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12020GSTM3 variant is a novel genetic modifier in Brugada syndrome, a disease with risk of sudden cardiac deathJuang J.-M.J.; Binda A.; Lee S.-J.; Hwang J.-J.; Chen W.-J.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin L.-Y.; Yu C.-C.; Ho L.-T.; Huang H.-C.; Chen C.-Y.J.; Lu T.-P.; Lai L.-C.; Yeh S.-F.S.; Lai L.-P.; Chuang E.Y.; Rivolta I.; Antzelevitch C.EBioMedicine75
22020Validation and disease risk assessment of previously reported genome-wide genetic variants associated with brugada syndrome: SADS-TW BrS registryJyh-Ming J.-J.; YEN BIN LIU ; Julius Chen C.-Y.; Yu Q.-Y.; Chattopadhyay A.; Lin L.-Y.; Chen W.-J.; Yu C.-C.; Huang H.-C.; Ho L.-T.; Lai L.-P.; Hwang J.-J.; Lin T.-T.; Liao M.-T.; Chen J.-J.; Sherri Yeh S.-F.; Chuang J.-Y.; Yang D.-H.; Lin J.-L.; Lu T.-P.; Chuang E.Y.; Ackerman M.J.Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine1113
32020Reverse electromechanical modelling of diastolic dysfunction in spontaneous hypertensive rat after sacubitril/valsartan therapySung Y.-L.; Lin T.-T.; Syu J.-Y.; Hsu H.-J.; Lin K.-Y.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin S.-F.ESC Heart Failure67
42020Implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy is cost effective for primary prevention patients in Taiwan: An analysis from the Improve SCA trialHolbrook R.; Higuera L.; Wherry K.; Phay D.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Lin K.-H.; YEN BIN LIU PLoS ONE22
52020Anti-Inflammatory and Antiarrhythmic Effects of Beta Blocker in a Rat Model of Rheumatoid ArthritisLin T.-T.; Sung Y.-L.; Syu J.-Y.; Lin K.-Y.; Hsu H.-J.; Liao M.-T.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin S.-F.Journal of the American Heart Association66
62020Real-World Rivaroxaban and Apixaban Levels in Asian Patients With Atrial FibrillationLin S.-Y.; Kuo C.-H.; Yeh S.-J.; Tsai L.-K.; YEN BIN LIU ; Huang C.-F.; Tang S.-C.; Jeng J.-S.Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics811
72020Utilization of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators for the prevention of sudden cardiac death in emerging countries: Improve SCA clinical trialZhang S.; Ching C.-K.; Huang D.; YEN BIN LIU ; Rodriguez-Guerrero D.A.; Hussin A.; Kim Y.-H.; Chasnoits A.R.; Cerkvenik J.; Lexcen D.R.; Muckala K.; Brown M.L.; Cheng A.; Singh B.; Improve SCA InvestigatorsHeart Rhythm1010
82020Clinical outcomes of complete left bundle branch block according to strict or conventional definition criteria in patients with normal left ventricular functionHuang H.-C.; Wang J.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chien K.-L.Acta Cardiologica Sinica01
92020Outcomes associated with amiodarone and lidocaine for the treatment of adult in-hospital cardiac arrest with shock-refractory pulseless ventricular tachyarrhythmiaWang C.-H.; Chang W.-T.; Huang C.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Yu P.-H.; Wu Y.-W.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chen W.-J.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association34
102020Increases in repolarization heterogeneity predict left ventricular systolic dysfunction and response to cardiac resynchronization therapy in patients with left bundle branch blockHuang H.-C.; Chien K.-L.; Chang Y.-C.; Lin L.-Y.; Wang J.; YEN BIN LIU Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology22
112019Impact of ancestral differences and reassessment of the classification of previously reported pathogenic variants in patients with brugada syndrome in the genomic era: A SADS-TW BrS registryChen C.-Y.J.; Lu T.-P.; Lin L.-Y.; YEN BIN LIU ; Ho L.-T.; Huang H.-C.; Lai L.-P.; Hwang J.-J.; Yeh S.-F.S.; Wu C.-K.; Juang J.-M.J.; Antzelevitch C.Frontiers in Genetics58
122019The prevalence and association of patients with impaired left ventricular ejection fraction and complete left bundle-branch block in TaiwanHuang H.-C.; Chien K.-L.; Lin H.-J.; YEN BIN LIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association33
132019Gender difference in clinical and genetic characteristics of Brugada syndrome: SADS-TW BrS registryChen C.-Y.J.; Juang J.-M.J.; Lin L.-Y.; YEN BIN LIU ; Ho L.-T.; Yu C.-C.; Huang H.-C.; Lin T.-T.; Liao M.-C.; Chen J.-J.; Hwang J.-J.; Chen W.-J.; Yeh S.-F.S.; Yang D.-H.; Chiang F.-T.; Lin J.-L.; Lai L.-P.; Horie M.; Wu M.-H.; Wu T.-J.; Chen S.-A.; Wang C.-C.; Chang K.-C.; Feng A.-N.; Lin Y.-J.; Ueng K.-C.; Tsao H.-M.; Huang J.-L.; Tsai W.-C.; Tsai C.-F.; Chang S.-L.; Lo L.-W.; Hu Y.-F.; Chung F.-P.; Chang C.-J.; Lo H.-M.; Chiang M.-C.; Hsia C.-P.; Liu J.-F.; Chiu S.-N.; Lin M.-T.; Chua S.-K.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Li C.-H.; Liao Y.-C.; Lin H.-H.; Liu Z.-Z.; Ye G.-H.; Chiu W.-R.; Chang J.-R.; Feng W.-J.; Chang S.-X.; Lei M.-H.; Ko W.-C.; Kong C.-W.; Kuo C.-T.; Huang B.-X.; Li K.-T.; Chen W.-D.; Luo J.-L.; Lin J.-Y.; Tsai T.-N.; Hsu C.-T.; Lin L.-R.; Chen R.-Y.; Li P.-T.; Stephen Huang S.K.; SADS-TW BrS RegistryQJM21
142019Reinforcement of patient education improved physicians’ adherence to guideline-recommended medical therapy after acute coronary syndromeLee C.-K.; Lai C.-L.; Lee M.-H.; Su F.-Y.; Yeh T.-S.; Cheng L.-Y.; Hsieh M.-Y.; Wu Y.-W.; YEN BIN LIU ; Wu C.-C.PLoS ONE54
152018Improving the utilization of implantable cardioverter defibrillators for sudden cardiac arrest prevention (Improve SCA) in developing countries: Clinical characteristics and reasons for implantation refusalSingh B.; Zhang S.; Ching C.-K.; Huang D.; YEN BIN LIU ; Rodriguez D.A.; Hussin A.; Kim Y.-H.; Chasnoits A.R.; Cerkvenik J.; Muckala K.A.; Cheng A.PACE - Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology55
162016Proarrhythmic risk and determinants of cardiac autonomic dysfunction in collagen-induced arthritis ratsLin T.-T.; Sung Y.-L.; Wu C.-E.; Zhang H.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin S.-F.BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders77
172016Reduced enhancement of high-frequency component in the cross spectrum of ECG and nostril airflow signals in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseLu W.-A.; Kuo J.; Wang Y.-M.; Lien T.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Tsai J.-Z.; Kuo C.-D.Physiological Reports10
1820162016 Guidelines of the Taiwan Heart Rhythm Society and the Taiwan Society of Cardiology for the management of atrial fibrillationChiang C.-E.; Wu T.-J.; Ueng K.-C.; Chao T.-F.; Chang K.-C.; Wang C.-C.; Lin Y.-J.; Yin W.-H.; Kuo J.-Y.; Lin W.-S.; Tsai C.-T.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lee K.-T.; Lin L.-J.; Lin L.-Y.; Wang K.-L.; Chen Y.-J.; Chen M.-C.; Cheng C.-C.; Wen M.-S.; Chen W.-J.; Chen J.-H.; Lai W.-T.; Chiou C.-W.; Lin J.-L.; Yeh S.-J.; Chen S.-A.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association8985
192016Antidepressants and Valvular Heart DiseaseLin C.-H.; Hsiao F.-Y.; YEN BIN LIU ; Gau S.S.-F.; Wang C.-C.; Shen L.-J.Medicine (United States)54
202015Improve the prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in emerging countries: The Improve SCA clinical study designZhang S.; Singh B.; Rodriguez D.A.; Chasnoits A.R.; Hussin A.; Ching C.-K.; Huang D.; YEN BIN LIU ; Cerkvenik J.; Willey S.; Kim Y.-H.Europace1815
212015Unique clinical characteristics and SCN5A mutations in patients with Brugada syndrome in TaiwanJuang J.M.J.; Tsai C.-T.; Lin L.-Y.; YEN BIN LIU ; Yu C.-C.; Hwang J.-J.; Chen J.-J.; Chiu F.-C.; Chen W.-J.; Tseng C.-D.; Chiang F.-T.; Yeh H.-M.; Sherri Yeh S.-F.; Lai L.-P.; Lin J.-L.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2422
222014QTcheterogeneity in rest magnetocardiography is sensitive to detect coronary artery disease: In comparison with stress myocardial perfusion imagingWu Y.-W.; Lin L.-C.; Tseng W.-K.; YEN BIN LIU ; Kao H.-L.; Lin M.-S.; Huang H.-C.; Wang S.-Y.; Horng H.-E.; Yang H.-C.; Wu C.-C.Acta Cardiologica Sinica5
232014Disease-targeted sequencing of ion channel genes identifies de novo mutations in patients with non-familial Brugada syndromeJuang J.-M.J.; Lu T.-P.; Lai L.-C.; Ho C.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Tsai C.-T.; Lin L.-Y.; Yu C.-C.; Chen W.-J.; Chiang F.-T.; Yeh S.-F.S.; Lai L.-P.; Chuang E.Y.; Lin J.-L.Scientific Reports4342
242014Utilizing multiple in silico analyses to identify putative causal SCN5A variants in brugada syndromeJuang J.-M.J.; Lu T.-P.; Lai L.-C.; Hsueh C.-H.; YEN BIN LIU ; Tsai C.-T.; Lin L.-Y.; Yu C.-C.; Hwang J.-J.; Chiang F.-T.; Yeh S.S.-F.; Chen W.-P.; Chuang E.Y.; Lai L.-P.; Lin J.-L.Scientific Reports1718
252014Spatial repolarization heterogeneity detected by magnetocardiography correlates with cardiac iron overload and adverse cardiac events in beta-thalassemia majorChen C.-A.; Lu M.-Y.; Peng S.-F.; Lin K.-H.; Chang H.-H.; Yang Y.-L.; Jou S.-T.; Lin D.-T.; YEN BIN LIU ; Horng H.-E.; Yang H.-C.; Wang J.-K.; Wu M.-H.; Wu C.-C.PLoS ONE55
262014Clinical characteristics of patients with congenital long QT syndrome and bigenic mutationsJuang J.-M.J.; Chen C.-Y.; Yeh H.-M.; Chiu W.-Y.; Yu C.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Tsai C.-T.; Lo L.-W.; Yeh S.-F.S.; Lai L.-P.Chinese Medical Journal99
272013Prevalence of atrial fibrillation in patients with brugada syndrome in TaiwanJuang J.-M.J.; Chen C.-Y.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin L.-Y.; Chen W.-J.; Lai L.-P.; Tsai C.-T.; Lin J.-L.Acta Cardiologica Sinica2
282013Usefulness of magnetocardiography to detect coronary artery disease and cardiac allograft vasculopathyWu Y.-W.; Lee C.-M.; YEN BIN LIU ; Wang S.-S.; Huang H.-C.; Tseng W.-K.; Jui H.-Y.; Wang S.-Y.; Horng H.-E.; Yang H.-C.; Wu C.-C.Circulation Journal108
292013A new method to estimate the amplitude spectrum analysis of ventricular fibrillation during cardiopulmonary resuscitationLo M.-T.; Lin L.-Y.; Hsieh W.-H.; Ko P.C.I.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin C.; Chang Y.-C.; Wang C.-Y.; Young V.H.W.; Chiang W.-C.; Lin J.-L.; Chen W.-J.; Ma M.H.M.Resuscitation2121
302011Nanowire field-effect transistors and their applications to cardiologyTsai C.-C.; Martin C.R.; YEN BIN LIU ; Pan C.-Y.; Chen Y.-T.Nanomedicine and the Cardiovascular System0
312011Cardiac involvement of natural killer/T-cell lymphoma presenting with electrical storm after cardioverter-defibrillator implantationHuang S.-H.; Hsieh S.-C.; Ko B.-S.; YEN BIN LIU Journal of Clinical Oncology35
322011Neurocognitive improvement after carotid artery stenting in patients with chronic internal carotid artery occlusion and cerebral ischemiaLin M.-S.; Chiu M.-J.; Wu Y.-W.; Huang C.-C.; Chao C.-C.; Chen Y.-H.; Lin H.-J.; Li H.-Y.; Chen Y.-F.; Lin L.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chao C.-L.; Tseng W.-Y.I.; Chen M.-F.; Kao H.-L.Stroke6960
332010Detrended fluctuation analysis predicts successful defibrillation for out-of-hospital ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrestLin L.-Y.; Lo M.-T.; Ko P.C.I.; Lin C.; Chiang W.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Hu K.; Lin J.-L.; Chen W.-J.; Ma M.H.M.Resuscitation4240
342009The immediate effects of pacemaker-related electric remodelling on left ventricular function in patients with sick sinus syndromeWang Y.-C.; Lin Y.-H.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lee J.-K.; Chen Y.-S.; Lee H.-H.; Lin L.-C.; Ho Y.-L.; Chen W.-J.Europace32
352009Imaging reactive oxygen species dynamics in living cells and tissuesWu C.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lu L.-S.; Lin C.-W.Frontiers in Bioscience - Scholar70
362009Incremental changes in QRS duration predict mortality in patients with atrial fibrillationLin Y.-J.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chu C.-C.PACE - Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology76
372009Distinct functional defect of three novel Brugada syndrome related cardiac sodium channel mutationsHsueh C.-H.; Chen W.-P.; Lin J.-L.; Tsai C.-T.; YEN BIN LIU ; Juang J.-M.; Tsao H.-M.; Su M.-J.; Lai L.-P.Journal of Biomedical Science1412
382009Reducing the Cyclic Variations of Ultrasonic Integrated Backscatters and Myocardial Electrical Synchronism by Reversibly Blocking Intercellular Communications with HeptanolLin L.-C.; Wu C.-C.; Lin M.-S.; Lin S.-F.; YEN BIN LIU Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology11
392009Effects of simvastatin on cardiac neural and electrophysiologic remodeling in rabbits with hypercholesterolemiaYEN BIN LIU ; Lee Y.-T.; Pak H.-N.; Lin S.-F.; Fishbein M.C.; Chen L.S.; Merz C.N.B.; Chen P.-S.Heart Rhythm2119
402008Biofunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles for in vitro labeling and in vivo locating specific biomoleculesWu C.C.; Lin L.Y.; Lin L.C.; Huang H.C.; Yang Y.F.; YEN BIN LIU ; Tsai M.C.; Gao Y.L.; Wang W.C.; Hung S.W.; Yang S.Y.; Horng H.E.; Yang H.C.; Tseng W.Y.I.; Yeh H.I.; Hsuan C.F.; Lee T.L.; Tseng W.K.Applied Physics Letters2117
412008Two-dimensional propagation of magnetocardiac T wave signals for characterizing myocardial ischemiaWu C.C.; Huang H.C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin L.C.; Lin L.Y.; Chen M.F.; Tsai M.C.; Gao Y.L.; Yang S.Y.; Horng H.E.; Yang H.C.; Tseng W.K.; Lee T.L.; Hsuan C.F.; Pan Y.F.; Lee Y.H.Applied Physics Letters75
422008An eight-week, multicenter, randomized, double-blind study to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of fixed-dose amlodipine/benazepril combination in comparison with amlodipine as first-line therapy in Chinese patients with mild to moderate hypertensionUeng K.-C.; Lin L.-C.; Voon W.-C.; Lin M.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Su H.-M.; Chang P.-Y.; Lin T.-H.; Chen W.-L.; Wu C.-C.; Lai W.-T.; Lin C.-S.Blood Pressure99
432008Functional studies on three novel HCNH2 mutations in Taiwan: Identification of distinct mechanisms of channel defect and dissociation between glycosylation defect and assembly defectHsueh C.-H.; Chen W.-P.; Lin J.-L.; YEN BIN LIU ; Su M.-J.; Lai L.-P.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications55
442007Septal pacing preserving better left ventricular mechanical performance and contractile synchronism than apical pacing in patients implanted with an atrioventricular sequential dual chamber pacemakerYu C.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin M.-S.; Wang J.-Y.; Lin J.-L.; Lin L.-C.International Journal of Cardiology2214
452007Extensive scar myocardium in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with severe myocardial bridgeCheng M.-F.; Wu Y.-W.; YEN BIN LIU ; Huang P.-J.; Tzen K.-Y.; Yen R.-F.International Journal of Cardiology40
462007Management of patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators at emergency departmentsLiu C.-P.; Ho Y.-L.; Lin Y.-H.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chang W.-T.; Huang C.-H.; Chen W.-J.Emergency Medicine Journal55
472007Animal magnetocardiography using superconducting quantum interference device gradiometers assisted with magnetic nanoparticle injection: A sensitive method for early detecting electromagnetic changes induced by hypercholesterolemiaWu C.C.; Hong B.F.; Wu B.H.; Yang S.Y.; Horng H.E.; Yang H.C.; Tseng W.Y.I.; Tseng W.K.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin L.C.; Lu L.S.; Lee Y.H.Applied Physics Letters67
482007Remodelling of action potential and intracellular calcium cycling dynamics during subacute myocardial infarction promotes ventricular arrhythmias in Langendorff-perfused rabbit heartsChou C.-C.; Zhou S.; Hayashi H.; Nihei M.; YEN BIN LIU ; Wen M.-S.; Yeh S.-J.; Fishbein M.C.; Weiss J.N.; Lin S.-F.; Wu D.; Chen P.-S.Journal of Physiology3432
492006Erratum: Denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography screening of the long QT syndrome-related cardiac sodium and potassium channel genes and identification of novel mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (Journal of Human Genetics (2005) 50 (490-496) DOI: 10.1007/s10038-005-0283-3)Lai L.-P.; Su Y.-N.; Hsieh F.-J.; Chiang F.-T.; Juang J.-M.; YEN BIN LIU ; Ho Y.-L.; Chen W.-J.; Yeh S.-J.; Wang C.-C.; Ko Y.-L.; Wu T.-J.; Ueng K.-C.; Lei M.-H.; Tsao H.-M.; Chen S.-A.; Lin T.-K.; Wu M.-H.; Lo H.-M.; Huang S.K.S.; Lin J.-L.Journal of Human Genetics00
502006Immediate impairment of left ventricular mechanical performance and force-frequency relation by rate-responsive dual-chamber, but not atrial pacing: Implications from intraventricular isovolumic relaxation flowLin M.-S.; Lin J.-L.; YEN BIN LIU ; Wu C.-C.; Lin L.-C.; Chen M.-F.International Journal of Cardiology89
512006Predictors of brachial artery spasm during transradial cardiac catheterizationLin Y.-J.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chu C.-C.; Tsai C.-W.Acta Cardiologica Sinica1
522006Optical mapping of myocardial reactive oxygen species production throughout the reperfusion of global ischemiaLu L.-S.; YEN BIN LIU ; Sun C.-W.; Lin L.-C.; Su M.-J.; Wu C.-C.Journal of Biomedical Optics86
532006Dyslipidemia is associated with ventricular tachyarrhythmia in patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarctionYEN BIN LIU ; Wu C.-C.; Lee C.-M.; Chen W.-J.; Wang T.-D.; Chen P.-S.; Lee Y.-T.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1817
542005Downregulated myocardial connexin 43 and suppressed contractility in rabbits subjected to a cholesterol-enriched dietLin L.-C.; Wu C.-C.; Yeh H.-I.; Lu L.-S.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin S.-F.; Lee Y.-T.Laboratory Investigation2727
552005Denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography screening of the long QT syndrome-related cardiac sodium and potassium channel genes and identification of novel mutations and single nucleotide polymorphismsLai L.-P.; Su Y.-N.; Chiang F.-T.; Juang J.-M.; YEN BIN LIU ; Ho Y.-L.; Chen W.-J.; Yeh S.-J.; Wang C.-C.; Ko Y.-L.; Wu T.-J.; Ueng K.-C.; Lei M.-H.; Tsao H.-M.; Chen S.-A.; Lin T.-K.; Wu M.-H.; Lo H.-M.; Huang S.K.S.; Lin J.-L.Journal of Human Genetics3733
562004Improvement of defibrillation efficacy with preshock synchronized pacingPak, Hui-Nam; Okuyama, Yuji; Oh, Yong-Seog; Hayashi, Hideki; YEN BIN LIU ; Chen, Peng-Sheng; Lin, Shien-FongJournal of cardiovascular electrophysiology2017
572004Visualizing inflammatory activity in isolated perfused rat heartsLu L.-S.; YEN BIN LIU ; Wu C.-C.; Sun C.-W.Second Asian and Pacific Rim Symposium on Biophotonics - Proceedings, APBP 20040
582004Nerve sprouting induced by radiofrequency catheter ablation in dogsOkuyama Y.; Pak H.-N.; Miyauchi Y.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chou C.-C.; Hayashi H.; Fu K.J.; Kerwin W.F.; Kar S.; Hata C.; Karagueuzian H.S.; Fishbein M.C.; Chen P.-S.; Chen L.S.Heart Rhythm3630
592004Effect of hypercholesterolemia on myocardial function in New Zealand white rabbitsLuo T.-Y.; Su M.-J.; Yang Y.-F.; YEN BIN LIU ; Liang H.-C.; Wu C.-C.; Lee Y.-T.Journal of Biomedical Science1920
602004The effect of iron stores on corrected QT dispersion in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysisWu V.-C.; Huang J.-W.; Wu M.-S.; Chin C.-Y.; Chiang F.-T.; YEN BIN LIU ; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Kidney Diseases3028
612004Coexistence of two types of ventricular fibrillation during acute regional ischemia in rabbit ventricleYEN BIN LIU ; Pak H.-N.; Lamp S.T.; Okuyama Y.; Hayashi H.; Wu T.-J.; Weiss J.N.; Chen P.-S.; Lin S.-F.Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology2925
622004Dietary cholesterol affects sympathetic nerve function in rabbit heartsLuo, Tsai-Yueh; Wu, Chau-Chung; YEN BIN LIU ; Fu, Ying-Kai; Su, Ming-JaiJournal of biomedical science67
632003Catheter ablation of ventricular fibrillation in rabbit ventricles treated with beta-blockersPak, Hui-Nam; Oh, Yong-Seog; YEN BIN LIU ; Wu, Tsu-Juey; Karagueuzian, Hrayr S; Lin, Shien-Fong; Chen, Peng-ShengCirculation5851
642003Spatiotemporal Correlation between Phase Singularities and Wavebreaks during Ventricular FibrillationYEN BIN LIU ; Peter A.; Lamp S.T.; Weiss J.N.; Chen P.-S.; Lin S.-F.Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology3231
652003Sympathetic nerve sprouting, electrical remodeling, and increased vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation in hypercholesterolemic rabbitsYEN BIN LIU ; Wu C.-C.; Lu L.-S.; Su M.-J.; Lin C.-W.; Lin S.-F.; Chen L.S.; Fishbein M.C.; Chen P.-S.; Lee Y.-T.Circulation Research11798
662003Synchronization of ventricular fibrillation with real-time feedback pacing: Implication to low-energy defibrillationPak H.-N.; YEN BIN LIU ; Hayashi H.; Okuyama Y.; Chen P.-S.; Lin S.-F.American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology4037
672002Bradyarrhythmias and cardiac pacing after orthotopic heart transplantation in a Chinese populationLai C.-L.; Chen W.-J.; Wang S.-S.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin F.-Y.; Lee Y.-T.; Chu S.-H.Transplantation Proceedings21
682001Bradycardia and permanent pacing after bilateral thoracoscopic T2-sympathectomy for primary hyperhidrosisLai C.; Chen W.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lee Y.PACE - Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology2818
692001Derangement of heart rate variability during a catastrophic earthquake: A possible mechanism for increased heart attacksLin L.-Y.; Wu C.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Ho Y.-L.; Liau C.-S.; Lee Y.-T.PACE - Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology5549
702000Ultrasonic tissue characterization with integrated backscatter during inotropic stimulationWu C.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Lin L.-C.; Ho Y.-L.; Liau C.-S.; Lee Y.-T.Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology32
712000Apparent ventricular bigeminy in the congenital long QT syndrome: What is the mechanism?YEN BIN LIU ; Chen W.-J.; Lee Y.-T.Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology11
721999Alterations in ultrasonic backscatter during intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation support in patients with acute myocardial infarctionYEN BIN LIU ; Wu C.-C.; Lin L.-C.; Ho Y.-L.; Kao H.-L.; Lee Y.-T.Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology33
731999Atrial standstill in a case of Kugelberg-Welander syndrome with cardiac involvement: An electrophysiologic studyYEN BIN LIU ; Chen W.-J.; Lee Y.-T.International Journal of Cardiology115
741998Traumatic tricuspid regurgitation complicating endocarditis and right-to-left intracardiac shunt. A case report of successful operationYEN BIN LIU ; Ho Y.-L.; Lin F.-Y.; Lee Y.-T.Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery10
751998Comparison of S-T segment/heart rate slope with exercise thallium imaging and conventional S-T segment criteria in detecting coronary artery disease: Effect of exercise level on accuracyYEN BIN LIU ; Huang P.-J.; Su C.-T.; Chieng P.-U.; Wu C.-C.; Ho Y.-L.Cardiology65
761997Assessment of the functional significance of coronary artery stenosis by dobutamine-atropine stress echocardiographyHo Y.-L.; Wu C.-C.; Lin L.-C.; YEN BIN LIU ; Chen W.-J.; Chen M.-F.; Liau C.-S.; Lee Y.-T.Cardiology (Switzerland)75
771997Painless Prinzmetal's ST elevation related to propranolol: A case reportLin Y.-J.; YEN BIN LIU ; Wu C.-C.; Chen W.-J.; Lee Y.-T.International Journal of Cardiology54