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12021Modeling dislocation-related reverse bias leakage in GaN p-n diodesQwah K.S; Robertson C.A; Wu Y.-R; Speck J.S.; YUH-RENN WU Semiconductor Science and Technology0
22021Wearable Devices Made of a Wireless Vertical-Type Light-Emitting Diode Package on a Flexible Polyimide Substrate with a Conductive LayerWu W.-Y; Hsu Y.-H; Chen Y.-F; Wu Y.-R; Liu H.-W; Tu T.-Y; Chao P.P.-C; Tan C.-S; Horng R.-H.; YUH-RENN WU ACS Applied Electronic Materials1
32021Investigation of Electrical and Optical Properties of AlGaInP Red Vertical Micro-Light-Emitting Diodes with Cu/Invar/Cu Metal SubstratesSinha S; Tarntair F.-G; Ho C.-H; Wu Y.-R; Horng R.-H.; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices0
42021Giant gauge factor of Van der Waals material based strain sensorsYan W; YUH-RENN WU et al. Nature Communications3
52021Deep Source Metal Trenches in GaN-On-Si HEMTs for Relieving Current CollapseYang J.-X; Lin D.-J; Wu Y.-R; Huang J.-J.; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society0
62021CMOS-compatible GaN HEMT on 200mm Si-substrate for RF applicationYeh P.-C; YUH-RENN WU et al. VLSI-TSA 2021 - 2021 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Applications, Proceedings0
72021Calculation of field dependent mobility in MoS2and WS2with multi-valley monte carlo methodChen P.-F; Wu Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU VLSI-TSA 2021 - 2021 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Applications, Proceedings0
82020The 2020 UV emitter roadmapAmano, H.; Collazo, R.; De Santi, C.; Einfeldt, S.; Funato, M.; Glaab, J.; Hagedorn, S.; Hirano, A.; Hirayama, H.; Ishii, R.; Kashima, Y.; Kawakami, Y.; Kirste, R.; Kneissl, M.; Martin, R.; Mehnke, F.; Meneghini, M.; Ougazzaden, A.; Parbrook, P.J.; Rajan, S.; Reddy, P.; R?mer, F.; Ruschel, J.; Sarkar, B.; Scholz, F.; Schowalter, L.J.; Shields, P.; Sitar, Z.; Sulmoni, L.; Wang, T.; Wernicke, T.; Weyers, M.; Witzigmann, B.; Wu, Y.-R.; Wunderer, T.; Zhang, Y.; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics61
92020Studies of 2D Bulk and Nanoribbon Band Structures in Mo<inf>x</inf>W<inf>1–x</inf>S<inf>2</inf> Alloy System Using Full sp<sup>3</sup>d<sup>5</sup> Tight-Binding ModelTsai, T.-Y.; Chen, P.-F.; Chang, S.-W.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research0
102020Theoretical and experimental investigations of vertical hole transport through unipolar AlGaN structures: Impacts of random alloy disorderQwah, K.S.; Monavarian, M.; Lheureux, G.; Wang, J.; Wu, Y.-R.; Speck, J.S.; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters3
112020Theoretical modeling of XBn T2SLs InAs/InAsSb/B-AlSb longwave infrared detector operating under thermoelectrical coolingMartyniuk, P.; Michalczewski, K.; Tsai, T.Y.; Wu, C.H.; Wu, Y.R.; YUH-RENN WU Optical and Quantum Electronics0
122020Light Trapping Induced High Short-Circuit Current Density in III-Nitride Nanorods/Si (111) Heterojunction Solar CellsChang, C.-W.; Wadekar, P.V.; Huang, H.-C.; Chen, Q.Y.-S.; Wu, Y.-R.; Chen, R.T.; Tu, L.-W.; YUH-RENN WU Nanoscale Research Letters2
132020Overcoming the excessive compressive strain in AlGaN epitaxy by introducing high Si-doping in AlN templatesHuang, C.-Y.; Walde, S.; Tsai, C.-L.; Netzel, C.; Liu, H.-H.; Hagedorn, S.; Wu, Y.-R.; Fu, Y.-K.; Weyers, M.; YUH-RENN WU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics3
142020Dependence of carrier escape lifetimes on quantum barrier thickness in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well photodetectorsChow, Y.C.; Lee, C.; Wong, M.S.; Wu, Y.-R.; Nakamura, S.; Denbaars, S.P.; Bowers, J.E.; Speck, J.S.; YUH-RENN WU Optics Express2
152020Low-temperature carrier transport across InGaN multiple quantum wells: Evidence of ballistic hole transportMarcinkevi?ius, S.; Yapparov, R.; Kuritzky, L.Y.; Wu, Y.-R.; Nakamura, S.; Speck, J.S.; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review B3
162020Characterization of semi-polar (20 2 ¯ 1) InGaN microLEDsHorng, R.-H.; Sinha, S.; Wu, Y.-R.; Tarntair, F.-G.; Han, J.; Wuu, D.-S.; YUH-RENN WU Scientific Reports1
172020Bistriazoles with a biphenyl core derivative as an electron-favorable bipolar host of efficient blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodesLee, J.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; Lin, B.-Y.; Lan, Y.-H.; Huang, Y.-M.; Chen, N.-J.; Huang, J.-J.; Volyniuk, D.; Keruckiene, R.; Grazulevicius, J.V.; Wu, Y.-R.; Leung, M.-K.; Chiu, T.-L.; YUH-RENN WU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2
182020Analysis of the triplet exciton transfer mechanism at the heterojunctions of organic light-emitting diodesHuang, J.-Y.; Wang, M.-T.; Chen, G.-Y.; Li, J.-Y.; Chen, S.-P.; Lee, J.-H.; Chiu, T.-L.; Wu, Y.-R.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics0
192020Application of localization landscape theory and the k · p model for direct modeling of carrier transport in a type II superlattice InAs/InAsSb photoconductor systemTsai, T.-Y.; Michalczewski, K.; Martyniuk, P.; Wu, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics6
202020Barriers to carrier transport in multiple quantum well nitride-based c -plane green light emitting diodesLynsky, C.; Alhassan, A.I.; Lheureux, G.; Bonef, B.; Denbaars, S.P.; Nakamura, S.; Wu, Y.-R.; Weisbuch, C.; Speck, J.S.; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review Materials4
212020A Thermoelectrically Cooled nBn Type-II Superlattices InAs/InAsSb/B-AlAsSb Mid-Wave Infrared DetectorMartyniuk, P.; Michalczewski, K.; Tsai, T.-Y.; Wu, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science0
222020Analysis and Optimization of GaN Based Multi-Channels FinFETsYu, C.-L.; Lin, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology3
232020Revealing the mechanism of carrier transport in host-guest systems of organic materials with a modified Poisson and drift-diffusion solverHuang J.-Y; Lee J.-H; Wu Y.-R; Chen T.-Y; Chiu Y.-C; Huang J.-J; Leung M.-K; Chiu T.-L.; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review Materials1
242020AlGaN-based deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes with magnesium delta-doped AlGaN last barrierWang T.-Y; Lai W.-C; Sie S.-Y; Chang S.-P; Wu Y.-R; Chiou Y.-Z; Kuo C.-H; Sheu J.-K.; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters3
252020Disorder effects in nitride semiconductors: Impact on fundamental and device propertiesWeisbuch C; Nakamura S; Wu Y.-R; Speck J.S.; YUH-RENN WU Nanophotonics5
262020Analysis of the hysteresis effect in Perovskite solar cells for the traditional and inverted architecturesChang E.-W; Huang J.-Y; Wu Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Conference Record of the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference0
272019Interwell carrier transport in InGaN/(In) GaN multiple quantum wellsSaulius Marcinkevi?ius; Rinat Yapparov; Leah Y Kuritzky; Yuh-Renn Wu; Shuji Nakamura; Steven P DenBaars; James S Speck; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters512
282019Systematic investigation of the thresholdvoltage modulation of AlGaN/GaN Schottky-gate Fin-HEMTsLi-Cheng Chang; Jhih-Hao Lin; Cheng-Jia Dai; Ming Yang; Yi-Hong Jiang; Yuh-Renn Wu; Chao-Hsin Wu; YUH-RENN WU Jouranl of Applied Physics 12
292019Theoretical modelling of XBn T2SLs InAs/InAsSb/B-AlAsSb mid-wave detector operating below thermoelectrical coolingMartyniuk, P.; Michalczewski, K.; Tsai, T.Y.; Wu, C.H.; Wu, Y.R.; YUH-RENN WU Opto-electronics Review0
302019Theoretical simulation of the barrier T2SLs InAs/InAsSb/B-AlSb longwave detector operating under thermoelectrical coolingMartyniuk, P.; Michalczewski, K.; Tsai, T.-Y.; Wu, C.H.; Wu, Y.R.; YUH-RENN WU Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, NUSOD0
312019Thermoelectrically Cooled nBn T2SLs InAs/InAsSb/B-AlAsSb MWIR DetectorMartyniuk, P.; Michalczewski, K.; Tsai, T.Y.; Wu, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU 2019 Compound Semiconductor Week, CSW 2019 - Proceedings0
322019Investigation of Electronic Properties of Mo<inf>x</inf>W<inf>1-x</inf>S<inf>2</inf> Alloy by Tight-binding Method for Interband transitionTsai, T.-Y.; Chen, P.-F.; Chang, S.-W.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, NUSOD0
332019Hybrid classical-quantum linear solver using Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum machinesChen, C.-C.; Shiau, S.-Y.; Wu, M.-F.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Scientific Reports4
342019Optimization of MAPbI<inf>3</inf>-Based Perovskite Solar Cell with Textured SurfaceHuang, J.-Y.; Chang, E.-W.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics2
352019Modeling dislocation-related leakage currents in GaN p-n diodesRobertson, C.A.; Qwah, K.S.; Wu, Y.-R.; Speck, J.S.; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics3
3620193D Self-Consistent Quantum Transport Simulation for GaAs Gate-All-Around Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor with Elastic and Inelastic Scattering EffectsHsiao, H.-W.; Wu, Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science3
372018Three dimensional simulation on the transport and quantum efficiency of UVC-LEDs with random alloy fluctuationsHung-Hsiang Chen; James S Speck; Claude Weisbuch; Yuh-Renn Wu*; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters615
382018Evidence of nanoscale Anderson localization induced by intrinsic compositional disorder in InGaN/GaN quantum wells by scanning tunneling luminescence spectroscopyW. Hahn; J-M Lentali; P Polovodov; N Young; S Nakamura; JS Speck; C Weisbuch; M Filoche; Y-R Wu; M Piccardo; F Maroun; L Martinelli; Y Lassailly; J Peretti; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review B915
392018Mode-Hopping Phenomena in the InGaN-Based Core�VShell Nanorod Array Collective LasingChia-Yen Huang; Tzu-Ying Tai; Jing-Jie Lin; Tsu-Chi Chang; Che-Yu Liu; Tien-Chang Lu; Yuh-Renn Wu; Hao-Chung Kuo; YUH-RENN WU ACS Photonics33
402018Different surface plasmon coupling behaviors of a surface Al nanoparticle between TE and TM polarizations in a deep-UV light-emitting diodeWen-Yen Chang; Yang Kuo; Yu-Feng Yao; CC Yang; Yuh-Renn Wu; Yean-Woei Kiang; YUH-RENN WU Optics Express47
412018Theoretical modeling of XBn T2SLs InAs/InAsSb/B-AlAsSb mid-wave detector operating below thermoelectrical coolingMartyniuk P; Michalczewski K; Tsai T.Y; Wu C.H; Wu Y.R.; YUH-RENN WU Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, NUSOD0
422018Optimization of MAPbI 3 perovskite solar cell with nano structuresHsieh Y.-C; Huang J.-Y; Wu Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, NUSOD0
432017A design of intermediate band solar cell for photon ratchet with multi-layer MoS2 nanoribbonsShuo-Fan Chen; Yuh-Renn Wu; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters 89
442017Method for enhancing the favored transverse-electric-polarized emission of an AlGaN deep-ultraviolet quantum wellChia-Ying Su; Meng-Che Tsai; Keng-Ping Chou; Hsin-Chun Chiang; Huang-Hui Lin; Ming-Yen Su; Yuh-Renn Wu; Yean-Woei Kiang; CC Yang*; YUH-RENN WU Optics Express1111
452017Electronic Properties of MoS2 Nanoribbon under Strain Using Tight Binding MethodShuo-Fan Chen; Yuh-Renn Wu; YUH-RENN WU Physica Status Solidi B: Basic Solid State Physics
462017Transferring the Bendable Substrateless GaN LED Grown on Thin C-rich SiC Buffer Layer to Flexible Dielectric and Metallic PlatesChih-Hsien Cheng; Tzu-Wei Huang; Chung-Lun Wu; Mu Ku Chen; Cheng Hung Chu; Yuh-Renn Wu; Min-Hsiung Shih; Chao-Kuei Lee; Hao-Chung Kuo; Din-Ping Tsai; Gong-Ru Lin; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Materials Chemistry C2023
472017Suppression of Current Collapse in Enhancement Mode GaN-Based HEMTs Using an AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN Double HeterostructureShin-Yi Ho; Chun-Hsun Lee; An-Jye Tzou; Hao-Chung Kuo; Yuh-Renn Wu; JianJang Huang; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices78
482017Enhancing the Hole-Injection Efficiency of a Light-Emitting Diode by Increasing Mg Doping in the p-AlGaN Electron-Blocking LayerC. Y. Su; C. G. Tu; W. H. Liu; C. H. Lin; Y. F. Yao; H. T. Chen; Y. R. Wu; Y. W. Kiang; C. C. Yang*; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices67
492017Networking hole and electron hopping paths by Y-shaped host molecules: promoting blue phosphorescent organic light emitting diodesJau-Jiun Huang; Lik-Ka Yun; Te-Jen Kung; Chi-Lin Chen; Jiun-Haw Lee; Yuh-Renn Wu; Tien-Lung Chiu; Pi-Tai Chou; Man-kit Leung; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Materials Chemistry C48
502017Combining High Hole Concentration in p-GaN and High Mobility in u-GaN for High p-type Conductivity in a p-GaN/u-GaN Alternating-layer NanostructureH. T. Chen; C. Y. Su; C. G. Tu; Y. F. Yao; C. H. Lin; Y. R. Wu; Y. W. Kiang; C. C. Yang*; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices58
512017Localization landscape theory of disorder in semiconductors III: Application to transport and radiative recombination in light emitting diodes.Chi-Kang Li; Marco Piccardo; Li-Shuo Lu; Svitlana Mayboroda; Lucio Martinelli; Claude Weisbuch; Marcel Filoche; Yuh-Renn Wu; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review B
522017Localization landscape theory of disorder in semiconductors I: Theory and modelingMarcel Filoche; Marco Piccardo; Yuh-Renn Wu; Chi-Kang Li; Claude Weisbuch; Svitlana Mayboroda; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review B3142
532017Localization landscape theory of disorder in semiconductors II: Urbach tails of disordered quantum well layersMarco Piccardo; Chi-Kang Li; Yuh-Renn Wu; James S. Speck; Bastien Bonef; Bob Farrell; Marcel Filoche; Lucio Martinelli; Jacques Peretti; Claude Weisbuch; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review B3245
542017Three dimensional characterization of GaN-based light emitting diode grown on patterned sapphire substrate by confocal Raman and photoluminescence spectromicroscopyHeng Li; Hui-Yu Cheng; Wei-Liang Chen; Yi-Hsin Huang; Chi-Kang Li; Chiao-Yun Chang; Yuh-Renn Wu; Tien-Chang Lu*; Yu-Ming Chang*; YUH-RENN WU Scientific Reports1113
552017Modeling of carrier transport in organic light emitting diode with random dopant effects by two-dimensional simulationTe-Jen Kung; Jun-Yu Huang; Jau-Jiun Huang; Snow H. Tseng; Man-Kit Leung; Tien-Lung Chiu; Jiun-Haw Lee; Yuh-Renn Wu*; YUH-RENN WU Optics Express55
562017Localization landscape theory of disorder in semiconductors. III. Application to carrier transport and recombination in light emitting diodesLi C.-K; Piccardo M; Lu L.-S; Mayboroda S; Martinelli L; Peretti J; Speck J.S; Weisbuch C; Filoche M; Wu Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Physical Review B52
572017Modeling of carrier transport and exciton diffusion in organic light emitting diodes with different doping effectsHuang J.-Y; Kung T.-J; Wu Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, NUSOD0
582017Electronic properties of MoS2 nanoribbon with strain using tight-binding methodChen S.-F; Wu Y.-R.; YUH-RENN WU Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research10
592016Optimization of thermoelectric properties for rough nano-ridge GaAs/AlAs superlattice structureChao-Wei Wu; Yuh-Renn Wu; YUH-RENN WU AIP Advances77
602016Analysis of the PEDOT:PSS/Si nanowire hybrid solar cell with a tail state modelKuan-Ying Ho; Chi-Kang Li; Hong-Jhang Syu; Yi Lai; Ching-Fuh Lin; Yuh-Renn Wu; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics99
612015Electron transport in unipolar InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structures grown by NH3 molecular beam epitaxyBrowne, David A.; Mazumder, Baishakhi; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Speck, James S.; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 2731
622015Percolation transport study in nitride based LED by considering the random alloy fluctuationWu, Chen-Kuo; Li, Chi-Kang; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Computational Electronics 1617
632015High optical power and low-efficiency droop blue light-emitting diodes using compositionally step-graded InGaN barrierPan, Chih-Chien; Yan, Qimin; Fu, Houqiang; Zhao, Yuji; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Van de Walle, Chris; Nakamura, Shuji; DenBaars, Steven P.; YUH-RENN WU Electronics Letters 1818
642015Impact of Gate Metal on the Performance of p-GaN/AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility TransistorsLee, Finella; Su, Liang-Yu; Wang, Chih-Hao; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Huang, Jianjang; JIAN-JANG HUANG ; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Electron Device Letters5569
652014Design of Anti-ring Back Reflectors for Thin-film Solar Cells Based on Three-dimensional Optical and Electrical ModelingH. H. Hsiao; H. C. Chang; Y. R. Wu; HUNG-CHUN CHANG ; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters 68
662014Mechanisms of the Asymmetric Light Output Enhancements in a-Plane GaN Light-Emitting Diodes With Photonic CrystalsLi, Hsiang-Wei; Yin, Yu-Feng; Chang, Chen-Yu; Tsai, Chen-Hung; Hsu, Yen-Hsiang; Lin, Da-Wei; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Kuo, Hao-Chung; Huang, Jian Jang; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 00
672014Valence band states and polarized optical emission from nonpolar and semipolar III-nitride quantum well optoelectronic devicesZhao, Yuji; Farrell, Robert M.; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Speck, James S.; YUH-RENN WU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 3631
682014The optimization study of textured a-Si:H solar cellsLee, Chun-Yao; Yeh, Chun-Ming; Liu, Yung-Tsung; Fan, Chia-Ming; Huang, Chien-Fu; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 1010
692014The influence of random indium alloy fluctuations in indium gallium nitride quantum wells on the device behaviorYang, Tsung-Jui; Shivaraman, Ravi; Speck, James S.; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 94105
702014Efficiency dip observed with InGaN-based multiple quantum well solar cellsLai, K. Y.; Lin, G. J.; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Tsai, Meng-Lun; He, Jr-Hau; YUH-RENN WU Optics Express 67
712014Atomic-scale nanofacet structure in semipolar (20(2)over-bar1) and (20(2)over-bar1) InGaN single quantum wellsZhao, Yuji; Wu, Feng; Yang, Tsung-Jui; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Nakamura, Shuji; Speck, James S.; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Express 1515
722014Study on the Optimization for Current Spreading Effect of Lateral GaN/InGaN LEDsLi, Chi-Kang; Rosmeulen, Maarten; Simoen, Eddy; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices1919
732014High-electron-mobility GaN grown on free-standing GaN templates by ammonia-based molecular beam epitaxyKyle, Erin C. H.; Kaun, Stephen W.; Burke, Peter G.; Wu, Feng; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Speck, James S.; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 4659
742014Polarization ratio enhancement of a-plane GaN light emitting diodes by asymmetric two-dimensional photonic crystalsChou, Yen; Li, Hsiang-Wei; Yin, Yu-Feng; Wang, Yu-Ting; Lin, Yen-Chen; Lin, Da-Wei; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Kuo, Hao-Chung; Huang, Jian Jang; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 78
752014Photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation with linear gradient Al composition dodecagon faceted AlGaN/n-GaN electrodeLai, W. C.; Ma, M. H.; Lin, B. K.; Hsieh, B. H.; Wu, Y. R.; Sheu, J. K.; YUH-RENN WU Optics Express 33
762014Thermoelectric characteristic of the rough InN/GaN core-shell nanowiresWu, Chao-Wei; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 99
772014Characteristics of large-scale nanohole arrays for thin-silicon photovoltaicsChen, Ting-Gang; Yu, Peichen; Chen, Shih-Wei; Chang, Feng-Yu; Huang, Bo-Yu; Cheng, Yu-Chih; Hsiao, Jui-Chung; Li, Chi-Kang; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Progress in Photovoltaics 4650
782014Thermal effects in a bendable InGaN/GaN quantum-well light-emitting diodeChen, H.-S.; Lin, C.-H.; Shih, P.-Y.; Hsieh, C.; Su, C.-Y.; Wu, Y.-R.; Kiang, Y.-W.; Yang, C.-C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23
792013The operation principle of the well in quantum dot stack infrared photodetectorLee, J.-H.; Wu, Z.-M.; Liao, Y.-M.; Wu, Y.-R.; Lin, S.-Y.; Lee, S.-C.; SI-CHEN LEE ; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 22
802013Semipolar (20(2)over-bar1) Single-Quantum-Well Red Light-Emitting Diodes with a Low Forward VoltageKawaguchi, Yoshinobu; Huang, Chia-Yen; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Zhao, Yuji; DenBaars, Steven P.; Nakamura, Shuji; YUH-RENN WU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1820
812013Scaling performance of Ga2O3/GaN nanowire field effect transistorLi, Chi-Kang; Yeh, Po-Chun; Yu, Jeng-Wei; Peng, Lung-Han; Wu, Yuh-Renn; LUNG-HAN PENG ; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 99
822013Enhancement of efficiency of InGaN-based light emitting diodes through strain and piezoelectric field managementPal, J.; Migliorato, M. A.; Li, C. K.; Wu, Y. R.; Crutchley, B. G.; Marko, I. P.; Sweeney, S. J.; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 1716
832013GaN-Based Dual-Color LEDs With p-Type Insertion Layer for Controlling the Ratio of Two-Color IntensitiesChi, Kai-Lun; Yeh, Shu-Ting; Yeh, Yu-Hsiang; Lin, Kun-Yan; Shi, Jin-Wei; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Lee, Ming Lun; Sheu, Jinn-Kong; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 66
842013Studying the short channel effect in the scaling of the AlGaN/GaN nanowire transistorsChen, Chin-Yi; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 1715
852013Surface-plasmon-coupled emission enhancement of a quantum well with a metal nanoparticle embedded in a light-emitting diodeKuo, Yang; Chang, Wen-Yen; Chen, Horng-Shyang; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Yang, C. C.; Kiang, Yean-Woei; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; YEAN-WOEI KIANG ; YUH-RENN WU Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 2223
862013Unipolar vertical transport in GaN/AlGaN/GaN heterostructuresNath, D. N.; Yang, Z. C.; Lee, C. Y.; Park, P. S.; Wu, Y. R.; Rajan, S.; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters 4145
872013Three dimensional numerical study on the efficiency of a core-shell InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well nanowire light-emitting diodesLi, Chi-Kang; Yang, Hung-Chih; Hsu, Ta-Cheng; Shen, Yu-Jiun; Liu, Ai-Sen; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 2423
882013On the Efficiency Decrease of the GaN Light-Emitting Nanorod ArraysChen, Liang-Yi; Li, Chi-Kang; Tan, Jin-Yi; Huang, Li-Chuan; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Huang, Jian Jang; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 910
892013Projected Efficiency of Polarization-Matched p-InxGa1-xN/i-InyGa1-yN/n-GaN Double Heterojunction Solar CellsWang, Hsun-Wen; Yu, Peichen; Wu, Yuh-Renn; Kuo, Hao-Chung; Chang, Edward Yi; Lin, Shiuan-Huei; YUH-RENN WU IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 710
902012Short channel effects on gallium nitride/gallium oxide nanowire transistorsYu, J.-W.; Yeh, P.-C.; Wang, S.-L.; Wu, Y.-R.; Mao, M.-H.; Lin, H.-H.; Peng, L.-H.; MING-HUA MAO ; HAO-HSIUNG LIN ; LUNG-HAN PENG ; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters 1718
912012Influence of polarity on carrier transport in semipolar (20(21)over-bar) and (20(2)over-bar1) multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodesKawaguchi, Yoshinobu; YUH-RENN WUet al. Applied Physics Letters 5116
922012Study of optical anisotropy in nonpolar and semipolar AlGaN quantum well deep ultraviolet light emission diodeWang, Chang-Pei; Wu, Yuh-Renn; YUH-RENN WU Journal of Applied Physics 2021
932012Performance and polarization effects in (11(2)over-bar2) long wavelength light emitting diodes grown on stress relaxed InGaN buffer layersKoslow, Ingrid L.; YUH-RENN WUet al. Applied Physics Letters 5149
942012Analyzing the physical properties of InGaN multiple quantum well light emitting diodes from nano scale structureWu, Yuh-Renn; Shivaraman, Ravi; Wang, Kuang-Chung; Speck, James S.; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters 9390
952012Carrier escape mechanism dependence on barrier thickness and temperature in InGaN quantum well solar cellsLang, J. R.; Young, N. G.; Farrell, R. M.; Wu, Y. -R.; Speck, J. S.; YUH-RENN WU Applied Physics Letters 5455
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