Chiu, Hsin-YiJournal of Plant Nutrition 
982004公園綠地草坪之施肥技術張育森 ; 鍾翊嫻; 蔡玉茹造園季刊
992004鎘對三種草坪品種吸收機制與生長抑制行為之評估張育森 ; 邱心怡; 張育傑; 郭毓仁中華農學會報
1022004黑板樹容器苗生產技術之探討張育森; 林楨祐; YU-SEN CHANG 植物種苗 
1032003氮肥施用對地毯草生育之影響與應用葉綠素計於氮素狀態診測之探討張育森; 鍾翊嫻; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1042003利用水耕法探討重金屬鎘對四種草坪草生長發育與吸收之影響張育森; 邱心怡; 張育傑; 郭毓仁; YU-SEN CHANG 土壤與環境 
1052003Making reasonable decisions for a greening plan: Effects of the distribution of shading duration by building structuresLin, C.-H.; Ling, D.-L.; YU-SEN CHANG Institute of Physics Conference Series
1062003生命科學上常用的SI單位之意義與換算張育森 ; 鍾翊嫻科學農業 
1072003都市綠化植物環境適性之評估指標張育森 造園季刊
1092001Rhododendron mucronatum G. Don grown in subtropical Taiwan does not manifest endodormancySung, F.H.; YU-SEN CHANG Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica
1102001Correlation between ozone resistance and relative chlorophyll fluorescence or relative stomatal conductance of bedding plantsYU-SEN CHANG ; Yu, M.R.Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica
1112001Variability between silver thiosulfate and 1-naphthaleneacetic acid applications in prolonging bract longevity of potted bougainvilleaYU-SEN CHANG ; Chen, H.-C.Scientia Horticulturae
1142000Effects of gibberellic acid and dormancy-breaking chemicals on flower development of Rhododendron pulchrum Sweet and R. scabrum DonYU-SEN CHANG ; Sung, F.-H.Scientia Horticulturae
1152000影響都市植栽減輕焦慮情緒效果之研究林晏州 ; 張育森 ; 游菀瑋中國園藝
1181998Relationships of crop water stress index (CWSI) with leaf water potential and soil water potential of duranta repens l. cv. golden leavesYU-SEN CHANG ; Chiang, Y.-F.Journal of the Agricultural Association of China
1191998遮陰與生長調節劑對九重葛生長及開花之影響梁瑞娟; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1201997仙丹花之開花習性與修剪時期對矮仙丹生長及開花之影響張育森; 吳淑均; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1211997依營養特徵編列暖季草坪植物檢索表及區別特徵圖鑑之研究張秀燕; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1221997木本植物之芽休眠機制及其調節宋馥華; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1231997The comparison of leaf temperature and Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) for estimating water status in golden dewdrop (Dranta repens L. cv. golden leaves) and coleus (Coleus blumei benth.)Chiang, Y.-F.; YU-SEN CHANG Journal of the Agricultural Association of China
1241997土壤壓實對五種草坪植物生育之影響Shiow-Yann Chang; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝
1251996夏季遮陰及生長調節劑對仙丹花生長與開花之影響吳淑均; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1261996溫度對矮仙丹生長與開花之影響吳淑均; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1271995植物生長調節劑對百香果生長及花芽形成之影響.張育森 ; 鄭正勇中國園藝 
1281995植物生長調節劑對百香果生長及花芽形成之影響張育森; 鄭正勇; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1291994陽臺、窗臺綠美化手冊張育森 ; 李哖
1301994環境保護觀點下的介質選用與肥培管理郭坤峰; 張育森 ; 李哖; Chang, Yu-Sen 臺灣花卉園藝 
1321993街道綠美化工作手冊張育森 ; 李哖
1331993陽臺窗臺適用植物手冊張育森 ; 李哖
1341993家庭盆栽的栽培管理張育森 ; 李哖興農園藝 
1351993陽臺、窗臺、鐵窗綠化美化之研究張育森 ; 李錦楓環境綠化通訊 
1361993逆境在園藝生產上之原理與應用張育森 華岡園藝 
1371992土壤酸鹼度(PH)之意義與應用張育森 臺灣花卉園藝 
1381992溫度和光線對百香果生長及花芽形成之影響張育森; 鄭正勇; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1391992土壤電導度意義及其應用張育森 臺灣花卉園藝 
1401992百香果光週性之研究張育森; 鄭正勇; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1411992聖誕紅產業研習心得張育森 臺灣花卉園藝 
1421992植物生長調節劑在花卉作物上之應用張育森 ; 沈再木; 侯清利; Chang, Yu-Sen 嘉農園藝 
1431992產銷整合架構中的農業生產與組織:農業生產技術的回顧與前瞻張育森 ; 林宗賢 農業發展研討會專輯 
1441988百香果開花習性之研究張育森; 鄭正勇; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1451987果樹果芽形成之激素調節作用張育森 科學農業 
1461987園藝科學之重點研究項目Miklos Faust; 張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1471986角質層在植物體上之功能與應用張育森 科學農業 
1481986柑桔之開花理張育森; YU-SEN CHANG 中國園藝 
1491986柑桔之開花生理張育森 中國園藝