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12018Cross-section and feasibility study on the non-invasive evaluation of muscle hemodynamic responses in duchenne muscular dystrophy by using a near-infrared diffuse optical techniqueWEN-CHIN WENG ; Chen, Jung Chih; Lee, Chia Yen; Lin, Chia Wei; WANG-TSO LEE ; JENG-YI SHIEH; Wang, Chia Chen; Chuang, Ching Cheng
22017Evaluation of muscular changes by ultrasound Nakagami imaging in Duchenne muscular dystrophyWEN-CHIN WENG ; Tsui, Po Hsiang; Lin, Chia Wei; Lu, Chun Hao; Lin, Chun Yen; JENG-YI SHIEH; FRANK LEIGH LU ; Ee, Ting Wei; KUAN-WEN WU; WANG-TSO LEE 
32017Microstructural changes of brain in patients with aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiencyWANG-TSO LEE ; JUI-HSIANG LIN 林瑞祥 ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Peng, S.S.-F.journal article
42017Altered resting-state EEG complexity in children with tourette syndrome: A preliminary studyWEN-CHIN WENG ; CHIA-FENG CHANG ; Wong, L.C.; JUI-HSIANG LIN ªL·ç²» ; WANG-TSO LEE ; Shieh, J.-S.journal article
52016Increased risk of epilepsy in children with Tourette syndrome: A population-based case-control studyWANG-TSO LEE ; Wong, Lee Chin; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Huang, Hui-Ling; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Jong, Yuh-Jyh; Yin, Yun-Ju; Chen, Hong-An; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Ho, Shinn-Yingjournal article
62016Increased risks of tic disorders in children with epilepsy: A nation-wide population-based case-control study in TaiwanWeng, Wen-Chin ; WANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Huang, Hui-Ling; Wong, Lee Chin; Wong, Lee Chin; Jong, Yuh-Jyh; Yin, Yun-Ju; Yin, Yun-Ju; Chen, Hong-An; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Ho, Shinn-Yingjournal article
72016Variations of movement disorders in anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis A nationwide study in TaiwanDuan, Bi-Chun; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Lin, Kuang-Lin; Wong, Lee Chin; Li, Sung-Tse; Hsu, Mei-Hsin; Lin, Jainn-Jim; Fan, Pi-Chaun; Lin, Ming-I.; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Lin, Yu-Ching; Wang, Huei-Shyong; Hung, Kun-Long; Lee, Wang-Tso ; 范碧娟 journal article
82016Intervention effects on emotion regulation in preterm infants with very low birth weight: A randomize controlled trialWU-SHIUN HSIEH ; Wu, Ying-Chin; Wu, Ying-Chin; SUH-FANG JENG; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; HUNG-CHIEH CHOU ; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; Chang, Jui-Hsing; WANG-TSO LEE ; Chou, Hung-Chieh ; WEI J. CHEN ; Chou, Hung-Chieh ; Hsu, Hui-Chin; Hsu, Hui-Chin; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Chen, Wei-J. ; Chen, Wei-J.; Ho, Yu-Wen; Ho, Yu-Wen; Jeng, Suh-Fang; Jeng, Suh-Fang; Jeng, Suh-Fangjournal article
92015A novel mutation of aldh5a1 gene associated with succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiencyChen, HM; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lin, Chun-Yen; Weng, Wen-Chin ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Chen, CC; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Hsueh, IP; Huang, SL; Hsieh, CLjournal article
102015Rosiglitazone suppresses in vitro seizures in hippocampal slice by inhibiting presynaptic glutamate release in a model of temporal lobe epilepsyWong, S.-B.; ?�旺�?; Cheng, S.-J.; Hung, W.-C.; Lee, W.T.; Min, M.-Y.; Wong, Shi-Bing; Cheng, Sin-Jhong; Hung, Wei-Chen; Lee, Wang-Tso; Min, Ming-Yuan; Brown, Jon; Wong, Shi-Bing; WANG-TSO LEEet al. ; Cheng, Sin-Jhong; Hung, Wei-Chen; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Min, Ming-Yuan ; Brown, Jon; Chadwick, Brian P.journal article
112015Infantile basal ganglia stroke after mild head traumaWANG-TSO LEE ; Yang, Su-Tin; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Hung, Kun-Long; Chang, Chaw-Liang; Chen, Chun-Chiehjournal article
122015Comorbidity of childhood epilepsyWei, Shu-Hao; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee, Wang-Tso journal article
132015Multiscale entropy of electroencephalogram as a potential predictor for the prognosis of neonatal seizuresLu, Wen-Yu; WANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Chen, Jyun-Yu; Chang, Chi-Feng; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Shieh, Jiann-Shing; Hahn, Cecil D; Hahn, Cecil Djournal article
142015The relationship of neuroimaging findings and neuropsychiatric comorbidities in children with tuberous sclerosis complexHuang, Cheng-Hsien; WANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG ; Peng, Steven Shinn-Forng ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Chen, Shyh-Jye; Su, Yi-Ning; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Lee, Wang-Tso journal article
152015Complexity of multi-channel electroencephalogram signal analysis in childhood absence epilepsyWANG-TSO LEE ; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Jiang, George J. A.; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Chang, Chi-Feng; Lu, Wen-Yu; Lu, Wen-Yu; Lin, Chun-Yen; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Shieh, Jiann-Shing; Luijtelaar, Gilles vanjournal article
162015Mortality, disability, and intensive care in patients with mitochondrial 3243A>G mutationHsiue, Han-Chung; NI-CHUNG LEE ; Hsiue, Han-Chung; Lee, Ni-Chung ; PI-CHUAN FAN ; Lee, Ni-Chung; Tsai, Hung-Bin ; WANG-TSO LEE ; Tsai, Hung-Bin; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; Yang, Chih-Chao ; Yang, Chih-Chao; Chai, Huei-Ming; Wu, Chao-Szu; PEI-LIN LEE; Wu, Chao-Szu; Lee, Wang-Tso; Lee, Wang-Tso ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Weng, Wen-Chin; Fan, Pi-Chuan ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; Fan, Pi-Chuan; Chien, Yin-Hsiu; Chien, Yin-Hsiu ; Hwu, Wuh-Liang; Hwu, Wuh-Liang ; Hung, Kun-Long; Hung, Kun-Long; Huang, Chao-Ching; Huang, Chao-Ching; Chen, Chih-Hung; Lin, Shio-Jean; Chu, Shao-Yin; Chu, Shao-Yin; Wang, Tzu-Jou; Wang, Tzu-Jou; Lu, Chien-Jung; Lu, Chien-Jung; Lee, Pei-Lin; Lee, Pei-Linjournal article
172014Variant non ketotic hyperglycinemia is caused by mutations in LIAS, BOLA3 and the novel gene GLRX5Baker, Peter R., II; WANG-TSO LEE ; Friederich, Marisa W.; Chan, Kuang-Cheng; Swanson, Michael A.; Shaikh, Tamim; Bhattacharya, Kaustuv; Scharer, Gunter H.; Aicher, Joseph; Creadon-Swindell, Geralyn; Geiger, Elizabeth; MacLean, Kenneth N.; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Deshpande, Charu; Freckmann, Mary-Louise; Shih, Ling-Yu; Wasserstein, Melissa; Rasmussen, Malene B.; Lund, Allan M.; Procopis, Peter; Cameron, Jessie M.; Robinson, Brian H.; Brown, Garry K.; Brown, Ruth M.; Compton, Alison G.; Dieckmann, Carol L.; Collard, Renata; Coughlin, Curtis R., II; Spector, Elaine; Wempe, Michael F.; Van Hove, Johan L. K.journal article
182013The effect of in-hospital developmental care on neonatal morbidity, growth and development of preterm Taiwanese infants: A randomized controlled trialWU-SHIUN HSIEH ; Chen, Li-Chiou; SUH-FANG JENG; Wu, Ying-Chin; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; WEI J. CHEN ; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; MING-CHIN YANG ; Leng, Chi-Hon; Leng, Chi-Hon; Chen, Wei J. ; LI-CHIOU CHEN; Chen, Wei J.; Chen, Wei J. ; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Yang, Ming Chin ; Yang, Ming Chin ; Fang, Li-Jung; Hsu, Hui-Chin; Hsu, Hui-Chin; Jeng, Suh-Fang; Jeng, Suh-Fang; Jeng, Suh-Fangjournal article
192013ADHD-related symptoms, emotional/behavioral problems, and physical conditions in Taiwanese children with epilepsySUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU; Tsai, Fang-Ju; PI-CHUAN FAN ; Liu, Shu-Tsen; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee, Chi-Mel; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Fan, Pi-Chuan ; Lin, Wei-Sheng; Chiu, Yen-Nan; Gau, Susan Shur-Fenjournal article
202013Potential application of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor in the treatment of neurological diseasesWANG-TSO LEE journal article
212013Genetic analysis of PRRT2 for benign infantile epilepsy, infantile convulsions with choreoathetosis syndrome, and benign convulsions with mild gastroenteritisIshii, Atsushi; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yasumoto, Sawa; Ihara, Yukiko; Inoue, Takahito; Fujita, Takako; Nakamura, Noriko; Ohfu, Masaharu; Yamashita, Yushiro; Takatsuka, Hideo; Taga, Toshiaki; Miyata, Rie; Ito, Masahiro; Tsuchiya, Hiroshi; Matsuoka, Taro; Kitao, Tetsuya; Murakami, Kiyotaka; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Kaneko, Sunao; Hirose, Shinichijournal article
222013A psychometric study of the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development - 3rd Edition for term and preterm Taiwanese infantsSUH-FANG JENG; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; WANG-TSO LEE ; LI-CHIOU CHENjournal article
232012Dextromethorphan in the treatment of early myoclonic encephalopathy evolving into migrating partial seizures in infancyWANG-TSO LEE ; Chien, Yin-Hsuan; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Lin, Ming-I; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Du, Jung-Chieh; Lee, Wang-Tso journal article
242012Early pathologic changes and responses to treatment in patients with later-onset Pompe diseaseNI-CHUNG LEE ; Chien, Yin-Hsiu ; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee, Ni-Chung ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; Huang, Pei-Hsin; WUH-LIANG HWU ; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Thurberg, Beth L.; PEI-HSIN HUANG; Hwu, Wuh-Liang journal article
252012A novel 3670-base pair mitochondrial DNA deletion resulting in multi-systemic manifestations in a childNI-CHUNG LEE ; Liu, Hsin-Ming; WANG-TSO LEE ; Tsai, Li-Ping; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Chien, Yin-Hsiu ; JIA-FENG WU ; Wu, Jia-Feng ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; Weng, Wen-Chin ; Peng, Shinn-Forng; I-JUNG TSAI ; Wu, En-Ting ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; Huang, Pei-Hsin; PEI-HSIN HUANG; EN-TING WU ; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Tsai, I-Jun; Hwu, Wuh-Liang ; Lee, Ni-Chung ; 彭信逢 journal article
262012Sleep problems in children with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and epilepsyTsai, Fang-Ju; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; PI-CHUAN FAN ; Lee, Chi-Mei; WANG-TSO LEE ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Fan, Pi-Chuan ; Wu, Yu-Yu; Chiu, Yen-Nanjournal article
272011Attentional processes and ADHD-related symptoms in pediatric patients with epilepsySUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU; PI-CHUAN FAN ; WANG-TSO LEE journal article
282011An unusual cause of abdominal distension in a 4-year-old boyWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG journal article
292011Disorders of amino acid metabolism associated with epilepsyWANG-TSO LEE journal article
302011Benign epilepsy in childrenWANG-TSO LEE journal article
312011Evaluation of white matter changes in agyria-pachygyria complex using diffusion tensor imagingWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
322011Unusual spinal cord lesions in late-onset non-ketotic hyperglycinemiaNI-CHUNG LEE ; WANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article
332010Benign convulsions with mild gastroenteritis: Is it associated with sodium channel gene SCN1A mutation?WANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
342010Novel neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 1 gene mutation associated with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosisWANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
352010Acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood with spinal cord involvement: A case reportWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
362010Clinical and biochemical features of aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiencyWANG-TSO LEE ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article
372010Urinary dopamine in aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency: The unsolved paradoxWANG-TSO LEE journal article
382010Severity of bronchopulmonary dysplasia and increased risk of feeding desaturation and growth delay in very low birth weight preterm infantsSUH-FANG JENG; Wang, Li-Ying; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; Luo, Hong-Ji; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; LI-YING WANG; Hsu, Hui-Chin; Chen, Pei-Shan; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Jeng, Suh-Fangjournal article
392009Clinical features of AADC-deficient children and therapeutic prospectsYIN-HSIU CHIEN ; HWU, WUH-LIANG ; CHIEN, YIN-HSIU ; LEE, NI-CHUNG ; LEE, WANG-TSO ; WU, RUEY-MEEIjournal article
402009Neuroimaging findings in children with paediatric neurotransmitter diseasesWANG-TSO LEE ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
412009Mycoplasma pneumoniae-Associated Transverse Myelitis and RhabdomyolysisWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
422008Bronchopulmonary dysplasia predicts adverse developmental and clinical outcomes in very-low-birthweight infantsSUH-FANG JENG; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; HUNG-CHIEH CHOU ; WANG-TSO LEE ; PO-NIEN TSAO ; JENG, SUH-FANG; HSU, CHYONG-HSIN; TSAO, PO-NIEN ; CHOU, HUNG-CHIEH ; LEE, WANG-TSO ; KAO, HSIN-AN; HUNG, HAN-YANG; CHANG, JUI-HSING; CHIU, NAN-CHANG; HSIEH, WU-SHIUN journal article
432008Mutation of Mitochondrial DNA G13513A Presenting with Leigh Syndrome, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and CardiomyopathyNI-CHUNG LEE ; PI-CHUAN FAN ; WANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article
442008Levetiracetam in Continuous Spike Waves During Slow-Wave Sleep SyndromePI-CHUAN FAN ; WANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
452007Risk factors for postencephalitic epilepsy in children: A hospital-based study in TaiwanWANG-TSO LEE journal article
462007NBS1, the Nijmegen breakage syndrome gene product, regulates neuronal proliferation and differentiationWANG-TSO LEE journal article
472007Multiparametric MRI evaluation of kainic acid-induced neuronal activation in rat hippocampusWANG-TSO LEE journal article
482007The correlation between neurological evaluations and neurological outcome in acute encephalitis: A hospital-based studyWang, IJ; PING-ING LEE ; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee, PI; Huang, LM; Chen, CJ; Chen, CL; Lee, WTjournal article
492007Seizure Associated With Total Parenteral Nutrition-Related HypermanganesemiaWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG journal article
502007Clinical Analysis of Childhood Occipital Lobe Epilepsy in 43 Taiwanese PatientsWANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG journal article
512007The correlation between motor impairment and cerebral blood flow in Sturge-Weber syndromeWANG-TSO LEE ; HON-MAN LIU journal article
522006Multiple Sclerosis With Childhood Onset: Report of 21 Cases in TaiwanWANG-TSO LEE ; WEN-CHIN WENG ; Chih-Chao Yang journal article
532006Miller-Dieker syndrome associated with tight filum terminaleMENG-FAI KUO ; WANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG journal article
542006ACTH therapy for Taiwanese children with West syndrome - Efficacy and impact on long-term prognosisWANG-TSO LEE journal article
552006Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in children: One medical center experienceWANG-TSO LEE journal article
562006Complete recovery of Spinal Cord Injury Without Radiographic Abnormality and traumatic brachial plexopathy in a young infant falling from a 30-feet-high windowWANG-TSO LEE ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN; CHIEN-CHANG LEEjournal article
572005嬰幼兒綜合發展測驗的同時效度及反應度 (三年綜合研究報告)廖華芳; 王天苗; 姚開屏 ; 吳雪玉; 李旺祚 ; 鄭素芳
582005Clinical features and factors of unfavorable outcomes for non-polio enterovirus infection of the central nervous system in northern Taiwan, 1994-2003WANG-TSO LEE journal article
592005Concurrent validity of the Comprehensive Developmental Inventory for Infants and Toddlers with the Bayley Scales of Infant Development-II in preterm infantsWANG-TSO LEE journal article
602005Determination of brain death in children - A medicial center experienceWANG-TSO LEE journal article
612005Moyamoya Syndrome with inherited proteins C and S deficiency: Report of one caseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
622005Denaturing HPLC coupled with multiplex PCR for rapid detection of large deletions in Duchenne muscular dystrophy carriersWANG-TSO LEE ; CHIEN-NAN LEEjournal article
632005Electroclinical characteristics of seizures - Comparing Prader-Willi syndrome with Angelman syndromeWANG-TSO LEE journal article
642005Effects of acute amphetamine administration on AMPA-mediated synaptic activity and expression of AMPA receptor subunit 2 of brain neuronsCHUNG-LIANG CHIEN; WANG-TSO LEE journal article
652005“嬰幼兒綜合發展測驗”動作分測驗與“皮巴迪動作發展量表第二版”的診斷準確度�d����; ���ت�; ���}�� ; ������ ; ���ѭ]; �¥��yjournal article
662005Concurrent Validity of the Comprehensive Developmental Inventory for Infants and Toddlers with the Bayley Scales of Infant Development-Ⅱ in Preterm InfantsLiao, Hua-Fang; Wang, Tien-Miau; Yao, Grace; Lee, Wang-Tso 
672004Hemophagocytic syndrome associated with antiepileptic drugSHIANN-TARNG JOU ; WANG-TSO LEE journal article
682004Cerebral diffusion tensor images in children with tuberous sclerosis: A preliminary reportWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG journal article
692004Cerebral infarction associated with possible enteroviral infection in an infantWANG-TSO LEE journal article
702004The roles of electroencephalography and neuroimaging in children with holoprosencephalyWANG-TSO LEE journal article
712004Poor outcome for neonatal-type nonketotic hyperglycinemia treated with high-dose sodium benzoate and dextromethorphanWANG-TSO LEE journal article
722004Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in assessing 3-nitropropionic acid-induced brain lesions: An animal model of Huntington's diseaseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
732004Adrenoleukodystrophy: Clinical analysis of 9 Taiwanese childrenWANG-TSO LEE journal article
742003Anti-epileptic drugs-induced de novo absence seizuresWANG-TSO LEE journal article
752003Neurofibromatosis type I and intestinal neuronal dysplasia type B in a child: report of one caseJIA-FENG WU ; HUEY-LING CHEN; Peng, Steven Shinn-Ferng; Yu, Tsui-Wen; WANG-TSO LEE ; Chang, Mei-Hwei
762003Adrenoleukodystrophy initially diagnosed as idiopathic Addison's disease in two patients: The importance of early testingWANG-TSO LEE journal article
772003Neurofibromatosis Type I and Intestinal Neuronal Dysplasia Type B in a Child: Report of One CaseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
782003MEG localization of rolandic spikes with respect to SI and SII cortices in benign rolandic epilepsyWANG-TSO LEE journal article
792002Postmeningoencephalitic dysautonomia: Report of one caseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
802002Tumor necrosis factor α increases neuronal vulnerability to excitotoxic necrosis by inducing expression of the AMPA-glutamate receptor subunit GluR1 via an acid sphingomyelinase-and NF-κB-dependent mechanismWANG-TSO LEE journal article
812002The mechanisms of neuronal death produced by mitochondrial toxin 3-nitropropionic acid: The roles of N-methyl-D-aspartate glutamate receptors and mitochondrial calcium overloadWANG-TSO LEE journal article
822002Agyria-pachygyria: Clinical, neuroimaging, and neurophysiologic correlationsWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG journal article
832002Acute and chronic alterations in calcium homeostasis in 3-nitropropionic acid-treated human NT2-N neuronsWANG-TSO LEE journal article
842002Schwartz-Jampel syndrome: Report of one caseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
852002Schizencephaly: Correlation between clinical and neuroimaging featuresWANG-TSO LEE journal article
862001Neurocutaneous melanosis with epilepsy: Report of one caseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
872001Early epileptic encephalopathy with suppression burst electroencephalographic pattern - An analysis of eight Taiwanese patientsWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG journal article
882000Temporal changes of cerebral metabolites and striatal lesions in acute 3-nitropropionic acid intoxication in the ratWANG-TSO LEE journal article
892000Acute hemiplegia associated with herpes zoster infection in children: Report of one caseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
902000Mitochondrial cytopathy combined with Fanconi's syndromeWANG-TSO LEE ; YONG-KWEI TSAU ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; WEN-YU TSAI journal article
912000Congenital intracranial teratomaWANG-TSO LEE ; PO-NIEN TSAO ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN journal article
921999Neuroprotective effect of lamotrigine and MK-801 on rat brain lesions induced by 3-nitropropionic acid: Evaluation by magnetic resonance imaging and in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopyWANG-TSO LEE journal article
931999Persistent hypertransaminasemia as the presenting findings of muscular dystrophy in childhoodWANG-TSO LEE journal article
941999Vocal cord paralysis and hypoventilation in a patient with suspected Leigh diseaseWANG-TSO LEE journal article
9519993-D power Doppler cerebral angiography in neonates and young infants: Comparison with 2-D power Doppler angiographyWANG-TSO LEE ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG ; JIN-CHUNG SHIH; PO-NIEN TSAO ; HON-MAN LIU journal article
961999Power Doppler ultrasound imaging in neonatal cerebral venous sinus thrombosisWANG-TSO LEE ; PO-NIEN TSAO journal article
971998The controversy regarding diagnostic criteria for early myoclonic encephalopathyWANG-TSO LEE ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article
981997Duplication of proteolipid protein gene: A possible major cause of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher diseaseWANG-TSO LEE ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article
991996Severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy: evolution of electroencephalographic and clinical features.WANG-TSO LEE journal article
1001996Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in children: clinical, neuroimaging and neurophysiologic studies.WANG-TSO LEE journal article
1011996Cytochrome C oxidase deficiency in fibroblasts of a patient with mitochondrial encephalomyopathyWANG-TSO LEE journal article
1021995Trisomy 18 in a patient with CHARGE association.WANG-TSO LEE journal article
1031995Immunogenicity of an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine in healthy children: two years' follow-up.WANG-TSO LEE journal article
1041995Cerebral venous thrombosis in children.WANG-TSO LEE journal article
1051995Thenar hypoplasia in Klippel-Feil syndrome due to aberrant radial arteryWANG-TSO LEE journal article
1061993Delayed-onset intraventricular hemorrhage in a full-term neonate: report of one case.WANG-TSO LEE journal article
1071989Regulation of muscarinic receptor subtypes and their responsiveness in rat brain following chronic atropine administrationWANG-TSO LEE journal article
1081988Effect of chronic atropine administration on the rat urinary bladderWANG-TSO LEE journal article
1091987Effect of chronic atropine administration on muscrinic receptor density in the ratWANG-TSO LEE journal article