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12024Complementary use of atom probe tomography (APT) and differential hall effect metrology (DHEM) for activation loss in phosphorus-implanted polycrystalline siliconLin, Kun Lin; Lee, Fa Yan; Chen, Yi Meng; Tseng, Yu Jen; HUNG-WEI YEN Scripta Materialia
22023Understanding the passive behaviour of low-chromium high-strength Hybrid steel in corrosive environmentsÖrnek, Cem; Payam, Beste; Gloskovskii, Andrei; Kazmanlı, Kürşat; Mohamed, Nourhan; Derin, Bora; Ürgen, Mustafa; Chou, Chin En; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Avcı, Burçak; Ooi, Stevenpj Materials Degradation00
32023The synergic effects of heat treatment and building direction on the microstructure and anisotropic mechanical properties of laser powder bed fusion Corrax maraging stainless steelWu, Ming Wei; Ku, Shu Wei; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Ku, Ming Hsiang; Chang, Shih Hsien; Ni, Kai; Shih, Zih Sin; Tsai, Chuan; Hsu, Ta Wei; Li, Chien Lun; Wang, Chih KaiMaterials Science and Engineering: A
42023Revealing the intensified preferred orientation and factors dominating the anisotropic mechanical properties of laser powder bed fusion Ti‐6Al‐4V alloy after heat treatmentWu, Ming Wei; Ni, Kai; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Chen, Jhewn Kuang; Wang, Pei; Tseng, Yu Jen; Tsai, Mo Kai; Wang, Shih Hao; Lai, Pang Hsin; Ku, Ming HsiangJournal of Alloys and Compounds62
52023Strategy of complex carbides in microalloyed 4Mn steels processed by quenching and austenite reversionSHAO-LUN LU ; Yang, Shan Chun; Zhu, Kangying; Chen, Yi Sheng; Cairney, Julie M.; Lin, Chun Ming; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials and Design00
62023Atom Probe Tomography for the Observation of Hydrogen in Materials: A ReviewChen, Yi Sheng; Liu, Pang Yu; Niu, Ranming; Devaraj, Arun; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Marceau, Ross K.W.; Cairney, Julie M.Microscopy and Microanalysis42
72023Investigation of Microstructure and Wear Properties of Precipitates-Strengthened Cu-Ni-Si-Fe AlloyPeng, Chun-Hao; Hou, Po-Yu; Lin, Woei-Shyang; Shen, Pai-Keng; Huang, Hao-Hsuan; Yeh, Jien-Wei; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Huang, Cheng-Yao; Tsai, Che-WeiMaterials (Basel, Switzerland)00
82022Effect of cell wall on hydrogen response in CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy additively manufactured by selective laser meltingLin, Yi Ting; An, Xianghai; Zhu, Zhiguang; Nai, Mui Ling Sharon; Tsai, Che Wei; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds1211
92022Hydrogen trapping at dislocations, carbides, copper precipitates and grain boundaries in a dual precipitating low-carbon martensitic steelMcCarroll, Ingrid E.; Lin, Yu-Chen; Rosenthal, Alexander; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Cairney, Julie M.Scripta Materialia53
102022Identification of prior β grains of additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V alloy using electron backscatter diffractionNi, Kai; Ku, Ming Hsiang; Tseng, Yu Jen; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Wu, Ming WeiMaterials Letters40
112022Digital Reconstruction of Engineered Austenite: Revisiting Effects of Grain Size and Ausforming on Variant Selection of MartensiteHuang, CY; SHAO-LUN LU ; HUNG-WEI YEN METALS44
122022High-quality AlGaN epitaxy on lattice-engineerable AlN template for high-power UVC light-emitting diodesWalde S; Huang C.-Y; Tsai C.-L; Hsieh W.-H; Fu Y.-K; Hagedorn S; Yen H.-W; Lu T.-C; Weyers M; Huang C.-Y.; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia85
132022On the mechanism of Mn partitioning during intercritical annealing in medium Mn steelsGuo Q; Yen H.-W; Luo H; Ringer S.P.; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia2322
142022Verification of the ability of Cu to dissolve in BCC δ in a δ-γ Solid Solution above 1200 °C and boosting δ nano-hardness in Cu-containing PHSSHsueh C.-H; Sun Y.-H; Tsao T.-C; Li C.-L; Liu J.-H; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Hsueh C.-H; JER-REN YANG ; Wang S.-H; Yeh J.-W; Chang H.-Y; CHUN-HWAY HSUEH Scripta Materialia43
152022Revisiting alloy design of low-modulus biomedical β-Ti alloys using an artificial neural networkWu C.-T; Lin P.-H; Huang S.-Y; Tseng Y.-J; Chang H.-T; Li S.-Y; Yen H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materialia85
162022Evaluating hydrogenated nickel-titanium alloy for orthopedic implantNguyen T.-T; Hu C.-C; Chou B.-Y; Chou C.-Y; Lin G.-Y; Hu Y.-C; Chen Y.-L; Hsu W.-T; Lin Z.-S; YUEH-LIEN LEE ; CHIH-HSUAN CHEN ; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Chung R.-J.Journal of Materials Research and Technology11
172022Tensile creep behavior of HfNbTaTiZr refractory high entropy alloy at elevated temperaturesLiu, CJ; Gadelmeier, C; SHAO-LUN LU ; Yeh, JW; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Gorsse, S; Glatzel, U; Yeh, ACACTA MATERIALIA1412
182022Inorganic-Cation Pseudohalide 2D Cs2Pb(SCN)2Br2 Perovskite Single CrystalLiao C.-H; Chen C.-H; Bing J; Bailey C; Lin Y.-T; Pandit T.M; Granados L; Zheng J; Tang S; Lin B.-H; HUNG-WEI YEN ; McCamey D.R; Kennedy B.J; Chueh C.-C; CHU-CHEN CHUEH et al. Advanced Materials2019
192022Mobility Enhancement in P-Type SnO Thin-Film Transistors via Ni Incorporation by Co-SputteringHsu S.-M; Yang C.-E; Lu M.-H; Lin Y.-T; Yen H.-W; I-CHUN CHENG ; HUNG-WEI YEN IEEE Electron Device Letters55
202022Crystalline characteristics of a dual-phase precipitation hardening stainless steel in quenched solid solution and aging treatmentsPing-Jui Y; Cheng-Yao H; Yi-Ting L; Yu-Cheng S; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Cheng-An H; Shing-Hoa W; Jien-Wei Y; Wen-Hsing H; Tzy-Rong L; Tai-Wen H.Materials Chemistry and Physics23
212022Hydrogen-induced ductilization in a novel austenitic lightweight TWIP steelLai Z.-H; Lin Y.-T; Sun Y.-H; Tu J.-F; HUNG-WEI YEN Scripta Materialia127
222022Microstructure and mechanical properties of medium-entropy alloys with a high-density η-D024 phaseShen P.-K; Liu H.-C; Huang C.-Y; Yen H.-W; Yeh J.-W; Tsai C.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Characterization87
232022Enhancement in mechanical properties through an FCC-to-HCP phase transformation in an Fe-17.5Mn-10Co-12.5Cr-5Ni-5Si (in at%) medium-entropy alloyLin K; Chen S.-C; Lin H.-C; HSIN-CHIH LIN ; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds76
242022Deformation-activated recrystallization twin: New twinning path in pure aluminum enabled by cryogenic and rapid compressionLiu M; Wang P; Lu G; Huang C.-Y; You Z; Wang C.-H; HUNG-WEI YEN iScience53
252021Advanced Characterization on Nanostructure in SteelsYen H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Encyclopedia of Materials: Metals and Alloys00
262021Disordering of L12 Phase in High-Entropy Alloy Deformed at Cryogenic TemperatureLiu H.-C; Kuo C.-M; Shen P.-K; Huang C.-Y; Yen H.-W; Tsai C.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Advanced Engineering Materials64
272021Gradient microstructure and interfacial strength of CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy in solid-state ultrasonic weldingLin J.-Y; Lai Z.-H; Otsuki T; Yen H.-W; Nambu S.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Science and Engineering A117
282021HRTEM investigations on nano precipitates in Custom 475 maraging stainless steelHuang C.-Y; Yen H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Characterization109
292021Highly crystalline colloidal nickel oxide hole transport layer for low-temperature processable perovskite solar cellHUNG-WEI YEN ; YULIA GALAGAN Chemical Engineering Journal77
302021Mechanism of twinning induced plasticity in austenitic lightweight steel driven by compositional complexityLai Z.-H; Sun Y.-H; Lin Y.-T; Tu J.-F; Yen H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia3837
312021Role of Vanadium Carbide in Hydrogen Embrittlement of Press-Hardened Steels: Strategy From 1500 to 2000?MPaLin Y.-T; Yi H.L; Chang Z.Y; Lin H.-C; HSIN-CHIH LIN ; HUNG-WEI YEN Frontiers in Materials1212
322021Heterogeneous structure-induced strength-ductility synergy by partial recrystallization during friction stir welding of a high-entropy alloyLin, P.-T.; Liu, H.-C.; Hsieh, P.-Y.; Wei, C.-Y.; Tsai, C.-W.; Sato, Y.S.; Chen, S.-C.; Yen, H.-W.; Lu, N.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; CHIH-HSUAN CHEN ; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials and Design4340
332021Mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms in CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloys: A molecular dynamics studyChen K.-T; Wei T.-J; Li G.-C; Chen M.-Y; Chen Y.-S; Chang S.-W; Yen H.-W; SHU-WEI CHANG ; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Chemistry and Physics1817
342021Extraordinary warm ductility of a Mn-rich high-strength steel achieved at temperature below 0.5 TmCheng G.-J; Lai Z.-H; Jia T; Huang C.-Y; Yen H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Science and Engineering A66
352021Ultrafast formation of single phase B2 AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy films by reactive Ni/Al multilayers as heat sourceWang A; HUNG-WEI YEN et al. Materials and Design2015
362020Hydrogen-induced embrittlement of nickel-chromium-molybdenum containing HSLA steelsHsu, Y.-T.; Jiang, H.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; Lin, H.-C.; Hong, S.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; HSIN-CHIH LIN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Transactions of the Chinese Institute of Engineers,Series A44
372020Fatigue analyses and life predictions of laser-welded lap-shear specimens made of low carbon and high strength low alloy steelsSu, Z.-M.; Lin, P.-C.; Lai, W.-J.; Pan, J.; Cheng, G.-J.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN International Journal of Fatigue1010
382020Large delta T thermal cycling induced stress accelerates equilibrium and transformation in super DSSYu, P.-J.; Chen, S.-C.; Yen, H.-W.; Chang, H.-Y.; Yang, J.-R.; Wang, S.-H.; Chiu, P.-K.; Lin, T.-R.; JER-REN YANG ; HUNG-WEI YEN Crystals32
392020Machine learning recommends affordable new Ti alloy with bone-like modulusWu, C.-T.; Chang, H.-T.; Wu, C.-Y.; Chen, S.-W.; Huang, S.-Y.; Huang, M.; Pan, Y.-T.; Bradbury, P.; Chou, J.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Today5652
402020Nanoscale compositional fluctuations enabled by dynamic strain-induced austenite reversion in a Mn-rich duplex steelCheng, G.-J.; Lilensten, L.; Huang, C.-Y.; Gault, B.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Scripta Materialia65
412020Hydrogen trapping and desorption of dual precipitates in tempered low-carbon martensitic steelLin, Y.-C.; McCarroll, I.E.; Lin, Y.-T.; Chung, W.-C.; Cairney, J.M.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia3634
422020Comparative corrosion behavior of Fe 50 Mn 30 Co 10 Cr 10 dual-phase high-entropy alloy and CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy in 3.5 wt% NaCl solutionLu, C.-W.; Lu, Y.-S.; Lai, Z.-H.; Yen, H.-W.; Lee, Y.-L.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; YUEH-LIEN LEE Journal of Alloys and Compounds6054
432020Current Challenges and Opportunities in Microstructure-Related Properties of Advanced High-Strength SteelsRaabe, D.; Sun, B.; Kwiatkowski Da Silva, A.; Gault, B.; Yen, H.-W.; Sedighiani, K.; Thoudden Sukumar, P.; Souza Filho, I.R.; Katnagallu, S.; J?gle, E.; K?rnsteiner, P.; Kusampudi, N.; Stephenson, L.; Herbig, M.; Liebscher, C.H.; Springer, H.; Zaefferer, S.; Shah, V.; Wong, S.-L.; Baron, C.; Diehl, M.; Roters, F.; Ponge, D.; HUNG-WEI YEN Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science9685
442020Improvement in oxidation behavior of Al 0.2 Co 1.5 CrFeNi 1.5 Ti 0.3 high-entropy superalloys by minor Nb additionYang, J.-J.; Kuo, C.-M.; Lin, P.-T.; Liu, H.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; Tsai, C.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds2619
452020Microstrain and boundary misorientation evolution for recrystallized super DSS after deformationLi, J.-S.; Cheng, G.-J.; Yen, H.-W.; Yang, Y.-L.; Chang, H.-Y.; Wu, C.-Y.; Wang, S.-H.; Yang, J.-R.; JER-REN YANG ; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Chemistry and Physics1110
462020New protocol for orientation reconstruction from martensite to austenite in steelsHuang, C.-Y.; Ni, H.-C.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materialia3232
472020Efficient Spin-Orbit Torque Switching with Nonepitaxial Chalcogenide HeterostructuresChen, T.-Y.; Peng, C.-W.; Tsai, T.-Y.; Liao, W.-B.; Wu, C.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; Pai, C.-F.; CHI-FENG PAI ; HUNG-WEI YEN ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces3024
482020Role of the crystallographic texture in anisotropic mechanical properties of a newly-developed hot-rolled TRIP steelChen, S.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; Wang, Y.-T.; Huang, C.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Science and Engineering A1917
492020Efficiency improvement analysis of nano-patterned sapphire substrates and semi-transparent superlattice contact layer in UVC light-emitting diodesHuang C.-Y; Tsai C.-L; Huang C.-Y; Yang R.-Y; Wu Y.S; Yen H.-W; Fu Y.-K.; HUNG-WEI YEN Applied Physics Letters1211
502020Corrosion Behavior and Passive Film Characterization of Fe 50 Mn 30 Co 10 Cr 10 Dual-Phase High-Entropy Alloy in Sulfuric Acid SolutionLu, Y.-S.; Lu, C.-W.; Lin, Y.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; Lee, Y.-L.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; YUEH-LIEN LEE Journal of the Electrochemical Society2524
512020New approaches in understanding the effects of hydrogen trapping and the fishscaling resistance of enameled steelsLin, Y.-T.; Chiang, L.-J.; Lin, Y.-C.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Surface and Coatings Technology64
522019Corrosion behavior and surface analysis of 690 MPa-grade offshore steels in chloride mediaHuang, Wei Hsuan; HUNG-WEI YEN ; YUEH-LIEN LEE Journal of Materials Research and Technology2220
532019Microstructure and property of a selective laser melting process induced oxide dispersion strengthened 17-4?PH stainless steelHsu, T.-H.; Chang, Y.-J.; Huang, C.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; Chen, C.-P.; Jen, K.-K.; Yeh, A.-C.; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds5453
542019Theranostic Iron@Gold Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Hyperthermia-Chemotherapy upon Photo-StimulationLi, Y.; Dhawan, U.; Wang, H.-Y.; Liu, X.; Ku, H.-H.; Tsai, M.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; Chung, R.-J.; HUNG-WEI YEN Particle and Particle Systems Characterization1514
552019The Role of Plastic Strain on the Delayed Fracture Behavior of Twinning-Induced Plasticity SteelsLuo, Z.C.; Liu, R.D.; Wang, X.; Yen, H.W.; Huang, M.X.; HUNG-WEI YEN Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science76
562019Response of Hydrogen Desorption and Hydrogen Embrittlement to Precipitation of Nanometer-Sized Copper in Tempered Martensitic Low-Carbon SteelLin Y.-C.; Chen D.; Chiang M.-H.; Cheng G.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LIN ; HUNG-WEI YEN JOM1816
572019Thermal cycling induced stress–assisted sigma phase formation in super duplex stainless steelLi, J.-S.; Cheng, G.-J.; Yen, H.-W.; Wu, L.T.; Yang, Y.-L.; Wu, R.T.; Yang, J.-R. ; Wang, S.-H.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials and Design119
582019Revealing orientation-dependent martensitic transformation in amedium Mn steel by micropillar compressionNimaga, O.G.; He, B.B.; Cheng, G.J.; Yen, H.W.; Huang, M.X.; HUNG-WEI YEN International Journal of Plasticity1515
592019Microstructure and mechanical behaviors of GPa-grade TRIP steels enabled by hot-rolling processesChen, S.-C.; Wang, Y.-T.; Lin, Y.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; Yang, J.-R.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; JER-REN YANG Materials Science and Engineering A2019
602019Super-high-strength and formable medium Mn steel manufactured by warm rolling processHu, B.; He, B.; Cheng, G.; Yen, H.; Huang, M.; Luo, H.; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia9785
612018Microscopic origin of highly enhanced supercurrent in 122 pnictide superconductorZhuang, J.C.; Yeoh, W.K.; Yen, H.W.; Xu, X.; Du, Y.; Liu, H.W.; Yao, C.; Ma, Y.W.; Wang, X.L.; Ringer, S.P.; Dou, S.X.; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds33
622018Reversible 90-Degree Rotation of Fe Magnetic Moment Using HydrogenHsu, C.-C.; Chang, P.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Liu, C.-M.; Wu, C.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; Lin, W.-C.; HUNG-WEI YEN Scientific Reports98
632018Corrigendum to "Warm ductility enhanced by austenite reversion in ultrafine-grained duplex steel" [Acta Mater. 148C (2018) 344–354]Guan-Ju Cheng; Baptiste Gault; Cheng-Yao Huang; Ching-Yuan Huang; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia00
642018Warm ductility enhanced by austenite reversion in ultrafine-grained duplex steelCheng, G.-J.; Gault, B.; Huang, C.-Y.; Huang, C.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia1920
652018Increasing yield strength of medium Mn steel by engineering multiple strengthening defectsHe, B.B.; Huang, B.M.; He, S.H.; Qi, Y.; Yen, H.W.; Huang, M.X.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Science and Engineering A5247
662018Comparative study on spin-orbit torque efficiencies from W/ferromagnetic and W/ferrimagnetic heterostructuresWang, T.-C.; Chen, T.-Y.; Wu, C.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; CHI-FENG PAI ; HUNG-WEI YEN Physical Review Materials2826
672018Optimum properties of quenching and partitioning steels achieved by balancing fraction and stability of retained austeniteLiu, L.; He, B.B.; Cheng, G.J.; Yen, H.W.; Huang, M.X.; HUNG-WEI YEN Scripta Materialia10092
682017Hydrogen assisted tempered martensite embrittlement of ultra high strength martensitic steelChen T.C.; Chien W.H.; Wang Y.T.; Huang C.Y.; Yen H.W.; HSIN-CHIH LIN ; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Science Forum10
692017Micromechanical behavior of single crystalline Ni 3 Sn 4 in micro joints for chip-stacking applicationsYu L.J.; Yen H.W.; Wu J.Y.; Yu J.J.; C. ROBERT KAO ; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials Science and Engineering A1010
702017Complex Nano-scale structures for unprecedented properties in steelsCaballero, F.G.; Poplawsky, J.D.; Yen, H.-W.; Rementeria, R.; Morales-Rivas, L.; Yang, J.-R.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; JER-REN YANG Materials Science Forum40
712017Modulation of magnetic anisotropy through self-assembled surface nanoclusters: Evolution of morphology and magnetism in Co�VPd alloy filmsHsu, C.-C.; Chiu, H.-C.; Mudinepalli, V.R.; Chen, Y.-C.; Chang, P.-C.; Wu, C.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; Lin, W.-C.; HUNG-WEI YEN Applied Surface Science1211
722017Hydrogenation effect on uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of a Co <inf>x</inf> Pd <inf>1?x</inf> alloy microstructureMudinepalli, V.R.; Chen, Y.-C.; Chang, P.-C.; Hsu, C.-C.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Chiu, H.-C.; Wu, C.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; Shih, S.-J.; Lin, W.-C.; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds2018
732017Tunable spin-orbit torque in Cu-Ta binary alloy heterostructuresChen, T.-Y.; Wu, C.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; CHI-FENG PAI ; HUNG-WEI YEN Physical Review B3730
742017High-temperature tempered martensite embrittlement in quenched-and-tempered offshore steelsYen H.-W.; Chiang M.-H.; Lin Y.-C.; Chen D.; Huang C.-Y.; HSIN-CHIH LIN ; HUNG-WEI YEN Metals2319
752017Spin-Orbit Torque from a Magnetic Heterostructure of High-Entropy AlloyChen, T.-Y.; Chuang, T.-C.; Huang, S.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; CHI-FENG PAI ; SSU-YEN HUANG ; HUNG-WEI YEN Physical Review Applied22
762017High-quality and highly-transparent AlN template on annealed sputter-deposited AlN buffer layer for deep ultra-violet light-emitting diodesHuang, C.-Y.; Wu, P.-Y.; Chang, K.-S.; Lin, Y.-H.; Peng, W.-C.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Li, J.-P.; Yen, H.-W.; Wu, Y.S.; Miyake, H.; Kuo, H.-C.; HUNG-WEI YEN AIP Advances4542
772017High dislocation density-induced large ductility in deformed and partitioned steelsHe, B.B.; Hu, B.; Yen, H.W.; Cheng, G.J.; Wang, Z.K.; Luo, H.W.; Huang, M.X.; HUNG-WEI YEN Science701655
782017Coopetitive micro-mechanisms between recrystallization and transformation during/after dynamic strain-induced transformation in aluminum-containing low-carbon steelChen, S.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; Wang, Y.-T.; Yen, H.-W.; HUNG-WEI YEN Materials and Design1515
792017The origin and mitigation of volcano-like morphologies in micron-thick AlGaN/AlN heteroepitaxyHuang, C.-Y.; Chang, K.-S.; Huang, C.-Y.; Lin, Y.-H.; Peng, W.-C.; Yen, H.-W.; Lin, R.-M.; Kuo, H.-C.; HUNG-WEI YEN Applied Physics Letters77
802017Large strain burst induced by martensitic transformation in austenitic micropillarsNimaga, O.G.; Cheng, G.J.; Yen, H.W.; Huang, M.X.; HUNG-WEI YEN Scripta Materialia77
812017Grain boundary engineering for improving conductivity of polycrystalline SrTiO<inf>3</inf>Tzeng, W.-L.; Yen, H.-W.; Lin, W.-C.; Shih, S.-J.; HUNG-WEI YEN Ceramics International43
822017Effects of interphase TiC precipitates on tensile properties and dislocation structures in a dual phase steelTsai, S.-P.; Jen, C.-H.; Yen, H.-W.; Chen, C.-Y.; Tsai, M.-C.; Huang, C.-Y.; Wang, Y.-T.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; JER-REN YANG ; Tsai, Shao-Pu Materials Characterization3731
832015Transmission electron microscopy investigation of the transition from interphase-precipitated carbides to fibrous carbides in Fe-V-C steelsChen, M.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; Yang, J.-R.; HUNG-WEI YEN PTM 2015 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials 20150
842015Tensile Response of Two Nanoscale Bainite Composite-Like StructuresMorales-Rivas, L.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; Huang, B.-M.; Kuntz, M.; Caballero, F.G.; JER-REN YANG ; Garcia-Mateo, CarlosJOM4743
852015The influence of partitioning on the growth of intragranular �\ in near-�] Ti alloysLi, T.; Ahmed, M.; Sha, G.; Shi, R.; Casillas, G.; Yen, H.-W.; Wang, Y.; Pereloma, E.V.; Cairney, J.M.; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds3734
862015Role of stress-assisted martensite in the design of strong ultrafine-grained duplex steelsYen, H.-W.; Ooi, S.W.; Eizadjou, M.; Breen, A.; Huang, C.-Y.; Bhadeshia, H.K.D.H.; Ringer, S.P.; HUNG-WEI YEN Acta Materialia146133
872015Low temperature bainitic ferrite: Evidence of carbon super-saturation and tetragonalityGarcia-Mateo, C.; Jimenez, J.A.; Yen, H.-W. ; Miller, M.K.; Morales-Rivas, L.; Kuntz, M.; Ringer, S.P.; Yang, J.-R. ; Caballero F.G.Acta Materialia9282
882015On the universality of Suzuki segregation in binary Mg alloys from first principlesCui, X.-Y.; Yen, H.-W.; Zhu, S.-Q.; Zheng, R.; Ringer, S.P.; HUNG-WEI YEN Journal of Alloys and Compounds2017
892015Atom probe study of chromium oxide spinels formed during intergranular corrosionLa Fontaine, A.; Yen, H.-W.; Felfer, P.J.; Ringer, S.P.; Cairney, J.M.; HUNG-WEI YEN Scripta Materialia2823
902014Three phase crystallography and solute distribution analysis during residual austenite decomposition in tempered nanocrystalline bainitic steelsCaballero, F.G.; Yen, H.-W.; Miller, M.K.; Cornide, J.; Chang, H.-T.; Garcia-Mateo, C.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; JER-REN YANG Materials Characterization2116
912014Resolving the morphology of niobium carbonitride nano-precipitates in steel using atom probe tomographyBreen, A.J.; Xie, K.Y.; Moody, M.P.; Gault, B.; Yen, H.-W.; Wong, C.C.; Cairney, J.M.; Ringer, S.P.; HUNG-WEI YEN Microscopy and Microanalysis2927
922014Secondary hardened bainiteHuang, B.M.; Yang, J.R.; Yen, H.W.; Hsu, C.H.; Huang, C.Y.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; JER-REN YANG Materials Science and Technology (United Kingdom)3225
932014On the roles of graphene oxide doping for enhanced supercurrent in MgB <inf>2</inf> based superconductorsYeoh, W.K.; Cui, X.Y.; Gault, B.; De Silva, K.S.B.; Xu, X.; Liu, H.W.; Yen, H.-W.; Wong, D.; Bao, P.; Larson, D.J.; Martin, I.; Li, W.X.; Zheng, R.K.; Wang, X.L.; Dou, S.X.; Ringer, S.P.; HUNG-WEI YEN Nanoscale3834
942014Atomic-scale observation of parallel development of super elasticity and reversible plasticity in GaAs nanowiresBao, P.; Wang, Y.; Cui, X.; Gao, Q.; Yen, H.-W.; Liu, H.; Kong Yeoh, W.; Liao, X.; Du, S.; Hoe Tan, H.; Jagadish, C.; Zou, J.; Ringer, S.P.; Zheng, R.; HUNG-WEI YEN Applied Physics Letters2626
952014Martensitic transformation in an intergranular corrosion area of austenitic stainless steel during thermal cyclingLa Fontaine, A.; Yen, H.-W.; Trimby, P.; Moody, S.; Miller, S.; Chensee, M.; Ringer, S.; HUNG-WEI YEN ; HUNG-WEI YEN Corrosion Science2719
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