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12019Modeling sediment yields and stream stability due to sediment-related disaster in Shihmen reservoir watershed in TaiwanChiu, Y.-J.; Lee, H.-Y.; Wang, T.-L.; Yu, J.; Lin, Y.-T.; Yuan, Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article44
22017Tracer experiments and hydraulic performance improvements in a treatment pondShih, S.-S.; Zeng, Y.-Q.; Lee, H.-Y.; Otte, M.L.; Fang, W.-T.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article20
32015Average landslide erosion rate at the watershed scale in southern Taiwan estimated from magnitude and frequency of rainfallChen, Y.-C.; Chang, K.-T.; Lee, H.-Y.; Chiang, S.-H.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article1511
42013The salinity gradient influences on the inundation tolerance thresholds of mangrove forestsYang, S.-C.; Shih, S.-S.; Hwang, G.-W.; Adams, J.B.; Lee, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-P.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article1614
52013Quantifying rainfall controls on catchment-scale landslide erosion in TaiwanChen, Y.-C.; Chang, K.-T, Chiu, Y.-J.; Lau, S.-M.; Lee, H.-Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article2925
62013Modeling the sediment yield from landslides in the Shihmen Reservoir watershed, TaiwanTsai, Z.-X.; You, G.J.-Y.; Lee, H.-Y.; Chiu, Y.-J.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article1816
72012Use of a total station to monitor post-failure sediment yields in landslide sites of the Shihmen reservoir watershed, TaiwanTsai, Zong-Xian; You, Gene J.-Y.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Chiu, Yu-Jiajournal article2825
82011Development of a salinity-secondary flow-approach model to predict mangrove spreadingShang-Shu Shih ; Shih, Shang-Shu ; Yang, Sheng-Chi; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Hwang, Gwo-Wen; Hsu, Yu-Minjournal article1210
92011National policy of watershed management and flood mitigation after the 921 Chi-Chi earthquake in TaiwanYIH-CHI TAN ; Lin, Yong-Jun ; Chang, Yuan-Hsiou; Tan, Yih-Chi ; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Chiu, Yu-Jiajournal article77
102011Estimation of soil erosion rates in a subtropical mountain watershed using 137 Cs radionuclideChiu, Y.-J.; Chang, K.-T.; Chen, Y.-C.; Chao, J.-H.; Lee, H.-Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article21
112011Ecotechnologies applied to agricultural irrigation and drainage channels: Case study of the Taichung Irrigation Association in TaiwanShih, S.-S.; Hu, T.-J.; Lee, H.-Y.; Tan, Y.-C.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article10
122009Optimal design for hydraulic efficiency performance of free-water-surface constructed wetlandsSu, T.-M.; Yang, S.-C.; Shih, S.-S.; Lee, H.-Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article4941
132009Three-dimensional saltating processes of multiple sediment particlesWANG, H.-W.; LEE, H.-Y.; LEE, P.-N.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article1210
142008Model-based evaluations of spur dikes for fish habitat improvement: A case study of endemic species Varicorhinus barbatulus (Cyprinidae) and Hemimyzon formosanum (Homalopteridae) in Lanyang River, TaiwanShih, S.-S.; Lee, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article1514
152007Assessment of environmental conditions of Nan-Shih stream in Taiwan李鴻源 ; Tung-Jer Hu; Hsiao-Wen Wang; Hong-Yuan Lee journal article2113
162007生態工法水利特性及對水生物棲地影響之研究(II)李鴻源 report
172007治水策略、洪災損失防護與其法制化分析-子計畫:綜合治水策略及滯洪濕地效益評估(I)李鴻源 report
182007Using groyne to improve fish habitat diversity in tidal estuaryShih, Shang-Shu ; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
192007Comparison between automated and manual mapping of typhoon-triggered landslides from SPOT-5 imageryBorghuis, A.M.; Chang, K.; Lee, H.Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article8571
202006Quantitative Estimation of Reservoir Sedimentation from Three Typhoon EventsLee, Hong-Yuan ; Lin, Ying-Tien; Chiu, Yu-Jiajournal article2016
212006On three-dimensional continuous saltating process of sediment particles near the channel bedLee, H.-Y.; Lin, Y.-T.; You, J.-Y.; Wang, H.-W.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article4536
222005Investigations and Prediction of Vegetation changes and Corresponding Sediment transport Characteristics in Guandu Nature ReserveShih, Shang-Shu ; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
232005On fish habitat diversity research with applications of numerical model analysisHong- Yuan Lee ; Shang- Shu Shih ; Hui-Ling Yujournal article
242005水?與生態?合調查作業應用於感潮河川之研究?鴻源 ; 黃國文; 王筱雯; 施上粟 ; 楊津豪journal article
252005河川情勢調查及生態水利資料整合分析李鴻源 ; 陳章波; 施上粟 ; 黃國文journal article
262005關渡紅樹林植群變遷之衝擊評估施上粟 ; 李鴻源 ; 許志揚; 游蕙綾journal article
272005沙丘床形之三維多顆粒泥砂躍移研究(II)李鴻源 report
282005淡水河河系河川情勢調查計畫(1/2)許志揚; 李鴻源 ; 陳章波; 謝蕙蓮; 李玲玲 ; 呂光洋; 王一匡; 邱健介; 黃國文; 王筱雯; 施上粟 conference paper
292005河川情勢調查及生態水 #63965;資 #63934;整合分析李鴻源 ; 陳章波; 施上粟 ; 黃國文conference paper
302005關渡濕地復育對策之探討黃國文; 李鴻源 ; 施上粟 ; 游進裕; 王筱雯conference paper
312004Impacts of vegetation changes on the hydraulic and sediment transport characteristics in Guandu mangrove wetlandLee, Hong-Yuan ; Shih, Shang-Shu journal article3833
322004Investigations of Vegetation changes and Corresponding Hydraulic Characteristics of Guandu WetlandsShih, Shang-Shu ; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
332004台中柳川應用生態工法於魚類棲地改善之研究施上粟 ; 李鴻源 ; 胡通哲journal article
342004Impacts of spur dikes on the habitat of Cyprinidate and Homalopteridae- a case study of Lanyang EstuaryHong-Yuan Lee ; Shang-Shu Shih ; Jheng-Chang Chenjournal article
352004溼地乾旱逆境緩解對策之探討黃國文; 李鴻源 ; 游進裕conference paper
362004沙床形之三維多顆粒泥砂躍移研究李鴻源 report
372003近自然工法水理數值分析之研究─以多望溪為例胡通哲; 施上粟 ; 李鴻源 journal article
382003躍移過程中顆粒間碰撞行為之研究李鴻源 report
392002多顆粒連續躍移之碰撞機制李鴻源 report
402002Continuous saltating process of multiple sediment particlesLee, H.-Y.; You, J.-Y.; Lin, Y.-T.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article3528
412001近床區域三維多顆粒泥砂連續躍移模式之研究李鴻源 report
422000Experiments on deposition behavior of fine sediment in a reservoirWei-Sheng Yu; Hong-Yuan Lee ; ShaoHua Marko Hsujournal article2623
432000Investigations of continuous bed load saltating processHong-Yuan Lee ; ASCE; Yen-Hsu Chen; Jiing-Yun You ; Ying-Tien Linjournal article6253
442000凝聚性沉滓水庫之排砂策略研究(Ⅲ)─子計畫一:水庫沈滓沈降行為之研究李鴻源 report
451999凝聚性沉滓水庫之排砂策略研究(Ⅱ)─子計畫一:水庫沉滓沉降行為之研究李鴻源; 李鴻源 report
461999Closure to quasi-two-dimensional simulation of scour and deposition in alluvial channelsLee, H.-Y.; Hsieh, H.-M.; Yang, J.-C.; Yang, C.T.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article00
471998凝聚性沉滓水庫之排砂策略研究─水庫沉滓沉降行為之研究李鴻源 report
481997Experimental study of reservoir turbidity currentLee, H.-Y.; Yu, W.-S.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article6351
491997Quasi-two-dimensional simulation of scour and deposition in alluvial channelsLee, H.-Y.; Hsieh, H.-M.; Yang, J.-C.; Yang, C.T.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article2220
501997河川空間利用之研究(Ⅲ)─子計畫四:近床區域泥砂運動之研究李鴻源 report
511996Migration of rectangular mining pit composed of nonuniform sedimentsLee, H.-Y.; Chen, S.-C.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article32
521996Particle spinning motion during saltating processLee, H.-Y.; Hsu, I.-S.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article2120
531996河川空間利用之研究─河川空間利用之研究(Ⅱ)--子計畫(四):近床區域泥砂運動之研究(Ⅱ)李鴻源 report
541995Migration of backward-facing stepLee, H.-Y.; Hwang, S.-T.; HONG-YUAN LEE others00
551995河川空間利用之研究─河川空間利用之研究(I)-子計畫(五):近床區域泥砂運動之研究(I)李鴻源 report
561994On Measurments of Particle Spinning Motion李鴻源; Hsu, I. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Hsu, I. S.conference paper
571994用流場顯影技術研究近床區域的泥砂運動特性(II)李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
581994Investigation of Salting Particl Motion李鴻源; Hsu, I. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
591994新店溪河床沖淤之水理分析吳瑞濱; 許銘熙; 李鴻源; 許銘熙; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
601994On Migration of a Backward Facing Step李鴻源; Hwang, S. T.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
611994Analysis of Alluvial Channel Bend李鴻源; Hsieh, K. C.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
621994我國水資源管理機關組織與職掌之研究郭振泰; 陳德禹; 蔡丁貴; 李鴻源 ; 萬象; 陳凱book
631994Vertical 2-D Simulation of Reservoir Turbidity CurrentLee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
641994河川網路沖淤模式之發展(二)李鴻源; 楊錦釧; 葉克家; 謝慧民; 楊志達; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 楊錦釧; 謝慧民; 楊志達report
651994Analysis of an alluvial channel bendLee, H.-Y.; Hsieh, K.-C.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article11
661994Investigation of saltating particle motionsLee, H.-Y.; Hsu, I.-S.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article129114
671994Migration of backward-facing stepLee, H.-Y.; Hwang, S.-T.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article86
681994用流場顯影技術研究近床區域的泥砂運動特性(Ⅱ)李鴻源 report
691993用流場顯影技術研究河床區域之泥砂運動特性(一)李鴻源; 許盈松; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
701993Numerical Simulation of Reservoir Turbidity CurrentYu, W. S.; 李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
711993Investigation of Salting Particle Motions Using Flow Visualization Technique李鴻源; Hsu, I. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
721993高莖作物對河川水流之影響李鴻源; 李戎威; 張正誼; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 李戎威; 張正誼report
731993淡海新市鎮供水關渡支線埋沉於基隆河河床水理影響之數值試驗許銘熙; 李鴻源; 謝平城; 吳瑞濱; 許銘熙; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 謝平城report
741993壽豐溪攔砂壩水工模型試驗綜合報告李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
751993Secondary Current of Sand-Silt Channel Bend李鴻源; Yu, Y. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Yu, Y. S.journal article
761993水庫淤砂行為之研究-淤積三角洲之探討(三)李鴻源; 俞維昇; 劉步仁; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 俞維昇; 劉步仁report
771993水庫淤砂行為之研究:淤積三角洲之探討李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
781993Migration of a Rectangular Mining Pit Composed of Uniform Sediments李鴻源; Fu, D. C.; Song, M. H.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Fu, D. C.; Song, M. H.journal article
791993Migration of rectangular mining pit composed of uniform sedimentsLee, H.-Y.; Fu, D.-T.; Song, M.-H.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article3132
801993用流場顯影技術研究近床區域的泥砂運動特性李鴻源 report
811992水利行政體系之探討李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
821992辮狀河系沖淤模式之發展(一)李鴻源; 楊錦釧; 葉克家; 謝國正; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 楊錦釧; 葉克家; 謝國正report
831992On Headcutting Behaviors of a Backward Facing Step李鴻源; Hwang, S. T.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Hwang, S. T.conference paper
841992淡水河中下游定床水理之分析李鴻源; 許銘熙; 陳明仁; 謝慧民; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 謝慧民report
851992北水五期計畫第二條清水輸水幹線埋沉於新店溪河床段水理影響之數值試驗許銘熙; 李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
861992北區防洪設施跨河構造物及河道穩定與抽砂作業相互影響之研究(二)李鴻源; 黃良雄 ; 陳明仁; 黃恔娉; 黃世村; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 黃世村report
871992明渠速度剖面之研究俞維昇; 李鴻源; 俞維昇; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
881992河道輸砂模式之評估研究(II)楊錦釧; 李鴻源; 蔡長泰; 葉克家; 楊錦釧; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
891992我國水資源管理機關組織與職掌之研究郭振泰; 陳德禹; 蔡丁貴; 李鴻源; 郭振泰; 陳德禹; 蔡丁貴; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
901992An Accurate Computation for Rapidly Varied FlowYang, J. C.; Chen, K. N.; 李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
911992An Experimental Study on Alternate Aggradation/Degradation ProcessYen, C. L.; 李鴻源; Chang, S. Y.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
921992Experimental Investigation on Flow Pass a Rectan-Gular Pit in an Open Channel Flow李鴻源; Tsai, S. I.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
931992Aggradation-Degradation Process in Alluvial Channels顏清連; Chang, S. Y.; 李鴻源; Yen, Chin-Lien; Chang, S. Y.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article1114
941992Experimental investigation on flow passing a rectangular pit in an open channel flowLee, H.-Y.; Tsai, S.-Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article10
951992An accurate computation for rapidly varied flow in an open channelYang, J.?C.; Chen, K.?N.; Lee, H.?Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article65
961991On Plunging Phenomena of Turbidity CurrentYu, W. S.; 李鴻源; Yu, W. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
971991河道輸砂模式之評估研究(I)楊錦釧; 李鴻源; 蔡長泰; 葉克家; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
981991水庫淤砂行為之研究-異重流之探討(二)李鴻源; 俞維昇; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
991991Experimental Study of Turbidity CurrentYu, W. S.; 李鴻源; Yu, W. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
1001991Simulation of Scour and Deposition Using Stream Tube Concept李鴻源; Yang, J. C.; Liu, Y. S.; Wu, C. M.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Yang, J. C.conference paper
1011991臺灣地區河系沖淤模式之發展與應用(二)-以淡水河大漢溪為應用對象李鴻源; 楊志達; 楊錦釧; 留育勝; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 楊志達; 留育勝report
1021991北區防洪設施跨河構造物及河道穩定與抽砂作業相互影響之研究李鴻源; 楊德良 ; 黃良雄 ; 陳明仁; 宋明晃; 傅登傳; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 黃良雄 ; 陳明仁; 宋明晃; 傅登傳report
1031991花蓮縣壽豐溪集水區防砂埧水工模型試驗研究(第三期)李鴻源; 楊德良 ; 徐國錦; 葉贊育; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 楊德良 ; 葉贊育report
1041991水庫淤砂行為之研究-懸浮質淤積行為之探討(I)李鴻源; 俞維昇; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1051991Investigation of Use of Reach-Back Characteristics Method for 2-D Dispersion EquationYang, J. C.; Chen, K. N.; 李鴻源; Yang, J. C.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
1061991Investigation of use of reach?back characteristics method for 2D dispersion equationYang, J.?C.; Chen, K.?N.; Lee, H.?Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article75
1071991水庫淤砂行為之研究–異重流之探討李鴻源 report
1081991Velocity Profile of Sediment-Laden Flow李鴻源; Yu, W. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Yu, W. S.journal article
1091990非點源污染防治計劃研究李惠平; 李鴻源; 楊錦釧; 李惠平; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 楊錦釧conference paper
1101990複雜河系水質模式之研究楊錦釧; 李鴻源; 李禎昌; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
1111990Embedment of Particles Seated on a Flat Bed李鴻源; Huang, L. H.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Huang, L. H.journal article
1121990Flow Characteristics of Sand-Silt River Bend李鴻源; Yu, W. S.; Hsieh, K. C.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Yu, W. S.conference paper
1131990Impacts of Sabo Dams on Channel Stability李鴻源; Yooung, D. L.; Song, C. H.; Yu, Y. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Yooung, D. L.; Song, C. H.journal article
1141990水庫高濃度異重流的運動行為李鴻源; 俞維昇; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
1151990臺灣地區河系沖淤模式之發展與應用(一)以淡水河系大漢溪為應用對象李鴻源; 楊志達; 楊錦釧; 胡宗義; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 楊錦釧; 胡宗義report
1161990澄清湖湖底淤泥清除研究郭振泰; 吳先琪; 李鴻源; 吳先琪; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1171990沖積河流之沖淤力學與數值模擬-以濁水溪為應用對象(III)顏清連; 李鴻源; 張守陽; 曾明性; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 曾明性report
1181990水庫淤砂行為之研究:懸浮質淤積行為之研究(一)李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1191990臺灣沿海地區港灣與河口水理質模式之發展李文生; 黃良雄 ; 李鴻源; 宋長虹; 陳冠彥; 趙漢英; 李文生; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 宋長虹report
1201990水質保護綱要計劃-非點源污染防治計畫研究(一)李鴻源; 楊錦釧; 郭振泰; 許銘熙; 黃良雄 ; 李惠平; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1211990Bed Topography of Sand-Silt River Bends李鴻源; Tsai, W. H.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Tsai, W. H.journal article00
1221990欄砂埧對對河川穩定性影響之研究-以壽豐溪為應用對象李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
1231989粗粒沈滓在沖積河川之沖淤研究顏清連; 李鴻源; 張守陽; 顏清連; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1241989Flow Characteristics in an Alluvial Bend李鴻源; Hsieh, K. C.; Lee, Hong-Yuan conference paper
1251989以量子力學觀點探討泥砂起動問題李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1261989武界水庫排砂研究-沖淤模擬及效益評估李鴻源; 楊錦釧; 黃良雄 ; 高爾霙; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 楊錦釧; 黃良雄 ; 高爾霙report
1271989花蓮縣壽豐溪集水區防砂埧水工模型試驗研究(第二期)李鴻源; 楊德良 ; 宋長虹; 蔡文豪; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; 宋長虹report
1281989水庫淤砂型態之數值模擬-修正Hec-6模式李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
1291989Modelling Law of a Meandering ChannelLee, Hong-Yuan journal article
1301989Modeling law of a meandering channelLee, H.-Y.; HONG-YUAN LEE journal article10
1311988沈滓濃度對彎道側向渠床坡度的影響李鴻源; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1321988沖積河流之沖淤力學與數值模擬-以濁水溪為應用對象(II)顏清連; 李鴻源; 張守陽; 顏清連; Lee, Hong-Yuan report
1331988On Sediment Routing of a Supercritical Flow李鴻源; Yu, Y. S.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Yu, Y. S.conference paper
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