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12020Soluble Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Induces Fibroblast Activation Through Proteinase-Activated Receptor-2Lee S.-Y.; Wu S.-T.; Liang Y.-J.; MING-JAI SU ; Huang C.-W.; Jao Y.-H.; Ku H.-C.Frontiers in Pharmacology6
22020Reduction of blood pressure elevation by losartan in spontaneously hypertensive rats through suppression of LARG expression in vascular smooth muscle cellsChiu W.-C.; Chiang J.-Y.; Juang J.-M.; Wu C.-K.; Tsai C.-T.; Tseng Y.-Z.; MING-JAI SU ; Chiang F.-T.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association33
32019A novel isoquinoline derivative exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and improves the outcomes of endotoxemiaLee S.-Y.; Hsin L.-W.; MING-JAI SU ; ChangChien C.-C.; Ku H.-C.Pharmacological Reports33
42018Single allele Lmbrd1 knockout results in cardiac hypertrophyTseng L.T.-L.; Lin C.-L.; Pan K.-H.; Tzen K.-Y.; MING-JAI SU ; Tsai C.-T.; Li Y.-H.; Li P.-C.; Chiang F.-T.; Chang S.C.; Chang M.-F.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association11
52017Electronegative LDL-mediated cardiac electrical remodeling in a rat model of chronic kidney diseaseLee A.-S.; Chen W.-Y.; Chan H.-C.; Chung C.-H.; Peng H.-Y.; Chang C.-M.; MING-JAI SU ; Chen C.-H.; Chang K.-C.Scientific Reports55
62016Aldosterone induces tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 expression and further contributes to collagen accumulation: From clinical to bench studiesHung C.-S.; Chou C.-H.; Liao C.-W.; Lin Y.-T.; Wu X.-M.; Chang Y.-Y.; Chen Y.-H.; Wu V.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Ho Y.-L.; Chen M.-F.; Wu K.-D.; Lin Y.-H.Hypertension2324
72016Thaliporphine, an alkaloid from Neolitsea konishii, exerts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic responses in guinea pig during cardiovascular collapse in inflammatory diseaseKu H.-C.; Lee S.-Y.; Lee S.-S.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Functional Foods2
82016Modification of Caffeic Acid with Pyrrolidine Enhances Antioxidant Ability by Activating AKT/HO-1 Pathway in HeartKu H.-C.; Lee S.-Y.; Yang K.-C.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU PLoS ONE1413
92016A model of cardiac remodeling through constriction of the abdominal aorta in ratsKu H.-C.; Lee S.-Y.; Wu Y.-K.A.; Yang K.-C.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Visualized Experiments87
102015Circulating tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-1 is associated with aldosterone-induced diastolic dysfunctionHung C.-S.; Chou C.-H.; Wu X.-M.; Chang Y.-Y.; Wu V.-C.; Chen Y.-H.; Chang Y.-S.; Tsai Y.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Ho Y.-L.; Chen M.-F.; Wu K.-D.; Lin Y.-H.Journal of Hypertension1818
112015NRIP is newly identified as a Z-disc protein, activating calmodulin signaling for skeletal muscle contraction and regenerationChen H.-H.; Chen W.-P.; Yan W.-L.; Huang Y.-C.; Chang S.-W.; Fu W.-M.; MING-JAI SU ; Yu I.-S.; Tsai T.-C.; Yan Y.-T.; Tsao Y.-P.; Chen S.-L.Journal of Cell Science1313
122015Caffeic acid ethanolamide prevents cardiac dysfunction through sirtuin dependent cardiac bioenergetics preservationLee S.-Y.; Ku H.-C.; Kuo Y.-H.; Yang K.-C.; Tu P.-C.; Chiu H.-L.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science1536
132015Increased LDL electronegativity in chronic kidney disease disrupts calcium homeostasis resulting in cardiac dysfunctionChang K.-C.; Lee A.-S.; Chen W.-Y.; Lin Y.-N.; Hsu J.-F.; Chan H.-C.; Chang C.-M.; Chang S.-S.; Pan C.-C.; Sawamura T.; Chang C.-T.; MING-JAI SU ; Chen C.-H.Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology2323
142015TM-1-1DP exerts protective effect against myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury via AKT-eNOS pathwayKu H.-C.; Lee S.-Y.; Chen C.-H.; Wang Y.-H.; Lin C.-T.; Lee S.-S.; Li T.-H.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology78
152015The effect of resveratrol on protecting corneal epithelial cells from cytotoxicity caused by moxifloxacin and benzalkonium chlorideTsai T.-Y.; Chen T.-C.; Wang I.-J.; Yeh C.-Y.; MING-JAI SU ; Chen R.-H.; Tsai T.-H.; Hu F.-R.Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science1617
162015Pyrrolidinyl caffeamide against ischemia/reperfusion injury in cardiomyocytes through AMPK/AKT pathwaysLee S.-Y.; Ku H.-C.; Kuo Y.-H.; Chiu H.-L.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science1836
172015Activation of serotonin 5-HT7 receptor induces coronary flow increase in isolated rat heartChang Chien C.-C.; Hsin L.-W.; MING-JAI SU European Journal of Pharmacology7
182015KS370G, a caffeamide derivative, attenuates unilateral ureteral obstruction-induced renal fibrosis by the reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress in miceChuang S.-T.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU European Journal of Pharmacology19
192015The differential effects of a selective kappa-opioid receptor agonist, U50488, in Guinea pig heart tissuesHung C.-F.; Li H.-J.; Chang H.-H.; Lee G.-A.; MING-JAI SU BioMed Research International1
2020155-Hydroxytryptamine has an endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor-like effect on coronary flow in isolated rat heartsChang Chien C.-C.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science7
212014DPP4 deficiency preserved cardiac function in abdominal aortic banding ratsKu H.-C.; MING-JAI SU PLoS ONE1817
222014Caffeic acid phenethyl amide ameliorates ischemia/reperfusion injury and cardiac dysfunction in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsHo Y.-J.; Lee A.-S.; Chen W.-P.; Chang W.-L.; Tsai Y.-K.; Chiu H.-L.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU Cardiovascular Diabetology2019
232014Gender disparity in LDL-induced cardiovascular damage and the protective role of estrogens against electronegative LDLLee A.-S.; Chen W.-Y.; Chan H.-C.; Hsu J.-F.; Shen M.-Y.; Chang C.-M.; Bair H.; MING-JAI SU ; Chang K.-C.; Chen C.-H.Cardiovascular Diabetology1413
242014Antifibrotic effects of KS370G, a caffeamide derivative, in renal ischemia-reperfusion injured mice and renal tubular epithelial cellsChuang S.-T.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU Scientific Reports1616
252014Connective tissue growth factor and cardiac diastolic dysfunction: Human data from the Taiwan Diastolic Heart Failure Registry and molecular basis by cellular and animal modelsWu C.-K.; Wang Y.-C.; Lee J.-K.; Chang S.-N.; Su M.-Y.; Yeh H.-M.; MING-JAI SU ; Chen J.-J.; Chiang F.-T.; Hwang J.-J.; Lin J.-L.; Tsai C.-T.European Journal of Heart Failure2120
262013DPP4 Deficiency Exerts Protective Effect against H2O2 Induced Oxidative Stress in Isolated CardiomyocytesKu H.-C.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU PLoS ONE3235
272013Caffeic acid phenethyl amide improves glucose homeostasis and attenuates the progression of vascular dysfunction in Streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsHo Y.-J.; Chen W.-P.; Chi T.-C.; Chang Chien C.-C.; Lee A.-S.; Chiu H.-L.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU Cardiovascular Diabetology1718
282013Semisynthesis and myocardial activity of thaliporphine N-homologuesChiou C.-M.; Lin C.-T.; Huang W.-J.; Chang Y.-M.; Ho Y.-J.; MING-JAI SU ; Lee S.-S.Journal of Natural Products89
292013Hypoglycemic action of borapetoside A from the plant Tinospora crispa in miceRuan C.-T.; Lam S.-H.; Lee S.-S.; MING-JAI SU Phytomedicine3122
302013P2X7 receptor activation contributes to an initial upstream mechanism of lipopolysaccharideinduced vascular dysfunctionChiao C.-W.; da Silva-santos J.E.; Giachini F.R.; Tostes R.C.; MING-JAI SU ; Webb R.C.Clinical Science2120
312012Differential baseline expression and angiotensin II-stimulation of leukemia-associated RhoGEF in vascular smooth muscle cells of spontaneously hypertensive ratsChiu W.-C.; Juang J.-M.; Chang S.-N.; Wu C.-K.; Tsai C.-T.; Tseng C.-D.; Tseng Y.-Z.; MING-JAI SU ; Chiang F.-T.International Journal of Nanomedicine44
322012Coexisting mutations/polymorphisms of the long QT syndrome genes in patients with repaired Tetralogy of Fallot are associated with the risks of life-threatening eventsChiu S.-N.; Wu M.-H.; MING-JAI SU ; Wang J.-K.; Lin M.-T.; Chang C.-C.; Hsu H.-W.; Shen C.-T.; Th?riault O.; Chahine M.Human Genetics1114
332012Thaliporphine preserves cardiac function of endotoxemic rabbits by both directly and indirectly attenuating NFκB signaling pathwayLee A.S.; Chen W.P.; Kuo Y.L.; Ho Y.J.; Lee S.S.; MING-JAI SU PLoS ONE98
342012KS370G, a synthetic caffeamide derivative, improves left ventricular hypertrophy and function in pressure-overload mice heartWeng Y.-C.; Chuang C.-F.; Chuang S.-T.; Chiu H.-L.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU European Journal of Pharmacology77
352012Borapetoside C from Tinospora crispa improves insulin sensitivity in diabetic miceRuan C.-T.; Lam S.-H.; Chi T.-C.; Lee S.-S.; MING-JAI SU Phytomedicine3830
362012Hypoglycemic diterpenoids from Tinospora crispaLam S.-H.; Ruan C.-T.; Hsieh P.-H.; MING-JAI SU ; Lee S.-S.Journal of Natural Products4431
372012Caffeic acid phenylethyl amide protects against the metabolic consequences in diabetes mellitus induced by diet and streptozocinWeng Y.-C.; Chuang S.-T.; Lin Y.-C.; Chuang C.-F.; Chi T.-C.; Chiu H.-L.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine16
382011Intracellular zinc release-activated ERK-dependent GSK-3Β-p53 and Noxa-Mcl-1 signaling are both involved in cardiac ischemic-reperfusion injuryLin C.-L.; Tseng H.-C.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Fang K.-M.; Chen R.-F.; Wu M.-L.Cell Death and Differentiation2538
392011DPP4 deficiency preserves cardiac function via GLP-1 signaling in rats subjected to myocardial ischemia/reperfusionKu H.-C.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology4848
402011Prazosin induces p53-mediated autophagic cell death in H9C2 cellsYang Y.-F.; Wu C.-C.; Chen W.-P.; Chen Y.-L.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology1212
412011Intracellular zinc release-activated ERK-dependent GSK-3Β-p53 and Noxa-Mcl-1 signaling are both involved in cardiac ischemic-reperfusion injuryLin C.-L.; Tseng H.-C.; Chen R.-F.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Fang K.-M.; Wu M.-L.Cell Death and Differentiation0
422010Thaliporphine ameliorates cardiac depression in endotoxemic rats through attenuating TLR4 signaling in the downstream of TAK-1 phosphorylation and NF-κB signalingChen W.-P.; Tzeng H.-J.; Ku H.-C.; Ho Y.-J.; Lee S.-S.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology1413
432010Cardiac glycosides from antiaris toxicaria with potent cardiotonic activityShi L.-S.; Liao Y.-R.; MING-JAI SU ; Lee A.-S.; Kuo P.-C.; Damu A.G.; Kuo S.-C.; Sun H.-D.; Lee K.-H.; Wu T.-S.Journal of Natural Products4538
442010GLP-1 signaling preserves cardiac function in endotoxemic Fischer 344 and DPP4-deficient ratsKu H.-C.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology3129
452010Antihyperglycemic effect of a caffeamide derivative, KS370G, in normal and diabetic miceWeng Y.-C.; Chiu H.-L.; Lin Y.-C.; Chi T.-C.; Kuo Y.-H.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry1818
462009Serine-385 phosphorylation of inwardly rectifying K+ channel subunit (Kir6.2) by AMP-dependent protein kinase plays a key role in rosiglitazone-induced closure of the KATP channel and insulin secretion in ratsChang T.-J.; Chen W.-P.; Yang C.; Lu P.-H.; Liang Y.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Lee S.-C.; Chuang L.-M.Diabetologia4244
472009Transforming growth factor-β type I receptor/ALK5 contributes to doxazosin-induced apoptosis in H9C2 cellsYang Y.-F.; Wu C.-C.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology87
482009Distinct functional defect of three novel Brugada syndrome related cardiac sodium channel mutationsHsueh C.-H.; Chen W.-P.; Lin J.-L.; Tsai C.-T.; Liu Y.-B.; Juang J.-M.; Tsao H.-M.; MING-JAI SU ; Lai L.-P.Journal of Biomedical Science1412
492009Piceatannol, a derivative of resveratrol, moderately slows l Na inactivation and exerts antiarrhythmic action in ischaemia-reperfused rat heartsChen W.-P.; Hung L.-M.; Hsueh C.-H.; Lai L.-P.; MING-JAI SU British Journal of Pharmacology3228
502009Cell therapy generates a favourable chemokine gradient for stem cell recruitment into the infarcted heart in rabbitsChen M.-F.; Lee B.-C.; Hsu H.-C.; Tseng W.-Y.I.; Chen C.-Y.; Lin H.-J.; Ho Y.-L.; MING-JAI SU European Journal of Heart Failure2830
512009A microfluidic integration of planar patch-clamp chip with rapid solution exchange system and optical detectionTu T.-Y.; Chen C.-Y.; Jong D.-S.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Wo A.M.Proceedings of Conference, MicroTAS 2009 - The 13th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
522008Lamotrigine inhibits postsynaptic AMPA receptor and glutamate release in the dentate gyrusLee C.-Y.; Fu W.-M.; Chen C.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Liou H.-H.Epilepsia7162
532008Comparison of the cardiac effects between quinazoline-based α1-adrenoceptor antagonists on occlusion-reperfusion injuryLee A.-S.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science23
542008Functional studies on three novel HCNH2 mutations in Taiwan: Identification of distinct mechanisms of channel defect and dissociation between glycosylation defect and assembly defectHsueh C.-H.; Chen W.-P.; Lin J.-L.; Liu Y.-B.; MING-JAI SU ; Lai L.-P.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications55
552008Arachidonic acid induces both Na+ and Ca2+ entry resulting in apoptosisFang K.-M.; Chang W.-L.; Wang S.-M.; MING-JAI SU ; Wu M.-L.Journal of Neurochemistry4947
562008Comparison of the cardiac electrophysiological effects between doxazosin and bunazosinLee A.-S.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science52
572008Electromechanical characterization of cinnamophilin, a natural thromboxane A 2 receptor antagonist with anti-arrhythmic activity, in guinea-pig heartChang G.-J.; MING-JAI SU ; Wu T.-S.; Chen W.-P.; Kuo C.-M.British Journal of Pharmacology43
582008Pharmacological profile of the new inotropic agent AT-11Lee A.-S.; Wu T.-S.; MING-JAI SU European Journal of Pharmacology22
592008Free fatty acids act as endogenous ionophores, resulting in Na+ and Ca2+ influx and myocyte apoptosisFang K.-M.; Lee A.-S.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin C.-L.; Chien C.-L.; Wu M.-L.Cardiovascular Research3329
602007Resveratrol enhances insulin secretion by blocking KATP and KV channels of beta cellsChen W.-P.; Chi T.-C.; Chuang L.-M.; MING-JAI SU European Journal of Pharmacology102100
612007Effects of rosiglitazone on native low-density-lipoprotein-induced respiratory burst in circulating monocytes and on the leukocyte-endothelial interaction in cholesterol-fed ratsLu L.S.; Hung L.M.; Liao C.H.; Wu C.C.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology21
622007Serotonin enhances β-endorphin secretion to lower plasma glucose in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsChi T.-C.; Ho Y.-J.; Chen W.-P.; Chi T.-L.; Lee S.-S.; Cheng J.-T.; MING-JAI SU Life Sciences2423
632007Phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase is involved in the antihyperglycemic effect induced by resveratrol in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsChi T.-C.; Chen W.-P.; Chi T.-L.; Kuo T.-F.; Lee S.-S.; Cheng J.-T.; MING-JAI SU Life Sciences140114
642007Apocynin alleviated hepatic oxidative burden and reduced liver injury in hypercholesterolaemiaLu L.-S.; Wu C.-C.; Hung L.-M.; Chiang M.-T.; Lin C.-T.; Lin C.-W.; MING-JAI SU Liver International2318
652007In vitro electrophysiological mechanisms for antiarrhythmic efficacy of resveratrol, a red wine antioxidantChen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Hung L.-M.European Journal of Pharmacology4437
662006Antihyperglycemic effect of aporphines and their derivatives in normal and diabetic ratsChi T.-C.; Lee S.-S.; MING-JAI SU Planta Medica1917
672006N-Allylsecoboldine as a novel agent prevents acute renal failure during endotoxemiaChiao C.-W.; Lee S.-S.; Wu C.-C.; MING-JAI SU European Journal of Pharmacology55
682006Arterial stiffening and cardiac hypertrophy in a new rat model of type 2 diabetesChang K.-C.; Tseng C.-D.; Chou T.-F.; Cho Y.-L.; Chi T.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Tseng Y.-Z.European Journal of Clinical Investigation2730
692006Change of potassium current density in rabbit corneal epithelial cells during maturation and cellular senescenceChang S.-W.; Chang G.-J.; MING-JAI SU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association13
702006Activation of the transient receptor potential M2 channel and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase is involved in oxidative stress-induced cardiomyocyte deathYang K.-T.; Chang W.-L.; Yang P.-C.; Chien C.-L.; Lai M.-S.; MING-JAI SU ; Wu M.-L.Cell Death and Differentiation8985
712006Optical mapping of myocardial reactive oxygen species production throughout the reperfusion of global ischemiaLu L.-S.; Liu Y.-B.; Sun C.-W.; Lin L.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Wu C.-C.Journal of Biomedical Optics75
722006Multiple cellular electrophysiological effects of a novel antiarrhythmic furoquinoline derivative HA-7 [N-benzyl-7-methoxy-2,3,4,9-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-b] quinoline-3,4-dione] in guinea pig cardiac preparationsChang G.-J.; MING-JAI SU ; Kuo S.-C.; Lin T.-P.; Lee Y.-S.Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics66
732005Thaliporphine increases survival rate and attenuates multiple organ injury in LPS-induced endotoxaemiaChiao C.-W.; Lee S.-S.; Wu C.-C.; MING-JAI SU Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology1916
742005Attenuation of post-ischemia reperfusion injury by thaliporphine and morphine in rat heartsChang W.-L.; Lee S.-S.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science2622
752005Arachidonic acid inhibits capacitative Ca2+ entry and activates non-capacitative Ca2+ entry in cultured astrocytesYang K.-T.; Chen W.-P.; Chang W.-L.; MING-JAI SU ; Tsai K.-L.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications2219
762004The vascular and cardioprotective effects of liriodenine in ischemia-reperfusion injury via NO-dependent pathwayChang W.-L.; Chung C.-H.; Wu Y.-C.; MING-JAI SU Nitric Oxide - Biology and Chemistry2119
772004Preparation and biodistribution of rhenium-188 ECD/Lipiodol in rats following hepatic arterial injectionLuo T.-Y.; Hsieh B.-T.; Wang S.-J.; Lin W.-Y.; Lee T.-W.; Shen L.-H.; MING-JAI SU Nuclear Medicine and Biology1918
782004Calcium-antagonizing activity of S-petasin, a hypotensive sesquiterpene from Petasites formosanus, on inotropic and chronotropic responses in isolated rat atria and cardiac myocytesWang G.-J.; Liao J.-F.; Hintz K.K.; Chen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin Y.-L.; Shi C.-C.; Chen C.-F.; Ren J.Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology1311
792004Effect of hypercholesterolemia on myocardial function in New Zealand white rabbitsLuo T.-Y.; MING-JAI SU ; Yang Y.-F.; Liu Y.-B.; Liang H.-C.; Wu C.-C.; Lee Y.-T.Journal of Biomedical Science1819
802004A new technique for labeling of Lipiodol with 188Re in the treatment of hepatic tumorWang S.-J.; Lo T.-Y.; Hsieh B.-T.; Cheng K.-Y.; Lin W.-Y.; Shen L.-H.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry5
812004Dietary cholesterol affects sympathetic nerve function in rabbit heartsLuo T.-Y.; Wu C.-C.; Liu Y.-B.; Fu Y.-K.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science67
822004Resveratrol protects myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury through both NO-dependent and NO-independent mechanismsHung L.-M.; MING-JAI SU ; Chen J.-K.Free Radical Biology and Medicine173145
832004Functional Genomic Study on Atrial Fibrillation Using cDNA Microarray and Two-Dimensional Protein Electrophoresis Techniques and Identification of the Myosin Regulatory Light Chain Isoform Reprogramming in Atrial FibrillationLai L.-P.; Lin J.-L.; Lin C.-S.; Yeh H.-M.; Tsay Y.-G.; Lee C.-F.; Lee H.-H.; Chang Z.-F.; Hwang J.-J.; MING-JAI SU ; Tseng Y.-Z.U.; Huang S.K.S.Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology4745
842004Morphine Inhibits Glutamate Exocytosis from Rat Cerebral Cortex Nerve Terminals (Synaptosomes) by Reducing Ca2+ InfluxYang T.-T.; Hung C.-F.; Lee Y.-J.; MING-JAI SU ; Wang S.-J.Synapse300
852004Activation of the calcineurin-nuclear factor of activated T-cell signal transduction pathway in atrial fibrillationLin C.-C.; Lin J.-L.; Lin C.-S.; Tsai M.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Lai L.-P.; Stephen Huang S.K.Chest380
862003Age-related differences in the direct cardiac effects of cisapride: Narrower safety range in the hearts of young rabbitsWu M.-H.; MING-JAI SU ; Siu-Man Sun S.Pediatric Research53
872003Optical Imaging and Tissue Characterization with Polarization Discrimination of Time-Gated SignalsSun C.-W.; Wang Y.-M.; Yang C.-C.; Kiang Y.-W.; Lu L.-S.; MING-JAI SU Optical Review0
882003Atrial fibrillation is associated with accumulation of aging-related common type mitochondrial DNA deletion mutation in human atrial tissueLai L.-P.; Tsai C.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin J.-L.; Chen Y.-S.; Tseng Y.-Z.; Huang S.K.S.Chest4643
892003Sympathetic nerve sprouting, electrical remodeling, and increased vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation in hypercholesterolemic rabbitsLiu Y.-B.; Wu C.-C.; Lu L.-S.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin C.-W.; Lin S.-F.; Chen L.S.; Fishbein M.C.; Chen P.-S.; Lee Y.-T.Circulation Research11698
902003Direct cardiac effects of As2O3 in rabbits: Evidence of reversible chronic toxicity and tissue accumulation of arsenicals after parenteral administrationWu M.-H.; Lin C.-J.; Chen C.-L.; MING-JAI SU ; Sun S.S.-M.; Cheng A.-L.Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology2623
912002Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of heterocycle-conjugated styrene derivatives as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors and free radical scavengersChen C.-S.; Lai S.-Y.; Hsu P.-S.; Tsai C.-Y.; Fang C.-W.; MING-JAI SU ; Cheng F.-C.; Kao C.-L.; Chern J.-W.Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal
922002The protective effect of resveratrols on ischaemia-reperfusion injuries of rat hearts is correlated with antioxidant efficacyHung L.-M.; MING-JAI SU ; Chu W.-K.; Chiao C.-W.; Chan W.-F.; Chen J.-K.British Journal of Pharmacology118110
932002Association of the human minK gene 38G allele with atrial fibrillation: Evidence of possible genetic control on the pathogenesis of atrial fibrillationLai L.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Yeh H.-M.; Lin J.-L.; Chiang F.-T.; Hwang J.-J.; Hsu K.-L.; Tseng C.-D.; Lien W.-P.; Tseng Y.-Z.; Huang S.K.S.American Heart Journal127
942002Myocardial tissue characterization based on the time-resolved Stokes-Mueller formalismSun C.-W.; Lu L.-S.; Yang C.C.; Kiang Y.-W.; MING-JAI SU Optics Express15
952002Cardiac electrophysiologic and antiarrhythmic actions of a pavine alkaloid derivative, O-methyl-neocaryachine, in rat heartChang G.-J.; MING-JAI SU ; Hung L.-M.; Lee S.-S.British Journal of Pharmacology1615
962001Beneficial effects of astringinin, a resveratrol analogue, on the ischemia and reperfusion damage in rat heartHung L.-M.; Chen J.-K.; Lee R.-S.; Liang H.-C.; MING-JAI SU Free Radical Biology and Medicine7569
972001Mechanical effects of liriodenine on the left ventricular-arterial coupling in Wistar rats: Pressure-stroke volume analysisChang K.-C.; MING-JAI SU ; Peng Y.-I.; Shao C.-C.; Wu Y.-C.; Tseng Y.-Z.British Journal of Pharmacology7
982001Arachidonic acid-induced H+ and Ca2+ increases in both the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of rat cerebellar granule cellsChen W.-H.; Chen C.-R.; Yang K.-T.; Chang W.-L.; MING-JAI SU ; Wu C.-C.; Wu M.-L.Journal of Physiology1312
992001Thaliporphine protects ischemic and ischemic-reperfused rat hearts via an NO-dependent mechanismHung L.-M.; Lee S.-S.; Chen J.-K.; Huang S.-S.; MING-JAI SU Drug Development Research7
1002001Comparison of the electromechanical responsiveness of alpha-1-adrenoceptor stimulation in ventricles of normal and cardiomyopathic hamstersChen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science00
1012000Identification of opioid receptors in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of guinea-pig atriaHung C.-F.; Chang W.-L.; Liang H.-C.; MING-JAI SU Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology98
1022000A study on two kinds of human minK proteins: Electrophysiological and pharmacological properties and incidence in the Chinese populationLai L.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin J.-L.; Hwang J.-J.; Tseng Y.-Z.; Lien W.-P.; Huang S.K.S.Acta Cardiologica Sinica
1032000Electrophysiological characteristics of antiarrhythmic potential of acrophyllidine, a furoquinoline alkaloid isolated from Acronychia halophyllaChang G.-J.; Wu M.-H.; Chen W.-P.; Kuo S.-C.; MING-JAI SU Drug Development Research
1042000Cardioprotective effect of resveratrol, a natural antioxidant derived from grapesHung L.-M.; Chen J.-K.; Huang S.-S.; Lee R.-S.; MING-JAI SU Cardiovascular Research499433
1052000Role of protein kinase C in mediating alpha-1-adrenoceptor-induced negative inotropic response in rat ventriclesChen W.-P.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science0
1062000Benzalkonium chloride and gentamicin cause a leak in corneal epithelial cell membraneChang S.-W.; Chi R.-F.; Wu C.-C.; MING-JAI SU Experimental Eye Research3333
1072000Possible mechanism(s) of arachidonic acid-induced intracellular acidosis in rat cardiac myocytes.Wu M.L.; Chan C.C.; MING-JAI SU Circulation research2829
1081999Measurement of funny current (I(f)) channel mRNA in human atrial tissue: Correlation with left atrial filling pressure and atrial fibrillationLai L.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin J.-L.; Tsai C.-H.; Lin F.-Y.; Chen Y.-S.; Hwang J.-J.; Stephen Huang S.K.; Tseng Y.-Z.; Lien W.-P.Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology5348
1091999Down-regulation of L-type calcium channel and sarcoplasmic reticular Ca2+-ATPase mRNA in human atrial fibrillation without significant change in the mRNA of ryanodine receptor, calsequestrin and phospholamban: An insight into the mechanism of atrial electrical remodelingLai L.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin J.-L.; Lin F.-Y.; Tsai C.-H.; Chen Y.-S.; Huang S.K.S.; Tseng Y.-Z.; Lien W.-P.Journal of the American College of Cardiology173150
1101999Changes in the mRNA levels of delayed rectifier potassium channels in human atrial fibrillationLai L.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Lin J.-L.; Lin F.-Y.; Tsai C.-H.; Chen Y.-S.; Tseng Y.-Z.; Lien W.-P.; Stephen Huang S.K.Cardiology4334
1111999Electrophysiological profile after inward rectifier K channel blockade by barium in isolated rabbit hearts. Altered repolarization and unmasked decremental conduction propertyWu M.-H.; MING-JAI SU ; Sun S.S.M.Europace1415
1121999Positive inotropic action of NMDA receptor antagonist (+)-MK801 in rat heartHuang C.-F.; MING-JAI SU Journal of Biomedical Science2421
1131999Sensitivity of the slow component of the delayed rectifier potassium current (I(Ks)) to potassium channel blockers: Implications for clinical reverse use-dependent effectsLai L.-P.; MING-JAI SU ; Tseng Y.-Z.; Lien W.-P.Journal of Biomedical Science0
1141999Ionic mechanisms for the antiarrhythmic action of Cinnamophilin in rat heartMING-JAI SU ; Chen W.-P.; Lo T.-Y.; Wu T.-S.Journal of Biomedical Science0
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