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12021Virtual reality application on road markings’ visibility analysisCHIA-PEI CHOU ; Huang P.-H; Chen A.-C; Lee Y.-X.Transportation Research Record1
22020Automatic Recognition of Worded and Diagrammatic Road Markings Based on Laser Reflectance InformationChou, C.-P.; Hsu, H.-H.; Chen, A.-C.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Journal of Transportation Engineering Part B: Pavements00
32020Road marking retroreflectivity study via a visual algorithmChou C.-P; Leong K.-W; Chen A.-C; Lee Y.-X.; CHIA-PEI CHOU International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology00
42020Algorithm for Estimating International Roughness Index by Response-Based Measuring DeviceChou, C.-P.; Siao, G.-J.; Chen, A.-C.; Lee, C.-C.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Journal of Transportation Engineering Part B: Pavements64
52020Advanced runway groove identificationChou, C.-P.; Chu, H.-J.; Chen, A.-C.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation31
62019如何招收國際學生-以國立臺灣大學為例周家蓓; CHIA-PEI CHOU 評鑑雙月刊
72018精進車輛反應加速度平坦度指標之演算法周家蓓; 蕭冠箴; 陳艾懃; CHIA-PEI CHOU 鋪面工程
82018以手機為量測工具之路面平整度大數據蒐集先期研究-手機擺放角度影響之探討周家蓓; 李陽; 陳艾懃; CHIA-PEI CHOU 鋪面工程
92017道路標線回歸反射輝度係數影響因數之初步探討呂昀軒; 周琦芮; 江東旭; 周家蓓; 陳艾懃; CHIA-PEI CHOU 鋪面工程
102017Temperature Adjustment for Light Weight Deflectometer Application of Evaluating Asphalt Pavement Structural Bearing CapacityCHIA-PEI CHOU ; Lin, YC; Chen, ACTransportation Research Record54
112017Photoablation of glioblastoma stem cells by single-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with CD133 antibodyWang, C.-H.; Chiou, S.-H.; Chou, C.-P. ; Chen, Y.-C.; Huang, Y.-J.; Peng, C.-A.Nanomedicine in Cancer 10
122017Using a constructive pavement texture index for skid resistance screeningChou, C.-P.; Lee, C.-C.; Chen, A.-C.; Wu, C.-Y.; CHIA-PEI CHOU International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology220
132016Life cycle cost analysis of concrete and asphalt pavements in Taiwan freeway network: A case studyHsieh, C.-J.; Chou, C.-P.; Chen, A.-C.; CHIA-PEI CHOU 8th International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements, MAIREPAV 201600
142016Inspection method of pavement structure capacity for utility cutsLin, Y.-C.; Chou, C.-P.; Chen, A.-C.; CHIA-PEI CHOU 8th International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements, MAIREPAV 201600
152016Evaluating pavement roughness based on smartphone built-in sensors and accelerometerKu, P.-K.; Chou, C.-P.; Chen, A.-C.; CHIA-PEI CHOU 8th International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements, MAIREPAV 201610
162015Simulation of Bicycle-Riding Smoothness by Bicycle Motion Analysis ModelCHIA-PEI CHOU ; Lee, WJ; Chen, AC; Wang, RZ; Tseng, IC; Lee, CCJournal of Transportation Engineering 86
172014Automatic Recognition of Patterns and Words Road Markings based on Laser Reflectance InformationChou, Chia-Pei ; Hung-Hsuan Hsu; Ning Lee; Aichin Chen; Albert ChenTransportation Research Board 93rd Annual Meeting 
182013鋪面平整度檢驗規範中免辦區段之探討陳艾懃 ; 周家蓓; 施雅蓉第十七屆鋪面工程學術研討會暨2013世界華人鋪面專家聯合學術研討會 
192013A Sensitivity Study of RAP Cost and Performance on Its Life Cycle BenefitsChou, C.P. ; N. LeeAdvanced Materials Research 
202013我國慣性剖面儀儀器驗證之實施與檢討陳艾懃 ; 周家蓓第十七屆鋪面工程學術研討會暨2013世界華人鋪面專家聯合學術研討會 
212013Skid Resistance of Manhole Covers Current Situation in TaiwanChou, C.P. ; N. LeeInternational Journal of Pavement Research and Technology 
222013A sensitivity study of RAP cost and performance on its life cycle benefitsChou, C.-P.; Lee, N.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Advanced Materials Research60
232013Pattern Design of Manhole Cover and Its Influence on Skid ResistanceChou, C.P. ; C.K. Huang; A.C. Chen; C.Y. TsaiInternational Journal of Pavement Research and Technology 10
242013Investigations of skid resistance of manhole covers in TaiwanChou, C.-P.; Lee, N.; CHIA-PEI CHOU International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology40
252012國道新工及整建路面平坦度驗收門檻值之研究周家蓓 ; 林琳第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
262012Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform to Inertial Profile Verification: A Laboratory ApproachLee, MH; CHIA-PEI CHOU Journal of Testing and Evaluation00
272012研擬有效預測鋪面抗滑之鋪面紋理指標周家蓓 ; 鍾艾蓉第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
282012Benefits in Energy Savings and CO2 Reduction by Using Reclaimed Asphalt PavementNing LEE; Chai-Pei CHOU ; Kuan-Yu ChenTransportation Research Board 91th Annual Meeting 
292012使用再生瀝青混凝土之節能與減碳效益探討李寧 ; 周家蓓第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
302012鋪面剖面掃描儀應用於自動化鋪面檢測之研究周家蓓 ; 李柏鋪面工程 00
312012溫拌瀝青混凝土之性質與績效-相關文獻彙整分析與探討周家蓓 ; 林宜蓉; 李寧鋪面工程 00
322012The study of the relationship between IRI and 3m-straightedge acceptance specificationTsai, Chen-Yu; Chou, Chia-Pei ; Chen, Ai-ChinJournal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 42
332011高低平坦儀之應用與驗證方法周家蓓 ; 李寧; 李偲瑞第十六屆鋪面工程學術研討會暨2011世界華人鋪面專家聯合學術研討會 
342011Report of AOTULE Survey on Student Exchange Program PromotionTsai, Chen-Yu; Chia-pei Chou ; Ai-Chin ChenTransportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting 
352011Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform in Laboratory Method of Inertial Profiler VerificationLee, Mei-Hui; Chia-pei Chou Transportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting 
362011Modifying 3M-Straightedge Acceptance Specification Based on Power Density Analysis and Roughness SimulationTsai, Chen-Yu; Chia-pei Chou ; Ai-Chin ChenTransportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting 
372011國道新工及新建路面平坦度驗收門檻值之研究周家蓓 ; 林琳; 陳艾懃第十六屆鋪面工程學術研討會暨2011世界華人鋪面專家聯合學術研討會 
382011Skid Resistance of Manhole Covers: Current Situation in TaiwanChia-pei CHOU ; Ning LEE9th Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 
392011溫拌瀝青混凝土之性質與績效─相關文獻彙整分析與探討周家蓓 ; 林宜蓉; 李寧第十六屆鋪面工程學術研討會暨2011世界華人鋪面專家聯合學術研討會 
402011鋪面抗滑值與紋理值之關係分析探討周家蓓 ; 鍾艾蓉; 李寧; 張彥文第十六屆鋪面工程學術研討會暨2011世界華人鋪面專家聯合學術研討會 
412011鋪面剖面掃瞄儀應用於自動化鋪面檢測之研究周家蓓 ; 李柏第十六屆鋪面工程學術研討會暨2011世界華人鋪面專家聯合學術研討會 
422011應用慣性剖面儀檢測數據模擬高低平坦儀量測指標之研究周家蓓(Chia-Pei Chou) ; 蔡鎮宇(Chen-Yu Tsai); 陳艾懃(Ai-Chin Chen)中國土木水利工程學刊 
432011三米直規之應用性探討周家蓓 ; 張力維鋪面工程 00
442011Photothermolysis of glioblastoma stem-like cells targeted by carbon nanotubes conjugated with CD133 monoclonal antibodyWang, C.-H.; Chiou, S.-H.; Chou, C.-P. ; Chen, Y.-C.; Huang, Y.-J.; Peng, C.-A.Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 156139
452010廢輪胎在水泥工業上的應用李晨瑋; 李寧; 周家蓓 中華民國第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
462010預防性養護生命周期分析之探討洪祥峰; 李柏; 周家蓓 中華民國第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
472010A study of Suitability Anlysis for Smoothness Acceptance Specification of Roadway Smoothness Project in TaiwanTsai, Cheng-Yu; Chia-pei Chou ; Ai-Chin ChenThe 8th Asia Pacific Transportation Development Conference and The 23rd ICPTA Annual Conference 
482010Laboratory Method for Inertial Profiler VerificationChou, Chia-pei ; Mei-Hui LeeTransportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting 
492010人孔蓋花紋設計對抗滑影響之研究周家蓓 ; 陳艾懃; 蔡鎮宇; 葛孝萱; 黃君凱中華民國第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
502010鋪面再生節能材料於我國之研究現況周家蓓 ; 李寧; 柯冠宇中華民國第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
512010三米值規之應用性探討周家蓓 ; 張力維中華民國第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
522010國內管線單位孔蓋抗滑性能之現況周家蓓 ; 陳艾懃; 蔡鎮宇; 葛孝萱; 黃君凱中華民國第九屆鋪面工程材料再生及再利用學術研討會 
532010道路平坦度指標意義與轉換式適用性探討周家蓓 ; 陳艾懃; 張力維; 蔡鎮宇; 施雅蓉鋪面工程 00
542010Laboratory method for inertial profiler verificationLee, Mei-Hui; Chou, Chia-Pei Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 43
552009高速公路柔性鋪面平坦度獎懲機制之研究陳一昌(I-Chang Chen); 周家蓓(Chia-Pei Chou) 中國土木水利工程學刊 
562009探討慣性式平坦儀認證之數據比對方式周家蓓 ; 蔡鎮宇; 賴怡樺鋪面工程 00
572009Automatic measurement of runway grooving construction for pavement skid evaluationLee, Mei-Hui; Chou, Chia-Pei ; Li, Kuo-HsuanAutomation in Construction 1917
582008慣性式平坦儀認證程序之研擬周家蓓 ; 蔡鎮宇; 李美慧鋪面工程 00
592008剛性鋪面堅硬層與反算動力修正係數之分析周家蓓(Chia-Pei Chou) ; 陳靖翔(Ching-Hsiang Chen)中國土木水利工程學刊 
622007Methodology of Applying Heavy Weight Deflectometer for the Calculation of Runway Pavement Classification NumberChou, Chia-pei ; Wang, Shih-YingTransportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board 4
632007應用類神經網路反算鋪面勁度周家蓓 ; 高銓鴻鋪面工程 00
642007Reinforcing porous silica with carbon nanotubes to enhance mechanical performanceLuo, J.-T.; Wen, H.-C.; Chou, C.-P. ; Wu, W.-F.; Wan, B.-Z.Journal of Composite Materials 1110
652007Methodology of applying heavy weight deflectometer for calculation of runway pavement classification numberChou, C.-P.; Wang, S.-Y.; Tsai, C.-Y.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Transportation Research Record64
662007The roles of hydrophobic group on the surface of ultra low dielectric constant porous silica film during thermal treatmentLuo, J.-T.; Wu, W.-F.; Wen, H.-C.; Wan, B.-Z.; Chang, Y.-M.; Chou, C.-P. ; Chen, J.-M.; Chen, W.-N.Thin Solid Films 2220
682006藉由平坦度獎金制度以改進路面服務性之研究陳一昌(I-Chang Chen); 周家蓓(Chia-Pei Chou) 運輸學刊 00
692005The Analysis of Strained Data of the Monitoring System in the Chiang-Kai-Shek International AirportChou, Chia-pei ; Wang, Shih-yingJournal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
702005Analysis of Concrete Joint Movement and Seasonal Thermal Stresss at the Chiang-Kai-Shek International AirportChou, Chia-pei ; Cheng, Hsiang-JenJournal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
722005鋪面平坦度評估指標 亟待建立陳怡先; 周家蓓 營建知訊 00
732005機場跑道道面抗滑之最低門檻值研究周家蓓 ; 陳孝齊運輸計劃季刊 
742005路面品質績效量測系統之開發周家蓓 ; 李美慧; 蔡鎮宇; 丘宜謙鋪面工程 00
752005市區道路管理績效考核制度之研擬梁宏斌; 周家蓓 鋪面工程 00
762005建置中正機場鋪面管理系統周家蓓 ; 林世泰; 林美伶; 王詩瑩營建知訊 00
772004市區道路柔性鋪面管理與維護準則研究周家蓓 ; 林世泰; 郭彥樑運輸計畫季刊
782004機場鋪面剖面共振波長分析與平坦度評估指標適用性探討陳怡先; 周家蓓 中國土木水利工程會刊 
792004中正機場鋪面管理系統之建置周家蓓 ; 林世泰; 林美伶; 王詩瑩中華鋪面工程學會會刊
802004Effects of Airport Pavement Profile Wave Length on Aircraft’s Vertical ResponsesChen, Yi-hsien; Chou, Chia-pei Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 1889: 
832004公車專用道鋪面成本分析張學孔(Shyue-Koong Chang); 鄭翔仁(Hsiang-Jen Cheng); 周家蓓(Chia-Pei Chou) 都市交通 00
842004Effects of airport pavement-profile wavelength on aircraft vertical responsesChen, Y. H.; Chou, C. P. Pavement Management, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Data Storage 2004 9
852004Effects of airport pavement-profile wavelength on aircraft vertical responsesChen, Y.-H.; Chou, C.-P.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Transportation Research Record200
862003Integrating Weight-in-Motion and Electronic Toll Collection for Commercial Vehicle Operation in TaiwanChou, Chia-pei ; Chen, Yi-hsein; Chen, I. C.Journal of the Institution of Engineers 
882002動態地磅衡器施檢規範研擬之研究周家蓓 ; 陳怡先運輸學刊
902001機場跑道抗滑檢測技術應用及監測評析程式建立之研究周家蓓 ; 黃威穎運輸計劃季刊 
912001車輛載重橋梁公式之發展周家蓓 ; 陳艾懃中國土木水利工程會刊 
932001鋪面檢測技術與儀器發展之探討周家蓓(Chia-Pei Chou) ; 林世泰(Shyh-Tai Lin)鋪面工程 00
942000院頒砂石車安全管理方案執行成效評估制度之研擬周家蓓 ; 曾惠斌 研考雙月刊
952000鋪面抗滑特性之原理與檢測技術周家蓓 ; 陳艾懃; 陳怡先土木水利會刊
972000鋪面抗滑與粗糙度之檢測儀器與作業林世泰; 黃威穎; 周家蓓 檢測科技
1001997Algorithm for determining weight factors of pavement distress indexChou, C.-P.; Chang, C.-Y.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Transportation Research Record00
1011997Evaluation of panel characteristics and user-based pavement serviceabilityChou, C.-P.; Wu, C.-L.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Transportation Research Record50
1031996Development of automated algorithms for pavement condition surveyChou, C.-P.J.; Liau, T.-K.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Transportation Research Record60
1041996Effect of overloaded heavy vehicles on pavement and bridge designChou, C.-P.J.; CHIA-PEI CHOU Transportation Research Record160
1061994重車合理載重暨載重放寬對路面績效影響之研究周家蓓 ; 江崇標; Chou, Chia-Pei 中華民國運輸學會第九屆論文研討會論文集 
1081994Turck Load Distribution and It's Impact on Safety on the Freeway System in TaiwanChou, Chia-Pei Advanced Technologies in Transportation and Traffic Management
1091994中山高速公路剛性路面整修模式暨柔性路面整修改善研究計畫(第二期)期末報告,第三子題:柔性路面材料改良蔡攀鰲; 周家蓓 ; Chou, Chia-Pei 
1101994中山高速公路剛性路面整修模式暨柔性路面整修改善研究計畫(第二期)期末報告,第四子題:中山高速公路柔性路面回收材料再使用之評估蔡攀鱉; 周家蓓 ; 蔡攀鱉; Chou, Chia-Pei 
1111994中山高速公路剛性路面整修模式暨柔性路面整修改善研究計畫(第二期)期末報告,第二子題:剛性路面整修材料之研究賴森榮; 周家蓓 ; 賴森榮; Chou, Chia-Pei 
1131994Development of a Backcalculation Computer Program for Pavement Evaluation周家蓓 ; Chen, Yu-Ching; Chou, Chia-Pei 73rd Transportation Reserach Board Annual Meeting
1151993台灣地區重型車輛載重營運之分析周家蓓 ; 江崇標; 楊淑貞; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 江崇標; 楊淑貞中華民國運輸學會第八屆論文研討會論文集 
1161993城際運輸重車路線之規劃由橋樑設計強度對車輛容許載重之研究出發周家蓓 ; 李志隆; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 李志隆論文集 
1171993中山高速公路剛性路面現況設計之分析與檢討張建彥; 周家蓓 ; Chou, Chia-Pei 第七屆鋪面工程學術研討會論文集 
1181993道路鋪面養護管理系統之建立侯和雄; 周家蓓 ; Chou, Chia-Pei 論文集 
1191993柔性鋪面破壞分類及其相對破壞影響指標之建立周家蓓 ; 張建彥; 趙懿德; 徐宏昇; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 張建彥; 趙懿德論文集 
1201993鋪面撓度值在養護整修策略上之應用周家蓓 ; 陳又菁; Chou, Chia-Pei 第七屆鋪面工程學術研討會論文集 
1211993自動化鋪面即時影像偵測之研究周家蓓 ; 黃壬信; 廖子凱; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 廖子凱中華民國運輸學會第八屆論文研討會論文集 
1241993鋪面撓度值回算法建立之研究周家蓓 ; 陳又菁; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 陳又菁電子計算機在土木水利工程上之應用研討會論文集 
1251993鋪面養護管理系統電腦化之基礎研究周家蓓 ; 趙懿德; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 趙懿德
1271993橋樑設計強度對車輛容許載重之研究周家蓓 橋樑工程技術研討會論文集 
1281993台北市道路系統養護管理系統建立之研究周家蓓 ; 許添木; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 許添木
1291993臺北市道路系統養護管理策略之研究期末報告周家蓓 ; 許添本 ; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 許添本 
1301993剛性路面材料再生工法之探討張建彥; 周家蓓 ; Chou, Chia-Pei 第一屆路面再生材料學術研討會論文集 
1341992車輛超載偵測系統之研究周家蓓 ; 楊淑貞; 鍾譽偉; 李志隆; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 李志隆中華民國運輸學會第七屆論文研討會論文集 
1361992台灣地區市區道路鋪面養護管理系統發展之初步研究周家蓓 ; 趙懿德; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 趙懿德都市交通雙月刊第66期 
1381992公路成本分配之基本研究周家蓓 ; 徐宏昇; Chou, Chia-Pei 中華民國第六屆路面工程學術研討會論文集 
1391992市區道路鋪面養護管理系統於台灣地區適用之初步研究周家蓓 ; 劉瑞麟; 趙懿德; Chou, Chia-Pei 中華民國第六屆路面工程學術研討會論文集 
1401992臺灣區剛性與柔性路面適用區位之模式分析周家蓓 ; 張建彥; Chou, Chia-Pei 中華民國第六屆路面工程學術研討會論文集 
1411992剛性路面整修通車時段之可靠度分析周家蓓 ; 葉文宗; Chou, Chia-Pei ; 葉文宗中華民國第六屆路面工程學術研討會論文集 
1431992道路動態載重地磅之應用分析周家蓓 橋樑結構分析與評估研討會論文集 
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