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12019Presynaptic SNAP-25 regulates retinal waves and retinogeniculate projection via phosphorylationHsiao, Yu Tien; Shu, Wen Chi; Chen, Pin Chun; Yang, Hui Ju; Chen, Hsin Yo; Hsu, Sheng Ping; Huang, Yi Ting; Yang, Cheng Chang; Chen, Yen Ju; Yu, Ni Yen; Liou, Shih Yuan; Chiang, Ning; Huang, Chien Ting; Cheng, Tzu Lin; Cheung, Lam Yan; Lin, Yu Chun; Lu, Juu Chin; CHIH-TIEN WANG journal article00
22016Subtypes of hypoxia-responsive cells differentiate into neurons in spinal cord of zebrafish embryos after hypoxic stressZeng, Chih Wei; Kamei, Yasuhiro; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Tsai, Huai Jenjournal article51
32014Phosphomimetic mutation of cysteine string protein-α Increases the rate of regulated exocytosis by modulating fusion pore dynamics in PC12 cellsChiang, Ning; Hsiao, Yu Tien; Yang, Hui Ju; Lin, Yu Chun; Lu, Juu Chin; CHIH-TIEN WANG journal article66
42014Adenosine A<inf>2A</inf> receptor up-regulates retinal wave frequency via starburst amacrine cells in the developing rat retinaHuang, Pin Chien; Hsiao, Yu Tien; Kao, Shao Yen; Chen, Ching Feng; Chen, Yu Chieh; Chiang, Chung Wei; Lee, Chien Fei; Lu, Juu Chin; Chern, Yijuang; CHIH-TIEN WANG journal article129
52014GABAA receptor-mediated tonic depolarization in developing neural circuits.CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Lu, JC; Hsiao, YT; Chiang, CW; Wang, CTjournal article76
62013Trichostatin A Modulates Thiazolidinedione-Mediated Suppression of Tumor Necrosis Factor α-Induced Lipolysis in 3T3-L1 AdipocytesLu, Juu Chin; Chang, Yu Tzu; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Lin, Yu Chun; Lin, Chun Ken; Wu, Zhong Shengjournal article1412
72012Synaptotagmin I Regulates Patterned Spontaneous Activity in the Developing Rat Retina via Calcium Binding to the C2AB DomainsChiang, Chung Wei; Chen, Yu Chieh; Lu, Juu Chin; Hsiao, Yu Tien; Chang, Che Wei; Huang, Pin Chien; Chang, Yu Tzu; Chang, Payne Y.; CHIH-TIEN WANG journal article88
82007GABA(A) receptor-mediated signaling alters the structure of spontaneous activity in the developing retina.Wang, Chih-Tien ; Wang, CT; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Blankenship, Aaron G.; Blankenship, A; Anishchenko, A; Anishchenko, Anastasia; Elstrott, Justin; Elstrott, J; Fikhman, Michael; Fikhman, M; Nakanishi, S; Nakanishi, Shigetada; Feller, Marla B.; Feller, MBjournal article4142
92006Imaging of cAMP levels and protein kinase A activity reveals that retinal waves drive oscillations in second-messenger cascadesDunn, Timothy A.; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Colicos, Michael A.; Zaccolo, Manuela; DiPilato, Lisa M.; Zhang, Jin; Tsien, Roger Y.; Feller, Marla B.journal article10099
102006Sexual motivation is demasculinized, but not feminized, in prenatally stressed male ratsWang, CHIH-TIEN ; Shui, H. A.; Huang, R. L.; Tai, M. Y.; Peng, M. T.; TSAI, YUAN-FEEN journal article1915
112006Synaptotagmin-Ca <inf>2+</inf> triggers two sequential steps in regulated exocytosis in rat PC12 cells: Fusion pore opening and fusion pore dilationCHIH-TIEN WANG ; Bai, Jihong; Chang, Payne Y.; Chapman, Edwin R.; Jackson, Meyer B.journal article8277
122005Retinal waves: Mechanisms and function in visual system developmentFirth, Sally I.; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Feller, Marla B.journal article7774
132004Transmembrane segments of syntaxin line the fusion pore of Ca2+-triggered exocytosis.CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Xue Han; Jihong Bai; Edwin R. Chapman; Meyer B. Jacksonjournal article242230
142004Fusion pore dynamics are regulated by synaptotagmin•t-SNARE interactionsBai, Jihong; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Richards, David A.; Jackson, Meyer B.; Chapman, Edwin R.journal article155147
152004L-type calcium channel agonist induces correlated depolarizations in mice lacking the β2 subunit nAChRsTorborg, Christine; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Muir-Robinson, Gianna; Feller, Marla B.conference paper1515
162003Mutations in the Effector Binding Loops in the C2A and C2B Domains of Synaptotagmin I Disrupt Exocytosis in a Nonadditive MannerWang, Ping; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Bai, Jihong; Jackson, Meyer B.; Chapman, Edwin R.journal article5446
172003Different domains of synaptotagmin control the choice between kiss-and-run and full fusionCHIH-TIEN WANG ; Lu, Juu Chin; Bai, Jihong; Chang, Payne Y.; Martin, Thomas F.J.; Chapman, Edwin R.; Jackson, Meyer B.journal article168162
182003Expression of mutant huntingtin blocks exocytosis in PC12 cells by depletion of complexin IIEdwardson, J. Michael; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Gong, Belvin; Wyttenbach, Andreas; Bai, Jihong; Jackson, Meyer B.; Chapman, Edwin R.; Morton, A. Jenniferjournal article4640
192001Synaptotagmin modulation of fusion pore kinetics in regulated exocytosis of dense-core vesiclesCHIH-TIEN WANG ; Grishanin, R.; Earles, C. A.; PO-YUAN CHANG ; Martin, T. F.J.; Chapman, E. R.; Jackson, M. B.journal article231216
201999Cation permeability and cation-anion interactions in a mutant GABA-gated chloride channel from DrosophilaCHIH-TIEN WANG ; Zhang, Hai Guang; Rocheleau, Thomas A.; Ffrench-Constant, Richard H.; Jackson, Meyer B.journal article2022
211995Dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens during sexual behavior in prenatally stressed adult male ratsCHIH-TIEN WANG ; Huang, Ruey Ling; Tai, Mei Yun; YUAN-FEEN TSAI ; Peng, Ming Tsungjournal article2926
221995Effects of age on dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens and amphetamine-induced locomotor activity in rats.Huang, Ruey-Ling; CHIH-TIEN WANG ; Wang, Chih-Tien ; Tai, Mei-Yun; Tsai, Yuan-Feen ; Peng, Ming-Tsungjournal article1314