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12019A 232-1996-kS/s robust compressive sensing reconstruction engine for real-time physiological signals monitoringChen, Ting Sheng ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; AN-YEU(ANDY) WU journal article12
22019Diagnosis of the Dynamic Efficiency of Latent Heat Release and the Rapid Intensification of Supertyphoon Haiyan (2013)HUNG-CHI KUO ; Tsujino, S ; Huang, CC ; Wang, CC ; Tsuboki, K journal article00
32018Observation of Quasi-2-Day convective disturbances in the equatorial Indian Ocean during DYNAMOYu, H.; Johnson, R.H.; Ciesielski, P.E.; Kuo, H.-C. Journal Article23
42018On typhoon track deflections near the east coast of TaiwanHsu, L.-H.; Su, S.-H.; Fovell, R.G.; Kuo, H.-C. Journal Article22
52018Low-Complexity Secure Watermark Encryption for Compressed Sensing-Based Privacy PreservingHou, K.-N.; Chen, T.-S.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Chen, T.-H.; Wu, A.-Y.; 郭鴻基 Conference Paper00
62018Paper on the tropical intraseasonal oscillation published in 1963 in a Chinese journalLi, T.; Wang, L.; Peng, M.; Wang, B.; Zhang, C.; Lau, W.; Kuo, H.-C. Journal Article45
72018Low-Complexity Secure Watermark Encryption for Compressed Sensing-Based Privacy PreservingHou, K.-N.; Chen, T.-S.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Chen, T.-H.; Wu, A.-Y.Conference Paper00
82018A 232-to-1996KS/s robust compressive-sensing reconstruction engine for real-time physiological signals monitoringChen, T.-S.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Wu, A.-Y.Conference Paper60
92017Large increasing trend of tropical cyclone rainfall in Taiwan and the roles of terrain and southwest monsoonKuo, H.-C. ; Chang, C.-P.; Yang, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.-H.; Su, S.-H.; Lin, L.-Y.Book Chapter10
102017Structure and maintenance mechanism of long-lived concentric eyewalls associated with simulated Typhoon Bolaven (2012)Tsujino, S.; Tsuboki, K.; Kuo, H.-C. Journal Article44
112017Compressive sensing based ECG monitoring with effective AF detectionKuo, H.-C. ; Lin, Y.-M.; Wu, A.-Y.Conference Paper30
122017Effects of artificial local compensation of convective mass flux in the cumulus parameterizationOng, H.; Wu, C.-M.; Kuo, H.-C. Journal Article32
132017Influence of southwest monsoon flow and typhoon track on Taiwan rainfall during the exit phase: modelling study of typhoon Morakot (2009)Chen, Y.-H.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Wang, C.-C.; Yang, Y.-T.Journal Article22
142016A numerical study of back-building process in a quasistationary rainband with extreme rainfall over northern Taiwan during 11-12 June 2012Wang, C.-C.; Chiou, B.-K.; Chen, G.T.-J.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Liu, C.-H.Journal Article98
152016Numerical simulations of Typhoon Morakot (2009) using a multiply nested tropical cyclone prediction modelHendricks, E.A.; Jin, Y.; Moskaitis, J.R.; Doyle, J.D.; Peng, M.S.; Wu, C.-C.; Kuo, H.-C. Journal Article23
162016Record-Breaking Increase of Tropical Cyclone Heavy Rainfall in Taiwan in the First Decade of 21st CenturyChang, C.-P.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Sui, C.-H. Book Chapter0
172016Robust LMS-based compressive sensing reconstruction algorithm for noisy wireless sensor networksLin, Y.-M.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Wu, A.-Y.Conference Paper10
182016Deep convection in elliptical and polygonal eyewalls of tropical cyclonesKuo, H.-C. ; Cheng, W.-Y.; Yang, Y.-T.; Hendricks, E.A.; Peng, M.S.Journal Article22
192016臺北都會區豪雨型午後雷暴的觀測特徵與預報挑戰:2015年6月14日個案研究BEN JONG DAO JOU ; HUNG-CHI KUO journal article
202015A numerical study of convection in rainbands of Typhoon Morakot (2009) with extreme rainfall: Roles of pressure perturbations with low-level wind maximaHUNG-CHI KUO journal article99
212015Evaluation of humidity correction methods for Vaisala RS92 tropical sounding dataHUNG-CHI KUO journal article210
222015Relationship between Typhoons with concentric eyewalls and ENSO in the western North Pacific basinHUNG-CHI KUO journal article23
232014Understanding multidecadal climate changesCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; HUNG-CHI KUO journal article12
242014Hurricane eyewall evolution in a forced shallow-water modelHUNG-CHI KUO journal article025
252014Long-lived concentric eyewalls in Typhoon Soulik (2013)HUNG-CHI KUO journal article44
262013Ensemble forecasting of typhoon rainfall and floods over a mountainous watershed in TaiwanMING-JEN YANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article3932
272013Assessment of sewer flooding model based on ensemble quantitative precipitation forecastMING-JEN YANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2119
282013Improvement of watershed flood forecasting by typhoon rainfall climate model with an ANN-based southwest monsoon rainfall enhancementYIH-CHI TAN ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article88
292013On the geographic asymmetry of typhoon translation speed across the mountainous Island of TaiwanHUNG-CHI KUO journal article441
302013Sensitivity of typhoon track to asymmetric latent heating/rainfall induced by Taiwan topography: A numerical study of Typhoon Fanapi (2010)HUNG-CHI KUO journal article3923
312013High-resolution quantitative precipitation forecasts and simulations by the Cloud-Resolving Storm Simulator (CReSS) for Typhoon Morakot (2009)HUNG-CHI KUO journal article812
322013Structural and intensity changes of concentric eyewall typhoons in the Western North pacific basinHUNG-CHI KUO journal article024
332013Large increasing trend of tropical cyclone rainfall in Taiwan and the roles of terrainHUNG-CHI KUO journal article621
342012Temporal and spatial characteristics of typhoon extreme rainfall in TaiwanHUNG-CHI KUO journal article2318
352012Effects of asymmetric latent heating on typhoon movement crossing taiwan: The case of morakot (2009) with extreme rainfallHUNG-CHI KUO journal article245
362012Convection and rapid filamentation in typhoon sinlaku during TCS-08/T-PARCHUNG-CHI KUO journal article08
372012A new parallel domain-decomposed chebyshev collocation method for atmospheric and oceanic modelingYU-HENG TSENG ; HUNG-CHI KUO journal article140
382012Metabolic stratification driven by surface and subsurface interactions in a terrestrial mud volcanoLI-HUNG LIN ; SHENG-RONG SONG ; PEI-LING WANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article219
392011Barotropic Aspects of Hurricane Structural and Intensity VariabilityHUNG-CHI KUO other900
402011On the extreme rainfall of Typhoon Morakot (2009)HUNG-CHI KUO journal article177
412010莫拉克颱風路徑與降雨作業預報校驗HUNG-CHI KUO journal article21
422010Filamentation time diagnosis of thinning troughs and cutoff lowsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article34
432009Cloud microphysics impact on hurricane track as revealed in idealized experimentsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article949
442009Western North Pacific typhoons with concentric eyewallsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article149
452008Vortex interactions and barotropic aspects of concentric eyewall formationHUNG-CHI KUO journal article252
462008運用在分解定義域之淺水方程模型的切比雪夫排列法HUNG-CHI KUO dissertation17
472006Vortex interactions and the barotropic aspects of concentric eyewall formationHUNG-CHI KUO conference paper56
482004English translations of twenty-one of Ertel's papers on geophysical fluid dynamicsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article1
492004近期颱風研究之回顧HUNG-CHI KUO journal article51
502004The formation of concentric vorticity structures in TyphoonsHUNG-CHI KUO conference paper46
512004The formation of concentric vorticity structures in typhoonsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article356
522003Typhoon Vamei: An equatorial tropical cyclone formationHUNG-CHI KUO journal article5951
532003「颱風重點研究」暨「侵台颱風之GPS Dropsonde飛機偵察觀測實驗」郭鴻基 ; 吳俊傑 ; 林博雄 journal article4
542001Topographic effects on barotropic vortex motion: No mean flowHUNG-CHI KUO journal article44
552001Rossby waves in zonally opposing mean flow: Behavior in northwest Pacific summer monsoonHUNG-CHI KUO journal article42
562000Weather and climate research in Taiwan: Potential application of GPS/MET dataHUNG-CHI KUO journal article22
572000Merger of tropical cyclones Zeb and AlexHUNG-CHI KUO journal article25
582000不同水氣垂直結構的颮線模擬測試HUNG-CHI KUO journal article25
591999Experiments with a Spectral Convection ModelHUNG-CHI KUO journal article24
601999A study on the high-order Smolarkiewicz methodsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article211
611999颮線基本結構的數值模擬研究HUNG-CHI KUO journal article8
621999A possible mechanism for the eye rotation of Typhoon HerbHUNG-CHI KUO journal article12
631998Scale-dependent accuracy in regional spectral methodsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article20
641998賀伯颱風眼轉動可能機制探討HUNG-CHI KUO journal article3
651997The second-generation global forecast system at the Central Weather Bureau in TaiwanHUNG-CHI KUO journal article035
6619961994年南台灣夏季午後對流之研究HUNG-CHI KUO journal article
671996臺灣南部夏季午後對流個案模擬HUNG-CHI KUO other9
681995半拉格朗日法與正定義數值方法之比較HUNG-CHI KUO journal article
691994正定義數值方法的探討HUNG-CHI KUO journal article0
701994Smolarkiewicz正定義數值方法中的交錯項HUNG-CHI KUO journal article
711994年南台灣夏季午後對流之研究HUNG-CHI KUO other59
721994A Study of Finite Amplitude Barotropic InstabilityHUNG-CHI KUO journal article
731993氣象資料即時顯示與分析電腦工作站系統建置HUNG-CHI KUO book59
741993Semigeostrophic Invertibility Experiments with TAMEX DataHUNG-CHI KUO journal article
751992Boundary effects in regional spectral modelsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article25
761992淺對流層積雲動力模擬HUNG-CHI KUO journal article68
771990平流傳輸方程的計算:交錯網格之有限差分法HUNG-CHI KUO ; BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article18
781990Radiation Effects in the Cloud-Topped Marine Boundary LayerHUNG-CHI KUO journal article