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12023First principal observation documenting the three-dimensional uptake of cadmium and spatial distribution of cadmium hydroxyapatite mineral in bone charBiswas, Partha Pratim; Rathod, Jagat; Chiang, Ching-Yu; Liang, Biqing; Wang, Chun-Chieh; Lee, Yao-Chang; Chuang, Yu-Chun; Loni, Prakash C; Chen, Wei-Hsin; SHAN-LI WANG Chemosphere00
22023L-DOPA induces iron accumulation in roots of Ipomoea aquatica and Arabidopsis thaliana in a pH-dependent mannerHsieh, En-Jung; Liao, Siao-Wei; Chang, Ching-Yuan; Tseng, Chu-Han; SHAN-LI WANG ; LOUIS GRILLET Botanical studies00
32023Soluble soil Pb minimized by thermal transformation to Pb-bearing feldsparHashimoto, Yohey; Sonoda, Kento; Nagao, Yuki; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of hazardous materials00
42023Temporal transformation of indium speciation in rice paddy soils and spatial distribution of indium in rice rhizosphereChang, Hsin-Fang; Yang, Puu-Tai; Hashimoto, Yohey; Yeh, Kuo-Chen; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)00
52023Crystallization between (100) Goethite and (001) Orientation of Hematite – A ReviewWang, Ming Kuang; Yang, Puu Tai; Chuang, Tsung Ju; Ou, C. Chachi; SHAN-LI WANG Clays and Clay Minerals00
62022Hazardous enrichment of toxic elements in soils and olives in the urban zone of Lavrio, Greece, a legacy, millennia-old silver/lead mining area and related health risk assessmentAntoniadis V; Thalassinos G; Levizou E; Wang J; SHAN-LI WANG ; Shaheen S.M; Rinklebe J.Journal of Hazardous Materials1314
72022Stepwise redox changes alter the speciation and mobilization of phosphorus in hydromorphic soilsShaheen S.M; Wang J; Baumann K; Ahmed A.A; Hsu L.-C; Liu Y.-T; Wang S.-L; K?hn O; Leinweber P; Rinklebe J.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemosphere1311
82022Phosphate binding to allophane and ferrihydrite with implications for volcanic ash soilsUchida, S; Hashimoto, Y; Takamoto, A; Noguchi, K; Klysubun, W; SHAN-LI WANG SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL11
92022Spectroscopic investigations and density functional theory calculations reveal differences in retention mechanisms of lead and copper on chemically-modified phytolith-rich biocharsLi J; SHAN-LI WANG ; Zheng L; Chen D; Wu Z; Sun C; Bolan N; Zhao H; Peng A.-A; Fang Z; Zhou R; Liu G; Bhatnagar A; Qiu Y; Wang H.Chemosphere52
102022Phosphorus conversion during anaerobic digestion of high-calcium chicken manures and phosphorus recovery as struviteChang H.-C; Chou P.-Y; Cheng M.-P; Hsiao T.-H; KAI-YIN LO ; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering64
112022Pig carcass-derived biochar caused contradictory effects on arsenic mobilization in a contaminated paddy soil under fluctuating controlled redox conditionsYang X; Hinzmann M; Pan H; Wang J; Bolan N; Tsang D.C.W; Ok Y.S; Wang S.-L; Shaheen S.M; Wang H; Rinklebe J.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials3425
122022Reducing conditions increased the mobilisation and hazardous effects of arsenic in a highly contaminated gold mine spoilMensah A.K; Marschner B; Wang J; Bundschuh J; SHAN-LI WANG ; Yang P.-T; Shaheen S.M; Rinklebe J.Journal of Hazardous Materials76
132022Soil gallium speciation and resulting gallium uptake by rice plantsChen K.-Y; Yang P.-T; Chang H.-F; Yeh K.-C; Wang S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials55
142022Anoxic oxidation of As(III) during Fe(II)-induced goethite recrystallization: Evidence and importance of Fe(IV) intermediateHua J; Fei Y.-H; Feng C; Liu C; Liang S; Wang S.-L; Wu F.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials1917
152022Elucidating the redox-driven dynamic interactions between arsenic and iron-impregnated biochar in a paddy soil using geochemical and spectroscopic techniquesYang X; Shaheen S.M; Wang J; Hou D; Ok Y.S; Wang S.-L; Wang H; Rinklebe J.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials4938
162021New insight in adsorption of Sb(III)/Sb(V) from waters using magnetic nanoferrites: X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigationTu Y.-J; Wang S.-L; Lu Y.-R; Chan T.-S; Johnston C.T.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Molecular Liquids66
172021Mobilization, Methylation, and Demethylation of Mercury in a Paddy Soil under Systematic Redox ChangesWang J; Shaheen S.M; Jing M; Anderson C.W.N; Swertz A.-C; Wang S.-L; Feng X; Rinklebe J.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Science and Technology3734
182021Adsorption and desorption of Thallium(I) in soils: The predominant contribution by clay mineralsLin H.-Y; Chuang T.-J; Yang P.-T; Guo L.-Y; Wang S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Applied Clay Science66
192021Mechanistic insights into the (im)mobilization of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and zinc in a multi-contaminated soil treated with different biocharsEl-Naggar A; Chang S.X; Cai Y; Lee Y.H; Wang J; Wang S.-L; Ryu C; Rinklebe J; Sik Ok Y.; SHAN-LI WANG Environment International5548
202021Microscale heterogeneous distribution and speciation of phosphorus in soils amended with mineral fertilizer and cattle manure compost.Yamaguchi N; SHAN-LI WANG et al. Minerals97
212021Comparison of the Recovery of Phosphorus from Wastewater into Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate by Sedimentation Tank and Up-flow Fluidized Crystallization Bed [以沉澱槽及上流式流體化結晶床回收廢水中的磷成磷酸銨鎂的比較]Chang H.-C; Huang L.-S; Cheng M.-P; Hsiao T.-H; Lee H.-J; KAI-YIN LO ; SHAN-LI WANG Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science00
222021Redox-induced mobilization of phosphorus in groundwater affected arable soil profilesShaheen S.M; Wang J; Baumann K; Wang S.-L; Leinweber P; Rinklebe J.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemosphere1414
232021Sorption and speciation of molybdate in soils: Implications for molybdenum mobility and availabilityYang P.-T; Wang S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials118
242021Soil acidification enhances the mobilization of phosphorus under anoxic conditions in an agricultural soil: Investigating the potential for loss of phosphorus to water and the associated environmental riskZhang S; Yang X; Hsu L.-C; Liu Y.-T; Wang S.-L; White J.R; Shaheen S.M; Chen Q; Rinklebe J.; SHAN-LI WANG Science of the Total Environment2724
252020Boron incorporation into precipitated calcium carbonates affected by aqueous pH and boron concentrationHashimoto, Yohey; Kobayashi, Kazuki; SHAN-LI WANG; Hashimoto, Yohey; Kobayashi, Kazuki; SHAN-LI WANG; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials1314
262020Thermally induced changes in solubility and speciation of lead and iron minerals in a contaminated soilSonoda K; Hashimoto Y; Wang S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Soil Science Society of America Journal34
272020(Im)mobilization and speciation of lead under dynamic redox conditions in a contaminated soil amended with pine sawdust biocharBeiyuan, J.; Awad, Y.M.; Beckers, F.; Wang, J.; Tsang, D.C.W.; Ok, Y.S.; Wang, S.-L.; Wang, H.; Rinklebe, J.; SHAN-LI WANG Environment International6055
282020Bacterial networks mediate pentachlorophenol dechlorination across land-use types with citrate additionLi, H.; Jiang, Y.; Wang, S.; Chen, L.; Wen, X.; Huang, M.; Cheng, X.; Cheng, Z.; Tao, L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials77
292020Coconut-fiber biochar reduced the bioavailability of lead but increased its translocation rate in rice plants: Elucidation of immobilization mechanisms and significance of iron plaque barrier on roots using spectroscopic techniquesLi, J.; Wang, S.-L.; Zhang, J.; Zheng, L.; Chen, D.; Shaheen, S.M.; Rinklebe, J.; Ok, Y.S.; Wang, H.; Wu, W.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials5751
302020Arsenic contamination in abandoned and active gold mine spoils in Ghana: Geochemical fractionation, speciation, and assessment of the potential human health riskMensah, A.K.; Marschner, B.; Shaheen, S.M.; Wang, J.; Wang, S.-L.; Rinklebe, J.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Pollution6355
312020Evaluating vanadium bioavailability to cabbage in rural soils using geochemical and micro-spectroscopic techniquesWu, C.-Y.; Asano, M.; Hashimoto, Y.; Rinklebe, J.; Shaheen, S.M.; Wang, S.-L.; Hseu, Z.-Y.; SHAN-LI WANG ; ZENG-YEI HSEU Environmental Pollution1211
322020Effects of long-term paddy rice cultivation on soil arsenic speciationYang, P.-T.; Hashimoto, Y.; Wu, W.-J.; Huang, J.-H.; Chiang, P.-N.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Environmental Management1613
332020Soil contamination by potentially toxic elements and the associated human health risk in geo- and anthropogenic contaminated soils: A case study from the temperate region (Germany) and the arid region (Egypt)Shaheen, S.M.; Antoniadis, V.; Kwon, E.; Song, H.; Wang, S.-L.; Hseu, Z.-Y.; Rinklebe, J.; SHAN-LI WANG ; ZENG-YEI HSEU Environmental Pollution7366
342020Fe<sup>2+</sup>/HClO Reaction Produces Fe<sup>IV</sup>O<sup>2+</sup>: An Enhanced Advanced Oxidation ProcessLiang, S.; Zhu, L.; Hua, J.; Duan, W.; Yang, P.-T.; Wang, S.-L.; Wei, C.; Liu, C.; Feng, C.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Science and Technology9996
352020Evolution of As speciation with depth in a soil profile with a geothermal As originYang, P.-T.; Wu, W.-J.; Hashimoto, Y.; Huang, J.-H.; Huang, S.-T.; Hseu, Z.-Y. ; SHAN-LI WANG Chemosphere44
362020Indium Uptake and Accumulation by Rice and Wheat and Health Risk Associated with Their ConsumptionChang H.-F; Yang P.-T; Lin H.-W; Yeh K.-C; Chen M.-N; Wang S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Science and Technology1010
372020Speciation and sorption of phosphorus in agricultural soil profiles of redoximorphic characterBaumann, K.; Shaheen, S.M.; Hu, Y.; Gros, P.; Heilmann, E.; Morshedizad, M.; Wang, J.; Wang, S.-L.; Rinklebe, J.; Leinweber, P.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Geochemistry and Health1817
382019Soil and maize contamination by trace elements and associated health risk assessment in the industrial area of Volos, GreeceAntoniadis V.; Golia E.E.; Liu Y.-T.; Wang S.-L.; Shaheen S.M.; Rinklebe J.; SHAN-LI WANG Environment International155133
392019Copper and zinc in vineyard and orchard soils at millimeter vertical resolutionSonoda K.; Hashimoto Y.; Wang S.-L.; Ban T.; SHAN-LI WANG Science of the Total Environment1718
402019In vivo evidence of intestinal lead dissolution from lead dioxide (PbO 2 ) nanoparticles and resulting bioaccumulation and toxicity in medaka fishNg D.-Q.; Chu Y.; Tan S.-W.; Wang S.-L.; Lin Y.-P.; Chu C.-H.; Soo Y.-L.; Song Y.-F.; PEI-JEN CHEN ; SHAN-LI WANG ; YI-PIN LIN Environmental Science: Nano1513
412019Sorption mechanisms of lead on silicon-rich biochar in aqueous solution: Spectroscopic investigationJianhong Li; Lirong Zheng; Shan-Li Wang; Zhipeng Wu; Weidong Wu; Nabeel Khan Niazi; Sabry M. Shaheen; Jorg Rinklebe; Nanthi Bolan; Yong Sik Ok; Hailong Wang; SHAN-LI WANG Science of The Total Environment7269
422019Sorption of lead in soil amended with coconut fiber biochar: Geochemical and spectroscopic investigationsLi J.; Wang S.-L.; Zheng L.; Chen D.; Wu Z.; Xie Y.; Wu W.; Niazi N.K.; Ok Y.S.; Rinklebe J.; Wang H.; SHAN-LI WANG Geoderma4238
432019Release dynamics of As, Co, and Mo in a biochar treated soil under pre-definite redox conditionsEl-Naggar A.; Shaheen S.M.; Hseu Z.-Y.; Wang S.-L.; Ok Y.S.; SHAN-LI WANG ; ZENG-YEI HSEU Science of the Total Environment6963
442019Assessment of indium toxicity to the model plant ArabidopsisHsin-Fang Chang; Shan-Li Wang; Der-Chuen Lee; Silver Sung-Yun Hsiao; Yohey Hashimoto; Kuo-Chen Yeh; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials00
452019Enhanced Cu and Cd sorption after soil aging of woodchip-derived biochar: What were the driving factors?Maria V. Rechberger; Stefanie Kloss; Shan-Li Wang ; Johannes Lehmann; Harald Rennhofer; Franz Ottner; Karin Wriessnig; Gabrielle Daudin; Helga Lichtenegger; Gerhard Soja; Zehetner, FranzChemosphere7163
462018Effects of poultry-litter biochar on soil properties and growth of water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk.)Yu C.-H.; Wang S.-L.; Tongsiri P.; Cheng M.-P.; Lai H.-Y.; SHAN-LI WANG Sustainability139
472018The influence of Si(iv) on the reactivity of [Fe(III)]/[Fe(II)] couples for 2-nitrophenol reduction in �^-Al2O3 suspensionsTao L.; Wang S.-L.; Li F.-B.; Yu N.-Y.; Wu K.; SHAN-LI WANG RSC Advances11
482017Effect of Gallium Exposure in Arabidopsis thaliana is Similar to Aluminum StressChang H.-F.; Wang S.-L.; Yeh K.-C.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Science and Technology1918
492017Fe(II)/Cu(II) interaction on goethite stimulated by an iron-reducing bacteria Aeromonas Hydrophila HS01 under anaerobic conditionsTao L.; Zhu Z.-K.; Li F.-B.; Wang S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemosphere96
502017Simultaneous and continuous stabilization of As and Pb in contaminated solution and soil by a ferrihydrite-gypsum sorbentKameda, K.; Hashimoto, Y.; Wang, S.-L.; Hirai, Y.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials3229
512016Rapid and efficient removal/recovery of molybdenum onto ZnFe2O4 nanoparticlesSHAN-LI WANG; SHAN-LI WANG Chemosphere 5346
522016MS title: Catalytic oxidation and removal of arsenite in the presence of Fe ions and zero-valent Al metalsHsu L.-C.; Chen K.-Y.; Chan Y.-T.; Deng Y.; Hwang C.-E.; Liu Y.-T.; Wang S.-L.; Kuan W.-H.; Tzou Y.-M.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials1614
532016Biochar amendment immobilizes lead in rice paddy soils and reduces its phytoavailabilityLi H.; Liu Y.; Chen Y.; Wang S.; Wang M.; Xie T.; Wang G.; SHAN-LI WANG Scientific Reports78134
542016Interactions of the products of oxidative polymerization of hydroquinone as catalyzed by birnessite with Fe (hydr)oxides-an implication of the reactive pathway for humic substance formationChang R.R.; Wang S.L.; Liu Y.T.; Chan Y.T.; Hung J.T.; Tzou Y.M.; Tseng K.J.; SHAN-LI WANG RSC Advances109
552016Enhanced Immobilization of Cr(VI) in Soils by the Amendment of Rice Straw CharLee C.-C.; Huang J.-H.; Lin L.-Y.; Wang S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Soil and Sediment Contamination1010
562016Adsorptions of Cd(II) and Pb(II) in aqueous solution by rice-straw charLiao I.-H.; Huang J.-H.; Wang S.-L.; Cheng M.-P.; SHAN-LI WANG ; SHAN-LI WANG Desalination and Water Treatment1110
572016Cr K-edge X-ray absorption and FTIR spectroscopic study on the reaction mechanisms of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) with ligninLin Y.-C.; SHAN-LI WANG ; SHAN-LI WANG Desalination and Water Treatment1210
582016Removal of sulfamethazine antibiotics using cow manure-based carbon adsorbentsTzeng, T.-W.; Liu, Y.-T.; Deng, Y.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; Tan, C.-C.; SHAN-LI WANG ; Huang, S.-T.; Tzou Y.-M.International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology2823
592016Photolysis and photocatalytic decomposition of sulfamethazine antibiotics in an aqueous solution with TiO<inf>2</inf>Tzeng, T.-W.; Wang, S.-L.; Chen, C.-C.; Tan, C.-C.; Liu, Y.-T.; Chen, T.-Y.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Chen, C.C.; SHAN-LI WANG RSC Advances4744
602015Effects of rice straw ash amendment on Cd solubility and distribution in a contaminated paddy soil under submergenceHsu S.-H; SHAN-LI WANG ; Huang J.-H; Huang S.-T; Wang, Ming K.Paddy and Water Environment1510
612013Dynamics of cadmium concentration in contaminated rice paddy soils with submerging timeHuang, Jang-Hung; Wang, Shan-Li; Lin, Jhin-Hao; Chen, Yue-Ming; Wang, Ming-Kuang; SHAN-LI WANG Paddy and Water Environment 5342
622013Adsorption behavior of As(III) onto a copper ferrite generated from printed circuit board industryTu, Yao-Jen; You, Chen-Feng; Chang, Chien-Kuei; Wang, Shan-Li ; Chan, Ting-ShanChemical Engineering Journal4339
632013Physicochemical and biological interfacial interactions: impacts on soil ecosystem and biodiversityHuang, Pan Ming; Wang, Shan-Li; Tzou, Yu-Min; Huang, Yibin; Weng, Boqi; Zhuang, Shunyao; Wang, Ming Kuang; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Earth Sciences 118
642013XANES evidence of arsenate removal from water with magnetic ferriteChang, Chien-Kuei; Tu, Yao-Jen; Wang, Shan-Li; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Environmental Management1515
652013Synthesis of Li/Al LDH using aluminum and LiOHWang, Shan-Li; Lin, Cheng-Hsien; Yan, Ya-Yi; Wang, Ming K.; SHAN-LI WANG Applied Clay Science 3632
662012Removal of hexavalent Cr by coconut coir and derived chars - The effect of surface functionalityShen, Y.-S.; Wang, S.-L.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Yan, Y.-Y.; Kuan, W.-H.; SHAN-LI WANG Bioresource Technology 155137
672012Chromate removal as influenced by the structural changes of soil components upon carbonization at different temperaturesChen, K.Y.; Liu, J.C.; Chiang, P.N.; Wang, S.L.; Kuan, W.H.; Tzou, Y.M.; Deng, Y.; Tseng, K.J.; Chen, C.C.; Wang, M.K.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Pollution 1816
682012Chromate reduction on humic acid derived from a peat soil - Exploration of the activated sites on HAs for chromate removalHuang, S.W.; SHAN-LI WANG et al. Chemosphere 5449
692012Chromium(VI) reactions of polysaccharide biopolymersLin, Y.-C.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemical Engineering Journal 3838
702012Arsenate adsorption from water using a novel fabricated copper ferriteTu, Y.-J.; You, C.-F.; Chang, C.-K.; Wang, S.-L.; Chan, T.-S.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemical Engineering Journal 6962
712012Treatment of complex heavy metal wastewater using a multi-staged ferrite processTu, Y.-J.; Chang, C.-K.; You, C.-F.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 7256
722011Reaction mechanism of hexavalent chromium with celluloseWang, S.-L.; Lee, J.-F.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemical Engineering Journal 4645
732011Removal of 2-chlorophenol from water using rice-straw derived ashChang, Rung R.; Wang, Shan L.; Tzou, Yu M.; Chen, Yue M.; Wang, Ming K.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B-Pesticides Food Contaminants and Agricultural Wastes 86
742011Soil properties and organic carbon sequestration in the long-term afforested stands of plain areasSHAN-LI WANG Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science 2
752011Effects of rice straw ash amendment on Cu solubility and distribution in flooded rice paddy soilsHuang, J.-H.; Hsu, S.-H.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 6760
762011Differential expression and regulation of iron-regulated metal transporters in Arabidopsis halleri and Arabidopsis thaliana - the role in zinc toleranceConnolly, EL; Huang, JL; Lai, CC; Lo, JC; Shanmugam, V; Wang, SL; Wu, CL; SHAN-LI WANG ; Wang, Shan-Li New Phytologist112101
772010Cr(VI) Removal on Fungal Biomass of Neurospora crassa: the Importance of Dissolved Organic Carbons Derived from the Biomass to Cr(VI) ReductionHsu, LC; Wang, SL; Lin, YC; Wang, MK; Chiang, PN; Liu, JC; Kuan, WH; Chen, CC; Tzou, YM; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Science & Technology 123114
782010Enhanced chlorophenol sorption of soils by rice-straw-ash amendmentLiu, J.-C.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Lu, Y.-H.; Wu, J.-T.; Cheng, M.-P.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 1413
792010The impact of pesticides/chemicals on soil ecology. ForewordWang, Yei-Shung; Wang, San-Lang; Lo, Chi-Chu; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part. B, Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes00
802010Biosorption of Cr(VI) by coconut coir: Spectroscopic investigation on the reaction mechanism of Cr(VI) with lignocellulosic materialShen, Y.-S.; Wang, S.-L.; Huang, S.-T.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Huang, J.-H.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 8678
812009Chromate reduction by zero-valent Al metal as catalyzed by polyoxometalateLin, C.J.; Wang, S.L.; Huang, P.M.; Tzou, Y.M.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, J.H.; Lin, C.; SHAN-LI WANG Water Research 7167
822009A mechanism study of light-induced Cr(VI) reduction in an acidic solutionWang, S.-L.; Chen, C.-C.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Hsu, C.-L.; Chen, J.-H.; Lin, C.-F.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 4339
832009Arsenate adsorption by Mg/Al-NO3 layered double hydroxides with varying the Mg/Al ratioWang, S.-L.; Liu, C.H.; Wang, M.K.; Chuang, Y.H.; Chiang, P.N.; SHAN-LI WANG Applied Clay Science 142137
842009Photo-enhancement of Cr(VI) reduction by fungal biomass of Neurospora crassaLin, Y.C.; Wang, S.L.; Shen, W.C.; Huang, P.M.; Chiang, P.N.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Tzou, Y.M.; Lin, Y.C.; SHAN-LI WANG ; WEI-CHIANG SHEN ; Wang, S.L.; Shen, W.C.; Huang, P.M.; Chiang, P.N.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Tzou, Y.M.Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 1413
852009Removal of hexavalent chromium from acidic aqueous solutions using rice straw-derived carbonHsu, N.-H.; Wang, S.-L.; Liao, Y.-H.; Huang, S.-T.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Huang, Y.-M.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 8580
862009Reduction of Cr(VI) by crop-residue-derived black carbonHsu, N.-H.; Wang, S.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Sheng, G.D.; Lee, J.-F.; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Science and Technology 170154
872009Preferential adsorption of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate from associated binary-solute aqueous systems by Mg/Al-NO3 layered double hydroxides with different nitrate orientationsChao, Y.-F.; Lee, J.-J.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 3634
882008Influences of preparative methods of humic acids on the sorption of 2,4,6-trichlorophenolHuang, Y.-Y.; Wang, S.-L.; Liu, J.-C.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Chang, R.-R.; Chen, J.-H.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemosphere 1410
892008Removal of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol from a solution by humic acids repeatedly extracted from a peat soilTzou, Y.-M.; Wang, S.-L.; Liu, J.-C.; Huang, Y.-Y.; Chen, J.-H.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 2825
902008Adsorption of 2,4-D on Mg/Al-NO3 layered double hydroxides with varying layer charge densityChao, Y.-F.; Chen, P.-C.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Applied Clay Science 7970
912007In situ XRD and ATR-FTIR study on the molecular orientation of interlayer nitrate in Mg/Al-layered double hydroxides in waterWang, S.-L.; Wang, P.-C.; SHAN-LI WANG Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 9193
922007The removal and recovery of Cr(VI) by Li/Al layered double hydroxide (LDH)Hsu, L.C.; Wang, S.L.; Tzou, Y.M.; Lin, C.F.; Chen, J.H.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 6965
932007Photocatalyfic reduction of Cr(VI) in the presence of NO3- and Cl- electrolytes as influenced by Fe(III)HSU, CL; WANG, SL; SHAN-LI WANG ; SHAN-LI WANG Environmental Science & Technology7673
942007Phosphate removal from water using lithium intercalated gibbsiteWang, S.-L.; Cheng, C.-Y.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Liaw, R.-B.; Chang, T.-W.; Chen, J.-H.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 6561
952007Removal of 3-chlorophenol from water using rice-straw-based carbonWang, S.-L.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Lu, Y.-H.; Sheng, G.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Hazardous Materials 10384
962007Deintercalation of Li/Al LDH and its application to recover adsorbed chromate from used adsorbentTzou, Y.-M.; Wang, S.-L.; Hsu, L.-C.; Chang, R.-R.; Lin, C.; SHAN-LI WANG Applied Clay Science 4541
972007The adsorption and catalytic transformations of chromium on Mn substituted goethiteWu, W.-C.; Wang, S.-L.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Chen, J.-H.; Wang, M.-K.; SHAN-LI WANG Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 3231
982006Adsorption and thermal desorption of Cr(VI) on Li/Al layered double hydroxideWang, S.L.; Hseu, R.J.; Chang, R.R.; Chiang, P.N.; Chen, J.H.; Tzou, Y.M.; SHAN-LI WANG Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 5655
992005Fluorescent light induced Cr(VI) reduction by citrate in the presence of TiO2 and ferric ionsTzou, Y.M.; Wang, S.L.; Wang, M.K.; SHAN-LI WANG Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 3127
1002005Effect of citric acid on aluminum hydrolytic speciationKUAN, WH; WANG, MK; HUANG, PM; SHAN-LI WANG Water Research 3935
1012004XANES determination of adsorbed phosphate distribution between ferrihydrite and boehmite in mixturesKhare, N.; Hesterberg, D.; Beauchemin, S.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Soil Science Society of America Journal 100
1022004Synthesis of Li/Al layered double hydroxide-guest composites under mild acid conditionsYang, D.-S.; Wang, M.-K.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Clay Minerals 99
1032003Effect of temperatures on formation and transformation of hydrolytic aluminum in aqueous solutionsWang, S.L.; Wang, M.K.; Tzou, Y.M.; SHAN-LI WANG Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 4850
1042003Water-vapor adsorption and surface area measurement of poorly crystalline boehmiteWang, S.-L.; Johnston, C.T.; Bish, D.L.; White, J.L.; Hem, S.L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 7266
1052003Hydration, expansion, structure, and dynamics of layered double hydroxidesHou, X.; Bish, D.L.; Wang, S.-L.; Johnston, C.T.; Kirkpatrick, R.J.; SHAN-LI WANG American Mineralogist 940
1062002Measuring the surface area of aluminum hydroxide adjuvantJohnston, C.T.; Wang, S.-L.; Hem, S.L.; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 7157
1072002Novel pressure-induced phase transformations in hydrous layered materialsJOHNSTON, CT; WANG, SL; BISH, DL; SHAN-LI WANG Geophysical Research Letters 3045
1082000Assignment of the structural OH stretching bands of gibbsiteWang, S.-L.; Johnston, C.T.; SHAN-LI WANG American Mineralogist 7270
1091996Rapid estimation of cation-exchange capacities of soils and clays with methylene blue exchangeSHAN-LI WANG Soil Science Society of America Journal 4639