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12019Reciprocal activation of cancer-associated fibroblasts and oral squamous carcinoma cells through CXCL1Wei, Ling-Ying; JANG-JAER LEE ; Yeh, Chiou-Yueh; Yang, Chia-Ju; SANG-HENG KOK ; Ko, Jenq-Yuh; FENG-CHIAO TSAI ; JEAN-SAN CHIA journal article24
22018Bedside screen for oral cavity structure, salivary flow, and vocal production over the 14days following endotracheal extubationCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Wu, Kuo-Hsiang; Ku, Shih-Chi; DING-CHENG CHAN ; JANG-JAER LEE ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; TZU-YU HSIAO journal article11
32017Enrichment of Human CCR6+ Regulatory T Cells with Superior Suppressive Activity in Oral CancerJANG-JAER LEE ; Kao, Kung-Chi; Chiu, Yen-Ling; Jung, Chiau-Jing; Liu, Chung-Ji; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Chang, Yen-Liang; Ko, Jenq-Yuh; JEAN-SAN CHIA journal article118
42016Swallowing dysfunction following endotracheal intubation: Age mattersTsai, Min-Hsuan; Ku, Shih-Chi; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; TZU-YU HSIAO ; JANG-JAER LEE ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Huang, Guan-Hua; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article64
52014Skewed distribution of IL-7 receptor-a-expressing effector memory CD8 + T cells with distinct functional characteristics in oral squamous cell carcinomaLee, Jang-Jaer ; Chen, Jia-Perng; JANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Yeh, Chiou-Yueh; Jung, Chiau-Jing; JEAN-SAN CHIA ; Chen, Ching-Wen; ANDY SUN ; Du, Mao-Kuang; Yu, Hui-Ming; Yang, Chia-Ju; Lin, Hui-yi; Sun, Andy ; Ko, Jenq-Yuh; Cheng, Shih Jung ; Chang, Yen-Liang; Chia, Jean-San journal article22
62014Stem cells and kidney regenerationChou, Yu-Hsiang; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Pan, Szu-Yu; Yang, Fang-Yu ; Wu, Yang-Che; Yang, Chian-Huei; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Lin, Shuei-Liong; 李正?; 陳信銘 journal article3428
72014Metastatic lung carcinoma to the lower anterior gingivaJANG-JAER LEE ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; Yang, Fang-Yu ; FANG-YU YANG ; Wu, Yang-Che; Chen, Hsin-Ming journal article1111
82014The risk of osteonecrosis of the jaws in taiwanese osteoporotic patients treated with oral alendronate or raloxifeneChiu, Wei-Yih ; WEI-YIH CHIU ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Chien, Jung-Yien ; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Juang, Jyh-Ming Jimmy ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN ; JYH-MING Jimmy JUANG ; Tsai, Keh-Sung journal article89
92014Needlestick and sharps injuries among dental healthcare workers at a university hospitalJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; LI-DEH LIN ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1210
102014An early central granular cell odontogenic tumor arising from the dental follicle of an impacted mandibular third molarLee, Jang-Jaer ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Wei, Ling-Ying; Wei, Ling-Ying; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; Wu, Yang-Che; Wu, Yang-Che; Chiang, Chun-Pin journal article88
112013Atypical femoral fractures shortly after osteonecrosis of the jaw in a postmenopausal woman taking alendronate for osteoporosisWEI-YIH CHIU ; Chiu, Wei-Yih; JANG-JAER LEE ; Lee, Jang-Jaer; Tsai, Keh-Sung; KEH-SUNG TSAI journal article1414
122013Changes in biomarkers of hepatic and renal function after prolonged general anesthesia for oral cancer surgery: A cohort comparison between desflurane and sevofluraneJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; SHOU-ZEN FAN journal article00
132013Transverse and sagittal angulations of proximal segment after sagittal split and vertical ramus osteotomies and their influence on the stability of distal segmentPan, Ju-Hung; JANG-JAER LEE ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Lin, Hung-Ying; Chen, Yi-Jane ; YI-JANE CHEN ; Yao, Chung-Chen Jane; Kok, Sang-Heng journal article1212
142013Oral tongue melanomaJANG-JAER LEE ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; Wei, Ling-Ying; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; Wu, Yang-Che; Chiang, Chun-Pin journal article1010
152013Factors predicting the prognosis of oral alendronate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws: A 4-year cohort studyJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article108
162013Expression of Gг\12 predicts progression and prognosis of oral squamous cell carcinomas in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; Cheng, Shih-Jung ; Cheng, Shih-Jung ; Liu, Yi-Ching ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Liu, Yi-Ching ; Cheng, Shih-Lung; Cheng, Shih-Lung; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Kok, Sang-Heng ; Kok, Sang-Heng ; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; Chiang, Chun-Pin journal article00
172013Increased placenta growth factor mRNA level is significantly associated with progression, recurrence and poor prognosis of oral squamous cell carcinomaJANG-JAER LEE ; Cheng, Shih-Jung ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Cheng, Shih-Lung; SANG-HENG KOK ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Kok, Sang-Heng ; Chiang, Meng Ling; Chiang, Meng Ling; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; 郭彥彬 journal article88
182013Osteonecrosis of the jaws associated with the use of yearly zoledronic acid: Report of 2 casesJANG-JAER LEE ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Cheng, Shih-Jung ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; Wang, Yi-Ping ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Jeng, Jiiang-Huei ; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Kok, Sang-Heng journal article84
192013Toxicity of areca nut ingredients: Activation of CHK1/CHK2, induction of cell cycle arrest, and regulation of MMP-9 and TIMPs production in SAS epithelial cellsJANG-JAER LEE ; Chang, Mei-Chi; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chan, Chiu-Po; Wang, Wei-Ting; Chang, Bei-En ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; Tseng, Shuei-Kuen; Yeung, Sin-Yuet; Hahn, Liang-Jiunn; Jeng, Jiiang-Huei journal article119
202012Carboxylesterase expression in human dental pulp cells: Role in regulation of BisGMA-induced prostanoid production and cytotoxicityChang, M. -C.; Ho, Yi-Jung; JANG-JAER LEE ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lin, L. -D.; Chuang, F. -H.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chan, C. -P.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Wang, T. -M.; Lee, J. -J.; Jeng, P. -Y.; Tseng, W. -Y.; Lin, H. -J.; Jeng, J. -H.; 曾琬瑜 journal article4039
212012Regulation of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in dental pulp cells by interleukin-1β: The role of prostanoidsChang, Mei-Chi; JANG-JAER LEE ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lin, Li-Deh ; LI-DEH LIN ; Chang, Jenny Zwei-Ching; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Huang, Chiung-Fang; Chuang, Fu-Hsiung; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; Jeng, Po-Yuan; Wang, Tong-Mei ; Jeng, Jiiang-Huei ; 張瑞青 journal article1211
222012Increased serum placenta growth factor level is significantly associated with progression, recurrence and poor prognosis of oral squamous cell carcinomaJANG-JAER LEE ; Cheng, Shih-Jung ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; Cheng, Shih-Lung; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Wang, Yi-Ping ; Kok, Sang-Heng ; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; 郭彥彬 journal article1717
232012Significant association of SRC protein expression with the progression, recurrence, and prognosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; Cheng, Shih-Jung ; Kok, Sang-Heng ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; Cheng, Shih-Lung; Huang, Ying-Luo; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; 郭彥彬 journal article149
242011Increased prevalence of interleukin-17-producing CD4 + tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in human oral squamous cell carcinomaJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JEAN-SAN CHIA journal article3024
252011Differential toxicities of intraneurally injected mercuric chloride for sympathetic and somatic motor fibers: An ultrastructural study differential toxicities of intraneurally injectedJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article22
262011Transforming growth factor β1 down-regulates Runx-2 and alkaline phosphatase activity of human dental pulp cells via ALK5/Smad2/3 signalingJANG-JAER LEE ; YI-LING TSAI ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG journal article1414
272011Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor is significantly associated with progression and prognosis of oral squamous cell carcinomas in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1612
282011Reply: Could teriparatide be the treatment for osteonecrosis of the jaws?JANG-JAER LEE ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article00
292011Successful treatment of advanced bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the mandible with adjunctive teriparatide therapyJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article4031
302010The mechanisms of cytotoxicity of urethane dimethacrylate to Chinese hamster ovary cellsJANG-JAER LEE ; TONG-MEI WANG ; LI-DEH LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG journal article2828
312010Changes in peripheral blood lymphocyte phenotypes distribution in patients with oral cancer/oral leukoplakia in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; HSIU-HSI CHEN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1210
322010Expression of placenta growth factor: An independent factor for prediction of progression and prognosis of oral cancerJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1919
332010The role of reactive oxygen species and hemeoxygenase-1 expression in the cytotoxicity, cell cycle alteration and apoptosis of dental pulp cells induced by BisGMATONG-MEI WANG ; JANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG journal article6560
342009Signaling pathways for induction of platelet aggregation by sas tongue cancer cells - A mechanism of hematogenous metastasisJANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; BOR-RU LIN journal article54
352009Post-tooth extraction sepsis without locoregional infection - A population-based study in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article75
362009Ultrastructural changes of posterior lingual glands after hypoglossal denervation in hamstersJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; SANG-HENG KOK ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG journal article88
372008Cardiovascular influence of dental anxiety during local anesthesia for tooth extractionJANG-JAER LEE ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article5039
382008Thrombin activates Ras-CREB/ATF-1 signaling and stimulates c-fos, c-jun, and c-myc expression in human gingival fibroblastsJANG-JAER LEE ; Chiu, M. J.; Chan, C.P.; Yang, S. Y.; YI-LING TSAI ; Chang, M.C.; Wang, Y.J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chen, T. F.; Chieh, J. J.; Chen, L.I. ; Tsai, Y.L.; Huang, T. Z.; Lee, J.J.; Yip, P. K.; Jia, H.W.; Yang, H. C.; Jeng, J.H.; Cheng, T. W.; Chen, Y. F.; Hua, M. S.; Horng, H. E.; 陳雅芳; 邱銘章; 陳達夫journal article1313
392008Ectopic mandibular third molar in the ramus region: report of a case and literature reviewJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article3125
402007Establishment and characterization of a tumorigenic cell line from areca quid and tobacco smoke-associated buccal carcinoma郭彥彬 ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Kok, Sang-Heng ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; Hong, Chi-Yuan; Lin, Sze-Kwan ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; Kuo, Mark Yen-Pingjournal article2120
412007Gingival Squamous Cell Carcinoma Mimicking a Dentoalveolar Abscess: Report of a CaseJANG-JAER LEE ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; Cheng, Shi-Jung; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; Lin, Sze-Kwan ; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Yu, Chuan-Hang; Kok, Sang-Heng journal article1613
422007Non-calcifying variant of calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor with Langerhans cellsJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG journal article2017
432007Factors associated with underdiagnosis from incisional biopsy of oral leukoplakic lesionsJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article5044
442006Toxic and metabolic effect of sodium butyrate on SAS tongue cancer cells: Role of cell cycle deregulation and redox changesJANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; BOR-RU LIN journal article2626
452006A clinical staging system and treatment guidelines for maxillary osteoradionecrosis in irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patientsJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1919
462006Carcinoma and dysplasia in oral leukoplakias in Taiwan: Prevalence and risk factorsJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK ; YI-JANE CHEN journal article6061
472005Higher expressions of p53 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) in atrophic oral lichen planus and patients with areca quid chewingJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article3933
482005Univariate and multivariate analysis of prognostic significance of betel quid chewing in squamous cell carcinoma of buccal mucosa in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article2826
492005Maxillary molar intrusion with fixed appliances and mini-implant anchorage studied in three dimensionsJANG-JAER LEE journal article
502005Cell-mediated immunity and head and neck cancer: With special emphasis on betel quid chewing habitJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG journal article6051
512005Norcantharidin-induced apoptosis in oral cancer cells is associated with an increase of proapoptotic to antiapoptotic protein ratioJANG-JAER LEE ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article9086
522005Extensive maxillary sequestration resulting from mucormycosisJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1413
532004Reactive oxygen species are crucial for hydroxychavicol toxicity toward KB epithelial cellsJANG-JAER LEE ; JAW-JOU KANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; BOR-RU LIN journal article4136
542004Hamsters chewing betel quid or areca nut directly show a decrease in body weight and survival rates with concomitant epithelial hyperplasia of cheek pouchJANG-JAER LEE ; JULIA YU-FONG CHANG ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG journal article2624
552004A Prospective Study of the Risk Factors Associated with Failure of Mini-implants Used for Orthodontic AnchorageJANG-JAER LEE journal article
562004The induction of prostaglandin E2 production, interleukin-6 production, cell cycle arrest, and cytotoxicity in primary oral keratinocytes and KB cancer cells by areca nut ingredients is differentially regulated by MEK/ERK activationJANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; BOR-RU LIN ; YI-JANE CHEN journal article10299
572004Protease-activated receptor-1-induced calcium signaling in gingival fibroblasts is mediated by sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium release and extracellular calcium influxJANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; YI-JANE CHEN ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG journal article1816
582004Effectiveness of an educational program in reducing the incidence of wrong-site tooth extractionJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article2623
592004Periodontal healing after mandibular third molar surgery - A comparison of distolingual alveolectomy and tooth division techniquesJANG-JAER LEE ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1111
602003Antioxidative and antiplatelet effects of aqueous inflorescence Piper betle extractTONG-MEI WANG ; JANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; BOR-RU LIN journal article3834
612003Comparisons of norcantharidin cytotoxic effects on oral cancer cells and normal buccal keratinocytesJANG-JAER LEE ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article5349
622003Roles of keratinocyte inflammation in oral cancer: Regulating the prostaglandin E2, interleukin-6 and TNF-α production of oral epithelial cells by areca nut extract and arecolineTONG-MEI WANG ; JANG-JAER LEE ; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG journal article130119
632002Prevention of the areca nut extract-induced unscheduled DNA synthesis of gingival keratinocytes by vitamin C and thiol compoundsChang, M. C.; JANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Ho, Y. S.; Lee, J. J.; SANG-HENG KOK ; Kok, S. H.; Hahn, L. J.; Jeng, J. H.journal article1413
642002Mutations of the adenomatous polyposis coli gene in areca quid and tobacco-associated oral squamous cell carcinomas in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article1615
652002Repair of oroantral communications in the third molar region by random palatal flapJANG-JAER LEE ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article2219
662002Inducing the cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of oral KB carcinoma cells by hydroxychavicol: Roles of glutathione and reactive oxygen speciesJANG-JAER LEE journal article
672001Areca nut extract and arecoline induced the cell cycle arrest but not apoptosis of cultured oral KB epithelial cells: Association of glutathione, reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial membrane potentialJANG-JAER LEE journal article
681995Impact of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking on stroke among the elderly in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE journal article