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12018A concurrent dual-band and dual-mode frequency synthesizer for radar systemsY.-K. Tsai; Y.-K. Hsieh; H.-Y. Tsai; H.-S. Chen; L.-H. Lu; LIANG-HUNG LU journal article11
22018A high-voltage DAC-based transmitter for coded signals in high-frequency ultrasound imaging applicationsP.-C. Ku; K.-Y. Shih; L.-H. Lu; LIANG-HUNG LU journal article00
32017A 2.4-GHz dual-mode resizing power amplifier with a constant conductance output matchingW.-L. Ou; Y.-K. Tsai; P.-Y. Tseng; L.-H. Lu; LIANG-HUNG LU conference paper10
42017A 0.3-V 7.6-fJ/conv-step delta-sigma time-to-digital converter with a gated-free ring oscillatorC.-K. Chang; Y.-K. Tsai; K.-H. Cheng; L.-H. Lu; LIANG-HUNG LU conference paper00
52017A 51.3-MHz 21.8-ppm/�XC CMOS relaxation oscillator with temperature compensationY.-K. Tsai; L.-H. Lu; LIANG-HUNG LU journal article1512
62016A precise decibel-linear programmable-gain amplifier for ultrasound imaging receiversP.-K. Tsai; P.-C. Ku; C.-C. Lu; C.-M. Shih; L.-H. Lu; LIANG-HUNG LU conference paper40
72015A 5.2-GHz fully-integrated RF front-end by T/R switch, LNA and PA co-design with 3.2-dB NF and 25.0-dBm output powerLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper90
82015An analog on-line gain calibration loop for RF amplifiersLIANG-HUNG LU journal article11
92014A 19 GHz CMOS signal generator for 77 GHz FMCW radarsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article41
102014A built-in gain calibration technique for RF low-noise amplifiersLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper40
112014A digitally assisted amplitude calibration technique for phase-locked loop systemsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article11
122013A wideband programmable-gain amplifier for 60GHz applications in 65nm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper80
13201350 mV-input batteryless boost converter for thermal energy harvestingLIANG-HUNG LU journal article11297
142012A 34.8%-PAE CMOS Transmitter Frontend for 24-GHz FMCW Radar ApplicationsLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper10
152012A low voltage CMOS-based capacitive micromachined ultrasonic sensor developmentPAI-CHI LI ; WEI-CHENG TIAN ; LIANG-HUNG LU conference paper10
162012A 30 GHz CMOS frequency synthesizer for V-band applicationsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article79
172012A fully electrical startup batteryless boost converter with 50mV input voltage for thermoelectric energy harvestingLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper150
18201260-GHz four-element phased-array transmit/receive system-in-package using phase compensation techniques in 65-nm flip-chip CMOS processLIANG-HUNG LU journal article8376
192012An open-loop half-quadrature hybrid for multiphase signals generationLIANG-HUNG LU journal article22
202011CMOS circuit techniques for millimeter-wave voltage-controlled oscillator and injection-locked frequency dividerLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper0
212011A 60 GHz broadband low-noise amplifier with variable-gain control in 65 nm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2524
222011A V-Band divide-by-four direct injection-locked frequency divider in 0.18-um CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article1715
232010A 0.6-V delta-sigma ADC with 57-dB dynamic rangeLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper00
242010A low-power quadrature VCO and its application to a 0.6-V 2.4-GHz PLLLu, Chung-Ting; LIANG-HUNG LU ; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article5644
252009A 0.6 V low-power wide-range delay-locked loop in 0.18 µm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2618
262009A 10 GHz phase-locked loop with a compact low-pass filter in 0.18 μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article95
272009An experimental ultra-low-voltage demodulator in 0.18 µm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article
282009A 40-GHz low-noise amplifier with a positive-feedback network in 0.18-μm CMOSHsieh, Hsieh-Hung; LIANG-HUNG LU ; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article1225
292009MMICs in the millimeter-wave regimeLIANG-HUNG LU journal article4031
302009A 10 GHz Phase-Locked Loop With a Compact Low-Pass Filter in 0.18 um CMOSLi, Sin-Jhih; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article
312009A 0.6 V low-power wide-range delay-locked loop in 0.18 ?m CMOSLu, Chung-Ting; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article
322009An experimental ultra-low-voltage demodulator in 0.18 ?m CMOSLai, Li-Shin; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Weng, Po-Shuan; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article
332008多媒體系統無線傳輸介面之研發-子計畫二:適用於多媒體系統之可重組化前端電路設計(1/3)呂良鴻 report
342008An image-band-rejection technique for error detection of on-chip quadrature phasesLIANG-HUNG LU journal article32
352008A 3-5 GHz frequency-tunable receiver frontend for multi-band applicationsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article78
362008Gain-enhancement techniques for CMOS folded cascode LNAs at low-voltage operationsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article6047
372008A 5.2-GHz CMOS T/R switch for ultra-low-voltage operationsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article1817
382008可應用於軟性電子的TFT電路設計技術之開發-子計畫一:軟性電子感測陣列與讀取電路之研製(1/3)呂良鴻 report
392008適用於建築結構監控之無線感測網路系統-子計畫三:適用於無線感測網路之超低功率射頻技術(I)呂良鴻 report
402008適用於建築結構監控之無線感測網路系統-總計畫(I)呂良鴻 report
412008多媒體系統無線傳輸介面之研發-總計畫(1/3)呂良鴻 report
422008A 24-GHz receiver frontend with a LO signal generator in 0.18-um CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article4847
432008A build-in self-test technique for RF low-noise amplifiersLIANG-HUNG LU journal article3127
44200740-Gb/s High-Gain Distributed Amplifiers with Cascaded Gain Stages in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article5851
452007A 32-GHz rotary traveling-wave voltage controlled oscillator in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2419
462007Design of wide-tuning-range millimeter-wave CMOS VCO with a standing-wave architectureLIANG-HUNG LU journal article8071
472007Analysis and design of wideband injection-locked ring oscillators with multiple-input injectionLIANG-HUNG LU journal article7970
482007A millimeter-wave CMOS LC-tank VCO with an admittance-transforming techniqueLIANG-HUNG LU journal article1514
492007A 20-Gb/s 1:2 Demultiplexer with capacitive-splitting current-mode-logic latchesLIANG-HUNG LU journal article76
502007可應用於軟性電子的TFT電路設計技術之開發-子計畫一:軟性電子感測陣列與讀取電路之研製(2/3)呂良鴻 report
512007Design of ultra-low-voltage RF frontends with complementary current-reused architecturesLIANG-HUNG LU journal article10485
522007A compact quadrature hybrid MMIC using CMOS active inductorsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article5335
532007A 63-GHz voltage-controlled oscillator in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper180
542007A 0.5-V 1.9-GHz low-power phase-locked loop in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper330
552007A 10-Gb/s inductorless CMOS limiting amplifier with third-order interleaving active feedbackLIANG-HUNG LU journal article8061
562007A low-noise amplifier with integrated current and power sensors for RF BIST applicationsLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper200
572007An ultra-wideband distributed active mixer MMIC in 0.18-μm CMOS technologyLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2122
582007A Ku-band frequency synthesizer in 0.18-mu m CMOS technologyLIANG-HUNG LU journal article64
592007A high-performance CMOS voltage-controlled oscillator for ultra-low-voltage operationsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article9871
602007A 15/30-GHz dual-band multiphase voltage-controlled oscillator in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article5247
61200740GHz wide-locking-range regenerative frequency divider and low-phase-noise balanced VCO in 0.18μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper750
62200740Gb/s high-gain distributed amplifiers with cascaded gain stages in 0.18μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper150
632007A 16-GHz triple-modulus phase-switching prescaler and its application to a 15-GHz frequency synthesizer in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2214
642006A CMOS tunable transimpedance amplifierLIANG-HUNG LU journal article1813
652006A 15-Gb/s 2 : 1 multiplexer in 0.18-mu m CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article1914
662006A low-phase-noise K-band CMOS VCOLIANG-HUNG LU journal article5547
672006A harmonic injection-locked frequency divider in 0.18-mu m SiGeBiCMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2018
682006A Low-Phase-Noise K-Band CMOS VCOHsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article5547
692006A wide-tuning-range CMOS VCO with a differential tunable active inductorLIANG-HUNG LU journal article11486
702006A 30-GHz low-phase-noise 0.35-μm CMOS push-push oscillator using micromachined inductorsLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper120
712006A 9.5-dB 50-GHz Matrix Distributed Amplifier in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper130
722006A 40-GHz wide-tuning-range VCO in 0.18-um CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper00
732006Integrated CMOS power sensors for RF BIST applicationsLIANG-HUNG LU ; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung conference paper260
742006A 2.9-3.5-GHz tunable low-noise amplifierLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper70
752006A low-power oscillator mixer in 0.18-um CMOS technologyLIANG-HUNG LU journal article
762005A 22-GHz push-push CMOS oscillator using micromachined inductorsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2718
772005A 32-GHz non-uniform distributed amplifier in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2015
782005A miniaturized Wilkinson power divider with CMOS active inductorsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article5647
792005Ultra-low-voltage CMOS static frequency dividerLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper130
802005A Compact 2.4/5.2-GHz CMOS Dual-Band Low-Noise AmplifierLu, Liang-Hung ; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Wang, Yu-Shunjournal article
812005A wide-band CMOS injection-locked ring oscillatorLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2823
822005A compact 2.4/5.2-GHz CMOS dual-band low-noise amplifierLIANG-HUNG LU journal article9364
832005A 4-GHz phase shifter MMIC in 0.18-um CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article3124
842005A 45.6-GHz matrix distributed amplifier in 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOSChen, Tai-Yuan; Chien, Jun-Chau; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article100
852005A 45.6-GHz matrix distributed amplifier in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper100
862005Ultra-low-voltage mixer and VCO in 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOSHsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Chung, Kuo-Sheng; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article00
872005Ultra-low-voltage mixer and VCO in 0.18-um CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper260
882005A CMOS 5-GHz micro-power LNALIANG-HUNG LU conference paper250
892005A CMOS 5-GHz micro-power LNAHsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article250
902005A 9-GHz QUADRATURE-PHASE VCO IN 0.18-μm CMOS 9-GHz 正交壓控震盪器徐英智; 呂良鴻 ; Hsu, Ying-Chih; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article
912005An 80GHz traveling-wave amplifier in a 90nm CMOS technologyLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper580
922005具有內建自我測試功能之5GHz超低功率無線通訊系統之研製─子計畫一:5GHz低功率射頻收發機設計(1/2)呂良鴻 report
932005高效能類比積體電路之研製─子計畫二:高速資料傳輸系統收發機電路設計(2/3)呂良鴻 report
942005高效能類比積體電路之研製─總計畫(2/3)呂良鴻 report
952004A 4-91-GHz traveling-wave amplifier in a standard 0.12-μm SOI CMOS microprocessor technologyLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper4234
962004高效能類比積體電路之研製─子計畫二:高速資料傳輸系統收發機電路設計(1/3)呂良鴻 report
972004高效能類比積體電路之研製─總計畫(1/3)呂良鴻 report
982004具有內建自我測試功能之5GHz超低功率無線通訊系統之研製─子計畫一:5GHz低功率射頻收發機設計呂良鴻 report
992003A 4-91 GHz distributed amplifier in a standard 0.12 μm SOI CMOS microprocessor technologyLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper120
10020033-dimensional vertical parallel plate capacitors in an SOI CMOS technology for integrated RF circuitsLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper290
1012003High-performance three-dimensional on-chip inductors in SOI CMOS technology for monolithic RF circuit applicationsLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper260
1022003集總微波耦合器之電路設計與晶片製作呂良鴻 report
1032002Suitability of scaled SOI CMOS for high-frequency analog circuitsLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper310
1042001An X-band high-power amplifier using SiGe/Si HBT and lumped passive componentsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article127
1052001Design and implementation of micromachined lumped quadrature hybridsLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper180
1062001SiGe power heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) fabricated by fully self-aligned double mesa technologyLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper40
1071999Small- and large-signal operation of X-band CE and CB SiGe/Si power HBT’sLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper60
1081998Photoconductive probing and computer simulation of microwave potentials inside a SiGe MMICLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper30
1091998Experimental determination of minority electron mobility in p-type pseudomorphic SiGe/SiLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper10
1101998K-band Si/SiGe HBT MMIC amplifiers using lumped passive components with a micromachined structureLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper50
1111998X- and Ku-band amplifiers based on Si/SiGe HBT’s and micromachined lumped componentsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article5240
1121998Monolithically integrated SiGe-Si PIN-HBT front-end photoreceiversLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2113
1131998Single- and dual-feedback transimpedance amplifiers implemented by SiGe HBT technologyLIANG-HUNG LU journal article23
1141997Investigation of adjacent channel crosstalk in multichannel monolithically integrated 1.55 um photoreceiver arrayLIANG-HUNG LU journal article
1151997Monolithically integrated SiGe/Si PIN-HBT front-end transimpedance photoreceiversLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper30
1161994The design of the CMOS current-mode general purpose analog processorLIANG-HUNG LU conference paper30