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12018A Novel Thermal Bubble Valve Integrated Nanofluidic Preconcentrator for Highly Sensitive Biomarker DetectionDeng C.-Z.; Fan Y.-J.; Chung P.-S.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article21
22018A high sensitivity bead-based immunoassay with nanofluidic preconcentration for biomarker detectionFan Y.-J.; Deng C.-Z.; Chung P.-S.; Tian W.-C.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article64
32017High throughput and parallel flow cytometer using microball lens integrated 3D microfluidic deviceFan Y.-J.; Weng Y.-L.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper10
42016Stress intensity factors and energy release rate for anisotropic plates based on the classical plate theoryWu K.-C.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper0
52015TIRF-enhanced nanobeads??Brownian diffusion measurements for detecting CRP in human serumFan Y.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Chen Z.-Y.; Liu Y.-H.; Tsai J.-F.; Wu K.-C.Journal Article55
62015Detection of orchid viruses by analyzing Brownian diffusion of nanobeads and virus-immunobead associationFan Y.-J.; Chang Y.-C.; Teng C.-T.; Liao T.-Y.; Hu W.-C.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article21
72015Identifying nanotechnology professional competencies for engineering students using Q methodologyLiu Y.-L.; Yueh H.-P.; Chen T.-L.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article10
82015Ultraviolet-enhanced room-temperature gas sensing by using floccule-like zinc oxide nanostructuresHo Y.-H.; Huang W.-S.; Chang H.-C.; Wei P.-K.; Sheen H.-J ; Tian W.-C.Journal Article1112
92015Chemical reaction and mixing inside a coalesced droplet after a head-on collisionYeh S.-I.; Sheen H.-J ; Yang J.-T.Journal Article1815
102015A vapor response mechanism study of surface-modified single-walled carbon nanotubes coated chemiresistors and quartz crystal microbalance sensor arraysLu H.-L.; Lu C.-J.; Tian W.-C.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article1917
112015Real-time dual-loop electric current measurement for label-free nanofluidic preconcentration chipChung P.-S.; Fan Y.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Tian W.-C.Journal Article76
122014Developing digital courseware for a virtual nano-biotechnology laboratory: A design-based research approachHSIU-PING YUEH ; Chen, Tzy Ling; WEIJANE LIN ; HORN-JIUNN SHEEN journal article126
132014Photoactivated metal-oxide gas sensing nanomesh by using nanosphere lithographyHo Y.-H.; Lin T.-H.; Chen Y.-W.; Tian W.-C.; Wei P.-K.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper00
142014Micro-wing and pore design in an implantable FPC-based neural stimulation probe for minimally invasive surgeryWang Y.-H.; Tsai D.; Chen B.-A.; Chen Y.-Y.; Huang C.-C.; Huang P.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Yu J.; Shih W.-P.; Lin C.-W.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper1
152014Developing digital courseware for a virtual nano-biotechnology laboratory: A design-based research approachYueh H.-P.; Chen T.-L.; Lin W.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article126
162014Exploring competencies of nanotechnology in higher education in taiwan through curriculum mappingLiu Y.-L.; Chen T.-L.; Yueh H.-P.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article21
172013Label-free nanofluidic preconcentration with multi-operational modes by loop currents monitoring for biological applicationChung P.-S.; Liu Y.-L.; Liao K.-P.; Fan Y.-J.; Sung K.-B.; Sheen H.-J ; Tian W.-C.Conference Paper1
182013Multicolor ultra high throughput parallel microfluidic flow cytometerFan Y.J.; Chen Y.; Wu Y.C.; Kung Y.C.; Wu T.H.; Sheen H.J. ; Chiou P.Y.Conference Paper10
192013Batch fabrication of micro preconcentrator with thin film microheater using Tollen's reactionLin Y.-S.; Kuo C.-Y.; Tian W.-C.; Wu T.-H.; Sheen H.-J ; Kuo H.-Y.; Lu C.-J.Conference Paper40
202013Micro aquiform reaction-control capsule - Using a ternary droplet collision to modulate a chemical reactionYeh S.-I.; Sheen H.-J ; Yang J.-T.Conference Paper0
212013Droplets coalescence and mixing with identical and distinct surface tension on a wettability gradient surfaceYeh S.-I.; Fang W.-F.; Sheen H.-J ; Yang J.-T.Journal Article2221
222013Three dimensional microfluidics with embedded microball lenses for parallel and high throughput multicolor fluorescence detectionFan Y.J.; Wu Y.C.; Chen Y.; Kung Y.C.; Wu T.H.; Huang K.W.; Sheen H.J. ; Chiou P.Y.Journal Article2020
232012Effect of student engagement on multimedia-assisted instructionYUEH,HSIU-PING ; WEIJANE LIN ; Huang, Jo Yi; HORN-JIUNN SHEEN journal article100
242012Effect of student engagement on multimedia-assisted instructionYueh H.P.; Lin W.; Huang J.-Y.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article10
252012High throughput fluorescence based flow cytometer using 3D microfluidics for parallel sheath flow focusing and embeded high N.A. MicrolensFan Y.-J.; Kung Y.-C.; Wu Y.-C.; Huang K.-W.; Wu T.-H.; Chen Y.; Sheen H.-J ; Chiou P.-Y.Conference Paper2
262012High throughput and parallel flow cytometer with solid immersion microball lens arrayFan Y.J.; Sheen H.J. ; Chiou P.Y.Conference Paper10
272012A novel micropreconcentrator employing a laminar flow patterned heater for micro gas chromatographyTian W.-C.; Wu T.H.; Lu C.-J.; Chen W.R.; Sheen H.J. Journal Article1715
282012Designing nano-biotechnology summer camp with experiential learning theoryChen T.-L.; Sheen H.-J ; Yueh H.-P.; Chiang F.-K.; Chang P.-W.Journal Article21
292011Development of a novel micropreconcentrator for micro gas chromatographyTian W.-C.; Sheen H.-J ; Wu T.-H.; Lu C.-J.; Chen W.-R.; Wei T.-Y.Conference Paper00
302011科技台灣沈弘俊 ; 沈弘俊 learning-object
312010An integrated system of RBCs sorting and Brownian motion bio-sensing techniqueFan Y.-J.; Lee C.-J.; Hsu J.-H.; Liu Y.-H.; Yeh S.-I.; Sheen H.-J ; Lin S.; Tsai J.-F.Conference Paper00
322010Detection of C-reactive protein in evanescent wave field usingmicroparticle-tracking velocimetryFan Y.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Liu Y.-H.; Tsai J.-F.; Wu T.-H.; Wu K.-C.; Lin S.Journal Article1413
332010A viscosity and C-reactive protein sensing technique based on Brownian motion measurements by total-internal-reflective-fluorescent velocimetryFan Y.-J.; Liu Y.-H.; Wu T.-H.; Sheen H.-J ; Lin S.; Tsai J.-F.Conference Paper00
342010Development of an active micromixer by dielectrophrosis particle manipulatingYeh S.-I.; Lee C.-J.; Fan Y.-J.; Liu C.-P.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper10
352010Fabrication and testing of surface ratchets primed with hydrophobic parylene and hexamethyldisilazane for transporting dropletsChung Y.-C.; Hess G.-Y.; Yeh F.-W.; Han H.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Lee C.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Yang L.-J.Journal Article54
362009Developing experiential learning with a cohort blended laboratory training in nano-bio engineering educationYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Sheen, Horn-Jiunn 
372009A PZT micropump with planar passive valves and its flow measurementsHsu C.-J.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper00
382009The arrowed surface ratchets with hydrophobic parylene for droplet transportationYeh F.-W.; Yang L.-J.; Hess G.-Y.; Lee C.-J.; Chu C.-C.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper10
392009A microfluidic flow-converter based on a double-chamber planar micropumpHsu C.-J.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article106
402009A study of PZT valveless micropump with asymmetric obstaclesLee C.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Tu Z.-K.; Lei U.; Yang C.-Y.Journal Article1814
412009A quantitative immunosensing technique based on the measurement of nanobeads' Brownian motionFan Y.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Hsu C.-J.; Liu C.-P.; Lin S.; Wu K.-C.Journal Article1412
422009Developing experiential learning with a cohort-blended laboratory training in nano-bio engineering educationYueh H.-P.; Sheen H.J.. Journal Article88
432009Flow images of a low reynolds number annular swirling jetLee C.J.; Sheen H.J Note00
442008微型裝置於微型全分析系統與生醫感測器之開發 (新制多年期第2年)沈弘俊 report
452008跨領域科技教育平台計畫-跨領域科技教育平台計畫-奈米科技子計畫(3/4)沈弘俊 report
4620082007 亞洲奈米論壇-ANF種子教師研討會沈弘俊 report
472008Detection of C-reactive protein based on measurement of Brownian motion by micro-particle-tracking-velocimetryFan Y.J.; Hsu C.J.; Liu C.P.; Wu T.H.; Sheen H.J. ; Lin S.Conference Paper20
482008Multifunctional microfluidic device utilizing unsteady flowLee C.-J.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper00
492008Unsteady flow behaviors in an obstacle-type valveless micropump by micro-PIVSheen H.J. ; Hsu C.J.; Wu T.H.; Chang C.C.; Chu H.C.; Yang C.Y.; Lei U.Journal Article2927
502007應用奈米粒子布朗運動行為開發生物分子感測晶片之研究沈弘俊 report
512007跨領域科技教育平台計畫-奈米科技子計畫沈弘俊 report
522007微型裝置於微型全分析系統與生醫感測器之開發 (新制多年期第1年)沈弘俊 report
532007A novel fluidic oscillator incorporating step-shaped attachment wallsYang J.-T.; Chen C.-K.; Tsai K.-J.; Lin W.-Z.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article4437
542007跨領域高科技數位學習創新規劃與實施:「奈米生物科技走廊」沈弘俊 ; 岳修平 ; 李曉嵐; 郭茂坤 
552007The development of a triple-channel separator for particle removal with self-pumping oscillating flowLee C.J.; Sheen H.J. ; Chu H.C.; Hsu C.J.; Wu T.H.Journal Article64
562007Experimental study of flow characteristics and mixing performance in a PZT self-pumping micromixerSheen, H.J.; Hsu, C.J.; Wu, T.H.; Chu, H.C.; Chang, C.C.; Lei, U. ; SheenHJ ; HsuCJWuTHChuHCChangCC ; LeiU 3526
572007Experimental study of flow characteristics and mixing performance in a PZT self-pumping micromixerSheen H.J. ; Hsu C.J.; Wu T.H.; Chu H.C.; Chang C.C.; Lei U.Journal Article3526
582007A novel fluidic oscillator incorporating step-shaped attachment wallsYang, Jing-Tang ; Chen, Chi-Ko; Tsai, Kun-Jyh; Lin, Wei-Zhih; Sheen, Horn-Jiunn 4437
592005微流道中粒子操控技術研究及其二相懸浮流流場分析沈弘俊 report
602004高溫紊流場中烷類燃料之液滴蒸發現象研究(2/2)沈弘俊 report
612003Evaporation model of a single hydrocarbon fuel droplet due to ambient turbulence at intermediate Reynolds numbersWu J.-S.; Hsu K.-H.; Kuo P.-M.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article3326
622003高溫紊流場中烷類燃料之液滴蒸發現象研究(1/2)沈弘俊 report
632002微觀粒子顯像測速儀研發與微管流量測沈弘俊 report
642001突張流場之流場結構及不穩定現象實驗研究沈弘俊 report
652001On the evaporation rate of single fuel droplets due to isotropic ambient turbulenceWu J.-S.; Kuo P.-M.; Sheen H.-J Conference Paper0
662001Effects of ambient turbulence and fuel properties on the evaporation rate of single dropletsWu J.-S.; Liu Y.-J.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article49
672000渦漩流之渦漩崩潰現象實驗研究沈弘俊 report
681999含同軸中心柱體之流場不穩定特性研究沈弘俊 report
691999應用於電廠管路系統之二相流管路沖蝕現象實驗研究沈弘俊 report
701999Computations of recirculation zones of a confined annular swirling flowYoung D.L.; Liao C.B.; Sheen H.J. Journal Article8
711998環形流內、外剪流層間之交互作用及對流場結構之影響沈弘俊 report
721997Flow patterns for an annular flow over an axisymmetric sudden expansionSheen H.J. ; Chen W.J.; Wu J.S.Journal Article3631
731996Flow and thermal structures of a turbulent combusting jet in cross-flowHuang Rong-Fung; Sheen Horn-Jiunn Journal Article4
741996Recirculation zones of unconfined and confined annular swirling jetsSheen H.J. ; Chen W.J.; Jeng S.Y.Journal Article9481
751996Correlation of Swirl Number for a Radial-Type Swirl GeneratorSheen H.J. ; Chen W.J.; Jeng S.Y.; Huang T.L.Journal Article8178
761995Observations of flow pattern and vortex breakdown of an unconfined annular swirling jet flowSheen H.J. ; Chen W.J.; Jeng S.Y.Journal Article1
771995Period-doubling route to chaos for a swirling flow in an open cylindrical container with a rotating diskYoung D.L.; Sheen H.J. ; Hwu T.Y.Journal Article140
781995含環形渦漩氣流之固氣二相流場研究沈弘俊 report
791995懸浮粒子於二相流場中對紊流能譜效應之研究沈弘俊 report
801994Penetration force measurement of thin plates by laser doppler anemometryWu E.; Sheen H.-J ; Chen Y.-C.; Chang L.-C.Journal Article1510
811994Effect of particle size on a two-phase turbulent jetSheen H.J. ; Jou B.H.; Lee Y.T.Journal Article4023
821994Velocity measurements of the laminar flow through a rotating straight pipeLei U.; Lin M.J.; Sheen H.J. ; Lin C.M.Journal Article22
831994粒子大小對二相噴流場影響之探討沈弘俊 report
841993Two-dimensional measurements of flow structure in a two-phase vertical pipe flowSheen Horn-Jiunn ; Chang Yen-Zyh; Chiang Yih-ShouJournal Article12
851993Particle Mass Loading Effect on a Two?Phase Turbulent Downward Jet FlowJou B.?H.; Sheen H.-J. ; Lee Y.?T.Journal Article73
861992Use of Laser-Doppler Anemometry in the Penetration Force Measurement吳恩柏; 沈弘俊 ; Chen, Y. C.; Wo, Enboa; Sheen, Horn-Junnconference paper
871992聲音激發對熱傳效應之實驗探討翁宗賢; 沈弘俊 report
881991環形氣噴流中噴灑水柱之實驗研究沈弘俊 report
891991垂直管中二相紊流場之實驗研究沈弘俊 report
901985MEASUREMENT OF MIST COOLING OF PWR DURING LOCA BY LDA.Lee S.L.; Sheen H.J. ; Issapour I.Conference Paper0